Luke 6:18 "Give and Receive"

This Thai video reminds us what Jesus taught: "Give and you shall receive." Luke 6:18

God and AGB

Deaf Reformed Pastor Toby Welch on the biblical interpretation of AGB, thought it'll be an interesting message reminding us that God created us Deaf, given us ASL, so that our life be natural, therefore AGB can't recreated us, overruling God's purpose. 

Lead-K Commentary

NAD supports the concept that a Deaf children language skills should be equal, or as in the case of those uses ASL as their primary language superior than that of the hearing children when they start kindergarten. AGB refuses to be involved in our efforts but somehow were convinced to join in the partnership as we all share a common goal. I understand they are successful in getting a bill to set up a task force passed in several state legislature whose purpose is to collect data and make recommendations. AGB couldn't beat is in this latest movement, was left with no choice but to join us. I know we Deaf don't trust AGB due their oppressive tactics over the years. So what, the oralists don't trust NAD either. I heard excuses that we Deaf are a minority, and that's because we haven't been heard loud and clear when we don't use our power at the ballot, and you will have that opportunity next week. NAD does nothing about it, that's true if you don't join, express your concerns, volunteer to lead on behalf of our upcoming Deaf generation. Take us into the future, don't dwelled on what happened back in 1880, as those delegates to Milan are dead already, We Deaf have two choices, to just exist complaining and do nothing about it or we can start living and achieve everything we set out to do, pah!   
I think Lead-K has good intentions so let's not panic but give them time to do their job and see their final reports to their states, then at that time, we can express our concerns, ask questions, having our opinions known as we reserves the rights to object or support the findings and recommendations.  

Charles Daewin

Charles Darwin "Origin of Species," are based on his observations so why the controversy. I ain't  going to debate with these Deaf Christians on the subject of  "evolution" as it's only a theory. I think both science and religion can co-exist. We once thought the world is flat and that we are in the center of the universe!

Lincoln Logs

John, the son of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, invented the Lincoln Logs.


We'll probably never know what's the Emperor role in the decision to bomb Pearl Harbor leading us to declare war on Japan, but we do know that he ask his people to laid down their arms, against objections within the military. The Americans seek revenge, but General MacArthur wisely let the Emperor remains on the throne, allowing its people to rise from the ruins.


Gallaudet receives a grant from the government to develop the hyperloop system on campus to transport its students between various facilities such as the dormitories and the classroom. This will allow researchers to do a feasibility study and engineers to experiment its potential as mode of transportation in the future, where one day we can travel between Washington and Los Angeles in just a few minutes. The hyperloop is so fast that if you woke up late missing class, you will arrive before it even starts.


Floriade is an international horticultural exposition held every ten years in the Netherlands. Although it's not a world's fair in a sense but it's sanctioned by the Paris-based Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) because of its importance.
Deaf Anthology is planning on the 2022 Floriade tour, maybe you want to join us, if there is enough interests among us Deaf adventurers.


Parents should encourage their Deaf children to read, so I recommend the "Dairy of the Wimpy Kid" series, with a new book, "Meltdown," now available at your local bookstores.The publisher is promoting the new book with its "Meltdown Truck Tour" stopping at various places across the country and around the world, maybe your opportunity to meet the author, Jeff Kinney, but first check its schedule in their Wimpy Kid website. It's possible that they can stop at a Deaf school if Deaf children performed a play based on the book, but their teachers and administrators have to work it out with the publishers to make it happen. 


Finnish Sauna

When I was in Finland, I was hungry so I went to a Helsinki  BK to get myself a whopper, fries, and the real thing, Coca-Cola. They even got a spa inside, so I decided to check it out, first stripping off my clothing, taking a shower and entering a sauna. There is a fee to enjoy Finnish culture three hours. A Finnish Deaf family and their Deaf children joined us, at first I felt uncomfortable when their Deaf six years old son asked me why my penis different, the father, signing, explains to him that American men are circumcised where the foreskin is cut off at birth. That was so embarrassing, we play Sony PlayStation to change the subject matter. I love steam my buns in the steam room, I meant the bread, not her butts. They taught me a few Finnish signs, mostly body anatomy. I was wondering why kids giggling, telling me to stop looking at their mom boobs as I was getting an erection. I learn to keep an open mind   and respect their culture.  

Thailand KFC Deaf Day

Management at the KFC Thailand corporate headquarters decided to plugged their ears to experiences what it's like being Deaf for a day to meet with their Deaf employees and even have meals with Deaf consumers. 

Deaf KFC and Starbucks in Malaysia

The United States Embassy in Malaysia celebrates International Day of Sign Language recently with a video of two American icons, KFC and Starbucks, that hires the Deaf to run their franchises.


I work hard, putting in a lot of overtime and paying taxes to support thousands of Deaf people on SSI that depends on me.

Shark Tank

This Deaf individual receives a patent after inventing an alternative to shoveling snow but I doubt that he'll ever convince the investors on  the upcoming Shark Tank episode. 

Deaf Witch

Rebecca Nurse, a Deaf woman was one of several accused of witchcraft and then executed at the infamous Salem witch trial of 1692. The villagers testified on her behalf, and was acquitted, but the verdict was overturned after a confession from another defendant that she's one of us.
"I got nobody but God!"
           -Rebecca Nurse



In Silicon Valley, they are developing a new closed-captioning system using an advanced voice recognition software technology within a computer chip implanted on contact lenses giving us instant access to any entertainment venues such as movie theatres, Broadway plays, professional sports, allowing us to participate in any public events, reducing our dependency      on interpreters. It's being test-marketing, so far the responses has been positive.


A twelve years old Deaf boy from Indianapolis plans to enroll at Gallaudet next fall, becoming the youngest freshman ever. He has everything going for him, a perfect SAT score, inducted into Mensa, an AFSCME scholarship. "I'm going to major in  philosophy and tryout with the football team as a water boy, and  then be a garbage collector and an active union shop steward, following the footsteps of my father."

Bernard Bragg

A well-known Deaf actor, Bernard Bragg, died today at age 90, the co-founder of the National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD), exposing the general public to ASL and our culture, and the rest is history. 

World Series

The Boston Red Sox are World Champions after defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers. There are a lot of Deaf fans calling in sick after partying all night. I wonder about this priest that led the Deaf youths to Brazil, raffling off a ticket to the game a few years ago. God is a Red Sox fan!


My elementary school principal is also a summer camp director, we went to New York to be on a children television program, "Wonderama," which is broadcast on Sundays. The principal told the producers of a Deaf child on the stage while pointing at me. The host, Sonny Fox, selected me to repeat a phrase, after several retakes, but they cut the tape because, being Deaf, my voice are inaudible, so they let me play on a team instead. It's an experience of a lifetime, seeing yourself in black and white on television.

Deaf Caravan

It's the Hispanic Deaf  worst nightmares, being misunderstood as a victim of racial profiling, rounded up and handcuffed, send to a detention camp, awaiting overnight deportation. It's happening to some of us, especially us deaf oralists, in the border states while we're struggling with our speech in public, often mistaken as a foreign accent, causing border patrols to suspect that they were illegal aliens that came here on the caravan. They are American citizens, it's their problem if they not carrying any form of identification, such as a driver's license. Border patrols handcuffed them the minute they put their hands behind their head, ignoring their gestures that they are deaf, repeating reminding them to "tell it to the immigration judge!" The wall is not our barrier, communication is our barrier.


We Deaf celebrates Halloween dressing in costumes that reflects our culture and most of us are going bowling that night! 


I just caught my two Deaf boys, age 8 and 6, pouring 10W5 oil into the tub after building an oil rig out of Legos while bathing. They were reenacting the BP oil spill, thank goodness they didn't create an underwater explosion. I had to scrub them down and put their pajamas on, send them off to bed. 


Deaf of Pittsburgh are tougher than steel where love is stronger than hate.



88% of the people can recognize McDonald's arches but only 54% can recognize the cross.


Jesus is your ticket to Heaven!


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The McRib is back, it's time to get our fingers sticky again!


This is a good way to cool off during the hot and humid lazy days of summer.

Silent Alarm

Yesterday, four Deaf men attempted to rob a  bank in downtown Boston. They busted in with guns drawn, and one Deaf went up to a teller with a note "ME ROB", " The teller asked the Deaf man "Robert, I need your full name." The Deaf frustrated hand her another note, "NO, ME ROB BANK." The teller checked the computer and apologized for the delay and told him "I'm sorry but we do not have a Robert Bank, so hold on let me call and request a sign language interpreter for you, it'll be only a few minutes, can you read my lips?"
The second Deaf bank robber asked "What's the holdup?"
The Deaf told him, "The teller is getting us an interpreter."
The Deaf bank robbers was losing patient waiting for the interpreter to arrive. (unknown to them, was that the teller has pressed a silent alarm, the police on its way, siren in the background)
Ricky: "I am Ricky the interpreter, Robert Bank, I understand that you want to open an account with us."
The Deaf Bank robber: "The teller misunderstood us, my name is not Robert Bank, we are here to rob the Bank." (Teller complied gave them a few thousand dollars in cash)
Police arrived on the scene and arrested all the Deaf bank robbers. (Interpreter left to go on another assignment, the get-away car was towed away, the Deaf spend the night in jail awaiting to see the judge the next day)
Judge: "You have been charge with armed robbery of a bank, a felony, since you can't afford a lawyer the court will appoint you a public defender."
Ricky: "Hello, I am your interpreter, I remember you guys, we met yesterday at the bank, they thought you wanted to open an account, but you made a sizable withdrawal."
Public Defender: "My clients pleaded not guilty."
Judge: "State your case."
Public Defender: "When the police arrested them, they forgot to request an interpreter to read their Miranda rights, they didn't know that they have the rights to remain silent."
Judge: "Ricky, were you there yesterday?"
Ricky: "Yes, your honor, the bank called me to come to the bank to interpret for them while the robbery was in progress, then I left to go on another assignment, and the police was on the scene, handcuffed these guys, and the police didn't bother to ask me to sign their Miranda rights."
Judge: "I can't believe it, the police was on the scene and the interpreter was there, and there is no excuses whatsoever their rights were violated, case is dismissed."


Deaf Custodian

Deaf custodian James Anthony who works at Hickerson Elementary School in Tullahoma, Tennessee was surprised when the kindergarten kids sing and sign "Happy Birthday" when he came into the classroom not knowing what to expect. James Anthony has been a positive influence on generations of children as their role model.

Idaho Falls Mural

Idaho Falls on Deaf Ears literally. Kelly Sheridan didn't "ask" the Deaf, didn't "understand" the Deaf, didn't "listen" the Deaf, and yet expects the Deaf to "look" at her uncomprehensive mural in the ghetto. Kelly Sheridan shown no respect of our Deaf culture taking artistic liberties of our ASL. ACLU commissioned the project, the city selects an ignorant artist, and now we are stuck in  this controversial issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. Deaf should first be appointed on a committee that reviews all proposal  submitted by Deaf artists and select one to redo the mural.




Victoria Arlen, a teen paralyzed swimmer that set a world record disqualified from participation in the Montreal Paralympics because she has hope of being able to walk again someday with treatment in the future.  It doesn't make any sense to me, of their rules that one must be permanently disabled to participate in these events. It's like a Deaf athlete being disqualified to participate in the Deaflympics if he is planning on having a cochlear-implant procedure in the future. Enjoy our life at the moment, forget the past and not worry about the future, accept us as who we are today!


After I saw that car in the showroom, I start saving my money and finally I was able to afford a camera to take a  pictures of it.


A Floridian Deaf driver were pulled over for littering and was fined $250,  yet it doesn't make any sense because all he did was to throw out the ice cubes from his window after drinking  lemonade on a hot, humid day. He tries to reasoned with the officer, but to no avail, stating that it'll melt itself. The officer got a point, explaining, with an interpreter onsite, that recently there has been an accident where a thirsty squirrel licking on the evaporating water in the middle of the road cause one to swerved into a ditch.


You ever wonder what they do with those obsolete phones and cords. One artist created a flock of sheep.


"There's little to be gained from harboring a grudge, so take the first steps toward burying the hatchet."


Ludwig Beethoven is a German pianist whom became Deaf later in life. The circumstances surrounding his birth is the subject of this Romanian video that I thought is debatable on the controversial issue of abortion. 



A major video relay service (VRS) provider have decided recently at its board meeting to outsource all interpreters jobs overseas in India, effective in January, to increase their profit margin,  training them at low wages, without benefits. They are closing down all relay centers and giving out pink slips.  "Our videophones are manufactured in India, so it fit with our decision to move our headquarter there, it's an opportunity to expand our operations in a global economy," according to the CEO.  Its stocks soared on Wall Street upon the announcement.


We Deaf communicate with our hands!


The only reason why we Deaf got so many disappointments in our lives is that we Deaf also got so many expectations in our lives.


A Deaf requested an interpreter before a job interview. The interview went well but the interpreter got the job.


Spending time with your children is more important than spending money on your children.

A Day on the Golf Course

When you golf, you wouldn't want your concentration on the game interrupted, but here you got an intruder, a playful cub who probably thought the flagpole on the 7th tee is a tree to scratch his back on. Life is stressful enough already but here a little unexpected entertainment will lighten you up a bit unless he tries to steal your ball.


Color Blind

If you can pass this color blind test, it simply proves that you are Deaf.


A few Deaf New Yorkers decided to relax at a makeshift platform spa after stepping off a subway, relieving the stresses of life.


A father in New Zealand got himself a cochlear-implanted tattoo to be supportive of his Deaf daughter who had the procedure.

Mennello Museum of American Art

I encourages everyone to visit small museums in their neighborhoods,  you never know what's in their collections. I was surprised to see a piece of Andy Warhol's artwork on display at the Mennello Museum of American Art.


Fred, a local Deaf businessman in here in Orlando, Florida recently file for bankruptcy in a federal court, blaming his failures on the recession.
Fred really doesn't understand why nobody buys his snow blowers and snowmobiles from his store, but nobody has the guts to tell him that it never snows in Florida.
Fred once asked me to be his partner but I didn't think it'll be a good investment.
I advice everyone to know their market before going into any business.


A ten year Chicago Deaf boy was found dead earlier this morning after his mother became suspicious when he didn't show up for breakfast, late to catch the school bus, found him lynched in his bedroom. Police discovered a suicide note left behind, indicating he was somewhat depressed after having a cochlear-implant (CI) recently despite his protest. The press released excerpts that note; "My dream of playing with the Cubs, dashed when the local Little League wouldn't accept me on the team because of the liability issue." 



This turtle was carved out of a pumpkin. 

ASD: Girl's Basketball

American Era (1947) Deaf girls are not just cheerleaders, they can play sports just as well as the boys, even having a league of their own. If the boys are having a losing season, the fans gave up on them and would rather watch the girls play instead.

Captain Simons is the one holding the basketball in this team photo and my Deaf sister, Loretta, is next to her. 

ASD: Football

American Era (1949) Our football team had a poor season this year with six losesand no victories. In addition our brilliant record of straight victories over some schools for the deaf on our field were shattered when the New Jersey School for the Deaf boys being our guests humiliated us last month.
formation was given to the boys for the first time and was enjoyed by them after they learned the ideas of using deception and timing. Throughout the season much substitution was made in order to give each boy on the squad the profit of sportsmanship, cooperation and experience, and no serious injuries resulted.
All but Donald Wetzel and Jack Culligan  will return next year and they aresure that they will do better with the new "T" formation.

NOTE:  Buster, my Deaf brother, is on the ASD football team.

ASD: Poem

AMERICAN ERA (1947) The wife of ASD superintendent Boatner wrote a poem about Gallaudet that was signed during a program in honor of Thomas Gallaudet, gathering in front of the famous Daniel French's sculpture of our founder with Alice Cogswell, along with the descendants of Thomas Gallaudet among us. He was a little boy like me Many, many years ago- And when a man, He crosses a sea, And learned to sign, And help mankind. Thus bringing joys To deaf girls and boys, 

Many, many years ago.
He was a little boy like me    
Many, many years ago-
And when a man, 
He crosses a sea,
And learned to sign,
And help mankind.
Thus bringing joys
To deaf girls and boys,
Many, many years ago


Today my cardiologist noticed me slightly limping when I came into her office, I injured my knee in an accident a few days ago. She gave me a new walking cane, that's quality health care, there are still doctors out there who cares about you and treat you like a human being.


The Pope been complaining about overcrowding conditions at our prisons and may I offer a solution:  Bail out all the priests and settle all the lawsuits against the Church. If priests are permitted be married and raise their own children, then we wouldn't have that problem in the first place. 


It's great having Deaf friends, they help us get through obstacles we encountered in life.


Deaf Lion

This Deaf lion at was taught ASL by a Deaf zookeeper who also given him a globe so he can identified all countries.


An ambulance and a fire truck collided at an intersection here in Miami, Florida.


The bear and her cubs left the woods to escape the heat to cool off in our backyard pool.



Laughter is the best medicine, especially when it comes to ourselves, so check out this short cool video, it's a reflection of our Deaf culture!


I'm planning to remodel my bathroom, the first step is to think of a theme that'll fit my lifestyle. I think an 'Highway 66" automotive theme will be a perfect fit  as I love traveling the backroads of America.    I created this sink from a couple of spare tires in my garage, then add the gas nozzle holders. The only limitation is your imagination. If you are creative, then anything is possible, 


This unusual clothespin sculpture  is located at a park in Liege, Belgium.

Washington Redskins

I can see the floodlights at RFK stadium from my dormitory on the Gallaudet campus whenever the Washington Redskins are playing. I remember one of the Theta Nu Tau (ONT) brothers receiving a scholarship from their coach, George Allen. Political correctness has no place in sports, so why all the controversies. it's only a game, we don't scalp our opponents. Let's keep our football traditions alive. Go Redskins.


A new solar powered cochlear-implant devices from CISOLAR will soon be available this fall after receiving FDA approval. This is an exciting new technology which eliminates external components, using instead a miniature solar cell panel that generates electricity. Engineers, under several grants from NIH, first conducted a survey, then implemented some of the recommendations in its design, adding new features such as safe mode which will filter and block curse words that overprotective parents don't want their Deaf children to hear. Options also includes a NPR channel. Several models are available from CISOLAR, including one with a GPS tracking system. 

Lord's Crops

Mike Brabo is a Christian farmer in Missouri,  a good friend, fluent in ASL, tending and gathering the Lord's crops.


I am outraged at the killing of Cecil, a famous African lion by a dentist from Minnesota and I think he ought to be extradicted back to Zimbabwe. I think he uses the same tactics in Wisconsin where he tempted a black bear with a juicy meat to tempted him to cross over from a protected wildlife preserves.

Handicapped Parking

One thing I can't figure out is why some Deaf steal handicapped parking spaces, ignoring the posted signs, taking the risks of being ticketed or towed away. We often get away with it, but this guy got caught on video that went viral, to the amusement of bystanders clicking away with their smartphones. Motorcyclist cop handled the situation well, doing his job. Think twice, avoid being humiliated.



I don't understand why we Deaf discusses politics when none of us Deaf ever vote. 

Kansas City Star

The Kansas City Star did a disservice to the Deaf community, of falling into a bucketful of crab mentality, for accepting accusations against a local Deaf candidate, Chris Haulmark, running for the state legislation in Kansas to represent the 15th district, without investigating them., The Democratic party also fallen into the same trap by distancing themselves, without realizing that Chris Haulman has been honest and being straight forward on admitting his mistakes, and then move on. Chris Haulmark is still out there knocking on every doors in your neighborhoods, keeping his campaign alive while focusing on improving the lives of every single constitute in his district, listening to their concerns and making a commitment to bring about change. The voters, of course, would rather have a Deaf legislator who really listen to them rather than having the present incumbent who still remain deaf to our concerns. Chris Haulmark is an inspiration to us Deaf Americans, which still stand by him, never abandoned him over what already been proven false, which is nothing more than former girlfriends seeking revenge. The Kansas City Star should return to its roots of fair and accurate reporting rather than be caught up in the drama. Chris Haulman is still out there sweating on hot humid days, soaking wet on raining days and smiling on breezing days just to shake your hands, introducing himself and getting to know you individually, listen to a your concerns, answer any questions and willing to discuss any issues that affects us all. Our future is at stake, the ballot box will determine that in a few weeks.