I am outraged at the killing of Cecil, a famous African lion by a dentist from Minnesota and I think he ought to be extradicted back to Zimbabwe. I think he uses the same tactics in Wisconsin where he tempted a black bear with a juicy meat to tempted him to cross over from a protected wildlife preserves.


I decided I'm not going to pay for cable anymore, so bought myself an indoor digital antennae so I can watch TV free, as a matter of fact there are more channels than basic cables, including local stations. I'm satisfied as long as I got the major networks. One of the channels is all movie classics, so it's worth it. The money I saved on cable goes toward my travels around the globe.


Lord's Crops

Mike Brabo is a Christian farmer in Missouri,  a good friend, fluent in ASL, tending and gathering the Lord's crops.


I think that taxes on batteries will reduce our national debt. Batteries will be so unaffordable that parents will change their minds on having their Deaf children undergo a cochlear-implanted procedure once they discovered that  they aren't covered under their insurance policy.

Mountain Lion

There are several sightings of a mountain lion recently in Milwaukee, I encountered one while driving south on I-43 from Mequon.



Our Deaf world is fragile, let's live in peace.



This blogger will not tolerate cyberbullying on any social media, you had been warned.


Does your primary care doctor protects your medical privacy? I got a videophone (VP) call from a drug delivery service a few days after requesting a free sample from my doctor just to save a few bucks and s trip to the pharmacy. Reverse call look up allows me to trace the source. Now I understand why these drug manufacturers are bribing our doctors to promote their brand. This is just one evidence that proves our health care industries are corrupted, that's America.


Muse of Discovery

It's a nice day to stroll around Lake Ebola in downtown Orlando with its unique sculptures.


I think it's great that Pabst is returning to its roots, Milwaukee, the beer capital.


Deaf Christian Camp

There were plenty of activities and fellowship during the week at the Lakewood Retreat in Brooksville, Florida as we Deaf learn God's word, share our testimonials, and rekindled our relationship with our Lord Jesus.

Donald Trump

If politicians can't do their job in Washington, maybe we need a businessman, Donald Trump, to run the country, getting us out of debts, closed the borders, and keep our jobs here in America.



Astronomers all agreed that Pluto is not a planet, it's very oblivious.

Arts of Hands

 Deaf can be creative with their hands, expressing themselves in various ways, some are artistic.


Deaf School

A day in the life of a Deaf child at a school  (orphanage) in Thailand, waking up in the dormitory and eating breakfast.

Light Bulb

I heard that it takes a village to raised a Deaf child but what about changing a light bulb, it's not a simple task.


Deaf Dog

People always asked me if my Deaf dog can sniff, bark, etc. These people are ignorant.

Tax Audit

The IRS audited my tax returns, they denied my claims to list all my Deaf friends on SSI as dependents.



Deafies loves freebies, free 7 oz. Slurpees tomorrow, Saturday, July 7th at your local 7/11 outlet.

Color Blind

If you can pass this color blind test, it simply proves that you are Deaf.

Deaf, Blind, & Mute

I'm moving out to Austin, my Deaf friend, Fred, recommended these guys, the three Howard brothers.


Good morning, I'm sure that most of us Defies slept well overnight, nothing could possibly awaken us.


 This symbol, a fish, identified Christian gatherings during the Roman Empire. It also identified Christian bloggers nowadays.

Deaf Power

I bought this "Deaf Power" t-shirt at a Deafnation Expo recently and it was so popular that it sold out within hours.

7 - 11

Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profilePolice was investigating a robbery at a local 7-11 store, arresting a Deaf suspect that fitted the description, handcuffed and taken into custody. Deaf texted his hearing  brother, fluent in ASL, to come to jail to interpret for him. The Deaf left on bail but his brother was arrested on an outstanding warrant for robbing the same 7-11 store last year.


The four Gospel writers were drinking their favorite brand while burning the midnight oil.



I was pumping gas at an Austin gas station and my Deaf friend, Fred, pulled up in his used car that he had customized.

Texas BBQ

We Deafies enjoy a Texas BBQ at Fred's home in Austin, fired up the grill, drink it up, playing poker, and having a blast.


Murder, Deaf Wrote

CNN:  "We interrupted this program to bring you breaking news from Los Angeles, police arrested  a Deaf teenager who has just  murdered his parents.  A handgun was also found at the scene. This is a transcript of that 911 TTY call."
911: "State your emergency"
Child: "My Deaf brother, Charlie, just shot my Dad"
911: "Where's your Dad?"
Child: "He's in the bedroom, I think he's dead, now he going after my Mom (crying), in the kitchen." (another gunshot burst in the background)
911: "Stay on the line, the police on its way."
Child: "Both my parents dead now, it's their fault."
911: "What?"
Child: "They cochlear-implanted my Deaf brother against his will, been depressed ever since."
911: "An interpreter will be here at the station, police may be asking a few questions."
Child: "Please don't arrest my Deaf brother (crying), I love him, he's trying to protect me from having the same procedure.
Charlie: "Junior, I love you..." (Charlie points the handgun to his head)
Child: "No..." (he then jumps on Charlie, trying to prevent him from committing suicide, the handgun discharged, hitting an officer in the shoulder, Charlie  was handcuffed taken into custody)
CNN: "It's over, an officer injured in the standoff, Los Angeles police think there is a motive, the controversial cochlear-implanted issues has taken an emotional toll on these two Deaf boys, age 8 and 12, Charlie is now being taken to a state  juvenile detention facility, the younger one placed with a Deaf foster family.


Deaf children, especially boys, loves to play with their HO scale model train set, but if got money, build an airport.
German guy spend some five million euros on his world largest miniature model airport, I think it's really cool.


Chimps are just as intelligent as us Deafies, maybe not as skilled in ASL, however had an opportunity to meet the English primatologist, Jane Goodall, at the O'Neill Center (Connecticut) where she gave a lecture on her fifty years experience in the field observing chimps in the wilds of Tanzania, and found that they share the same traits as we human beings, in terms of emotions, social order, and individual personalities, etc. Perhaps the ability to reason is the only thing that separates us. 


A bunch of us Deaf skateboarders just hanging around, having a great time until my old man interrupt us, and embarrassing me.


Michelangelo's David returned to Italy after a stint at the Smithsonian Institution, apparently gained weight here in America.


There is a pub tram in Helsinki, Finland so grab a beer on your commute home after a long day at the office.
Don't drink and drive, just ride and drink.


Wayne Gretzky

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Here is a interesting quote from Wayne Gretzky after breaking Gordie Howe's NHL all-time scoring record:
"You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take."


Colorado State Patrol investigating the accident that killed a Deaf family traveling through the Rockies over the weekend has determined that the cause of this tragedy  was the vibrations from their radio that shaken the boulder to come crashing down onto the roadways. It's not safe to drive through the mountainous region with your radio on full blast as it can cause an avalanche during the winter and, as in this case, falling rocks in the summer. Whatever you do, don't listen to rock music or you will feel it, literally.


World Cup

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We got something to be proud of, our girls won the World Cup, defeating Japan, bringing soccer to a new level here in America.


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The first thing I noticed when I'm on the NTID campus is that Nobody There Isn't Deaf.


I preferred scrambled eggs at breakfast, first you break the yolk just like this artist is doing on his canvas.

HC Parking

One thing I can't figure out is why some Deaf steal handicapped parking spaces, ignoring the posted signs, taking the risks of being ticketed or towed away. We often get away with it, but this guy got caught on video that went viral, to the amusement of bystanders clicking away with their smartphones. Motorcyclist cop handled the situation well, doing his job. Think twice, avoid being humiliated.

d to Deaf

Twenty-one formerly deaf (small d) became Deaf (capital D) after receiving their certificates today, completing a six weeks immersion course in ASL and Deaf Culture at Gallaudet University. 
Here's one of their testimonials:
"When I was deaf, I didn't have any friends, now I have many Deaf friends."
This program was made possible by a federal grant from the Department of Education, with stipends available to those who qualified.


Don't forget to leave behind plenty of food and water for your pets when you go on vacations, otherwise they'll remind you.



A new Deaf alternative sports organization are now forming teams across the country, dividing them into regional division, and sanctioning national championship. The only requirement is that the teams consists of Deaf players that are committed to playing a variety of sports in the same league. In the past, it's usually a Deaf organization will field several teams, one for each sports, now it's one team playing several sports. It's a challenge as each sports requires a different level of skills, and the Deaf players has to put up with a lot of pressures as the sports changes quarterly. The Deaf leagues start off the new season this fall taking on Bubble Soccer, the latest fad in the sports world. The Deaf alternative sports organization committee are still working on its by-laws, in process of obtaining an IRS non-profit tax exemption, and planning on selecting a sport for the winter quarter. They planning on seeking corporate sponsorship of its events, media coverage, and will soon vote on the proposal that the organization be known as the Deaf Alternative Sports Clubs of America (DASCA).



Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profileI remember when American  (AA) announces a new non-stop route between Chicago and Nagoya, Japan and offer an introductory fare of $440 roundtrip. I took a couple of weeks off to attend a world's fair there. I was the last person to board but the economy coach seats are full, so they put me in first class. I felt like a VIP during flight, given a Wall Street Journal to read, a choice of delicious steaks and seafood with the best tasting wines, and watching closed-captioned movies seating comfortably with plenty of legroom.


This is a good way to cool off during the hot and humid days of the summer.