"The Chew"

Yesterday, I went to the taping of  "The Chew" at Epcot. They bought in their entire production crew here from New York this week, first time ever outside the studio. We're having a great time! Tickets were available online, but gone within minutes. I contacted ABC to request an ASL interpreter on the set. You also get both a complimentary parking pass and ticket from Disney, so you can remain in the theme park afterwards. It was the last taping of the week, so basiaccly you can expect the highlights, cooking demonstrations, a discussion about food allergy, and a few helpful tips. We the studio audience get to taste the sliders, which was overall voted the best burgers. I thought it was funny that everyone can hear the birds chirping at the microphones hanging above the stage. Everyone recieves a book after the taping.

Escape to Witch Mountain

I met Ike Eisenmann, a former child actor who get his first break in "Escape To Witch Mountain" getting a three years contract with Disney. The only thing we got in common is that we both were in children programs on television back then, he was on "Cadet Don" in Houston and I on both Sonny Fox's "Just for Fun" and Wonderama" in New York.