Deaf Anthology Adventurers will soon host an independent tour of Cuba, stay tuned for further details.


Milan, Italy: Metro Subway Kiosk

It takes a few minutes to figure it all out, ATM is the transportation system in Milan, it's not what you are thinking. 1.5 Euros for 90 minutes to make all your connections within that time frame but I prefer the 24 hours unlimited usages at 4 Euros. I prefer taking a bus #81 to the Lima station to take the M1 red line to the Expo site which is outside the urban area at 8 Euros because of the subways accessibility issues where there often is no elevator nor escalator  to the street level. ADA standards are nonexistence elsewhere, even in industrialized nations as Italy.

Milan, Italy: Hostel

This is where I live during my stay in Milan, Italy. 

Milan, Italy: Aperitivo

At a local bar, during Aperitivo, you can eat, drink, and be merry. Only €7, all you can eat, during their version of "happy hours," similar back in the states. The Italian bars are more generous whereas we Americans only offer a discount, nothing more. You'll notice the differences in our cultures when you traveled across Europe. 



The soccer midfield line at the Milton Corrêa (Zerão) stadium in Macapa, Brazil is on the equator.

National Deaf Children's Society

The new polls indicated that 94% of the British parents are concern about the support services their Deaf children are receiving at their schools. National Deaf Children's  Society already set up their goals and developed a strategy to achieve them. We still need improvements in some area, but our government funding may be on the chopping block. 

Deaf Girl Evolution

It takes a lot of guts to trying to improve Deaf education in your school district, going to a school board meeting to express your concerns, and being interviewed on the local Fox station, being a role model making a difference and showing the world what we Deaf are capable of, etc. Kaylee Lartidue is active, being involves in just about everything as a debate team, member, joining ROTC, and playing various sports that any parents would be proud of. You can keep up with her latest interests, following her on her YouTube account, Deaf Girl Evolution.


It's tailgate season, getting out our kegs and grill, inviting my Packers friends, and start prepping. I'm having the best barbeque in the galaxy. We'll be meeting at the Lambeau Stadium,  and don't forget your cheeseheads. 


It's estimated that 30% of the Deaf population has balance problems that put them at high risk on injuring themselves from falls at home. I know that from my own personal experiences of fracturing four ribs, having to deal with pains, and it's a long progress toward recovery in rehab after hospitalization. Only one thing for sure is that I'm glad that I'm not a racehorse where my jockey have no choice but to shoot me between the eyes to put me out of misery. There is a simple test you can try at home, just crossed your arms and stand still for 30 seconds, then do it again with your eyes closed. You noticed the differences in how you feel, then maybe your primary care physician ought to check you out, and perhaps referred you to a program that specialized in preventing falls. We may not hear the sounds but our inner ears, the cochlear controls our balance. My only concerns about our Deaf children getting cochlear-implants nowadays will have a shorten lifespan from falls itself, not cancers nor heart diseases which are the leading causes of death in America. Your checkbook balance can be wiped out once you get the bill after losing your balance at home, falling in a bathtub where 70% of the accidents happens. Take precautions, make your home safe, keeping the hallways clear, leaving the nightlight on and regular exercises may do the trick.  Clutters is not only an eyesore but it's just not worth losing your mobility the rest of your life. I think that a balance test should be a regular part of your annual physical examination, do you agreed with me on that. I hope my testimony will prevent you from suffering the same fate.

PS4: Quiet Man

The Quiet Man. a new PS4 videogame just released a few days ago contains a deaf character, Dane, involved in drama, nothing new here. Anyway, it's interesting tp note it got negative reviews from critics, of course,  you don't expect these hearing to understand what's going on when there is no dialog to follow along with the absence of sounds, and don't even bother to click the CC icon, it ain't to do you any good. I want feedback from Deaf gamers out there.