December 16 - 17, 2018
Daytona Beach, Florida
Gallaudet University –VS– College at Brockport – 2:00 PM


Deaf Illegal Alien

A Deaf illegal alien, Oswaldo Elias Martinez, 45, from El Salvador was held almost fifteen years without being charged with a crime of raping and murdering a sixteen years old Virginian girl. Virginia Supreme Court refuses to be involved because it doesn't have jurisdiction in the case even though it never went to trial as this Deaf illegal alien, like Chicago's Dummy, doesn't uses sign language, and can't communicate with a lawyer that the court appointed, still remains incompetent. The only option that his lawyers can do is to challenge his detention. Virginia law limits those incarnated to five years but it does applies to murder that carries a death penalty, so being mute may be what probably saves his life from lethal injection. I think we ought to just deport this Deaf scumbag, and build that damn wall on the border. 

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