Auto Repairs

My Deaf friend complains about his auto repair bills, he bought his vehicle to several shops to check on that clunky noise that he felt when going around the corners, the mechanic took it out for a test drive and immediately found the cause using electronic dialogistic equipment, and gave estimates, costing hundreds of dollars and replacing critical parts and doing a tune-up. 
Then again, he feel the clunky noise after leaving the shop. I told him to check the trunk, and remove that bowling ball and put it away. That solves the problem.
Once, I thought something wrong, feeling the vibrations, bought it to shop to be told there is nothing wrong, just radio static, so I turned it off, feeling embarrassed. 
A reputable mechanic wouldn't charge you, not take advantage of you.
You can't trust anyone nowadays! 

This is Smokey stay tuned for the next episode of Deaf Anthology, Good Night Deaf America!

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