I encourage the Deaf to join and actively participate in their Union to protect our jobs and benefits.

Deaf Dog

People always asked me if my Deaf dog can sniff and bark, etc. These people are  so ignorant.


A Deaf  family went on vacation in the Middle East, and the mother gave birth in Jerusalem. The family being US citizens applied for a passport and list Israel as the place of birth, but the problem is that both Palestine and Israel claims Jerusalem as its capital, as our government doesn't recognized either having sovereign, so Jerusalem is listed. I'll assume that  a Deaf Muslim family in a similar situation would probably list Palestine on its application. I think our foreign policy remains the same, despite our recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.   



This film is a reflection of our Deaf Culture where we Deaf never agreed on any issues.


My Deaf stepson, MSSD alumni Denis, is now in Argentina, engaging in a snowball fight with the penguins, having a great time.

David Zinn

David Zinn of Michigan uses cracks in sidewalks as  a canvas to showcase his creativity with chalks.

ASL Immersion

I notice that when hearing children goes to a public school, they learn English as their primary language but in the middle school (4th grade) they get to choose a second language to learn, Spanish, French, etc. to become fluent. This causes me to start thinking about our Deaf educational system and maybe its about time to overall it. We Deaf are equal to our hearing counterparts so I propose that ASL, the Deaf primary language be taught first, then introduce English in the fourth grade. It's a new concept worth exploring, my hypothesis is that ASL immersion is the way to go!



ICE raid a local Deaf club arresting several undocumented Deaf at their annual banquet where a prominent Deaf lawyer addressing the crowd on "Immigration Rights." They were handcuffed and taken to a detention center awaiting deportation back to Mexico. Deaf are now in fear that ICE may conduct similar raids across the nation. I don't agree with their argument that we Deaf are a burden to our society as we all share the same American dream so give us a chance to become productive citizens. 


I rather live my life as if there is a God, then find out that there isn't, than live as if there isn't a God and then find out that there is.


The first Deaf settlers in America, came here on the Mayflower, seeking a new life in America, a land of opportunities where discrimination are nonexistence, at least at the time. The Indians were set out to annihilate the Pilgrims, but notice one Deaf among them using gestures, who were able to facilitate communication, saving our scalps. It was this Deaf individual that chiseled "1620" into a rock at  Plymouth, and the rest is history.


Does your primary care doctor protects your medical privacy? I got a videophone (VP) call from a local drug delivery service a few days after requesting a free sample from my doctor just to save a few bucks and a trip to the pharmacy. Reverse calls allows me to trace the source. Now I understand why these drug manufacturers are bribing our doctors to promote their brand.
We should be allowed to purchase drugs from Canada which often is cheaper, allow the government to negotiate with manufactures, outlaw insurance gag orders, and ban drug commercials   This is just one evidence that proves our health care industries are corrupted, that's America. I gotten go now to refill my prescription.

Dorm Tales: Nightmares

A Deaf boy was having nightmares of being lead down the aisle on Death Row, accused of a crime he didn't commit, with a priest reciting  the Bible walking alongside him. Inmates on both sides cheer him on. The door opened, they strapped him to the electric chair, being fitted with a headgear,  he start screaming as the executor behind a thick glass panel pulls the switch. A night dormitory supervisor awaken him, pointing out that there are no dinosaurs, assuming it's the same nightmares, comforting him, allowing him to the bubbler, and leaving the nightlight on. In the morning, once again, he's being lead down the aisle of his dorm, only this time with a teacher. Dorm mates on both sides cheer him on. The door opened, there is that familiar sight, thought he was being punished,  once again being fitted with a headgear, start screaming as the audiologist behind a thick glass panel pulls the switch. The audiologist had to rescheduled the test, write a note to his dormitory supervisor suggesting that his television viewing be monitored.


The newborn didn't cry after being spanked, so the doctor knew he's deaf so went ahead to scheduled a cochlear-implant procedure in the morning. Surgeons were unaware that they implanted the wrong one, because a Deaf nurse made a switch, saving the Deaf infant from the scalpel. The Deaf mother, who never gave consent to the procedure, praised the Deaf nurse of being brave, risking her job to stand up for what's right. The DA agreed to grant the Deaf nurse immunity from prosecution in exchange for her testimony in a corruption case against hospital administrators for accepting bribes from manufactures and also violating federal laws of not providing information of various options to parents. The hospital, still not off the hook, still faces potential malpractice lawsuit from the other parents.


Madam Secretary

I think it'll be interesting to watch the premiere episode of Madam Secretary next Sunday night when Elizabeth McCord, possibly thinking about running for the White House, seeks consultation from three former Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton, General Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright. I think she'll stay put as our nation is losing its prestige in the world , and there  is no one more qualified to handle these crises.


A Deaf man in Georgetown died in a freak accident while planting a tree in his backyard. As he started to dig, his friend reminded him that he better call "Diggers Hotline" before he goes any further. "We get our power overhead...," ignoring his friend's warning. He then fell through the hole he just dug, as he was getting himself up from the tracks below, he saw the bright light approaching, was killed instantaneously by a Metro subway that ran over him. 


It's tough being a parent of Deaf children nowadays, just last night I caught my son raiding the refrigerator and I had to make split-seconds decisions of whether to grab my child before he falls or grab a camera to post it.



A young Deaf child heard her mother's voice for the first time, but that's also the last time she saw his Deaf father.
There seems to be a significant increase in the divorce rates here in America when parents argues over what's in the best interests of their Deaf child when it comes to cochlear-implants. 

John Ashton

I met John Ashton recently at the Central Florida Film Festival, having a short interview about his film, "Midnight Run," which he stars as a bounty hunter along with FBI agent, Robert De Niro, hunting down a fugitive who posted bail but fails to show up in court.

International Deaf Week

The United Nations (UN) adopted a resolution recognizing September 23 as International Day of Sign Language, it's also the date that the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) started way back in 1951 which now represent the Deaf organizations, including our NAD, in 135 countries with a Deaf population over 70 millions worldwide.



Deaf Anthology Adventurers participated as an exhibitor at the FAD 100th Conference that were recently held in St. Augustine. The highlight was a Deaf speaker, Alex Abenchuchan of the Daily Moth, discussing the importance of mass communication, especially social media in our lives. Deaf Anthology Adventurers also donated a NASCAR model to FAD for its auction.
Deaf Anthology hosts its Adventurers tours around the world so stay tuned for further announcements. 

Gold Medal

The Bulgarian heat has taken its toll on our athletics but the Deaf USA team managed to beat the heavily-favored Russian, against all odds, winning the gold medal in a game of hopscotch, a sport that requires a lot of practice and patience.


Police pulled over a Deaf driver to congratulate him for wearing a seat belt, and also notifying him that he has been chosen, at random, as winner of the $25,000 safety prize. 

A local newspaper reporter asked the Deaf driver what he planned to do with the money? The Deaf driver responded that "he'll return the stolen car and buy a new one, quit smuggling drugs and stop drinking, and then go to driver's school to obtain a license.  



Police have taken into custody a former waitress at an Italian restaurant next to Gallaudet, accussed of credit card fraud, a felony, after receiving several complaints from students of unauthorized charges on their account. The waitress complains to the judge that Gallaudet students who frequented her restaurant never leave a tip, and that she is struggling to make ends meet as a single mother of two. The waitress was released on probation, and ordered to pay a restitution to all those affected. Washington Post investigators noted that the waitress always add the tip to the credit card without the students' knowledge, and this been going on for years  as most Deafies don't bother to check their monthly statements nor the receipts they signed. University officials are planning to add "tipping" workshops in their orientation program for the incoming Freshmen in the fall.


We're at Lambeau Field having a great time. We got there well before sunrise to hold our spot using those orange cones we stole to set up a perimeter for our world's famous Deaf tailgate party. Security receives complaints that we grabbed the prime spot and holding unto them until all of our Deaf friends arrives. We'll defend our territory at all costs no matter what and they ain't going to argue with us Deafies anyway. We're expecting about a hundred, that includes freeloaders without tickets who bought in their own flat screens to hook up to a ESPN truck, getting live NFL broadcast without their knowledge. It's starting to snow so fire up those grills and marinate those steaks. The Deafies are arriving, popping up their beer, and setting up the table with their own homemade cuisines to share. The kids are  off with their mothers on a rustic tour of the fall foliage in the countryside. Today the Packers taking on the Bears, our bitter rival. We got on our cheeseheads but there is a few Bears fans among us, they are welcome but I can't guarantee their safety with the unruly mob we have here. 
Let's gather around the fire and chow down, it's Deaf time as we chat away. 
Chatting trying to keep ourselves sober
Hours passed by and we are still chatting.
It's getting darker, laughing off those Deaf jokes, sharing the latest gossips, and the skies are full of memories of our lives growing up with all these friends with us today. 
Hours passed by and we are still chatting.
People are staring at us as they  pass by, giving us that strange look.
Hours passed by and we are still chatting.
The moon is up and the stadium floodlights goes off.
Hours passed by and we are still chatting.
One Deaf just got back after taking a pee, asking us "Where is everybody?"
I told him that "we're all here, why you asked?"
"The lot is empty."
Hours passed by and we are still chatting, not realizing they missed the game nor knowing who won.
It doesn't matter, hours passed by and we are still chatting.
Their wives awaking, sending the kids of to school, we weren't there for breakfast so they assume we are at work.
Hours passed by and we are still chatting.




Math is a tough subject in our Deaf classrooms but I got to challenge you on this interesting question of the day, multiply any numbers by nine then add up  its digits and you'll always get a nine:

____ x 9 = ____
____ + ____ = 9

Select any numbers at random:

  3 x 9 = 27

Add up its digits:

2 + 7 = 9

Let me try it again using my zip code:  34744

34744 x 9 = 302,696

Add up its digits:

3 + 0 + 2 + 6 + 9 + 6 = 27

Keep on adding its digits until you get a singular digit:

2 + 7 = 9

Now it's your turn!



At an ATM, I just withdrawn from my account when a  masked man approaches me in the parking lot demanding money. I pointed to my ears, using gestures, indicating that I'm Deaf, then pulled my handgun pointing it at his forehead,  signing "Me Deaf, You Dead." The suspect got the message alright, and I held at bay until police arrived. 

Deaf Rights

Deaf people around the world share a common experience of being oppressed in our society as in this short film from Yemen, subtitled in both Arabic and English.


Texas Deaf Employment

Texas Department of Corrections is an  Equal Opportunity Employer
    In attempt to diversified its workforce,  Texas are now hiring those Deaf laid off during the recession to be license plate press operators within its prison system. No applications are required for these positions, just go out and commit a crime. Once you receives a felony conviction, you'll be handcuffed then transported to your job site, undergo fingerprinting, a mug shots, given an orange uniform and a cell. An ASL interpreter is available at all training session. Salary is below federal minimum wages, minus restitution, just enough to purchase a pack of cigarette at the prison commissary to trade for protection from the gangs on your block.

ASL Across America

I remember participating in the "HANDS ACROSS AMERICA" event about thirty years when over six millions Americans formed a human chain across America, from New York to California, holding hands for 15 minutes while singing Michael Jackson's "We Are The World" song, raising several We raised millions It's an awareness camp iles, creating awareness, raising funds to support the hunger and the homeless.  Is it possible for us Deafies to do a similar feat, having our own "ASL Across America?"


Today we set aside our differences to honor those who died protecting our freedom.

Marco Polo

Parents were worried that their Deaf son hasn't arrive home yet from the neighborhood public pool as it's getting dark. The lifeguard shown up on their footsteps with their Deaf son, explaining to them, using gestures, that he found him at closure still playing "Marco Polo," without realizing that all of the kids left earlier after he became "it."


Breaking News

Breaking News: We're getting reports of an active shooter at the state Deaf high school homecoming  football game at this moment, several causalities are reported. The sheriffs are on its way, Swat team are setting up around the perimeter. Dorms are on lock-down, prom scheduled for tonight is cancelled and parents are panicky. The Superintendent gave us the latest updates of  a Deaf distraught employee with an AK-47 is being holed on campus and they are calling in the interpreters, supplied with bulletproof vests.  to assist with negotiation. Deaf children are now being treated for injuries on the field, several ambulances are taking them to area hospitals where a trauma team awaits them. We just heard that most of those killed are those on the hearing opposition team, including their coach. The sheriff announces that there will be a press conference at the local Deaf club across the street in a couple of hours. A hotline being set up so parents from all over the state can callin to check on the status of their Deaf children, hoping that they are not among the victims. Deaf at the clubhouse are in a heated debate over gun control, as a matter of fact one killed in the hail of gunfire was a NRA member, the Constitution didn't save his life. The Deaf community are in shock thinking that something like this would never happen to them. Life so unpredictable so you should never take anything for granted. 
911 Transcript:
Operator: "State your emergency"
Caller: (inaudible) 
Operator: "Please repeat, state your emergency" (gunshot heard in background)
Supervisor: "GPS indicated it's the Deaf school."
Press Conference:
Chief: The  Deaf suspect has been identified as Aaron Kosminski,the school cafeteria employee with no criminal background. Motives unknown, "hold a sec.." there been a breakthrough in negotiation, he's surrendering himself, handcuffed and taken into custody, now undergoing psychiatric evaluation. 
Reporter: "Causalities?"
Chief: "Twenty-two were killed, nine of them on the opposite team, several more are being treated and released, a few remained hospitalized, at least one in critical condition."
Superintendent: "I just got a call from the White House, the President express his condolences  but I blamed him for inciting violence in our nation, this incident is the last straw and I hope they invoked the twenty-fifth amendment. Counselors are being bought in to deal with the grieving process, students will be bused home, our school is closed until further notice with our staff on administrative leave..."
Commentary: Public schools now barricade themselves, installing cameras, x-ray scanners,and hiring off duty police officers to patrol the hallways. Our parents often complains about the lack of security on campus, whereas in our culture the Deaf visits the school without legitimate reasons. Are our Deaf schools safe, what procedures are in place, and are the local law enforcement prepared for such a scenario? Monthly safety drills should be mandatory.
According to various media sources, friends thinks the suspect was upset of being laid off after thirty years when the state contracted out cafeteria service. He was planning on committing suicide but changed his mind when told he could train to become the first Deaf prison cook. I know for a fact that it ain't going to happen. The judge probably would probably sentenced him to life without parole unless he mounted an insanity defense. 
The question remains, are our Deaf schools in jeopardy. Only time will tell.Our state legislators been tone-deaf to us, now we'll be heard loud and clear, enough is enough!

Marty Sklar

This is the late Marty Sklar whom I met at a D23 event . Walt Disney hired Marty out of UCLA two weeks before Disneyland opens to take care of running the newspaper at the Magic Kingdom.  He been involved in numerous projects at all theme parks, including "It's A Small World" showcase at the Pepsi  pavilion at the New York World's Fair. 



A Haiku is a Japanese poem, using three lines in a 5/7/5 words format so I created one using Gallaudet as a topic:
Gallaudet, a phase in life,
exploring our world, discovering who we are,
finding our purpose in life.

Disneyland Story

I met author, Sam Gennaway, who wrote the book, "The Disneyland Story" I thought it was an interesting  lecture, with PowerPoint, learning a few things that happened behind the scene such as when making a $10,000 deposit on a plot of land, but the city heard it was Disney behind the deal and demanded a higher price, but Disney withdrawn from it and bought land in Anaheim instead. Same situation here in Florida, thought about putting the Magic Kingdom up in West Palm Beach, but Central Florida was a more suitable location. Disney bought land secretly until the Orlando Sentinel broke the story, and the rest is history.


"Here's your milk, the only side-effects is that you'll be counting cows jumping over the moon tonight.
It's a full moon, the wolves will go after the sheep. I'll tuck you in, tomorrow we'll go camping."


On Jeopardy this week, various colleges are competing but  don't  you think it wouldn it be great if Deaf students at Gallaudet, NTID, and CSUN are given an opportunity participate on the program. I'm going to pitch the idea to the talent coordinator of the syndicated game show. 
It's all about diversity and show the world that we Deaf college are just as capable to compete on a level field.

Chris Haulmark

The state been tone-deaf to us all, it's about time we elect a Deaf candidate who'll listen to our concerns.
Deaf Anthology endorses Chris Haulmark, let's send one of our kind to Topeka.. 

Budak Pekak

Imagine a Deaf child having an overprotective single father who wouldn't even let you go outside to play trying to keep you away from the oppressive world we live in. All that changes when a new kid moved into the neighborhood in this new Malaysia short film. The Deaf child just want to be normal like the rest of us, attending a Deaf school to be with his peers.    


"The Present"

Mother encourages his son to play outdoor rather than playing video-games all day so what's preventing him?

The Long Knife

"The Long Knife" is a British animation short film for Deaf children.

NPS and the Smithsonian

This Saturday is the first day of fall so your family may want to go out to visit a local national park, the local museums or even both. Just flip a coin if you can't decide or look at the skies, if it's rainy then go to a museum or if it's breezy and sunny, then go to a national park. Free admission to both but you'll have to go to their websites to obtain tickets. The Smithsonian Institution is hosting the free museum  day while the National Parks Service (NPS) is hosting the its own. If you need an ASL interpreter, you can find their contact information on their websites. Ask the ranger to give you an application to obtain a free "Access" pass.


A Deaf couple, unable to conceived a child of their own, were excited when a Deaf newborn is available for adoption, they rushed to the hospital to bring him home but became that their Deaf child was already cochlear-implanted (CI) without their knowledge. The hospital spokesman refuses to make a comment citing its privacy policy. However, an administrator admitted that it's standard procedure to cochlear-implanted (CI) every Deaf newborn which is now just as common as circumcision. A federal judge granted temporary injunction, allowing state legislators to scheduled a hearing on this controversial issue. The Deaf parents are planning a civil lawsuit against the hospital. 


Another school of the Deaf was facing the chopping block as the state is considering a proposal to close its doors after auditors became concern over the school's skyrocketing utility bills, forcing it to cut vital vocational programs such as cotton-weaving and linotyping classes. A team of investigators were send to the campus to find the underlying causes, and it was discovered that Deaf children has a habit of not closing the doors when they go out to play, wasting energy like money going down the drain. A committee is now revising its curriculum to include energy conservation. Deaf children will be taught to to close the doors, turn off the lights in an effort to improve the school's financial situation. The Republicans passed Deaf school closure bill without debates on the floors nor awaiting the results of the investigation the matter and without input from us, catching us off-guard. The Governor, whose parents are Deaf, vetoed the bill and round up corporations to step in to support the Deaf school, updating its facilities and educational programs. The Governor also signed n executive order that an endowment be set up to keep the Deaf school operating on its own and appointed its first Deaf Superintendent who is committed to its revival, revamping the system and restoring our faith with assurances that we'll  improve the quality of Deaf education.
Keep our Deaf schools open, close the doors!


Simon's Cat

Simon's Cat is one of those popular animated series on the Internet that you can subscribe to.

Deaf Unawareness Week

It's Deaf Unawareness Week, just when you thought you know it all, but there may be something that we may be unaware of, are we missing the trends in our Deaf culture? Take for instance, the decline in the numbers of Deaf drivers on the roads, no, we didn't return to the stone age when we were forbidden to drive. We fought hard to remove those discriminatory laws off the books, to prove ourselves to insurance industries that we are safe drivers, often better than our hearing counterparts. Well, those days are gone, the reason that the majority of us Deaf drivers don't drive is because of the lack of affordable insurance, our premiums skyrocketed after a significant increase of accidents of us Deaf texting while driving. Safe drivers, it isn't so anymore. Technology improves our lives and yet shorten our lifespan.
Source: CSD and CHP video collaboration project

America Got Talent

The America Got Talent finals are over, a magician, Shin Lim, who invested a dollar on a deck of cards,just won a million dollar and gets to have his own show  in Las Vegas, perhaps temporarily stealing the spotlight away from  Penn & Teller. Really I rather see Deaf magician Matt Morgan right up there on stage. Anyway, does  anyone remembers Mandy Harvey, the Deaf singer, playing the ukulele, who became famous on American Got Talent (AGT) when one of the judges, Simon Cowell hits the "Golden Buzzer," sending her to the finals in Las Vegas last year. Mandy lives near me in the next town, still performing gigs, recently here in Celebration, Florida. Where is David Copperfield, probably still trying to figure out how to make the moon disappear from the night skies. There is a lot of Deaf talents out there, they should go out to one of these auditions across the country, NBC invites me to do a behind the scene taping of where it all start, competition is tough and only a few are chosen for the next level. Even if you don't make it through, at least you enjoy the experiences. 

Free-Lance Interpreter

A Deaf driver was pulled over for what apparently was a defective rear red brake light, the driver immediately gave the officer a card which explains that he's Deaf and request an ASL interpreter. The officer radioed in and the interpreter arrives on the scene within fifteen minutes. The cop asked the Deaf driver for his driver's license, and issue him a warning that he needs to get that rear red light fixed within thirty days. The Deaf, noticing that the free-lance interpreter wasn't fluent in ASL,  complained to the officer of the fact. She was arrested on the spot and taken into custody for impersonating an ASL interpreter and failure to have an interpreter license from the state. 

Frog and Toad

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins, the lovable nanny is returning to the big screen soon. Walt Disney won the most Oscars in his lifetime but only Mary Poppins won Best Picture and also Julie Andrews won Best Actress. As a Deaf critic, I'm looking forward watch it on DVD when it comes out on DVD at  Redbox months after its theatrical release.


Police arrested a Deaf teenager for texting who apparently missed a curve and landing up in someone's attic.

Randy Dunham

It takes skills to paint a house but you need talents to paint on a canvas and Deaf artist Randy Dunham got them both. You start with a vision, develop a plan, selecting your paintbrushes and colors and time-frame to finish the project in both cases. Randy goes great lengths to develop this instructional video. Deaf may not realize how much work is involved in painting a house.


This NTID video is a biography of Randy Dunham, getting to know him as an individual  being introduced to his arts.


You can now go on ebay to bid for his arts. We need to support  our Deaf artists. I also want to point out that various venues such  as art museums allows temporary exhibitions. Here in  Orlando, the United Arts provides grants to individuals and organizations. It's a great idea to applied locally to sponsor  Deaf artists to set up a gallery and reception in your hometown.  

Deaf Russian Culture

Callie Frye took an opportunity to interview several Deaf Russian during the World Cup. My Deaf stepson, Denis, translated this Daily Moth post into both Russian and English subtitles.



When I was a kid, my sister took me to Freedomland, a theme park in the Bronx, it was so big that I practically got lost. Disney felt betrayed when someone he trusted left to built a Disneyland copycat in New York City, an unsuccessful venture that went bankrupt, now the site of high-rise apartments.
I think the Great Chicago Fire is the highlight of Freedomland.

Deaf Baseball Camp

 An element of baseball strategy- like a batter watching a third-base coach relay signs- is an everyday way of life for the hearing-impaired.
Larry and Vicky Feinstein wanted to make the sport of baseball a little easier for those children who will never hear "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh-inning stretch or listen to an umpire scream, "Play Ball!"
The Greenfield residents held a fantasy baseball camp  for 14 children last week- four of which were hearing-impaired- at Dan Jansen Park.  The husband and wife found out about such a camp through the Sertoma of Milwaukee, which been serving those with disabilities since 1921.
"I think it went really well for the first year," said Vicky, the camp director. "It does hit home because we normally take our hearing for granted. I think that the kids that can't hear know the fundamentals of baseball."
Added husband Larry,  "They're no different from any other kid. I think they pretty much knew what to do."
The campers ranged from 7 to 12 years of age.
"It's a good turnout because we got a better chance to be one-on-one with the kids," Vicky said. "We hope for more kids but we've to got to start somewhere."
Larry was pleased with  the camp's debut.
"I guess from our own personal standpoint, we did what many people thought was impossible, that it couldn't be done," Larry said. "We were kind of shooting from the hip most of the time, but it was a great experience. The kids got to have fun."
The children learned the fundamentals of fielding, running, batting, catching, and being an actual teams, and also got a shirt, hat, daily refreshments, snacks and a lunch.
The camp is based in St Charles,  Mo., where it is in its seventh year.The camp is supported by Big Rivers Chapel, local businesses and several former St. Louis Cardinals, including Stan Musial,Bob Gibson, and spokesperson Ozzie Smith.
Larry and Vicky heard about this, and went to a Sertoma meeting in Chicago to finalized their plans. They hold the camp, so they send letters to schools, passed out flyers, and asked local businesses to donate equipment, food and volunteers.
The City of Greenfield allowed the Feinsteins use of the field, and equipment was donated by the YMCA.
"Just the smiles on their faces, I thought it made it all worthwhile," Larry said. "Some of the young kids, it upped their self-confidence. They had never play baseball. 
"I think when you look at it, there's no difference between them. Their skills are as good as the kids that can hear. In fact, the hearing-impaired were the best baseball players we had out there."
Such a scenario would make any third-base coach smile.
Source: Greenfield Observer (Wisconsin)
Note: My son, Denis, participated in the baseball came, he later join a Little League team.

Identity Theft Workshop