Deaf Pilot

The FAA suspended indefinitely a Deaf pilot license after flying over restricted airspace over Washington, DC. The incident occurred while enroute to an EAA event in Oshkosh, Wisconsin when he decided, without thinking, to divert from the original flight plan filed previously to pick up some Gallaudet friends which almost cost his life. F-16 fighter planes scrambled into the air when a blip of unknown origin appears on the radar screen heading toward the nation's capital. Patriot defense system also have been tracking the unidentified aircraft, locking into its target. The Deaf pilot failed to respond to radio contact, was escorted to a nearby military base for interrogations. The order to fire was reversed when a F-16 pilot, was able to make visual identification of the Cessna, its registration belonging to a Deaf pilot.

This is Smokey stay tuned for the next episode of Deaf Anthology, Good Night Deaf America!

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