Although Americans tourists are banned from entering the country, I went under the journalism category.
It's only an hour flight, Cuban visa can be bought during check-in at the airline counter before departure, just don't forget your passport. I exchanged dollars into their convertible  (CUC) pesos upon arrival. I stayed at an hostel next to the baseball stadium. I focused on videotaping their culture alone rather than being somewhat biased traveling group with their hectic schedule. One day took a Soviet era Lada taxi to outskirts of Havana to visit a Deaf school. They asked me what we Deaf Americans do with our obsolete TTY as we are using VP nowadays, hopefully some organizations will donate those equipment. I felt like was blasted into the past, surrounded by all those vintage automobiles.



A Deaf Latino with a hangover thought he caught the caronavirus but the test came back negative and his doctor ordered him to stop drinking Corona beer as he shown up drunk for his annual physicals.

Deaf Rower

Mo O'Brien became the first Deaf woman to row a boat across the Atlantic Ocean, a 3,000 miles journey, being out on the rough seas for almost two months. The crew of three takes turn rowing four hours with two hours rest in between. The British Deaf pharmacy dispenser enjoys the views of the humpback whales, stars in the night skies, and the challenges of teamwork, overcoming obstacles along the way.


I think that Supreme Court Judge John Roberts should declare a mistrial because the Republicans refuses to be impartial, allowing the Democrats the option to retried the President, perhaps getting a conviction the second time around. 


Any Deaf artists out there to accept the challenges of creating a  Rubix mosaic of a legendary Deaf individual?  
Steven Brundage created one of the Legendary Kobe Bryant using 814 Rubix cubes in twenty hours.


Deaf Funeral Diector

Lori Kober is a Deaf funeral director in Wisconsin, she'll takes care of your body while God takes care of your soul,
Source: NAD

Susan Scaletta

 Susan Scaletta is the first Deaf girl to join the Little League, she hit, bat and run faster than the boys.

State of the Union

Trump State of the Union: Transcription
(As usual, no ASL interpreter)
My fellow Americans, I'm still here (applause), first of all I want to thank Senator Ross of Kansas for the vote heard around the world that keep me in the Oval Office. Hold a second, I got to tweet to Putin telling him to stop hacking the teleprompters on the podium. We accomplishes a lot during the first term, eliminating the mandate to require health insurance, keeping our emergency rooms busier than ever. We got rid of Obamacare, simply by renaming it Trumpcare. allowing rotten kids to stay home bugging their parents until they are 26, and letting those with preexistence conditions to continue their dependence on opiates, causing skyrocketing premiums. Supreme Court declare it's unconstitutional to prevent pregnant woman from obtaining a visa, so I am going to modified my Pro-Life position allowing them to abort the fetus, after all, they are not citizens and we don't want their litters either. Hold a second, tweeting Kim Jong-Un, reminding him to watch C-Span. I appointed Dennis Rodman to to our Ambassador to North Korea, I will be in Pyongyang next week cut the ribbon of the our new Embassy and of course, we'll have a threesome golfing at our new sprawling Trump Tower Resort and Spa golf course. I will let Kim win, so he'll not have a temper-tantrum, shooting another missile into the Sea of Japan.More women are entering the workforce, I noticed an increase of prostitution on our streets. The rigged the Super Bowl and the Packers will beat the Chiefs. I signed an executive order to disqualified the 49ers because San Francisco is a sanctuary city. It's capital punishment if anyone in the NFL disrespect  our flags. Pence is off the ticket, Jimmy Kimmel is my new running-mate. I'll have a new cabinet soon, I think it will be redwood. I want to take an opportunity at this time to announce that copies of my new book "John Bolton isn't in the Room" will be out on March 17th, that's the only time I read the New York Times, when it climb into first place on the best-selling list. I will like to thank Pink Floyd for the wall, I haven't seen it but I heard about it. The only solution to erase our national debts is to let Russia buyback Alaska. If Denmark wants to borrow money from the World Bank, Greenland must be put down as collateral so we can acquire the land once they default. We are leaving the Middle East so we can focus our resources fighting the drug cartels, letting the terrorists kill their kind. Let's retreat, returning Texas back to Mexico, the war is over, didn't we return Okinawa to Japan. Let Puerto Rico be an independent nation, like we did with Cuba and the Philippines, so we don't have to deal with their problems. I confesses to stealing the Star Trek logo for our new Space Force, we even now, with the USS Enterprise in port. If the Israelis and the Palestinians can't coexist, then return the Gaza Strip to Egypt, West Bank to Jordan, and Golan Heights to Syria and the United States will recognize Palestine if the all parties agreed to the boundaries. I promise to behave myself from here on, as my generals warns me of a military coup if I overstep the line in the sand. I ordered the shutdown of all Chinese restaurants to prevent the spread of bat virus, and will shut down Iran nuclear facilities to prevent the spread of radiation emissions, etc. I will protect the rights of Americans to bear arms and I am willing to curtail the freedom of the press, shut down social media from spreading false rumors, it doesn't applied to tabloids on the grocers' checkout lanes. That's all folks, and God Bless America. Mike Pompeo, you're fired!
This is the Fox network, we now return to our regular programming, returning to hell with Gordon Ramsey in the swamps, saving a former White House Chef restaurant from the brinks of bankruptcy. 


Chase Bank

Deaf tellers at Chase Bank near Gallaudet can now seve their Deaf consumers in ASL. Most of the staff are fluent in ASL. Finally the Deaf  now can rob a bank without using a note, that's unlikely to happen at that branch, unless he's behind in his student loan payments. First a signing Starbuck, now a signing bank, and what's next. We even got a signing President that signs executive orders (rim shot). Gallaudet got a $250,000 donation from JP Morgan to deposit it at the Bank of America (really I don't know but a good monologue anyway) but not Wells Fargo, they hang up on us in the past. Besides, what's in your wallet?

WGD - Nazi Germany

This is a rare footage of the World Games for the Deaf (now known as the Deaflympics) held in Nazi Germany before the outbreak of WWII and the Deaf holocaust. 


Filbert is the first Deaf dog participating in the Puppy Bowl, to air on the Animal Planet while their masters are watching the Super Bowl. The dogs got their own tailgate party, literally. Filbert is a Shetland Shepard/ Border Collie on the Ruff Team.

Super Bowl

Christine Sun Kim  was selected to sign our national anthem at the upcoming Super bowl. In the meantime, let's become familiar with her artistic styles, personality and cultural upbringings. 

Evolution of ASL

Deaf Education Without Borders is publishing a new book on the origin of ASL, using a family tree chart as an illustration in its research. I think of it as of the Darwinism  "Survival of the Signs" project. 

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is a role model that to all of us young Deaf basketball players who hope that someday they'll play in the NBA, even giving his support to a Deaf high school basketball coach, Sekoe White, of the Mississippi School for the Deaf, after seeing a video that went 
Kobe given his team a signed copy of his upcoming book and another supplying his team Wilson basketballs, etc.


Star Trek: Picard

CBC once again neglected to closed-captions its promotional videos, discriminating against us Deaf Trekkies,

Oklahoma School for the Deaf

The Oklahoma School for the Deaf will  soon start construction of its new state of the art $2 millions aquatic center. Its locker rooms also serves as a storm shelter to keeping students safe , especially during a tornado. I predicted one of their swimmers will win a gold medal at the Deaflympics someday.

Good Deeds

If everyone does a good deed everyday, the world would be a better place.


Supermarket Sweep

I was in the audience during the ABC taping of the original Bill Malone's Supermarket Sweep at Food Fair.

Doris Miller

Today as we celebrate the dreams of MLK, the Navy announces its newest aircraft carrier will honor our hero, an African American serving on the sinking battleship West Virginia when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, managing, somehow, an anti-aircraft machine gun then rescuing wounded sailors, including the captain. 

Trump: Exile

Why is Trump keeping his passport, is he a flight risk? Our President can seek political asylum from Putin, living in exile.
Russia is a great country!


Trump: Bail

Why is Trump still in the West Wing, who bailed him out?


If you got at least a million bucks, you can bid to purchase one of JFK watercolor paintings at an auction. 

Word Search

Search out the twelve Deaf words and circled them all, so enjoy the game



The only reason why we Deaf are supporting Trump is because our President is tone deaf to us all.

Diabetes Workshop

CCDHH, ASL Services and Global VRS sponsors a monthly Deaf educational program at the local library.  


A Deaf sculptor created a mailbox for his home using a chainsaw.


"Show Me A Sign"

"Show Me A Sign" is a new children book coming out in March about growing up in Martha's Vineyard.


Greek school children on the island of Crete are learning sign language to communicate with their Deaf classmate.

Star Wars

A Deaf child in the Philippines get to experience the Star Wars, now we know Darth Vader not tone deaf.  


Citrus Bowl

We were not given press credentials , so there was no Deaf media coverage of the Citrus Bowl yesterday. As expected the legendary coach Saban's Crimson Tides defeated Michigan,  35-16 while I was in the Twilight Zone. Alabama is a powerhouse to be reckon with. Nowadays they are more diversity in sports reporting due to the emergence of  social media, and yet the Deaf are still an untapped market. 


A six ton red buoy washed ashore New Smyma Beach, Florida recently after been being lost from the coast of South Carolina after a hurricane. The Coast Guard will remove it today.

ASL Illegal

Florida state troopers are now enforcing a new law against distracted driving, warning all of us to keep our eyes on the road for safety stake, as we now can be ticketed if we are caught texting, especially in a school zone.  A Deaf couple in St. Augustine had their license suspended, when they were chatting using ASL, the judge refused to grant leniency, as the law specifically stated that we must keep our hands on the wheel.



We are AWARE of the problems in our community but we some of us don't ACKNOWLEDGE it, pretending it doesn't exist. We now ACCEPT the facts that crime, unemployment, health care and housing, etc. are some of the major issues we got to deal with. The new decade is here so let's take ACTION, making an ANNOUNCEMENT in local publications such as the Osceola News - Gazette  of an upcoming ASSEMBLY of concerned Kissimmee citizens with an AGENDA to discuss the issues, setting our priority on AFFORDABLE housing, brainstorming ideas  ourselves rather than hiring someone to do a feasibility studies. We will ASK the city if they got any land AVAILABLE for us to ACQUIRE so we can APPLY for government grants to hire an ARCHITECT to design an APARTMENT that is ACCEPTABLE to us all, with all the AMENITIES we expect. The complex can ACCOMMODATE those seniors on fixed income, homeless, transitional programs, and the Deaf and disabled, etc. The facility meet all ADA ACCESSIBILITY requirements, incorporating universal design and requiring that its staff to be bilingual in ASL (American Sign Language). The center will be full of ACTIVITIES such as field trips, workshops, and, of course, bingo. The new complex will be  full  of ARTS with sculptures on the grounds and completed puzzles in the hallways. The tenants will set up an ASSOCIATION to meet regularly, having AUTONOMY in the decision making process, being ACCOUNTABLE in budget matters. We will be AGGRESSIVE meeting the challenges, overcome obstacles, seeking an ALLIANCE of individuals, businesses, organizations and foundations to support our AIMS.