December 16 - 17, 2018
Daytona Beach, Florida
Gallaudet University –VS– College at Brockport – 2:00 PM


VRS Scandal

LL, former VRS interpreter
t's a scandal that's sending shock waves within the Deaf community when several VRS interpreters were arrested yesterday in a FBI sting operation against an agency accused of running a brothel.
A Deaf  informant notified law enforcement officials that these VRS prostitutes, although fluent in ASL, has been soliciting sex from its Deaf client base, violating its contract with the FCC. One interpreter, now out on bail, has agreed to bare all, sharing her experiences in an upcoming Playboy issue. Investigation are still ongoing, any Deaf involved, just to be safe, are encourage to go to the local public health clinic for a free confidential HIV testing. 

Basketball: Georgia School for the Deaf

Rayshawn Womack scores 11 points in the third quarter against Georgia School for the Deaf at the Eagle's Nest last night.

GSD      43

Dog and God

Mary Whittaker, the Deaf minister in the Church of Scotland got a lot of attention in the British press lately as everyone are curious about her dog, Scott, that stole the spotlight. Deaf people love their dogs more than their God. Mary hopes that her Deaf congregation focus on the cross, not on Scott, and grow in faith. I'll tithe a can of dog food to fight hunger.



During a full moon, the Deaf werewolves are out there among us, so there's no need to fear, unless you oppressed us in some ways, let this be a warning to the audists, beware!  A Deaf werewolf is often the seventh Deaf son in a family, and that individual will be known as "Bento," based on Portuguese folklore. Very often, in some cultures, the seventh child was abandoned at birth. In order to prevent abandonment, a law was passed in Argentina, that the seventh child becomes the godson of its leader, sort of being a ward of the state. the President. The Deaf werewolves, will let their presence be known to us. When we sleep tonight, we can feel the tap on our shoulder, as if Bento is watching over us, given us assurances that we will be safe. there are unconfirmed police reports of burglars being chased away. Bento is keeping an eye over us, wouldn't tolerate oppression, otherwise you'll be torn to shreds. A word of advice, the best time to apply for a job and loan, etc. is before a full moon because Benito will see it to that you'll be hired, approved and received a positive response. Once again, audists, beware!


Today I attend a DVC annual meeting, we expect the wage increases will affect us and discuss ways to minimize its impact on our dues. We basically rubber-stamped their agenda, approving the minutes, audits, and the election of the new board. There will be three new Disney ships added to the fleet, thought about joining their cruise out of NYC to Bermuda. There will be lot of things going on in the parks in observation of Mickey 90th birthday. We still have our moonlight magic where we can stay in the theme parks ourselves after it closes. We got our own lounge at EPCOT's Journey to Imagination on the second floor to relax, enjoy a drink and a snack. There is also another one is located at the Wilderness Lodge where a chef can show us how to cook, or even paint on canvas with the artist. There is a lot of perks but I'm not going to bore you with the details.  
Anyway, I suggested that the Member-at-Large not be selected by Disney, but let us timeshare owners nominated one of our own and be given the rights to vote. Disney seeks feedback from us, but I sometimes think they are tone-deaf. 

OC Films in Washington, DC

DC Council is considering a bill to require OC films more frequently, better yet on a regular basis. They listen to our concerns, but we were more concern about a typo error on a list of individuals and organizations speaking on our behalf. It's hilarious when we are thought to be dead. Dead people can't make it to the meeting, but Deaf, if they're still alive are able to testified on our behalf. The important thing is to point out the typo error, no need to broadcast to the whole world of the fact, it's unintentional. Complaining over one word on paper may cause us a vote, as legislators would think our priorities are misplaced. I would rather worry about a typo error on the silver screen instead.  There is no excuses that metro Washington area theatres not provide OC films given the fact we have a large Deaf population due to the proximity of Gallaudet. NATO worries about revenues, doubting that there is a demand. Actually, Redbox laughing their way to the bank, having a monopoly serving the Deaf that rent its OC DVDs. Redbox knows the Deaf market, NATO is blind to realize that. Yes, I understand the problems with CC glasses, nothing will happen if the manufacturers don't receive feedback from you guys. I would invest in owning a theatre right on Gallaudet campus buying  their stocks. The press is having a field day when we make a big deal over a typo, that's why we are dead to them. 

Sociology of the Deaf

Remember the good old days when we Deaf gather to socialize, not so anymore!

Deaf Consciousness

Why are we wasting our time  and energy educating the public with the Deaf Awareness gimmicks, it's not getting us anywhere. It's just a proclamation on worthless piece of paper, a few booths in an exhibition hall selling ILY t-shirts, displays of the latest telecommunication equipment, maybe a workshop on how to use an interpreter. The general public doesn't give a damn because we didn't raise social consciousness on the issues that affect our lives.
Black awareness? I think not, but they march on Washington, demanding equality in our society back in the civil rights era. Remember those scenes of a governor of a state blocking a black college student, the sit-in at the local drugstores, they were fighting segregation. It's their actions that raise social consciousness that causes us to realize that racism is dividing our nation and that we had to do something about it. The blacks don't sit around at a booth like we Deaf do, they took action.
The same with the women, they fought for their rights to vote. Like the blacks, they also raise social consciousness, winning the rights to have abortions, etc. The women don't sit around at a booth like we Deaf do, they took action. Nowadays, the gays are actively involved in achieving their rights to marry. Like the blacks and the women before them, they are raising social consciousness. The gays don't sit around at a booth like we Deaf do, they took action.
Once again, may I repeat; we are wasting our energy and time over the years trying to create Deaf awareness among ourselves, the public already knows we exists so what! Deaf Awareness doesn't achieve our goals, but I strongly believe that Deaf social consciousness is the way to go. If you had any doubts, look back at the Deaf President Now (DPN) movement at Gallaudet, it was a really a social consciousness event that got the world attention in one day that Deaf Awareness couldn't do in a hundreds or so years. We don't need a governor to proclaim Deaf Awareness week, but rather a governor that signs a bill that address the issues at hand.


An orangutan communicates in signs with a Deaf girl teaching her the importance of protecting our habitit.