Although Americans tourists are banned from entering the country, I went under the journalism category.
It's only an hour flight, Cuban visa can be bought during check-in at the airline counter before departure, just don't forget your passport. I exchanged dollars into their convertible  (CUC) pesos upon arrival. I stayed at an hostel next to the baseball stadium. I focused on videotaping their culture alone rather than being somewhat biased traveling group with their hectic schedule. One day took a Soviet era Lada taxi to outskirts of Havana to visit a Deaf school. They asked me what we Deaf Americans do with our obsolete TTY as we are using VP nowadays, hopefully some organizations will donate those equipment. I felt like was blasted into the past, surrounded by all those vintage automobiles.



When I visited a church, the Deaf always asked me, "Your first time here?" I answered, "No, It's my last time!"


The flu season is still here so it's time to get a flu shot. You can get it at your primary care doctor, but if you want to avoid the co-payment so you can afford that pizza, check with your local health department, maybe they offer free flu shots. Deafies loves freebies! In our area, a clinic in Hunter's Creek is offering free flu shots this Wednesday at noon while supplies last, I think I'll take advantage of that opportunity. Yes, I'm brave enough!


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Just got notification from my insurance carrier that Vitamin D is now covered under "Obamacare," for those 65 and over, that makes sense as we elderly people are prone to falls, and if we don't get enough sunlight, Vitamin D will strengthen our bones. "Obamacare" will lower our premiums as it put emphasis on preventive medicine, now it's time to get my flu shot, ouch!

Water Pavilion

It's very hot and humid in Zaragoza, Spain, so I visited the digital water pavilion at the world's fair (Expo 08). I thought it's really cool, and we need something like that in our lakefront park here to hang out, to satisfied our thirsts and hunger.


There was once a Deaf LSM clerk in our postal facility warning us all not to steal mail, eventually the postal inspectors caught her stealing credit cards. 
Nowadays, I notice that some Deaf been warning us about those Nigerian scams, but themselves are  involved in multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes, so beware of these hypocrites.



I think that mayor, Gayle McLauhlin, got a lot of guts (or nerves) to stand up to the banking industries taking advantages of those whose homes in her city, Richmond, California, went underwater, resulting in a rash of foreclosures, when they refuses to renegotiate their mortgages. She is taking an unusual approach to the crisis, threatening to use the power of eminent-domain to purchase these homes at market value, and provide an affordable alternative, with a group of investors participating, earning a reasonable return. I support the idea, despite the fact that they may retaliate against the city refusing the give credits to any future development projects on top of potential lawsuits. If we got a problem, we need creative solutions!

Dead Valley Scrolls

A Californian Deaf hiker, seeking relief from the sun, explores a cave, stumbled onto something, while drinking bottled water to satisfied his thirst, fearing rattlesnakes, lighted a flare only to discover the lost "golden tablets," which became known as the Dead Valley Scrolls, reaffirming the faith of Joseph Smith followers. 
It was auctioned off, and the proceeds paid for his next expenditure up Mt. Everest. The highest bidder was an atheist who had it destroyed, so we will never know its content.


This is a glimpse of our future where wars will be fought over the dwindling supplies of water which is necessary for the survival of our species.



Here is a interesting quote from Wayne Gretzky after breaking Gordie Howe's NHL all-time scoring record:
"You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take."


I told the bartender that I drink to forget, and that's why I to paid him tips in advance!


There has been an outbreak of measles lately, parents neglected their responsibility to keep their children healthy. 
Religious beliefs and safety concerns are not acceptable excuses.
It's now time to think about protecting yourselves to stay healthy during the upcoming flu season new year, then it's time to think about getting vaccinations to protect yourselves against the flu, pneumonia, shingles, and hepatitis, especially if you plan on traveling abroad.
Here's a checklist:
____Influenza Vaccine
____Pneumococcal Vaccine
____Shingles Vaccine
____Hepatitis Vaccine

These vaccinations can be done during your annual physical examination. If you got any questions, contact your primary care physician.



A police officer pulled over a Deaf  guy speeding and he was surprised that he could sign and asked him "How was your day?" The officer told him that he "would rather be fishing with his son." The driver agreed, "wish you were fishing, too!" It's a good thing that the officer was in a good mood, laughingly, giving him a warning instead. 

Indian River

It's calm after the storm, great scenery crossing an inlet toward the ocean.


I checked the label on my MAGA cap, an American manufacture created millions of these overseas where cheap labor are abundant, but the tariffs imposed on imports helps reduced our national debts by repaying our debts to our major creditor, China.


Michelangelo's David returned to Italy after a stint at the Smithsonian Institution, apparently gained weight while here in America.


A curfew was imposed during the hurricane, so I went online, using social media, to search my lost childhood friends, I came across a vulnerable black girl I bullied. I send her a message to clear my conscience:
Hello, you remember me, I'm sorry that I shot you with a water pistol in fifth grade. I beg your forgiveness. The principal moved me to another classroom in the basement after having the German measles. It's my mission to reconnect with old classmates before we all return to our creator.


Let's assume that time travel is possible, would you rather go back in time to meet your ancestors or travel into the future to see your grandchildren?  



I saw the movie "Omen," where Damien has a numeral "666" on his forehead, based on Revelation. There is no US 666 highway, license plates, area code, or even a zip code, obviously there is a reason. Pennies from below mysteriously was deposited in my bank account so "666" is my lucky number, even winning the lottery. Another thing, I didn't sell my soul.

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Occasionally  I will review a film that was recently released on DVD, available on Netflix, at Redbox, and on the silver screen. An aging writer struggling, despite a bestseller, falling behind her rent, putting food on the table, dealing with alcoholism until came up with a scheme that allows her to make ends meet, even though she knew it may get her into trouble with the law. 

Orlando Model Railroaders

My childhood friend had a HO scale train layout in the attic and we spend hours there. There are serious hobbyists that gather regularly on weekends creating an entire village so realistic that you would want to live there.


I think that families should take time away from the theme parks and so their children can immersed themselves in educational programs that are available in our area such a facility that create antidote to save the lives of people bitten by venomous snakes. A handler shown us a Sumatran cobra behind protective glass panel, then came out to allow children to hold a milk snake and answer their questions.
Reptile World Serpentarium is on US 192 in Osceola County, it's worth a visit.


President Trump been asking his supporters that if you donate $20.20, he'll send bricks to Congress.


The Cobra is a helicopter gunship used during the Vietnam War, now on display at a local veteran park. 



Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek is where you can explore the past with its set of historic structures on its grounds, including a replica of a church from centuries ago, volunteers are on hand to give guided tours, ASL interpreters are available with advanced notice.


I think we should stop yelling at our kids for playing with their food, let them use their imagination like this one creating a portrait of Trump using spaghetti, a clever piece of art. 


Just imagine a shark floating in the air, without water, coming out an elevator, shopping at the mall, riding the subways just like us. A cool gadget, check it out.


Roaming the Countryside

I envied Monica, a Deaf woman roaming the countryside in a VW biodiesel camper, meeting people, experiencing life as it meant to be.

National Veteran Art Museum

The National Veteran Art Museum is in Chicago and one of its major exhibition are the thousands of dog tags hanging from the ceiling in the lobby which is a memorial to all those who sacrificed their lives during the Vietnam conflict. 


This blogger will not tolerate cyberbullying on any social media, you had been warned.

Earth Day

It's Earth Day this weekend, join us at Lake Eola here in Orlando, let's save the planet!


Darth Vader hits a home run!

I want to make a comment on this video, will MLB suspends him for using the force.


One of the reasons why the Deaf didn't get the jobs they applied for is because they don't do well at interviews.
Here is an example:
"Why does the second mouse always gets what he wants?"

Deaf:    "Why are you asking me, it doesn't make any sense?"

Boss:   "Obviously you don't have problem solving skills, we only hire those who can think. The first mouse got trapped, the second got the cheese."


Media Center Expo 15 Milan

It's another day uploading another posting from the Expo media center, where journalist from around the world uses the facilities to complete their assignments, meet their deadlines, and submit them via the Internet or even broadcast them live at the studio available on site. We often don't think that bloggers are part of the media, like newspaper, television and radio. Media is defined as any methods of mass communication. Deaf Anthology receives its credentials to cover the world's fair in Milan, Italy, giving us access to report our experiences. Freelance journalism is a stressful job, and often we need a break, so there is a lounge on the second floor to unwind, helping ourselves to complimentary snacks and drinks.

"Code of the Secret Service"

Jerry Parr saw the movie, "Code of the Secret Service," starring Ronald Reagan when he was young. It was Jerry that saved the life of President Reagan during an assassination attempt. 


I adopted Patti, an Australian platypus from a Chinese zoo, when she was a beanie baby.


Deaf Expressions

Deaf Expressions is a monthly Deaf support group where we meet to discuss various issues, share our experience, resolve problems together. 

Mountain Lion

There are several sightings of a mountain lion recently here in Milwaukee, I encountered one while driving south from Mequon. I thought they live in the mountains, why are they here.


A Medicare insurance company giving out hygiene kits today to seniors - stuff like shampoo, toothpaste and brush, band-aids, nail clippers, soap, tissues, etc. Nice that they care about us, but their real motive is that they hope we'll sign up with their company. There are fierce competitions among Medicare companies seeking our dollars.


"The Time Element"

"The Time Element" was a script that Rod Sterling wrote of a New York bartender transported back in time, finding himself on the eve of Pearl Harbor. It was sort of a "pilot" episode that somehow the the attention of the CBS network, launching a new anthology series that became known as the "Twilight Zone", the rest is history.

Deaf Apartments

Water Tower View - Wisconsin

Fact: Lack of affordable housing for Deaf seniors in America, developers thinks ADA meant removing architectural barriers, but ignored communication barriers issues. 

There are a few Deaf senior apartments in the country, the one in Wisconsin serves as a role model that Osceola civic leaders and local Deaf leaders ought to visit to see firsthand before applying for HUD funding.

Osceola Council for the Aging first step in to set up a booth at the DeafNation Expo which will be held in Kissimmee at the Heritage Park on May 3-4, 2019. 1,500 Deaf individuals are expected to attend.

Target date is to complete the Deaf seniors apartment complex Spring 2022 in time for the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) conference that will be held here in Florida.
2020 NAD is being held in Chicago, we should plan on establishing a booth there to promote our Deaf seniors housing project.

Deaf Seniors of America national conference will be held in Seattle this fall, there are probably workshops related to housing, and our civil and Deaf leaders are encouraged to attend to gather valuable information from them, more than wasting our taxes on consultants that lack exposures to our Deaf culture doing feasibility studies.

Deafspace and Universal Design are to be incorporated into the architectural, as well as landscape, development.

A local Deaf organization be established to  obtain non-profit status to qualify for grants to meet the needs of our Deaf seniors, such as hiring a Deaf actvities program director, appointing a Deaf manager to run the day to day operations, with the full support of our local government. Staff, including maintenance, are to be fluent in ASL.

I think that’s about it for now, we got to start somewhere, I taken the first step, hope the civic leaders of our city and council supports us, making our dreams a reality.

This was the initial e-mail I send to them, still awaiting their response.

City Council

Orlando City Hall
It’s great that Ortiz’s goal is that Orlando be the most accessible city in the nation, does he realize what he’s getting himself into. It’s more than just providing an interpreter at city council meetings, and the first step he ought to show his enthusiasm that he meant well is to become fluent in  ASL, American Sign Language. Martha Vineyard is still the only place in our history where everyone, including its town officials, can communicate with its Deaf constituents. The late Milwaukee Police Chief Bob Ziarnik was fluent in ASL so why couldn’t our police force. It’s great that the Special Olympics coming to Orlando in 2022, but has it ever considered bidding for the opportunity to host the 2021 Deaflympics that recently were held in Samsun, Turkey. Florida won the bid to host the 2022 National Association of the Deaf conference and there is a couple of cities being considered, is Orlando one of them? We may be left out if we don’t get our act together to put a package of incentives together in a proposal to the Florida Association of the Deaf. DeafNation Expo is coming to Kissimmee next month, why isn’t Orlando participating with its own booth at the event. DeafNation World Expo is held in Las Vegas and will stay there until Orlando become more visible having a Visit Orlando booth at their DeafNation Expos across the country, they are having one in Chicago this coming weekend. Deaf tourism is an untapped market and Orlando is missing out. There are plenty of opportunities out there to boost our economy, the World Federation of the Deaf is being held in France, the World Deaf Magicians was held in Cyprus. Deaf magician, Mathew Morgan, already performed at the Kissimmee Public Library. Orlando got to catch up with Kissimmee, the movies on the lakefront are closed-captioned on a separate screen. Pioneer Village has an interpreter on site at its annual event. I don’t see any block grants to promote Deaf Arts, Miami host it recently working closely with the Deaf community making it possible. Seattle hosts an International Deaf Film Festival, why not here? Millions in block grants goes to various non-profit organizations to celebrate their ethnics and cultural events, without requiring them to be accessible to our Deaf community who still felt left out. Will Orlando change the name of one of its new community center to honor Laurent Clerc the first Deaf teacher in America, like they did with civil rights leaders, MLK, etc. That community center be Deaf friendly with a Deaf program director who plans Deaf events, field trips and educational workshops. They can hire a Deaf recreational director from Gallaudet University, a Deaf college in Washington, DC that has such programs. We got a shortages of teachers, has anyone ever thought of hiring Deaf teachers in our public schools, remember that interpreters are not just for Deaf children and besides they can use a good role model. We need city job fairs for the Deaf, allowing them to explore career opportunities within our government, meet potential employers, and conduct interviewing and hiring onsite. Shouldn’t our bus stations have video LED signs, where one can give instructions in American Sign Language, rather than just text. Will like to see videophone kiosks all over the city, accessible to both Deaf tourists and residents alike.  
    Now let’s get into other issues, there is a need for Deaf Seniors housing projects like the one they got on Milwaukee and Phoenix, and the adoption of a universal design concept in the city planning commission making sure all communication and physical barriers are removed, adopting Deaf space rules in  new constructions. Smart city technology is to be implemented like they do in Austin and Philadelphia where Deaf can use their smartphone to gain access to all the attractions within the city using GPS, it’s worth the investments. I use one when I was at the world’s fair in Spain, the smartphone apps contains two modes both in sign language and captioning. In our case, the sign language mode contains at least two, American and International Sign Language while the captioning mode contains eight different foreign language including Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French, etc. The apps also contains tourists information such as attractions, shopping and restaurants. Expo 2020 will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and  over two hundred countries are participating and I encourage our city officials to attend to learn and gather ideas to visualized what direction should Orlando take into the next century.