Estonia Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

The world's fair is so huge that sometimes you need a break from walking from pavilions to pavilions, and the Estonia Pavilion is a place to be, cooling off while swinging, bringing you back to your childhood.

USA Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

One of the highlights of the USA Pavilion is the broadwalks from Coney Island that was destroyed during hurricane Sandy, and placed here at the Expo, if you felt like having a Coney Island hot dog, there are food trucks from across the Atlantic ready to serve you.

Japan Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

Japaneses always uses their technologies to their advantages on the world showcase, here you can upload recipes to your smartphone, and also experience the restaurant of the future, where the menu is the touchscreen on your table, and you'll be served within minutes, and not only that, they'll teach you how to use chopsticks, it takes practice.

Chile Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

Many nations at the Expo have performances on the streets in front of their pavilions.

Iran Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

We don't have diplomatic relations with Iran, the world's fair and the Olympics are probably the only places you can interact with them. Remember this quote, "Friends are enemies you haven't yet met."

Switzerland Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

The Swiss pavilions is one of the most popular venues at the Expo, here you can help yourselves to coffee, apples, salt, and water. The message is that if we don't practice conservationism, we will run out of essentials before we realizes it, and our survival may be at stake.

Israel Pavilion

The Israelis know how to cultivate their lands in order to survive the harsh climates they live in.

Austria Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

At the Austria Pavilion, you walk through a forest and breathe fresh air, that's because trees produces the oxygen we needs to live, and we exhale carbon dioxide that the trees needs to survive, so we are dependent on each other, if we wipe out the rain forest, then that will be the end of the human race.

Food People Expo 15 Milan, Italy

The very first thing you'll notice after entering the Expo site is a bunch of statues known as the "Food People," which reflects the theme of the world's fair in Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy...Aperitivo

At a local bar, during Aperitivo, you can eat, drink, and be merry. Only €7, all you can eat, during their version of "happy hours," similar back in the states. The Italian bars are more generous whereas we Americans only offer a discount, nothing more. You'll notice the differences in our cultures when you traveled across Europe. 

Milan, Italy...Penny Market

There is a Penny Market at the corner, various groceries can be bought with a discount card. You can save money cooking on your own back at the hostel, but one thing not on my menu is an octopus.

Milan, Italy...Chess

They closed down the streets at the Lima station area so families can enjoy a Sunday afternoon participating in various sports so I decided to play a game of chess with Gledy, an Albanian, but I knew he's the grandmaster so my only hope is to draw a tie by disrupting his strategy.   


Milan, Italy...Laundry

I travel light around the world so that meant I got to do my laundry sometimes.

Milan, Italy...Hostel Coulours

This is where I live during my stay in Milan, Italy. 

World's Fair Symbols Expo 15 Milan, Italy

The Unisphere was the symbol of the 1964/65 New York World's Fair.
Now fifty years later, the Tree of Life is the symbol of the Milan World's Fair


Milan, Italy..."No Deaf? No Expo!"

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular pavilion at Expo 15, a world's fair in Milan, Italy and I enjoyed its movie about a young girl, Mahra, and the family tree. The film is in Italian with English subtitles. As a Deaf American, I give it a thumbs up. The Expo itself are accessible to me because English subtitles are widely used in presentations at international, as well as corporation and thematic, pavilions onsite. The first thing I noticed on my arrival to the Expo is the absences of services to the disabled, a staff of volunteers to assist us with a wide range of services such as sign language interpreters (LIS), GPS captioning devices in several foreign languages, braille guidebooks, and informational brochures on barrier free access to pavilions, restaurants, and other venues on site. I thought that Italy is a signatory to the UN declaration of disabled rights, but instead choose to ignore it, despite efforts by the Italian Deaf organizations (ENS) to work closely with them addressing some of their concerns. The Deaf, wearing "NO DEAF? NO EXPO!" t-shirts, organized a protest but to no avail. The UN usually has a pavilion of its own at Expos, but I never seen the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) among the participants. The Italian Pavilion usually has cultural programs running during the duration of the Expo, letting its people show the world our proud heritage, but leaving out the Deaf, the the neglected segment of the population. I heard, but unable to confirm it, that one of the staff at the United States Pavilion is fluent in ASL, it's in compliance with ADA, even if it's on foreign soil. Of all the expo I've been to since when my Deaf brother, a linotypist with the New York Times, took me to a world's fair when I was 10 years old, and became immersed in all the technological marvels then. I remember the Picturephone at the New York World's Fair and nowadays Videophones (VP) are commonplace. I also noticed that the Deaf are required to bring documentation to prove their disability in order to get a reduced ticket fare, but the individual accompany them gets a complimentary free ticket, allowing the system to be abused. What I meant is that a person can take advantages of a disabled person to skip the lines which frequently happens in our theme parks here in America, sometimes causing them to review their policies. As we Deaf Americans, we don't carry such documentations or even labeled ourselves as Deaf for the matter. I think it should be another way around that the interpreters accompany the Deaf person proves themselves as certified (or licensed). There are no mobility center at the entrance gate allowing the elderly to rent a scooter, and may God forbid, have a heart attack while searching it onsite. World fairs gives us the glimpse of the future, then why is Italy leaving us Deaf in the past?
Gli Emirati Arabi Uniti sono uno dei più popolari padiglione all'Expo 15, fiera del mondo è Milano, l'Italia e mi è piaciuto il suo film su una giovane ragazza, Mahra, e l'albero genealogico. Il film è in lingua italiana con sottotitoli in inglese. Come Sordi americano, ho dato un pollice in alto. L'Expo si sono accessibili perché i sottotitoli in inglese sono ampiamente utilizzati in presentazioni a padiglioni internazionali, così come corporazione e tematici, in loco. La prima cosa che ho notato al mio arrivo per l'Expo sono le assenze di servizi alle persone disabili, uno staff di volontari per aiutare noi con una vasta gamma di servizi come gli interpreti di lingua dei segni (LIS), dispositivi sottotitoli GPS in diverse lingue straniere, guide braille e brochure informative sulla barriera di libero accesso ai padiglioni, ristoranti e altri luoghi in loco. Ho pensato che l'Italia è uno dei firmatari della dichiarazione Onu dei diritti dei disabili, ma invece scegliere di ignorarlo, nonostante gli sforzi da parte delle organizzazioni italiane Sordi (ENS) per lavorare a stretto contatto con loro per affrontare alcune delle loro preoccupazioni. The Deaf, indossando "NO SORDI NO EXPO!"T-shirt, ha organizzato una protesta, ma senza alcun risultato. L'ONU di solito ha un proprio padiglione a Expo, ma non ho mai visto la Federazione Mondiale dei Sordi (WFD) tra i partecipanti. Il Padiglione italiano ha di solito programmi culturali in esecuzione per tutta la durata dell'Expo, lasciando che la sua gente mostrare al mondo il nostro patrimonio fiero, ma tralasciando il Sordi, il segmento gli emarginati della popolazione. Ho sentito, ma in grado di confermare che, quello del personale del Padiglione degli Stati Uniti è fluente in ASL, è in conformità con ADA, anche se è in terra straniera. Di tutti i expo sono stato a da quando mio fratello Sordi, un linotipista con il New York Times, mi ha portato a una fiera mondiale quando avevo 10 anni, e sono diventato immerso in tutte le meraviglie tecnologiche allora. Ricordo il Picturephone alla Fiera mondiale di New York e al giorno d'oggi videofonini (VP) sono all'ordine del giorno. Ho anche notato che i sordi sono tenuti a portare la documentazione per dimostrare la loro disabilità al fine di ottenere una tariffa biglietto ridotto, ma l'individuo accompagnarli ottiene un biglietto gratuito in omaggio, permettendo al sistema di essere abusato. Quello che volevo dire è che una persona può prendere vantaggi di una persona disabile di saltare le linee che accade di frequente nei nostri parchi a tema qui in America, a volte causando loro di rivedere le loro politiche. Come noi sordi americani, noi non portiamo tali documentazioni o anche noi stessi etichettati come Sordi per la materia. Penso che dovrebbe essere un altro modo per aggirare gli interpreti che accompagnano la persona sorda si dimostra come certificato (o concessi in licenza). Non ci sono centro di mobilità al cancello d'ingresso che permette agli anziani di affittare uno scooter, e Dio non voglia, avere un attacco di cuore durante la ricerca è sul posto. Fiere mondiali ci dà l'assaggio del futuro, allora perché l'Italia lasciandoci Sordi nel passato?


Expocard Expo 15 Milan, Italy

On my first day at the Expo site, there are kiosks where you can get your photo taken with of its mascots, and e-mail them to your family and friends. I selected this one as you know, when your kids are back in schools, the lines tends to be shorter here. One important thing I want to point out is that the official mascots were designed by Disney.

Kazakhstan Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

Kazakhstan will host Expo 17. In this pavilion, there is a presentation using sand as an art form  to learn a bit of history, a tank stocked with Siberian sturgeon, a display of locusts destroying crops, etc. Apple is one of its chief agricultural products. 

Water Expo 15 Milan, Italy

Bottled water are refillable on site, saving money and our environment.

Italian Basketball Practice Expo 15 Milan, Italy

I am too old to play basketball, at least they let me tryout to join the Italian team but I'll disqualified anyway because I'm an American. 

United Kingdom Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

The United Kingdom has an unusual pavilion and I couldn't figured out why the architecture designed that way until I got inside. They focus on the topic of beekeeping and processing honey, so that's why it looks like a beehive.

Media Expo 15 Milan,Italy

It's another day uploading another posting from the Expo media center, where journalist from around the world uses the facilities to complete their assignments, meet their deadlines, and submit them via the Internet or even broadcast them live at the studio available on site. We often don't think that bloggers are part of the media, like newspaper, television and radio. Media is defined as any methods of mass communication. Deaf Anthology receives its credentials to cover the world's fair in Milan, Italy, giving us access to report our experiences. Freelance journalism is a stressful job, and often we need a break, so there is a lounge on the second floor to unwind, helping ourselves to complimentary snacks and drinks.


Milan, Italy...Rho-Fiera

At first I started taking the M2 green line to the Loreto station to change to M1 red line to Rho-Fiera, the Expo site. I didn't feel like walking from my hostel to the Lambrate station then having to walk up and down their stairways. The subway system here in Milan are not as accessible as it's in America, because of ADA. Instead it's less stressful to just walk to the corner and take bus route #81 to the Lima station and go from there. It's more enjoyable to see the sights above ground than the dark tunnels.


Milan, Italy...Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

This is the oldest mall in the world, within walking distance of the Duomo, a great place to eat and shop, of course, if you can afford it. I like to just relax and watch people while I enjoy a great Italian cuisine of pastas.

Milan, Italy..."Last Supper"

Leonardo Da Vinci most famous painting, the "Last Super," can be seen at a church in this square, due to its popularity, you need to book a tour in advanced or you'll be disappointed.

Milan, Italy...Duomo

I travelled independently but was surprised to see a Deaf group from America lead by Terry's "Hands On Tours," anyway their Italian Deaf leader were explaining to us about the Duomo, the fourth largest church in the world, he pointed out to one particular statue on the facade that seems to be familiar, that's where the French got the idea of a "Statue of Liberty" which they gave to America. That's a great trivia piece right there. We part ways, the group on its way to Lake Como area where they will go on a cruise tomorrow, and maybe spot George Clooney there.

Milan, Italy...Metro Subway Ticket Kiosk

It takes a few minutes to figure it all out, ATM is the transportation system in Milan, it's not what you are thinking. 1.5 Euros for 90 minutes to make all your connections within that time frame but I prefer the 24 hours unlimited usages at 4 Euros. I prefer taking a bus #81 to the Lima station to take the M1 red line to the Expo site which is outside the urban area at 8 Euros because of the subways accessibility issues where there often is no elevator nor escalator  to the street level. ADA standards are nonexistence elsewhere, even in industrialized nations as Italy.

Milan, Italy..."La Famille Belier"

They just released a new French film on DVD about a daughter whose family are Deaf. It may be available in America at a local Redbox or Netflick, so check it out. I already seen the film with English subtitles on an "Emirates" flight enroute to Milan from New York.

Milan, Italy...Deaf Culture

Milanese Deaf are just hanging around a corner cafe, chatting as usual.

Milan, Italy...Coca-Cola Zero

I am now in Milan, Italy. They were giving out free samples of our American icon, "Coca-Cola Zero," at the Lima metro subway station. It got no caffeine nor calories, and if I switched, I'll probably be half my weight, unrecognizable.


Turkey Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

I am at the Turkey Pavilion at Expo 15 in Milan, Italy. The Ottoman Turks are known for their glass blowing skills which is on display here. Turkey will host Expo 16, an international horticultural event. You can count on me being there. 

Slovakia Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

I am at the Slovakia Pavilion at Expo 15 in Milan, Italy. You can walk on the streets of  Bratislava  wearing a virtual reality headgear and you felt like you are actually there. It also has captions so you will know where you are, it really cool.

Indonesia Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

I am at the Indonesia Pavilion at Expo 15 in Milan, Italy. I hit a gong but it does not bother me. You can taste from all the different islands of Indonesia here.

McDonald's McLobster Expo 15 Milan, Italy

I am at a McDonald's at Expo 15 in Milan, Italy. The Deaf can order food and drink from a touch screen kiosk. I ordered a McLobster, it is delicious. 

Columbia Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

I am at the Columbia Pavilion at Expo 15 in Milan, Italy. The film shown is in Italian but the English subtitles are just below the screen on the floor. I would prefer that in our theaters than wearing those closed captioning glasses that we use in America. 

Angola Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

I am at the Angola Pavilion at Expo 15 in Milan, Italy. One of their exhibition shown the lives of different women in Angola, each describing their profession in their culture. All using subtitles in both Italian and English.

Malaysia Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

I am at the Malaysia Pavilion at Expo 15, a world fair in Milan, Italy. The trishaw is once a common mode of transportation in its cities.

Belarus Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

I am at the Belarus Pavilion at Expo 15, a world fair in Milan, Italy. There are 147 countries participating, each having their own pavilion. The Belarus has the waterwheel on their landscape.

Lithuanian Pavilion Expo 15 Milan, Italy

I am at the Lithuanian Pavilion at Expo 15, a world fair in Milan, Italy. These artists are using blowtorch to created an image of a baker on ciabatta bread, it will take them two days to complete the project.