Florida Alligator

I am holding an alligator. It tries to bite me but its jaws are taped. Gatorland is an exhibitor at the,Florida Kids &,Family Expo here in Orlando. This alligator loves selfies. I suggested to these two handlers that Gatorland ought to participate in our DeafNation Expos as the Deaf are still an untapped market for tourism.


Citrus Bowl

I'm on the field at Citrus Bowl here in Orlando, Florida.


Backyard Pool

The bear and her cubs left the woods to escape the heat to cool off in our backyard pool.

Open Roads

This dog loves the breezes tailgating behind his master's motorcycle.



An ambulance and a fire truck collided at an intersection here in Miami, Florida.


Small Business

Mozzaria is a successful Deaf owned small business in San Francisco serving Italian cuisines.



A Deaf hunter accidentally shot and killed his interpreter while in Africa. The interpreter once roam the wilds with Cecil but  left the preserves to learn to communicate with humans. This is the interpreter's last video before the tragic incident.


A few Deaf New Yorkers decided to relax at a makeshift platform spa after stepping off a subway, relieving the stresses of life.



A father in New Zealand got himself a cochlear-implanted tattoo to be supportive of his Deaf daughter who had the procedure.


"Religionous but Lost"

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Deaf Pastor Kevin Hamilton

God's Time

I noticed that our local Deaf church doesn't follow God's time, services always delayed because we still follow Deaf time as usual.