A Deaf family van was stolen from the parking lot while they were shopping at Walmart. They filed a report with the local police. The burglar returned the van to the same spot, leaving a note on the windshield, apologizing that he stole the van because he had to take his wife to the hospital to give birth. As compensation, he left tickets for the whole family to a Miley Cyrus concert that night. The Deaf family, nevertheless, forgave the burglar, understanding the situation, and went on to the concert and had a great time, enjoying the show. They stop at a pizzeria on the way home. Unfortunately, someone had broken into their home and stole everything of value. They found a note left behind from the same burglar explaining that he needs to support his kid through college, at least the Deaf family still got the van. 


Virunga is a national park in Africa, photographer Adam Kiefer captures life in the jungles with his lens. Images are now on display at Orlando's Snap! until April 22. The gallery is located at 420 E. Church Street, open 10-6, free admission.

Earth Day

It's Earth Day this weekend, join us at Lake Eola here in Orlando on Saturday, April 22. Let's get out there and save our planet


Lincoln Logs

John, the son of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, invented the Lincoln Logs.


The soccer midfield line at the Milton Corrêa (Zerão) stadium in Macapa, Brazil is on the equator.