I was the only Deaf ever to take classes at the Osceola County Sheriff's Academy, a program specifically designed   for its citizens here in Florida. It's a good way to check it out to decide if a career in law enforcement is for you. We tour the  Communication Center where 911 calls are taken. Yes, it's accessible to the Deaf that uses videophones (VP) and text messaging. A word of advice: If you uses a cell phone, leave your GPS on and stay where you are so that the emergency crews (police or fire) can locate you within minutes. Also be sure that your VRS providers has the correct addresses of where you live. Deaf often forget to update their VRS profile when they moved and it may be a matter of life or death if the dispatchers send them to wrong address. They are training eight new dispatchers this week and will hire more after adding new equipment.
This is Kaos, a German Shepherd, that  takes commands in German as he was trained in Germany. K-9 are trained to locate bodies. He can smell a scent 1/4 mile. We discuss about their intelligence unit, discussions includes terrorism. Our classes are nine weeks. It requires background checks and an application to join the program, you will also need to sign a waiver to participate on the shooting range and to ride in a patrol car. Everyone in class is required to wear an uniform and a name-tag. There are two ASL interpreters. The class is free to anyone over age of 18 living in the county. Classes are three hours every Monday nights. Everything is hands on, not just lectures. Yes, the K-9 unit officers uses hand signals. Yes, there is an unit that deals with crimes against tourists. Officers will answer any questions you may have during the course. It was raining outside so the K-9 demonstration was held  indoor. There was an interesting PowerPoint (PP) presentations on terrorism which describes the characteristic of terrorists from planning to dry runs. I think those PP ought to be printed as handouts. We had one incident here where an FBI shot and killed a suspect that is linked to the Boston bombing, so don't assume it'll never happen here. 


 Deafies behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War didn't have any access to the Voice of America (VOA), being isolated from what's happening around the world, except for what being feed to them on the state controlled media. VOA is still broadcasting nowadays, but it's interesting to note that they are captioning its videos, which allows foreigners to learn English as a second language. These two videos that I'm posting here are Deaf related, on language skills and educational technology.  I think these videos from the Voice of America (VOA), with its English subtitles, is an excellent educational tool  on various issues of importance, such as agriculture, economics, education, health, lifestyle, and technology, etc. I just recently watch one of their video on the "world population" subject and learned that India will soon surpassed China as the most populous nation on earth. Perhaps we should have "Signs of America" (SOA) segments, using Gestuno, on its programming list to reach out to the Deaf.

The Bellingham Police Department in the state of Washington is making an effort  in its relationship with the Deaf community becoming more accessible, taking sensitivity training and breaking down barriers using the latest technology available and common sense with the tools given to them to assist in improving communication.





The Cobra is a helicopter gunship used during the Vietnam War, now on display at a local veteran park. 

One of the reasons why the Deaf didn't get the jobs they applied for is because they don't do well at interviews.
Here is an example:
"Why does the second mouse always gets what he wants?"

Deaf:    "Why are you asking me, it doesn't make any sense?"

Boss:   "Obviously you don't have problem solving skills, we only hire those who can think. The first mouse got trapped, the second got the cheese."

It's calm after the storm, great scenery crossing an inlet toward the ocean.
The National Veteran Art Museum is in Chicago and one of its major exhibition are the thousands of dog tags hanging from the ceiling in the lobby which is a memorial to all those who sacrificed their lives during the Vietnam conflict. 
There is a Deaf couple that hailed down a cab in Manhattan that happens to be the "Cash Cab," a popular cable program where the driver gives out cash if you answered the trivia questions correctly. At first, the producers offered them a free ride to their destination but the Deaf couple declined the offer, willing to participate, while texting to cancel their dinner reservation. Taping were delayed to await the arrival of an interpreter. It was agreed on the spot that there will be no questions related to music, so to be fair. If the interpreter is uncertified, I guarantee you won't win as much money.  Will the interpreter demand her share? If you get three strikes, you are left out in the cold but interpreter still gets paid regardless of the outcome. Anyway, the Deaf couple was stuck in heavy rush hour traffic, meaning more red light bonuses, earning as much as they can en route to a popular Italian restaurant at the edge of town. Deaf were able to answer all the questions correctly without shout outs nor texting a friend. They won a few thousands, enough to put down a deposit on a new car. Actually bought two for themselves, after doubling their money. The cash cab will be returning for another season, check your local cable listing.


"It's 10 pm, do you know where your delegates are?" Don't tell me that they are still at the World Deaf Conference still discussing the by-laws, as they do every four year since its inception. The clock are ticking away, the quorum still unmet, we need them all on the floor, dragging them away from their rooms, getting the vote in and call it a night. They finally achieved something, passing a resolution, designating "Slumbers," the official mascot of the World Deaf Conference. (fictional)
 Deaf needs more like these in the future, especially during an election year, to have town hall meetings exclusively for the Deaf live. I hope that Presidential candidates take time out of their campaign to meet Deaf voters, to listen to our concerns and answer our questions. There is no such thing as America without us. 

A twelve years old Deaf British boy with an IQ of 162 recently join the Mensa organization, an organization of geniuses. Who is the youngest Deaf genius in America today, maybe it could be that Deaf high school guy to seen at the academic bowl. We should give him an IQ test to see if  

qualified to join the Mensa. Anyone not smarter than a fifth grader should not apply.

I'm now suffering from a bout of insomnia. I work the night shift at the airport postal facility in Milwaukee until my retirement.

I shouldn't be napping in the afternoons, drinking ice cold Coca-Cola, watching late-night television and wasting time flipping through Facebook. 

It's time to change, with the sandman's help, my ways. I got to deal with depressions and anxieties while recovering from my injuries and resuming my desires to explore the world in my dreams.
Someone call the cops to complaint about  noises from a bunch of kids outside on the street playing basketball, however the officer who arrives on the scene join them, having a great time. 
He then started the Basketball Cop Foundation to keep kids out of courts, playing on basketball courts. Deaf schools ought to apply, maybe one of them will make it to the NBA.



This is a glimpse of our future where wars will be fought over the dwindling supplies of water which is necessary for the survival of our species.
There are several sightings of a mountain lion recently here in Milwaukee, I encountered one while driving south from Mequon. I thought they live in the mountains, why are they here.

Here is a interesting quote from Wayne Gretzky after breaking Gordie Howe's NHL all-time scoring record:
"You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take."
A Deaf Baptist pastor was invited to preach in a church in Ohio, a female interpreter was there to assist in the translation from ASL to voice, not only for the congregation, it was also broadcast live on radio. Thousands of listeners called in to protest the use of a woman preacher which the scriptures forbidden. Afterwards, the radio has to go on the air to explain its audiences that the guest preacher is Deaf, using an interpreter.
Coca-Cola, it's the real thing but it comes from Mexico where pure sugar cane makes it taste better..
Power Lifting was one of the sports competition at the Invinitius Games here in Orlando, we get to meet Prince Harry. These athletes are warriors that served our country.


Mickey Mouse is our idol, that's why our family and friends rather be in the theme parks than visiting us.

Enjoying the fall foliage along the Connecticut River on the Valley Railroad with dinner abroad. 
Singapore is next on my bucket list, it'll be cool to walk through these "super-trees"
at this national park, Gardens at The Bay, which is on 250 acres of reclaimed land.
A Deaf actor may be in an upcoming episode of "What Would You Do?" The series will deal with people reaction when a Deaf peddler approaches people with a manual alphabet card asking for money. This probably will take place at the Los Angeles (LAX) airport terminal. I think this is an interesting concept, but what they didn't expect a confrontation when Deaf travelers spotted them. I hope they accepted my submission, perhaps next season.

The American dream is still alive but it's out of reach for most of us Deaf who are struggling paychecks to paychecks to support our families. The latest trends is toward downsizing our homes, living off the grid, organic grown foods, and minimalist lifestyle. I've seen a couple of tiny homes on display so just imagine what's like living in a home that's only 160 square feet. I wouldn't mind living in one out in the wilderness, just as long it meet my basic needs. The savings would allow me to afford to travel around the world rather than being tied down with a mortgage.
Clearwater Aquarium in Florida is the site where the Dolphin Tales were filmed. Its star, Winter, has a Deaf, Panama, surrogate mother that take care of her. Rudolph and Rex, both Deaf recently joined in their new enclosure. Panama, the late Deaf dolphin was Winter's surrogate mother who took care of her.



This Deaf guy is waiting backstage, awaiting an opportunity of a lifetime to be in the spotlight, having been practicing at local comedy clubs, bringing in his dummy, actually a live interpreter, to showcase his skills as a ventriloquist. An alarm went off, the Deaf ventriloquist, wondering why he's sweating, assuming that he's nervous being on stage, been wondering why his dummy disappeared in thin air, not realizing the theater on fire.
I met child actress Lauren Chapin, known for her role as Kathy Anderson on "Father Knows Best" 

I envied Monica, a Deaf woman roaming the countryside in a VW biodiesel camper, meeting people, experiencing life as it meant to be.
America is a nation of immigrants. Thousands of Vietnamese fled after the fall of Saigon, with some resettling here. Their stories are being retold at a new exhibit at the Orange County Regional History Center, which coincides with Ken Burn's PBS documentary.    


Island H2O Live! the newest water park at the Margaritaville Resort Orlando, it'll be cool working here.

This Deaf individual disguised himself and went undercover to a Deaf event, a regional bowling tournament, watching everyone gossiping behind his back, now he knows who his real friends are!

This is a common occurrences, Deaf children are dying in their sleep from smoke inhalation, an tragic event that is preventable. Here's one incident to prove a point; in California there was a case where a home burned down to the grounds, killing all of its Deaf occupants. Newspaper investigators discovered that the Deaf parents repeatably been asking their local fire station for a free strobe smoke detectors that would've saved their lives. 
The Deaf, as taxpayers, have written to their to their aldermen complaining that they were being discriminated, because the city fails to make reasonable accommodation to provide a smoke detector that is specifically designed for Deaf households.
Horoscope been around since ancient times as man seek guidance from the stars.
ARIES: Your court appearance have been postponed once again for a parking ticket you got in 1962 because they still couldn't find an interpreter for you.
TAURUS: Replace the garbage disposal that burned out while you were on vacation.
GEMINI: "I wasn't speeding," but the sheriff stopped you asking that your muffler needs to be replaced, rattling our peaceful town.
CANCER: Your neighbors start moving out after your children set up a rock band, practicing in the basement.
LEO: You read a blog about a Deaf woman describing her affairs with several men, not realizing that it's your wife.
VIRGO: Your Deaf pastor wanted to know why you donated $500 to Gallaudet, nothing to the church.
LIBRA: You stopped contact with your mistress after your daughter got a job as a relay operator.
SCORPIO: Isn't your fault if the factory blown apart, not being trained to handle hazardous materials since they refused to provide an interpreter at safety talks.
SAGITTARIUS: The family enjoyed free open-captioned movies every week, with "We're sorry..." passes for the delays after forgetting to turn it on.
CAPRICORN: You were terminated after 15 years on the job for 15 seconds of fame on local television news your boss watch on the day you call in sick when you got a perfect 300 score at a Deaf bowling tournament.
AQUARIUS: Got off in Dublin instead of Detroit, no wonder your flight so long, free vouchers to get drunk at the local pub, and a meal of corned beef and cabbages and a round of golf while staying overnight at an inn. 
PISCES: "Show me your, and I will show you mind," the nude model at tonight's painting class was the same interpreter at your prostate exam.







If you are the only person in the whole park in the shade with no trees around, it's because Mercury is passing through overhead, it's not the solar eclipse, just a speck in the sun's eye this morning. 

Deaf got talent, these two Deaf boys, Emery and Marshall, are giving us a great performance.
We usually switch the sun during a solar eclipse, the next one is due April 8, 2024 so mark your calendar.

President Trump wants to buy Greenland but Denmark taken aback, refuses to sell.
I'm more worry about Trump selling Alaska back to Putin to pay off our national debts.

Don't worry about anything, instead pray about everything.
                                                                          Philippians 4:6
"Read My Lips" became a famous quote when George Bush promises no new taxes at the Republicans National Convention.
I imagine that he's now wearing a mask during the coronavirus pandemic and if he meet Deaf people, would he asks them if they can "Read My Lips?"



Thousands of us Deaf bloggers out there sharing their stories, among them is Mario Afonso with a message.


Search out the twelve Deaf words and circled them all, so enjoy the game

Today as we celebrate the dreams of MLK, the Navy announces its newest aircraft carrier will honor our hero, an African American serving on the sinking battleship West Virginia when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, managing, somehow, an anti-aircraft machine gun then rescuing wounded sailors, including the captain. 

Christine Sun Kim once to signed the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.  


Deaf tellers at Chase Bank near Gallaudet can now seve their Deaf consumers in ASL. Most of the staff are fluent in ASL. Finally the Deaf  now can rob a bank without using a note, that's unlikely to happen at that branch, unless he's behind in his student loan payments. First a signing Starbuck, now a signing bank, what's next? Our future is getting brighter and brighter as our world becoming more accessible to us all!
Lori Kober is a Deaf funeral director in Wisconsin, she'll takes care of your body while God takes care of your soul,
Source: NAD
Mo O'Brien became the first Deaf woman to row a boat across the Atlantic Ocean, a 3,000 miles journey, being out on the rough seas for almost two months. The crew of three takes turn rowing four hours with two hours rest in between. The British Deaf pharmacy dispenser enjoys the views of the humpback whales, stars in the night skies, and the challenges of teamwork, overcoming obstacles along the way.
We can't enjoy the dolphins splashing at the aquariums. We can't feed peanuts to the elephants at the circus. We can't take our selfies with the giraffes at the zoo. We can't see the groundhog's shadows. We blame an organization that prevents us to access to wildlife and God forbid they take away our steak tailgate football parties. Support ATEP (Animals That Entertains People) as we protect their habitat, shield them from predators and and feed them well and most important, letting us interact with them at aquariums, zoos, conservation areas, nature cancers, national parks as we all are together in the circle of life, depending on each others for our survival on our great plant earth and we have a lot of things to do to prevent their extinction, combating global warming, ban deforestation and illegal exports, etc. (fictional)
Any Deaf artists out there to accept the challenges of creating a  Rubix mosaic of a legendary Deaf individual?  
Steven Brundage created one of the Legendary Kobe Bryant using 814 Rubix cubes in twenty hours.

Susan Scaletta is the first Deaf girl to join the Little League, she hit, bat and run faster than the boys.

There are only three countries in the world that don't uses the metric system of measurement:
United States of America, Liberia and Myanmar 

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Deaf children, now back in schools, are looking forward to returning to Camp Mark 7 in upstate New York.

A Flash Mob from Winter Springs High School on the mall, maybe this video will go viral.
There is an interesting documentary, Marching Forward, I hope to see soon about two high school marching bands from Orlando at the New York World's Fair. One is white from Edgewater and the other is from the black Jones high school in the segregated south. My left Deaf brother, a New York Times linotypist took me to the fair. The trailer is not closed-captioned so I will ask for an ASL interpreter at their next presentation. I was a former member of the New York World'Fair Historical Society at the Queens Museum. 

A Deaf Golfer was taken to an emergency room to remove a golf ball that he accidentally swallowed.
I thought it's interesting that a children hospital in South Carolina sponsors a Deaf camp during the summer, and they're having a great time.
"Sound Off" Deaf Theatre Festival is being held this weekend in Edmonton, Canada.

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Kobe Bryant is a role model that to all of us young Deaf basketball players who hope that someday they'll play in the NBA, even giving his support to a Deaf high school basketball coach, Sekoe White, of the Mississippi School for the Deaf, after seeing a video that went viral.
Kobe given his team a signed copy of his upcoming book and another supplying his team Wilson basketballs, etc.
I oppose to any developments in the area as it's our responsibility to protect our wildlife at the Black Bear wilderness area in Seminole County.
The grass wants a crew cut!

Deaf teenagers are having a great time skiing over the weekends in the mountains of Oregon.

Trump will shortly receive a bill from Mexico demanding payment for returning the wall that fallen to its side during a storm  

If you got at least a million bucks, you can bid to purchase one of JFK watercolor paintings at an auction. 




Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek is where you can explore the past with its set of historic structures on its grounds, including a replica of a church from centuries ago, volunteers are on hand to give guided tours, ASL interpreters are available with advanced notice.
Our annual BBQ Cookout last weekend.
Deaf boy trying to communicate with his father. (Singapore) 


This month African-Americans share their heritage and that also includes those who are Deaf
In Boston, Parents were surprised that their whole neighborhood learns ASL after their daughter were born Deaf
We often makes decisions that impact us all, but unfortunately the Deaf not in the equation.
If you need to contact Google, they got Deaf technicians on their staff that will assist you in ASL. that's great!
Zamboni driver David Ayres never played in the NHL was told to suit up, replacing their injured goalie. 
If you under a Medicare advantage plan,  you can order those disposable masks to protect yourselves during the pandemic, using its OTC allowances.

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Clint Eastwood's Richard Jewell is another movie I'm looking forward, it's a story about a security guard that found a suspicious backpack at Centennial Park during the Atlanta Olympics and clearing the area, saving untold lives, being a hero then becoming a terrorist suspect. Just like Brian Banks in my previous blog, with the media tearing him apart, undergoing hours of FBI questionings, and fighting the same injustice.

As a Deaf film critic I give these two films, a documentary and an animated short a thumb up!
I enjoy the annual film festival, especially foreign films with subtitles. You don't often see independent films at local theaters. Enzian in Winter Park is the place to be. 

1,  Last Supper
2. Galleria La Vittorio
3. Aperitivo
4. Duomo
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The Unisphere was the symbol of the 1964/65 New York World's Fair.
Now fifty years later, the Tree of Life is the symbol of the Milan World's Fair
 deaf access
Gallaudet University Alumni Association - Wisconsin Chapter 
Harry Potter  Tour (Britain)

Book now for your exclusive opportunity to make your favorite legend come to life!  Mr. Rankin, who brings the character "Percy Weasley" to life in the Harry Potter movies, will spend an entire day with you, your family and friends when he hosts the Medieval Banquet, and participates in a Question and Answer session.  
Tour activities are designed for Deaf groups and that include a visit to the Tower of London where we explore the heritage of wizards and magical creatures in British literature and a Treasure Hunt through the city, complete with maps and clues given by our costumed guides. Our storyteller will snare you in a web of enchantment as she weaves tales from literary greats such as J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling. Oxford, York, Medieval Banquets, dragon-slaying lessons, Viking Feasts and a very special train ride on the Hogwarts Express. An ASL interpreter
  • Accommodations at 4-star hotels including swimming pools in London and York
  • All transportation by luxury motor coach to London, Oxford, and York
  • Fully qualified Blue Badge Guide
  • World-class Storyteller with an ASL interpreter
  • Admissions to the Tower of London, Jorvik Viking center, and Christ Church College
  • 5 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners including medieval banquet and Viking feast
  • Dragon-slaying classes
  • Potions Class
  • Treasure hunt
  • Journey on the North York Moors Railway (Hogwarts Express)

    Note: I hosted this tour fifteen years ago. Deaf Anthology Adventurers may host another similar tours of various blockbuster movie sets in the future if there is enough interests among us.

Visit USA host an international conference with 6,000 attendees from overseas tour operators to do businesses with American travel industry being held this week in Orlando.

It's very hot and humid in Zaragoza, Spain, so I visited the digital water pavilion at the world's fair (Expo 08). I thought it's really cool, and we need something like that in our lakefront park here to hang out, to satisfied our thirsts and hunger.
The 1964/65 New York World's Fair was not sanctioned by the Bureau of International Exposition (BIE), based in Paris, because Moscow won the bid to host a world's fair in 1967, to celebrate their 50th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. The communists couldn't get their act together, so the Soviet Union drop out, due to financial or political problems. BIE was in the process of giving recognition to New York City, but the Canadians protest, given that they came in second in the original voting, claiming to their rights to host a world's fair in Montreal, in observation of their centennial. The rules of BIE at the time was that a Class A Universal Exposition are limited to once every decade. Expo 67, with the theme: "Man and his World," was sanctioned by BIE instead of New York.