Is this household cat walking up or down the stairway.


I enjoy looking up into the skies, seeing various shapes of clouds that resembles something familiar, here a dog.


White House

The White House reflects the mood of our country.

Confederate States of America

This blogger is not a racist, only rednecks misrepresented our heritage.


Death of a Deaf Blogger

A Deaf Blogger committed suicide last night, after receiving threats. Friends called police after they became concerned when he didn't show up at their weekly poker game. Police confiscated the computer, arrested several Deaf suspects, after tracing their comments left on the victim's blog. The DA is now reviewing the case, and charges will be filed. Deaf suspects are now being held, without bond, awaiting an arraignment hearing. 

Supreme Court

The Justices set their personal beliefs aside, their only tasks is to interpret the Constitution as it's written, not the Bible. Christianity is not a state religion here in America even though that's the main reason why our ancestors escaped persecution in Europe. Marriage is still defined as a union between a man and a woman, it's just that there has been discrimination due to sexual orientation in our society to the point where the only recourse left is to seek equal rights. Is this the decline of our American civilization, I think not, but rather a decline of our moral values that's been misplaced. Is tolerance a sin? God instituted this nation, given us the power to vote and to pray that our legislators be given the wisdom to lead us. I believe in God's sovereignty, even while our nation is still in a political quidlock.



I was recently released from a local hospital because of kidney stones, feeling better now after being treated. Just a thought, God created us and we created the automobile. If we take care of ourselves, we can expect a long life span. In reality, most of us take care of our automobiles better than our body. We change oil every 3,000 miles but we seldom drink eight glasses of water daily. If we feel pain, it meant something is wrong, so we go to see a doctor at the clinic. If you see the "CHECK ENGINE" indicator light on your dashboard, it meant something wrong, so you take your automobile to a mechanic at a garage.

Deaf Cruise

Deaf Anthology are planning an unique vacation experience where we stay at a
waterfront hotel and cruise the rivers of the world ourselves in our own cabin. 

Andrew Murray

"If I seek fellowship with the Father, I will find Him in His word."
                                                                                                Andrew Murray

Silence Of Love

This is a Thai commercial of a girl and his Deaf father, an emotional piece.



I Told the bartender that I drink to forget, and that's why I had to pay him in advance!


It's tough to teach your Deaf children anything, just give them the experiences they needed to be successful in this world!


Speed Trap

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My Deaf son and his friend earns a lot of money working together as a team in a speed trap zone, with one carrying a "cops ahead" sign and the other carrying a "tips here" sign down the road. That's why the state trooper hasn't caught any speeders today. 


I found an abandoned shopping cart in the dumpster and created a backyard grill that is also great at tailgate parties.


One vlogger mentioned that Supergirl saves the Deaf school, so I had to check it out and purchase that particular issue (Supergirl #65/February '02"), but after reading it, it seems to reinforce our misconceptions, nothing new here, you know what I mean like being lipreaders and all that stuff, anyway the comic treated deafness as a birth defect, blaming it on a chemical plant, and the school livelihood is dependent on the settlement won in a lawsuit to keep it operational, but the defendents' lawyers kept on filing appeals after appeals to avoid taking responsibilities for the environment disaster. Supergirl steps in enlisting her friends to protest, sounds familiar, against the plant, creating unwanted media attention. The storyline, forget it, a disappointment, therefore I'm giving a thumb down.


A Deaf couple divorced after twelve years of marriage, and the husband given her half of everything, literally.


I've been stocking up on razors that I got free using coupons but haven't yet shaven in a long time.


A Deaf Floridian model was killed on location while shooting a new  grab bag commercial, officials are investigating the incident.


Breadstick Nation

Deafies loves freebies, the Olive Garden food truck will be at the Amway Center in downtown Orlando during the Mascot Games on Saturday, June 20, giving out free breadstick sandwiches, a tasting way to start off the summer.

Trivia Night

We Deaf participated in a Trivia Night event hosted by the City of Kissimmee Parks & Recreation at the lakefront. We did well as it's our first time competing against seasoned teams. There was a mixture of questions, like Disney's policy doesn't allow its employees to shave their (blank), the first thought that comes to our mind is "beard," but that's not the answer they looking for as it's forbidden. I jokingly put down "pubic" hair, but the correct answer is "eyelashes," now why I couldn't think of that in the first place. They asked a variety of questions like, for example, who won the Kentucky Derby (American Pharaoh) and where the 2000 Olympics was held (Sydney), etc. The thing is that we all had a great time and I hope we'll have a greater Deaf turnout next year.


Elroy - Sparta

The Elroy-Sparta 32 miles biking trail in Wisconsin is the oldest of its kind converted from an abandoned railroad track.  


These two drunk Deaf guys at the bar are wasting their time arguing over whether the their glasses of beer are half empty or half full, don't they know that they are refillable. 


"Bridge of Spies"

I'm looking forward to an upcoming Steven Spielberg's film, "Bridge of Spies," a story of a Brooklyn lawyer given a tough assignment to negotiate with the Soviet Union to exchange spies during the height of the Cold War involving our U-2 pilot and their KGB agent on a bridge in Berlin.


I travel to all these countries on the map, and this fall I plan on blogging from Europe. 

Is God Deaf?

God created us in His image, therefore He's Deaf like us!

Seek The World

I enjoy watching the Travel Channel on cable, but something is missing, there are no specific programs geared toward an untapped market, the Deaf who, like us, are curious of the world we live in. I been watching all these programs in the close-captioned format, immersing myself in various travel magazines, and searching the Internet, seeking out my next destination, even writing up a bucket list and finally I came across the "Seek The World" website of two Deaf backpackers, Calvin Young and John Hathaway II, took on the challenges of escaping the rat race, leaving behind the urban jungles of Austin, taking an adventurous treks around the world, inviting us to explore with them on our laptop monitor, sharing their experiences, giving us tips, answering our questions, all in our language, ASL.


Life Is Short!

Life is short, my last breath is a click away!


I'm tired of stomping the floors to get my Deaf children's attention, they simply ignored me, even if they felt the vibration., then I saw a Nerf commercial and ran out and bought a bunch of these footballs, and that got their attention. 



Baseball in America is our national pastime!


This Deaf guy, is he facing you or avoiding eye contact?



A Deaf lesbian just met a Deaf guy at a bar, bought him a few beers, and let it be known of her desires to raise a child, tempting him to a one-night stand. The Deaf lesbian eventually became pregnant, giving birth to a Deaf boy, then turn around to file a paternity suit against that Deaf guy for child support.


Christianity survives the test of time, empires after empires, spreading the gospels.


Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profileA Connecticut state trooper stopped a Deaf driver on suspicious of driving under the influences of alcohol (DUI). The Deaf guy admitted having a few beers, but refused to take a breathalyzer until an interpreters shows up. A few hours later, the interpreter finally shown up apologizing that she was at a party with friends when she was paged. Time was on the Deaf side, because during all that time waiting, he became sober enough to pass the test, and is off the hook. The frustrated trooper asked the interpreter "didn't you mentioned that you were at a party...?" The interpreter fails the breathalyzer and was arrested on the spot and taken to jail. At least the officer has someone's collar, showing no sympathy. The Deaf driver bailed out the interpreter the next day, last I heard is that they got married.

High Trestle Trail

I wouldn't mind hiking on the High Trestle Trail  in Iowa just to check out this bridge that I thought was creative in its design. 



This new video from Belgium that has gone viral, a red button is place in a middle of an intersection  with a sign that if you want drama (as Deafies do), just push the button.


 If God wants us to spread the gospels to the Deaf then why are we Deaf to God's commands?



A century ago, Henry Ford gave a Deaf assembly line worker a new Model T at his plant, for creating the driver's hand signals


How many of these cartoon characters can you recognized?


Robert Therrien

Robert Therrien is well-known for creating oversized everyday piece of art that we're familiar with like this dinner set at his gallery in Los Angeles.


I'm just curious, wondering if this new marketing ploy is closed-captioned and what titles are available. If you ordered pizza delivered to your home, the box can be converted into a movie projector using the lens supplied and your smartphone. I think it's really cool and looking forward to testing this gadget! 


Gestural-Activated Computer

The hearing uses voice-activated computers while we Deaf uses gestural-activated computers with this armband.



This the only equipment, besides the Dutch oven, when I go camping with my Deaf buddies. 


If you are on the wrong platform  in a Metro station in Washington, let your mind control the directions of this subway.


I can't believe that I actually saw someone mailing a letter at the corner mailbox, a rare sight nowadays.

Test Track Challenges (Ford)

Today, I had an opportunity to test my driving skills in four different areas; first of all you had to register and schedule beforehand a time frame online at the Ford website, then you'll be given a lanyard ID onsite which will be scanned and punched after each experiences. You can also select a specific Ford vehicle to road test, and then during the rest of the day; you'll be taught how to shift manually, using new technology that assist you in parking, driving on a course layout against a competitor, and testing your reaction times, so my advice is not to drink any alcohol that may impaired your judgment. There is also a Mustang on the set that you may want to check it out, perhaps a selfie will do. It's a relief to cool off with a bottled water, staying in the shade on this humid day under the Florida sun. 



That reminds me, I need a shave!


There was once a Deaf LSM clerk in our facility warning us all not to steal mail, eventually the postal inspectors caught her stealing credit cards. Nowadays, I notice that some Deaf been warning us about those Nigerian scams, but themselves are  involved in multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes, so beware of these hypocrites.


Singapore is next on my bucket list, it'll be cool to walk through these "super-trees"
at this national park, Gardens at The Bay, which is on 250 acres of reclaimed land.


If you look into his eyes, would you trust this guy?



 A Deaf 5th grader was eliminated from the National Spelling Bee after misspelling the word, "Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia," whose definition is fear of long words. She recently got a perfect score on SAT, already been accepted to attend Gallaudet this fall, but she rather play with her friends, having a normal childhood which is understandable. Her Deaf parents has been  supportive, despite the media distractions, allowing her to explore the world, accept new challenges, as she is our future.

War Against Terrorism

An ASL brief tour of the Navy Seal Museum here in Florida featuring a Blackhawk helicopter used in Somalia to rescue hostages, a lifeboat from Captain Philip's Alabama merchant ship, and a model of Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The museum also has interactive touch screens to learn further about the various exhibitions on display, such as types of weapons used in warfare. I bought  t-shirt to support these guys who protect our freedoms and to preserve our heritage.


I assume this baker from India has a background in building sand castles when he was younger.


Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner.



Yesterday, I went to a  local McDonald's Drive-thru and I gestured to the cashier that I am Deaf and wanted a notepad to write my order but she gave me a Braille menu, so I wonder if there is any Blind drivers out there.


Black bears will do anything if they are hungry, but this one went out of his way.

David Zinn

David Zinn of Michigan uses cracks in sidewalks as  a canvas to s showcase his creativity with chalks.