At Gallaudet, during orientation, new incoming Freshmen are advised not to start partying until after all their overprotective helicopter parents leave campus.



An elderly Deaf man, diagnosed with dementia, just received his 180th ticket for parking in the handicapped stall, apparently forgetting, once again, to hang his HC placard, is now facing eviction for nonpayment of rent, using up his pension paying fines that is still racking up. Here in Florida, it's a $250 fine for each offense, meaning he still owes at least $50,000, including late fees, to the city, but his checks always been returned, because, nothing new, forgetting to buy stamps. He's so stubborn, despite the urging of his friends, refusing to give up driving so it'll be a matter of time before he get lost on the roads.He even forgets to renew his auto insurance policy, auto registration, etc. It will be a matter of time before an amber alert is set, stranded somewhere, forgetting to refill his gas tank. He doesn't contest the tickets as the courts won't provide him with an interpreter. 


In our society, we Deaf need an ID card to obtain a driver's license, a passport to travel, apply for a job, rent an apartment, go to college, to vote, collect SSI or welfare, food stamps and Medicare, etc. Imagine the Deaf being homeless, having no access to all these services, a new non-profit organization, IDignity assist their clients in getting their birth certificate, social security card, and all the necessary documentation to obtain their Florida ID card, the first step toward independence.