AGB Deathbed Confession

Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) in his deathbed confession regretted of going down in history as an oppressor of the deaf, despite his good intentions. He seen the benefits of ASL but wouldn't change his mindset in fear of losing supporters of his foundation. It upset him seeing so many deaf children speaking in the classrooms but couldn't understand the lessons being taught, fallen behind their hearing peers. Once using disguise, so no one will identified him, was impressed with what he seen during a tour of ASD with Gallaudet, watching Clerc teaching a class. AGB was at a point of no return, remains stubborn in support of a lost cause. 
H. G. Wells, a good friend invited AGB, along with Thomas Edison and Henry Ford to join him on an adventure into the future in a machine he just invented. Ford never seen so many Japanese vehicles on the highways, test drive a Mustang, caught speeding, given a ticket for an expired driver's license from a century ago. Edison enjoys the view from atop Eiffel Tower in the City of Lights, Paris. H.G. Wells got an autograph from director Steven Spielberg after watching "War of the Worlds." As for AGB, he was upset over exploitation of deaf children receiving cochlear-implants, "I only want our deaf children grow up naturally like the rest of us, teaching them speech, but we recreated generations of humanoids. We may someday cure cancer and heart diseases with God given talents, but we can't reject God's creation of us in his image and we'll be accountable for it at the last judgement." AGB saw his telephone on display at the Smithsonian, and thought it's great seeing Deaf using videophones, watching closed-captions on television and surfing the Internet, beyond his imagination. Gallaudet students once thought they saw a ghost on campus that resembles AGB but dismiss it, thinking they were just hallucinations. AGB now agrees that ASL is a language in own right, and blames himself for being ignorant of Deaf culture due to his stubbornness. He wrote a bibliographical of his life, left it in a safe with the instruction that it will not be published until the year 2018, it's then we'll know the real AGB, revealing that he is fluent in ASL, asking for forgiveness and royalties donated to Deaf researchers at Gallaudet. 


Deaf Cruise

Imagine cruising the rivers of the world in our own cabin, enjoy the scenery along the way.

We Deaf can agree to meet at certain point to socialize, hiking the trails, BBQ cookout and campfire ASL skits.

Michigan School for the Deaf

A soldier home for the holidays surprises his younger Deaf brother at the Michigan School for the Deaf.


"Catch Me If You Can"

The Steven Spielberg's film "Catch Me If You Can" is based on the life of Frank Abagnale who recently spoken at Google about his life and the future of cybersecurity. 


E15: Lithuanian

I am at the Lithuanian Pavilion at Expo 15, a world fair in Milan, Italy. These artists are using blowtorch to created an image of a baker on ciabatta bread, it will take them two days to complete the project.


Bowling: Jeddah Deaf Club

The Jeddah Deaf Club in Saudi Arabia got financial support to field a women bowling team, the coaches are training them, to get them read for some serious competition on a local, regional level. Knock those pins down, STRIKE!


Deaf Dog Rescue

A Deaf dog was rescued from a frozen creek in Kentucky, she is now in safe hands and will be transfer to a facility in Ohio that will take good care of her, and hopefully a Deaf family will adopt her soon. I hope they catch the person who abandoned her.


There were several  Deaf missionaries that died while serving their Lord. They just completed their trainings, learning the Portuguese language, out to save the souls of Deaf tribes deep in the rainforest of Brazil. They were originally from a church in Kentucky. It's an of an adventure of a lifetime. Their Deaf pastor been reading the National Geographic since childhood, led the team in planting a new Deaf church, and baptizing them in the Amazon River, unfortunately the piranhas  shown no mercy. 


Deaf Nurse

Wouldn't it be great having a Deaf nurse taking care of you, I know it will speed up my recovery, and shorten my hospital stays, reduce my medical bills and be more healthier than ever.


No more piles of travel brochures. No more piles of catalogues. No more piles of newspaper clippings. No more piles of pictures. I just post them rather than filing them. Thanks to blogging, we free up our living space. The hard drive is now our storage area. 

St. John's School for the Deaf

This is our elementary basketball team after winning the championship. Unfortunately, St. John's School for the Deaf (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) closes the following year.


VRS Scandal

LL, former VRS interpreter
t's a scandal that's sending shock waves within the Deaf community when several VRS interpreters were arrested yesterday in a FBI sting operation against an agency accused of running a brothel.
A Deaf  informant notified law enforcement officials that these VRS prostitutes, although fluent in ASL, has been soliciting sex from its Deaf client base, violating its contract with the FCC. One interpreter, now out on bail, has agreed to bare all, sharing her experiences in an upcoming Playboy issue. Investigation are still ongoing, any Deaf involved, just to be safe, are encourage to go to the local public health clinic for a free confidential HIV testing. 

Basketball: Georgia School for the Deaf

Rayshawn Womack scores 11 points in the third quarter against Georgia School for the Deaf at the Eagle's Nest last night.

GSD      43

Dog & God

Mary Whittaker, the Deaf minister in the Church of Scotland got a lot of attention in the British press lately as everyone are curious about her dog, Scott, that stole the spotlight. Deaf people love their dogs more than their God. Mary hopes that her Deaf congregation focus on the cross, not on Scott, and grow in faith. I'll tithe a can of dog food to fight hunger.



During a full moon, the Deaf werewolves are out there among us, so there's no need to fear, unless you oppressed us in some ways, let this be a warning to the audists, beware!  A Deaf werewolf is often the seventh Deaf son in a family, and that individual will be known as "Bento," based on Portuguese folklore. Very often, in some cultures, the seventh child was abandoned at birth. In order to prevent abandonment, a law was passed in Argentina, that the seventh child becomes the godson of its leader, sort of being a ward of the state. the President. The Deaf werewolves, will let their presence be known to us. When we sleep tonight, we can feel the tap on our shoulder, as if Bento is watching over us, given us assurances that we will be safe. there are unconfirmed police reports of burglars being chased away. Bento is keeping an eye over us, wouldn't tolerate oppression, otherwise you'll be torn to shreds. A word of advice, the best time to apply for a job and loan, etc. is before a full moon because Benito will see it to that you'll be hired, approved and received a positive response. Once again, audists, beware!


Today I attend a DVC annual meeting, we expect the wage increases will affect us and discuss ways to minimize its impact on our dues. We basically rubber-stamped their agenda, approving the minutes, audits, and the election of the new board. There will be three new Disney ships added to the fleet, thought about joining their cruise out of NYC to Bermuda. There will be lot of things going on in the parks in observation of Mickey 90th birthday. We still have our moonlight magic where we can stay in the theme parks ourselves after it closes. We got our own lounge at EPCOT's Journey to Imagination on the second floor to relax, enjoy a drink and a snack. There is also another one is located at the Wilderness Lodge where a chef can show us how to cook, or even paint on canvas with the artist. There is a lot of perks but I'm not going to bore you with the details.  
Anyway, I suggested that the Member-at-Large not be selected by Disney, but let us timeshare owners nominated one of our own and be given the rights to vote. Disney seeks feedback from us, but I sometimes think they are tone-deaf. 

Sociology of the Deaf

Remember the good old days when we Deaf gather to socialize, not so anymore!

Deaf Consciousness

Why are we wasting our time  and energy educating the public with the Deaf Awareness gimmicks, it's not getting us anywhere. It's just a proclamation on worthless piece of paper, a few booths in an exhibition hall selling ILY t-shirts, displays of the latest telecommunication equipment, maybe a workshop on how to use an interpreter. The general public doesn't give a damn because we didn't raise social consciousness on the issues that affect our lives.
Black awareness? I think not, but they march on Washington, demanding equality in our society back in the civil rights era. Remember those scenes of a governor of a state blocking a black college student, the sit-in at the local drugstores, they were fighting segregation. It's their actions that raise social consciousness that causes us to realize that racism is dividing our nation and that we had to do something about it. The blacks don't sit around at a booth like we Deaf do, they took action.
The same with the women, they fought for their rights to vote. Like the blacks, they also raise social consciousness, winning the rights to have abortions, etc. The women don't sit around at a booth like we Deaf do, they took action. Nowadays, the gays are actively involved in achieving their rights to marry. Like the blacks and the women before them, they are raising social consciousness. The gays don't sit around at a booth like we Deaf do, they took action.
Once again, may I repeat; we are wasting our energy and time over the years trying to create Deaf awareness among ourselves, the public already knows we exists so what! Deaf Awareness doesn't achieve our goals, but I strongly believe that Deaf social consciousness is the way to go. If you had any doubts, look back at the Deaf President Now (DPN) movement at Gallaudet, it was a really a social consciousness event that got the world attention in one day that Deaf Awareness couldn't do in a hundreds or so years. We don't need a governor to proclaim Deaf Awareness week, but rather a governor that signs a bill that address the issues at hand.


Tennessee School for the Deaf

Deaf children at the Tennessee School for the Deaf were given new bicycles last night, isn't that great!

Police-Deaf Relationship

The Derbyshire Police visit the students at the Royal School for the Deaf to show them that they are there to serve and protect them. I noticed that its officers are learning and becoming fluent in their sign language and immersing themselves in Deaf culture to understand and  improve relationship with the community. Police are having a rapport with Deaf children, covering various topics that concerns us all, like bullying, crimes, prejudices, etc. It also launches a one on one program for the Deaf know as PLOD, linking an officer with a Deaf individual, seem sort of like a mentorship program, maybe that is something we need here in America. Imagine a whole police force being fluent in BSL, eliminating its dependences on overworked interpreters, it's happening. Maybe one Deaf child may be inspired to become a police officer on the force when he grows up, by then communication barriers began crashing down.


Scientific Signs in Research

If you were at Gallaudet taking up biology, chemistry, or psychic courses to meet the liberal-arts requirements, you probably forgot all the scientific signs you learned already. At that time, probably no agreements on what signs to use for different scientific signs, perhaps each professors created their own. What if you are a Deaf researcher, it's confusing enough, so one is making a serious attempt to uniform them, so it'll be the same in all labs across our nation and perhaps around the world. I myself have a problem with refilling my prescription, not remembering how to spell that damn word that is a mile long. Signing heart medicine is good enough, just hope that pharmacy not lost my file, or I had to wait around while they call my cardiologist. Anyway, these Deaf researchers will find a way to overcome the obstacles in the field and succeed in life with a successful career, and you never know, it may be the Deaf that discovers the cure to cancer and heart diseases.

The Mark

NSA Agent: "Gentlemen, it has come to our attention that a Deaf child born two years ago is a threat to our national security, one with the mark, a cochlear implant serial #666 devices." (Department of Justice officials entered the room after briefings at the White House)
FBI: "The President has ordered us to seek that child, have the device removed, or if necessary, eliminate him."
Ginger: "You got to be serious, is the President going to murder every child under the age of two, like King Herod, we shouldn't have elected a fundamentalist in the first place."
FBI Agent: "We have evidences, it's in Revelation 13:18, remember the President have taken the oath on the same Bible, to defend the Constitution of the United States of America."
CNN: "There have been a huge explosive at a plant in New Orleans, sources indicated that they manufacture cochlear implant devices there, OSHA team is on its way." (Meanwhile, FBI agents are raiding children's hospitals across the country, confiscating files of those who had CI implants, airports have been notified to detain all CI Children and their family.)
Ginger: (Gallaudet University campus) "Did you read the New York Times this morning about increase in SIDs...."
Jim: "No, why?"
Ginger: "98% of SIDs are those with CI"
Matt: "...and just last week the Wall Street Journal describes an ongoing SEC investigation on possible conspiracy among drug and CI manufacturers and institutional investors"
Ginger: "Nothing makes sense in our world nowadays."
Jim: "Just heard on CNN that the President is going to address the nation tonight"
Matt: "He's returning from a summit in Canada."
Jim: "Is the government somewhat involved?"
Ginger: "I can't comment on that."
Daniel: (Phoenix) "What's the matter?"
Denise: "Our friends, their child, each one of them, victims of SIDs, all with CIs, and our is only one still alive."
Daniel: "That's unusual, we had a census taker recently asked if we have a CI child, but they only do that once every ten years."
Joan: (Old Greenfield, Connecticut) "You have our tickets for the upcoming Caribbean Deaf cruise?"
Jason and Jeffrey: "When we are going?"
John: "I haven't seen our travel agent yet, she's on vacation as usual."
Joan: "John, are you coming to church with us?"
John: "No, let me finish my script, got a deadline to meet, and boys don't you dare put lottery tickets in the offering plate again."
Jason and Jeffrey: "Sorry about last week, hope the deacon OK, ILY."Pastor: "Faith is not believing what God can but knowing God will..."
Jeffrey: "I hope this sermon not longer than the Oscar telecast" (after church, they pick up a Gatorade with a free coupon)
Ginger: (Gallaudet University campus) "I better go now as I have an appointment with my mentor at NSA." (seven F-18 fighter planes takes off on an undisclosed mission. Two are its way to Tehran. Some to protect the fleet, and another to attempt to shoot down an Iranian drone)
Jim: "Matt and I going to Pentagon City to eat at the California Kitchen, we're taking the Metro."
Ginger: (NSA, Ft. Meade, MD)"Why do you want me to go through all these files looking for a CI child whose names matches the numeral 666, what has that got to do with national security."
Mentor: "Revelation 13:18, the one with the mark shall rule the world, he will be the threat to our national security.
Ginger: "I thought that was a reference to Roman Emperor Nero, you can't be serious, we don't even have one Deaf legislature, let alone a Deaf rule the world."
Mentor: "Since 9/11 we take all matters seriously."
Ginger: "As long as our civil liberties are protected, not abused by the executive branch."
Mentor: "Keep your opinions to yourself, do your job, study hard at Gallaudet, take it one day at a time, your life would be normal."
CNN: "Live from Tehran, there has been a huge explosion at a warehouse northeast of here, there are unconfirmed reports of casualties, mostly Iranian Deaf state employees, the President will address the nation tonight." (Jim received an order to return to the CIA, father send him a text message about an attack in Tehran, he'll contact the American Embassy in Amman for updates)
CNN: "Scientists now investigating whether an unknown virus have caused SIDs among CIs, in Alexandria, Virginia, CI Deaf child, a victim of SID, was buried todayl. The CI device was removed during a break-in during the night, the incident wasn't reported. It appears that the device was to be turned over to FDA for further studies, on the request of CDC, but it was stolen. In Tehran administrators at the downtown Tehran hospital reported that six Deaf Iranian was found dead after undergoing CI procedures, Deaf patients files stolen, authorities are investigating the deaths and trying to determined who may have access to those files.
Jim: (a Deaf Iranian/American hired by the CIA, completes his mission, details classified, and escapes across the border into Turkey) "They are closing the border, meet me up in Basra." (in Dubai, police are investigating the deaths of ten Iranian CI Deaf in their hotel rooms, after applying for student visas from the American Embassy. Their friends indicated they met an American Deaf at the annual Deaf camel racing, police releases a Deaf suspect, also a CIA operative, unable to question him, due to the fact he has diplomatic immunity)
Ginger: (NSA, Ft Meade, Md) "We've narrowed it down to three families that have a CI child whose names matches the numeral #666, one is in Washington, DC but that child already died from SID, the other two, lives in Phoenix and Houston.
Mentor: "I want those files at the CIA."
Jim: "I was watching Jordanian news, they have an sign language interpreter on a screen, I just saw footage of the attack, I can't comment on anything, for security reasons, but you will soon get a postcard from me, I took time out today to visit Petra, meet some Israeli (Mossad) Deaf there, this webcam on my laptop is very convenient to have and also our connection is encrypted, secured, I regret their deaths but our national security at stake, tell everyone I am here as a tourist, not to worry, as interns are not given mission assignments."(Jim unable to keep straight face, eye to eye contact, exchanges ILY, erased hard drive, then go downstairs to have a few beers with his Jordanian Deaf friends, staffers at the Embassy)
Ginger: "Be safe, see you at the Abbey soon"( Agents are keeping tracks of two Russian cargo planes, both on the runway in Cairo, Egypt, with smuggled CI devices bound for Pakistan, on large screens in the situation room at the CIA, also keeping in touch with the Pentagon, which now have AWACS patrolling the Mediterranean Sea with the 7th Fleet)
Samuel: "Just received a letter from our doctor that the files on our child has been confiscated at Houston Children's Hospital"
Susan: "That's where our Daniel had his CI, we shouldn't"t gone through it, I knew something going to happen, we should have listen to those Deaf advocates and not decline Daniel birthright to ASL"
CNN: "Iranian foreign minister declines that the warehouse stores nuclear components, over the wires, we've learned that the WFD has issued a statement condemning the attack which resulted in deaths of Deaf Iranian state employees, the death toll now stands at 88, the President will address the nation tonight at 9/8 PM central, this is CNN Tehran, now back to our desk in Atlanta. " (Jim arrives in Washington, DC, takes the Metro to meet Ginger in the Abbey at Gallaudet, Matt are discussing the Washington Post editorial that further UN sanctions against Iran may provoke war)
CNN: "This is CNN from the Oval Office, our sources tells us that the warehouse attacked this morning was a major distributor of CI devices in the Middle East, the President will address the nation shortly."
President: "My fellow Americans, we have evidences that terrorists are planning several suicide attacks in the USA using these CI devices (holding up a CI device) which can store a significant amount of explosive to cause widespread casualties when detonate, the terrorists have a stockpile of them at a warehouse northeast of Tehran, our F-16s, took off from the USS Lincoln this morning and uses laser guided bombs to destroy the thousands of CI devices, we have evidences that the terrorists have been recruiting the Deaf to have these devices implanted for a suicide mission here in USA, the terrorist are trying to take advantages of a lax in our nation's airport screenings, as those with pacemakers and cochlear implants are exempted from going through airport X-ray detection system, but are now checked more closely individually. We regret the deaths of several Deaf Iranian state employees, but it has been reported that some of them have volunteer to be suicide bombers and have recently applied for a Visa from the American Embassy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The President will do everything to protect Americans here and abroad, the Attorney General here have a statement to make."
Attorney General: "Today the FBI arrested several Deaf Arab immigrants in Detroit, they are suspected of planning a suicide attacks in the USA, they were arrested at Detroit airport before they were to take a flight to Tehran where they were scheduled to have an explosive CI devices implanted, which was imported from the Czech Republic. In addition, the SEC have dropped its investigations of possible conflict of interests of several Institutional investors in CI manufactures and drug companies, since the stock values collapsed after reports of SIDS among CI children." (A Houston newspaper reported the deaths of a family with a Deaf CI child after their minivan went out of control and purge into the river below the bridge, police suspected a homicide because a brake line was sliced, and leaking fluid was found on the roadway)
Ginger: "Did you watch the President speech?" (Gallaudet students are discussing about CI and its potential uses by terrorist)
Jim: "Yes, among my arrival at Dulles, I think I can solve the final section of the encypted codes on the Kryptos sculpture at Langley, it'll be a challenge."
Ginger: "Great!"
Matt: "...and the numeral 666?"
Ginger: "Some people believes it is a mark of the devil who someday will rule the world as prophesied in Revelation 13:18" (TV in Abbey, a live report on CNN of an explosion of a Russian cargo plane on the runway in Cairo. F-18s from the USS Ronald Reagan were unable to shoot down the other cargo plane before it entered Pakistan airspace. However the Delta Force completed the mission by destroying all remaining stocks of CI Serial #666 devices smuggled in a convoy on its way to Al Queda terrorists on the Afghanistan border region. The Kremlin declined to comment on the incident in Cairo, they only acknowledge that the cargo plane was sold to an Iranian business tycoon)
Ginger: "It's unthinkable that a Deaf CI child would grow up to rule the world." (Jim at the CIA stamped the files "Classified" and is satisfied the mission completed)
CNN: "The FDA have ordered that the hospitals suspends CI procedures on children permanently."
Mentor: (NSA, Fort Meade, Md) "The last family with the CI Deaf child was reported missing from the Deaf Cruise in the Caribbean, and presumed to have drowned at sea. The case is now closed."(Deaf family with a CI child, was tipped off by Deaf friends of a government conspiracy against them, decided to go into hiding, not returning to the cruise ship, they will stay in Jamaica, living through the hurricane, and then emigrate to Canada)
Joan: (Old Greenfield, Connecticut) "Tomorrow we have an IEP meeting with MSSD."
John: "We'll just rubber-stamped them as usual."
Joan: "Jim will return to the internship at the CIA soon, I hope he's not involved with the recent Iranian crisis."
John: "We'll never know, anyway, we have a stake in our son future, it was the right choice to send him to MSSD, to have that experiences unavailable anywhere else."
Jeffrey: "Charlie's family had to move, the power lines on the property is causing static interferences on his C.I."
Jason: "Just wait until there's a sunspot."

Dean of Student Affairs

Gallaudet just announced this morning that it completed the search for its new Dean of Student Affairs position, selecting the best qualified candidate to fit our changing campus demographic needs. In the past we had the majority of our students are from state Deaf schools but nowadays we get them from mainstreamed schools and foreign countries. Our mission have changed over the years, from instructions in ASL to adapting to the students needs, providing oral interpreters, learning English as a second language and accepting hearing students to fill in the gap.
I was shocked that Alexandra Graham Bell was selected as the new Dean of Students of Gallaudet, thought he was dead. 
Our stargate portal, designed by a Deaf engineering student, allows us to travel back into the past to collect AGB's DNA sample to bring it back to our laboratory, funded by NIH, at an undisclosed location to clone him, then indoctrinate him in both in ASL and Deaf Cultural propaganda.
 "I wouldn't mess with God, wouldn't you?" 
AGB's comment on cochlear-implants"
AGB was upset to learn of the organization that promotes oralism are using tactics that's destroying his reputation, and plans to shut it down. NAD serves everyone, we don't need division, we can work together for the common good that benefit us both.

Anyway, despite the controversially surrounding its choice, AGB will be the oldest administrator in Gallaudet history, of being born before its existence is something of an achievement, student leaders, faculty and staff will give AGB a benefit of doubts. People can changed their attitudes over time and remember that our enemies are friends we haven't met. 
In other news, American School for the Deaf (ASD) in Connecticut are experiencing a shortages of teachers and have asked Gallaudet to cloned a few Laurent Clercs. The government of Brazil recently inquire about Gallaudet cloning programs, I don't even want to know what they got on their mind.
AGB first project is a workshop for married students of having affairs on campus, "isn't that what student affairs all about, I may be old fashioned, but there are positions that are sexual enough."

Young Deaf Hoodlum

The chef, Alfonso, sweating armpits,  listening to the Brooklyn Dodgers' radio broadcast, betting on Jackie Robinsin to hit a homer in the bottom of the ninth to win a reprieve from paying  the pennantand busy while, as an owner of a pizzeria in Cobble Hill, about the old Brooklyn Dodgers, suddenly the bay window glasses shattered, leaving a baseball in a minestrone soup that spattered the Deaf Godfather's fedora, prompting him to take out a silencer from his holster, in anger ordering his bodyguard to bring in that kid left behind after his friends split the scene holding the stick, fearing it that will be taken away and be used as a rod, whipping his bare butt, and worse facing the embarrassment of exposing his Superman undies. The Deaf Godfather (signing) asked the young Deaf hoodlum, a Lexington pupil, to give him a reason why he shouldn't face the consequences of his action. The young Deaf hoodlum, with quick thinking, quoted a verse from Galatians.
"Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted."
Source: Galatians 6:1 (NIV)
The Deaf Godfather, with a conscience, decided to spare the rod, paid the owners for the damages, and adopted the young Deaf hoodlum from the orphanage, keeping him off the streets, and turning away from life of crime. It's that one quote lead a family to faith.

Deaf Children Seen, Unheard!

Alice, an oral Deaf teenager, a mainstream student at local public high school, been having adjustment problems, abusing drugs to escape from reality. Her parents are at an IEP, with her teachers, counselors, and the school district administrator. They discussed her frequent absences, behavioral problems, etc. She is very intelligent but not living up to her potential. The school psychologist recommends that Alice be transferred.                                  eet her needs and the social environment making new friends.
"That's enough," the parents angrily stormed out, "my child will never be institutionalized."
When they arrive home, Alice was nowhere to be seen, worried, the parents call 911. Police arrives and found the lifeless body of Alice floating in the backyard pool. "It's all my fault...," the mother cries, feeling guilty of causing her death. It's obviously a suicide, as the parents never accepts her deafness, and it will haunt them the rest of their lives.

Underground Railroad

Lunch Period (Illinois School for the Deaf)
Ed: "Hey, Walter, what you doing this weekend?"
Walter: "I am going hunting with my uncle."
Ed: "You always do many things with your Uncle, seem like you never at home."
Walter: "My mother couldn't communicate with me, my younger brothers and sister doesn't like to interpret for me, my Uncle is the only Deaf in my family, he is my role model."
Ed: "What happened to your father?"
Walter: "My father was shot down over Yugoslavia, they never found his body, I never met my father, it was a one night stand."
Linda: "Have you decided on the topic of your book report?"
Walter: "It's black history month, so my topic will be about Major Merryl David, first black woman to fly the U-2 spy plane during the cold war. Found out she is a Trekkie like me."
Linda: "Sorry, I misunderstood, thought you're writing about Bono and the U2 band, he'll be a good topic anyway, as he's a humanitarian and have donated money to good causes, including us Deaf." (light flashes)
Walter: "I gotten go to PE now, hope you guys sign up for the track team."
Chicago Cabrini Green
Wayne: "Mom, you got a package in the mail."
Mary: "I wasn't expecting anything."
Wendy: "It's from AgBAD." (curious, Mary watches a video that came with the package)
Mary: "Wayne, Wendy, I have good news, I am getting Walter a CI, he will be hearing like us, he can go to school with you this fall, so we'll be a family again."
Wayne: "You know Walter will never accept that, his friends are at ISD, and ASL is his native language, he'll never be socially accepted by his peers at our school, and they won't let him play contact sports, as he'll be a liability risk due to having CI, so forget about it."
Wendy: "Wayne is right, Walter have no residential hearing, so he'll never learn to speak, just like you, you never learn sign language, that's why he spend all his time with our Deaf uncle."
Mary: "Don't talk to me that way, I am going to call Comer Children Hospital and schedule an appointment." (dialing)
Chicago Union Station
Walter: "Uncle Rudy, thank you for picking me up, I'm looking forward to hunting this weekend."
Rudy: "Got ourselves a cabin, let's stop at Gold Coast Dogs, and have a snack, so how was your week at school?"
Walter: "Our wrestling team doing well, maybe one of us will win the state championship this year, just signed up for the track team."
Rudy: "I have been selling Hershey bars at my workplace, hoping to raise enough money so you can go to Japan with your classmates."
Walter: "I'm looking forward to it, just need another thousand, have many penpals at the Miyagi School for the Deaf in Sendai, Japan."
Rudy: "Your mother mentioned that your father was once stationed in Japan, but I am suspicious of everything she told us, since I never met him, so we assume that he's dead."
Wisconsin Northwoods
Walter: "I'm glad I completed my Hunter's Safety Certificate to be able to go with you, regardless I enjoyed all the fishing outings we had, I think it's great to sleep in a log cabin, instead of pitching a tent, the fireplace will protect us from the harsh winter elements, hope to score my first whitetail trophy."
Rudy: "You will, there are plenty of them in the northwoods, when I pick up your backpack and sleeping bag, your mom seem exciting and can't wait to tell you the good news."
Walter: "I wonder what's she is up to now?"
Rudy: "Get your fishing gears. We're going fishing now, we'll have a fish fry tonight!"
Walter: "Love 'em Muskies" (both took an ATV downriver)
Chicago Cabrini Green
Mary: "Hello!" (phone conversation, children listen in)
Dr. Rake: "This is Dr. Rake at the Comer Children Hospital, your Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance approved your request for a CI, I've scheduled a procedure for this Wednesday, we usually CI newborns but my concern is how does Walter feel about it, we have social workers and psychiatrists on our staff that can interview your child, and determines if it's in his best interests."
Mary: "My son, Walter, always wanted to communicate with me and looking forward to being normal." (hangs up the phone after conversation)
Wendy: "Why did you lied to the doctor, you haven't even spoken with Walter yet."
Wisconsin Northwoods
Rudy: "I am proud of you, you bag your first whitetail, a nine point trophy, not bad on your first time hunting, let's go back to the cabin before it get dark."
Walter: "We'll have a great campfire tonight, I love your Deaf folklore's."
Rudy: "We'll have Chicago style Chili tonight!" (Walter collects the firewood, Rudy prepares the chili with his famous secret ingredients)
Walter: "Are you coming to our wrestling match next week?"
Rudy: "I'll be there."
Walter: "I only wish my Mom would be there, too." (bonfire, full moon)
Rudy: "Let's have an initiation ceremony to induct you to a Deaf tribal hunting clan, using their ancient ritual practices. The elements are ten-fold, one being Deaf, having its first game trophy, a bonfire during a full moon, shall we start?"
Rudy: "Remember when you were awoken this morning by the bears, you noticed that they were hungry searching for food, using their sense of smell, that was the first object you saw, from now on, you will be known as Sniffin' Bear.
Walter: "Just like the Indians, they got their names from the first sight at birth, what about you?"
Rudy: "I'm Smokey 'cause I snore like a bear, I am giving you this armband as a symbol of being the best hunter, you can lose it only if any other Deaf bag a bigger whitetail trophy with more than nine points."
Walter: "You ought to start a youth Deaf group, more adventurous than our boy scout troop."
Rudy: "Why not, if we have enough Deaf youth interested, and a sponsor, get them away from the rat race of the urban jungle, here's a special gift, a Bowie knife, that Deaf Smith once used during the Alamo siege."
Walter: "Thanks, Rudy, it's a great tradition to pass on."
Rudy: "Here is the chalice (a cup Chicago chili), it symbolized the blood of the whitetail you sacrificed to our Deaf gods, washes away the sins, and strengthened you, the only thing left to do is for you to do a traditional Deaf tribal dance around the bonfire, and then finally, a tribal mask of Sniffin' Bear will be given to you to remember this occasion."
Walter: "Thanks, Rudy, I will never forget our bonding."
Cabrini Green
Mary: "Did you have a great time this weekend camping with your Uncle?"
Walter: "Yes, Mom, I bag my first whitetail, from now on you can call me Sniffin' Bear, my new nickname."
Rudy: "I gotten go now, thanks for the coffee, see you at the wrestling match."
Mary: "You have an appointment with Dr. Rake this Wednesday, so you'll not be returning to school, I already notified ISD that you'll be absent."
Walter: "Mom, no, I got a wrestling match this week, who's Dr. Rake, he's not my doctor, we always scheduled an annual physicals during the summer."
Mary: "This doctor can change your life..." (Walter angered shut himself out in his bedroom, nailed the tribal mask to the wall)
Comer Children Hospital
Dr. Rake: "Hello Walter, I am Dr. Rake, Ricky here is the hospital staff interpreter, do you know why you are here?"
Walter: "No, my mom didn't say anything about it except whatever it is will change my life."
Dr. Rake: "That's right, you are here for a CI procedure, you will stay overnight, in the morning, we'll take you to the..."
Walter: "I don't want a CI, period. ASL is my birthright,..."
Dr. Drake: "Unfortunately, you're only 12 years old, a minor, your Mom have a right to make those kinds of decisions, no matter what you think."
Walter: "Why, Mom, why did you betrayed me..."
Wayne: "Walter, here's some items, a survival kit, you'll need, I stole the credit cards from Mom, I advised you to escape during the night."
Chicago Summerdale District Station
CNN: "This is a late-breaking report from Chicago's Comer Children Hospital, a 12 years old Deaf child has escaped overnight to avoid a CI procedure scheduled for this morning, an nationwide amber alert is in effect, Chicago police are investigating the incident, we'll have a news conference shortly at Summerdale..."
Illinois State Wrestling Tournament
Sheriff: "We have a warrant for your arrest, would you please come down to the station for questioning."
Rudy: "I have a right to a lawyer and an interpreter."
Sheriff: "Kidnapping a child is a felony, we want to know where Walter is?"
Rudy: "I came all the way to Jacksonville for this, and I have no idea what's the hell you talking about."
Sheriff: "Your sister claims you have kidnapped Walter from the Comer Children's Hospital overnight when he was scheduled to have a CI procedure in the morning, hold (answering phone), you have an alibi, we just got videos that your nephew used the subways alone, and also withdrawn money from an ATM, enough to be on the road months, if not days."
McHenry County, Illinois
Rudy: "What are you doing hiding in my apartment the police were looking all over for you, there is an Amber Alert in effect."
Walter: "Rudy, I don't want a CI."
Rudy: "Here's what I will do I will call a Deaf lawyer to represent you, a priest will come pick you up so you can hide in a Church sanctuary, in the meantime, I will contact my friends to set up an underground railroad of safe houses." (priest pick up Walter and takes him to an undisclosed location)
Old Greenfield, Connecticut
John: "Welcome to our household Walter, this is my wife, Joan, my boys..."
Jason and Jeffrey: "Isn't it cool seeing your picture on milk cartons, you are famous."
Joan: "CNN have just reported that the FBI raided a church in the Cincinnati area, and came up short, but arrested several illegal aliens, and started deportation proceedings against them."
Walter: "My lawyer have just put in a motion for emancipation of a minor, then my uncle may get temporary custody, until the issues are resolved."
Jason and Jeffrey: "Come play with us, we are building a time machine out of legos."
Joan: "CNN is on, Walter's mother being interviewed."
John: "Boys!"
CNN Chicago Affiliate
Mary: "Walter, wherever you are, please come home, we missed you, we love you (siblings in background signing, DON'T), ..."
CNN: "Why you would want to force your child to undergo a CI procedure against his will?"
Mary: "It is my right as a parent make those decisions, I wanted Walter to be normal like us, the Deaf are lepers in our modern society."
CNN: "We now go to McHenry County where Rudy, Walter's uncle lives, Ricky will voice interpret."
Rudy: "We just had a wonderful time last weekend in the Wisconsin northwoods, he just bag his first whitetail, I know he's in good hands within our Deaf community protecting him, using a network of safe houses, our own underground railroad, during the civil war, we free our slaves by providing safe passage from the south, nowadays we must free our Deaf children from the bondage of CI. Walter loves his mother but was rejected at birth, deprived of his birthright, ASL."
CNN: "Here's an update from the courtroom, the federal judge rejected the motion that Walter be emancipated, AgBAD announces a reward of $100,000, ACLU became involved in the case on the mother's side, advocating parental rights, it looks like the odds are against Walter."
Old Greenfield, Connecticut
Walter: "I can't believe my own mother called me a leper." (tears down his cheek)
Joan: "Please answer the door." (doorlight flashes)
John: "Rudy, What a surprise, we didn't..."
Walter: "Uncle Rudy!" (hugs)
Rudy: "Walter, may I introduce you to Steven, this Deaf gentleman, who have the same common interests as you do."
Steven: "Walter, It's nice to see you, I am a friend of your uncle, I met your mother 12 years ago at the Chicago Deaf Club, we had a one night stand, I heard about you in the news, I was unaware that your mother became pregnant, and I had to take a paternity test, I am your father, the court gave me custody of you, the mother declares unfit, finally it's all over."
Walter: "Dad, (crying) I thought you were dead, shot down over Yugoslavia, I love you Dad, thanks for saving me." (hugs)
The mother  appeals the decision, trying to regain custody, the courts are tied up with other cases, so  time is in Walter favor, so once he bacame of legal age (18), he's free to be Deaf forever.


Stoned Deaf in the Stone Age

Anthropologist discovered an ancient cave in France, a clan of stone-age Deaf dwellers where the females kept watch over their children, while the males hunt. They all communicate using gestures for generations until one day during a thunderstorm, a lightning hit a tree, frightening the clan, causing one to scream "fire!", which got the attention of everyone surrounding him. They are used to the sounds of the wild, but "fire" is the first using the human voice but it's problematic causing divisions among rival clans, engaging in tribal warfare. coming from one of their own. That "fire" is the origin of "oralism, gestures which evolves into sign language began to disintegrate. Fire is a milestone in our human race, it given us warmth, not peace. One day, a child was born but he wasn't responsive, so we assume he was rebellious. The child loves cave painting; they didn't spank their kids in those days. The child seems normal, playing tag, swimming in the river, stalking mammoths, except one thing: he hasn't spoken a word yet. An aged healer checked him out and noticed that the child was using gestures, then realized the child was Deaf afterall, and very intelligent. Lucky to be born with an "invisible handicapped" because any abnormal child born are sacrificed to the gods. The Deaf child is now of age to be inducted into the tribe as a hunter after undergoing a circumcision ritual. The Clan Council decided to re-established their ancient languages of signs as the official mode of communication. The Deaf child is now one of us, it takes a clan to raise him.
The Deaf child grew up to be its greatest hunter, and as a matter of fact, he is credited as being the inventor of the wheel. The Stone Age disappeared with the coming of the Ice Age. Sign Language has been with us since the Dawn of Man as we conquer the stars.

Signs of America (SOA)

 Deafies behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War didn't have any access to the Voice of America (VOA), being isolated from what's happening around the world, except for what being feed to them on the state controlled media. VOA is still broadcasting nowadays, but it's interesting to note that they are captioning its videos, which allows foreigners to learn English as a second language. These two videos that I'm posting here are Deaf related, on language skills and educational technology.  I think these videos from the Voice of America (VOA), with its English subtitles, is an excellent educational tool  on various issues of importance, such as agriculture, economics, education, health, lifestyle, and technology, etc. I just recently watch one of their video on the "world population" subject and learned that India will soon surpassed China as the most populous nation on earth. Perhaps we should have "Signs of America" (SOA) segments, using Gestuno, on its programming list to reach out


The Bellingham Police Department in the state of Washington is making an effort  in its relationship with the Deaf community becoming more accessible, taking sensitivity training and breaking down barriers using the latest technology available and common sense with the tools given to them to assist in improving communication. 

Deaf Coffee Chat

It's total insanity here in Orlando, two rival Deaf Coffee Chat hosts are at each other throats, that's why Deaf people stop going to these functions as they are tired of hearing the same old gossips attacking each others. There will never be peace between these guys. Deaf social gathering is at a standstill, with hosts abusing Facebook, posting negative comments. ASL students are the victims, losing an opportunity to socialize among us, but we Deaf are glued to our tablets, not even acknowledging their existence, even refusing to sign a slip to obtain credit for their respective classes. The establishment is losing money twofold, Deaf taking up the space, not even buying coffee and not only that, driving potential consumers away. Deaf been complaining why the hearing don't join our social group, we have no one to blame but ourselves. A case in point, if a host disagree with your viewpoint, they will suspend you from the group, even going as far as asking the manager to remove you from the premise, which is indeed a violation of our civil rights at public facilities. Let me give you one of the examples of abuses on Facebook, an attempt by an host to defame your character by spreading false rumors on the site, and asking each of them to "unfriend" us. One host we know he has an arrest record from the past, the rival host will go on the Internet and print out his mug shot and show us the rap sheet, we really don't care, enough of this drama so move on. In addition, you may receive threatening e-mail, but I advise you all is to save copies, and turn it over to the local police department to investigate the harassment allegation. One may question if that is the "Deaf" thing, no it isn't.

Deaf Japanese Tourist

A Deaf Japanese tourist was recently detained at the Hawaiian airport upon her arrival, apparently there was a problem with her visa, and was send back. She complained that she was declined an interpreter, now the ACLU on her case. ADA doesn't applied to foreigners, as the United States is not a signatory to CRPD, a resolution passed at the UN. If there is a problem, she should file a complaint with the Japanese consulate and let them handle it, instead my taxes are being wasted on defending against all kinds of frivolous lawsuits, adding to our national debt. The only way she can get an interpreter is that if she was a suspected terrorist. I traveled to 30 different countries, will they provide an Deaf American equal access, I think not.


Deaf Rave

Troi Lee is the founder of Deaf Rave, allowing British Deaf to feel the beat, enjoy music like everyone else.

China: "Silent" restaurant

Today we are in Changchun  Jilin, a province in northeast China at "Silent" restaurant that employs the Deaf. I noticed their tags, I assume it's their names, you learn the twelve signs such as wanting water,  more soup and more helpings, etc.



The Morse Museum in Winter Park, Florida got the largest collections of Tiffany stuff. My Deaf brother bought a Tiffany lamp.  I like the chapel set which was originally at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. Lots of artworks on display, I'm familiar with those of Norman Rockwell that covers vintage magazines. This Tiffany lamp was at the 1901 world's fair in Buffalo, New York where President William McKinley was assassinated.