Although Americans tourists are banned from entering the country, I went under the journalism category.
It's only an hour flight, Cuban visa can be bought during check-in at the airline counter before departure, just don't forget your passport. I exchanged dollars into their convertible  (CUC) pesos upon arrival. I stayed at an hostel next to the baseball stadium. I focused on videotaping their culture alone rather than being somewhat biased traveling group with their hectic schedule. One day took a Soviet era Lada taxi to outskirts of Havana to visit a Deaf school. They asked me what we Deaf Americans do with our obsolete TTY as we are using VP nowadays, hopefully some organizations will donate those equipment. I felt like was blasted into the past, surrounded by all those vintage automobiles.


Medicare Fraud

A Washington, DC area HMO doctor has been arrested for committing fraud by frequently billing Medicare, sometimes twice,  for performing unnecessary procedures on Deaf patients, most recently a vasectomy on a 95 years old male,  complaining his sex life have diminished afterward. The judge will consider an request to seek restitutions for the costs of Viagra pills. Naturally his Deaf wife will suffers depression for not having a climax since and thinking of leaving him. The Deaf male doesn't understand why he needs a vasectomy when his wife hasn't been impregnated in half a century. "I can't go out to watch the Washington Wizards play  because my balls hurt!"

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