Deaf Anthology Adventurers participated as an exhibitor at the FAD 100th Conference that were recently held in St. Augustine. The highlight was a Deaf speaker, Alex Abenchuchan of the Daily Moth, discussing the importance of mass communication, especially social media on our lives. Deaf Anthology Adventurers also donated a NASCAR model to FAD for its auction.

Daytona Beach

Deaf Anthology Adventurers participated in its first BIG Travel Conference that were recently held in Daytona Beach, giving us an opportunity to meet with various representatives of the travel industry willing to assist us with our planning of cruises, tours, and events. The highlight was a reception at the Daytona 500 Speedway where we socialize, having a great time.


Deaf Anthology Adventurers adopted a new motto:


Santa Claus

Your Deaf children can call the North Pole to chat with Santa Claus who is fluent in ASL using a videophone at 877-507-2682 during these days when he's not busy: 

Friday, December 15  6 pm - midnight
Wednesday, December 20  6 pm - midnight
Friday, December 22  6 pm - midnight


Deaf Grim Reaper

Deaf Grim Reaper: "I apologized for the delays, there are shortages of ASL interpreters at the gates of heaven."
Deaf Man (age 112): "I didn't think that God would hire a Deaf grim reaper."
Deaf Grim Reaper: "Deaf people can do anything except sin"

Jane Goodall

Chimps are just as intelligent as us humans, maybe not fluent in ASL. I had an opportunity to meet the English primatologist, Jane Goodall, at the O'Neill Center (Connecticut) where she gave a lecture of her fifty years in the field observing chimps in the wilds of Tanzania, and found that they share the same traits as we human beings, in terms of emotions, social order, and individual personalities, etc. 

Earl Brigham

This commercial was filmed at various locations in Orlando area, you get a glimpse of Deaf barber Earl Brigham who owns his own barbershop in Winter Garden, reminiscence of Norman Rockwell canvas of main street America. Earl was born in Panama, became Deaf when he was young, and grew up with strong work ethics and moral character. Earl is also a  Baptist pastor to the Deaf, I sometimes get my haircut there and noticed he has a unusual sense of humor and could have played in the NBA if he practiced a little bit more. Earl a great teacher of the Bible and a stubborn conservative, and I just can't put up with his Republican viewpoint. Politics and religion don't mix. Earl a great listener whenever you need pastoral counseling, accepting his advice is another matter. We had great fellowship, going on retreats, etc. Earl is also proud of his children, one becoming a sheriff, another became an interpreter, establishing her own agency, and yet another one became a major league baseball player, all raised on Christian values.  Tiger Woods with his sassy sidekick, Frank, was also filmed at Earl's barbershop. I wonder if Earl gotten his Nike sneakers signed by Tiger Woods, he could sell it on eBay.


A Deaf candidate lost the local election because his interpreter was the daughter of his opponent.

Good Game

This video proves a point that we should never underestimate the Deaf.


Banksy, a British graffiti artist, just recently opened a new hotel in Bethlehem that has the world's worst view of the wall separating the Israelis and the Palestinians.



This Deaf elderly woman lives alone with her lovely pet, a parakeet, hi her London flats. They bonded together, supporting each others. The parakeet was roaming  the household while she cleaned out the cage, installing sandpaper on its floors, replacing the bird seeds with fresh ones, and refilling the water bottle. Overnight the parakeet has fallen, breaking his legs, so this Deaf elderly woman decides to put splint on the leg, using stick matches. The parakeet was able to fly outside to get some exercises, but when he made a rough landing on his return to the birdcage, and burst into flames. The Deaf Elderly woman had to buried her parakeet because she forgot to remove the match-head when she put the splint on.


This turtle was carved out of a pumpkin. 


Legend has it that Johnny Appleseed' s children are Deaf, spreading awareness of our culture planting trees.


Deaf at bars often uses a cup and set of five dices to determined who will pay for the next round of beer. Those with the highest scores is eliminated, the game continues until whoever is left, and hopefully there is enough wads in his wallet.  It's similar to poker, only that aces are wild. 

Bar II

These two drunk Deaf guys at the bar are wasting their time arguing over whether the their glasses of beer are half empty or half full, don't they know that both are refillable. 


I told the bartender that I drink to forget, and that's why I to pay him tips in advance!



Our Deaf daughter always wear her glasses while sleeping so she can read captions during her dreams.

CSD Spotlight Tour - Orlando

Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD) Spotlight Tour is coming to Orlando so let's check them out and see what kind of products or services they provide that is beneficial to us Deaf. We'll have an opportunity to interact with their staff in an informal atmosphere at a local bar. I assume they are  probably seeking our input to improve on the technology we already have and take it to the next level.  

Kasa Reataurant & Bar
6 - 8 pm
December 5, 2017
183 S. Orange Avenue
Orlando, Florida 



I praises Amazon Studios for using open-captioned (OC) and casting Deaf actors. Wonderstruck had its world premiere recently at Cannes in France. I bet it'll be a nominee for several Oscars, including Best Picture. The movie is a story of a twelve years old deaf boy, Ben, searching for his father after his mother, a local librarian died in an auto accident while at the same time that of a deaf girl who ran away from home with the same thought. It's an emotional experience for me as it bought back memories of my childhood when my late brother, Buster, a lino-typist with the New York Times, took me to the 1964 New World's Fair. I remember riding around the model layout of the city inside the pavilion.I, like Ben, experiences the great blackout that struck New England, leaving us in total darkness when my Deaf brother and I couldn't go bowling that night. I remember those automobiles, Afro hairstyles, psychedelic t-shirts and the rock songs back then.  "Wonderstruck" are now in theaters nationwide, giving the audience as glimpse into our Deaf culture.  I give "Wonderstruck" a thumb up so let us wave our hand in big round of applause.

Ice Cream Cone

American Bald Eagle

This is Ike, an American Bald Eagle recovering from injuries to his right wing, will soon be released back into the wild.