The only way the Deaf can avoid those annoying robocalls is to ignore them and don't call back so you won't become a victims. Political campaigns, debt collectors, poll surveys, contests, timeshare solicitors, prescription delivery and worst of all, scammers uses them in an attempt to steal your identity and wipe out your life savings. Some people subscribe to a robocall blocking service but I don't need the as the our VRS providers are our line of defense as they frequently receives such calls and often these scammers hang up and refuse to leave a message.  As of this moment, there are 3,637,826 different phone numbers that were reported and blocked by theses services. 

What can you do?
Complaint to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) online.   
Register with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) National Do Not Call Registry.

Don't delete your VRS call history, they are evidences your lawyers needs to file a lawsuit, usually the plaintiffs gets up to $1,500 per violation. 

This is Smokey stay tuned for the next episode of Deaf Anthology, Good Night Deaf America.

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