It's Illegal to be Hearing-Impaired

The Deaf of Louisiana will finally be respected as equals under a new law, HB253, now being considered in the state legislature, changing the terminology in its records, striking out the "hearing-impaired" mislabels and replacing them with the proper "Deaf." Republicans probably would oppose the bill if they think that we going to waste years and millions of taxpayers money sitting around correcting thousands of thousands of obsolete documents. I hope they hire Deaf clerks to take on the task of updating those documents.


The Society

Deaf Actor Sean Berdy is Sam, a gay character in an upcoming Netflix's "The Society."


Red Line

The President is stuck, his reputation is at stake now that the red line been crossed in the sand, got two options; to take actions, perhaps a strike to teach Syria a lesson, or ignore the genocide that can't escape our conscience after watching the nightly news. Our gunboat diplomacy days are over, we got enough problems of our own, so let the UN do its job of investigating the recent incident, pass resolutions condemning the the regime, and still unable to intervene due to the veto power of  Russia. Let our defense contractors earn a tidy profit of supplying arms to the rebels who may one day turn against us. The freedom fighters of today are the terrorists of tomorrow. It's time that America shed its image as an imperialistic empire.

Apollo 11 National Park

There is a proposal in Congress to designate the original Apollo lunar landing site into a national park. I'm looking forward to applying as a park ranger, it'll be a lonely job.



A Deaf magician posted this picture on his Facebook timeline. I assumed that this is what he answered his kids when they first asked the question: "Where did we all come from?"

Florida Avenue

There a few Gallaudet students living a lavish lifestyle on campus while studying for their MBA, they hope to open their own brokerage firm on Wall Street, investing in Deaf upstarts. They amass a portfolio over a million dollars, at first I suspected a pyramid scheme, but that wasn't the case, investing their monthly SSI on penny stocks. They learned only three words while at Gallaudet; "Buy, Hold, and Sell". This summer they are travelling across the country conducting Deaf financial seminars. They became so filthy rich that Gallaudet officials meet every whims, expecting a payback when they become philanthropists, but I'm doubtful as I never seen them leaving a tip at world-class restaurants in Georgetown.