New Smyrna here in Florida has been voted one of the beaches in America, so enjoy the sunrise over the ocean.


Visit USA host International Pow Wow (gathering) with 6,000 attendees from overseas tour operators to do businesses with American travel industry being held this week in Orlando.



This is a PSA warning motorists not to attempt crossing flooded roadways but still some Deaf drowned in their vehicles.


Once you had to hail down a cab, or call the dispatcher. Why waste your time going to interviews after interviews knowing that you'll be turned down anyway. Our world is changing and so is our habits. Technology is creating new business opportunities for us Deaf be our own boss, one such venture is being an Uber driver. You really don't need to know the streets of our cities, with GPS navigating them. An apps on your smartphone has been designed for Deaf Uber drivers to do their jobs more efficiently. Earning dough as an Uber driver can keep the bread on your table.

Angry Birds

My Deaf children always play those "Angry Birds" videogames, but the angry birds outside never leave me alone.


Bowling is my lifeblood, our Deaf leagues recently disbanded, my handyman skills kept the memories alive.


It's tough being a parent of Deaf children nowadays, just last night I caught my son raiding the refrigerator and I had to make split-seconds decisions of whether to grab my child before he falls or grab a camera before he falls.

Deaf Child Safe

A Canadian Deaf child suffers no injuries after being snatched in a park, authorities are now looking for the suspect in the woods.



A young Deaf child heard her mother's voice for the first time, but that's also the last time she saw his Deaf father.
There seems to be a significant increase in the divorce rates here in America when parents argues over what's in the best interests of their Deaf child when it comes to cochlear-implants. 


A tornado in Illinois causes the derailment of the Union Pacific freight train.

VRS Scandal

It's scandal that's sending shock waves within the industry when several VRS interpreters were arrested yesterday in a sting operation against an agency accused of running a brothel. A Deaf  informant notified law enforcement officials that these prostitutes, although fluent in ASL, has been soliciting sex from its Deaf client base, violating its contract with the FCC. One interpreter, now out on bail, has agreed to bare all, sharing her experiences in an upcoming Playboy issue. Investigation are still ongoing, any Deaf involved, just to be safe, are encourage to go to the local public health clinic for a free confidential HIV testing.


This Thai video reminds us what Jesus taught: "Give and you shall receive." Luke 6:18


Marco Polo

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Parents were worried that their Deaf son hasn't arrive home yet from the neighborhood public pool as it's getting dark. The lifeguard shown up on their footsteps with their Deaf son, explaining to them, using gestures, that he found him at closure still playing "Marco Polo," without realizing that all of the kids left earlier after he became "it."

Deaf Wilderness Weekend

I'm looking forward to camping in style during our annual Deaf Wilderness Weekend, sleeping under the stars.


D23: Polynesian Resort

I'm with Lilo and Stitch as we announces the opening of new bungalows at the Disney's Polynesian Resort.

D23: Orange Bird

Disney created the, "Orange Bird," Florida  Citrus mascot in exchange for its sponsorship of the Tiki Room at the Magic Kingdom.

Gilbert Gottfried

"Gilbert is so annoying that his Deaf grandmother turns of the closed-captions whenever he's on TV."
Nikki Carr
Comedy Roast

Robert Essex

Robert Essex's family of St. Augustine, Florida stayed with us during the Memorial Day weekend here at Walt Disney World.



Today we set our differences aside to honor those who died in protecting our freedoms.

Seat Belts

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Police pulled over a Deaf driver to congratulate him for wearing a seat belt, and also notifying him that he has been chosen, at random, as winner of the $25,000 safety prize. A local newspaper reporter asked the Deaf driver what he planned to do with the money? The Deaf driver responded that "he'll return the stolen car and buy a new one, quit smuggling drugs and stop drinking, and then go to driver's school to obtain a license


Animation # II

This is the second video clip of  Disney animators using recycled scenes from older classics when producing a new film. 
Source: Disney Studios

Animation # I

You may not notice it but Disney animators often recycled scenes from older classics when producing a new film. 
Source: Disney Studios


The Disneyland Story

I met author, Sam Gennaway, who wrote the book, "The Disneyland Story" I thought it was an interesting  lecture, with PowerPoint, learning a few things that happened behind the scene such as when making a $10,000 deposit on a plot of land, but the city heard it was Disney behind the deal and demanded a higher price, but Disney withdrawn from it and bought land in Anaheim instead. Same situation here in Florida, thought about putting the Magic Kingdom up in West Palm Beach, but Central Florida was a more suitable location. Disney bought land secretly until the Orlando Sentinel broke the story, and the rest is history.


A Deaf magician posted this picture on his Facebook timeline. I assumed that this is what he taught his kids when they first asked the question: "Where did we all come from?"


David Letterman

My sister's best friend's husband is a police officer who once caught David Letterman speeding in New Canaan, Connecticut. Anyway, they met up once again at a local gas station during a thunderstorm  and David Letterman agrees to sign his autograph if he be willing to pump the gas into his tank, even if it meant getting soaking wet standing out there in the rain. We had an "interpreter issue" on the Late Night set at NBC before ADA was enacted, and their producer offer us to sit in the guest room with, of all people, Richard Simmons. Yes, Richard send me a letter encouraging me to lose some weight.
Thanks, Dave, I can now hit the sack earlier!


Another school of the Deaf was facing the chopping block as the state is considering a proposal to close its doors after auditors became concern over the school's skyrocketing utility bills, forcing it to cut vital vocational programs such as cotton-weaving and linotyping classes. A team of investigators were send to the campus to find the underlying causes, and it was discovered that Deaf children has a habit of not closing the doors when they go out to play, wasting energy like money going down the drain. A committee is now revising its curriculum to include energy conservation. Deaf children will be taught to taught to close the doors, turn off the lights in an effort to improve the school's financial situation. The Governor vetoed the bill and corporations stepped in to support the Deaf school, updating its facilities and educational programs.
Keep our Deaf schools open, close the doors!



A Haiku is a Japanese poem, using three lines in a 5/7/5 words format so I created one using Gallaudet as a topic:
Gallaudet, a phase in life,
exploring our world, discovering who we are,
finding our purpose in life.


Police arrested a Deaf teenager for texting and driving, apparently missing a curve going downhill and landing in someone's attic.


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Save our economy by purchasing products made right here in America so we can pay back the Chinese what we owe. Americans need jobs so we can afford to travel to China.

Shark Tank

This Deaf individual receives a patent after inventing an alternative to shoveling snow but I doubt that he'll ever convince the investors on Shark Tank


Tower Clock

Petitions are now circulating on campus seeking to overturn Gallaudet decision to modernized the Tower Clock by converting it to a digital format, replacing the dials. It's expensive to maintain and becoming more difficult to find antique replacement as our suppliers are dwindling. The Tower Clock have survived the test of time, even after minor damages withstanding a lightning strike back in 1955. Gallaudet still haven't yet received any bids for the project since estimators claims to be chased away by a Deaf ghost, who apparently hanged himself a century ago, at least we have some support from beyond the graves.


I work hard because millions of Deaf people on SSI depend on me.

Pink Panther

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Deaf Anthology is one of my favorite blogs!

"Band of Ballers"

A Deaf basketball team, also known as the "Band of Ballers" cancelled their orders of new t-shirts after receiving complaints from the "Band of Brothers" who fought on Iwo Jima during WWII.


Deaf Child

Yes, it's true that the "Deaf Child" sign was put up last winter for safety reasons, to warn
motorists of these mischievous Deaf children in our neighborhood throwing snowballs.


Enjoy the fall foliage along the Connecticut River on the Valley Railroad while having dinner abroad. 


The Japanese are developing humanoid robots to replace our interpreters.


Ellen DeGeneres

The breadwinner of this Deaf family been laid off, blame it on the recession. Their savings been wiped out, living on SSI and food stamps, etc. I just can't figure it out how they could afford all these things; a trip to Australia, having nice furniture and appliances, and even a new car in the garage. They told me that they go to a taping of the "Ellen" TV show everyday, as DeGeneres is very generous, giving away stuffs every now and then. They shown me a new toaster the audience got yesterday and asked me to stay for waffles but I wasn't hungry, leaving feeling jealous.


A twelve years old Deaf boy from Indianapolis plans to enroll at Gallaudet this fall, becoming the youngest freshman ever. He has everything going for him, a perfect SAT score, inducted into Mensa, an AFSCME scholarship. "I'm going to major in  philosophy and tryout with the football team as a water boy, and  then be a garbage collector, following the footsteps of my father."


The American Medical Association (AMA) just passed a resolution at its annual conference, after intensive debates during its assembly, the delegates voted unanimously to reclassified the controversial invasive, cochlear-implant procedure into a more fitting category under a new label, lobotomy. 


This Deaf guy living in fear of being homeless, not receiving his monthly SSI checks. "Why is this happening to me?" First they repossessed my car, disconnect the power, and then just this morning, I received an eviction notice from the to vacant my apartment. Apparently in this case, a  neighbor told the mail carrier that I am Deaf, but he misunderstood and thought I am dead, so he marked my mails, "deceased," and return them all back to the sender. 


Pranksters planted a tree on a baseball field between the pitcher's mound and the home plate in Ohio, interrupting a scheduled high school game. The city will send the removal bill to whoever is responsible. If it's a student, probably a suspension, too. 


88% of the people can recognize McDonald's arches but only 54% can recognize the cross.



Jesus is your ticket to Heaven!


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I visited the Charles M. Schulz Museum while out in California. "Li'l Folks," the original title, that became "Peanuts," is now syndicated worldwide. I always read the comics that arrives at our doorsteps every Sundays.



One of the memories of  our childhood is playing with Legos; this is a video of its history.


My new friend, Florida Governor Rick Scott, we met at a local Starbucks during his campaign stop.


I met the Turtleman and his sidekick playing the banjo at a hotel in Danville, Kentucky.


Legend has it that Johnny Appleseed' s children are Deaf, spreading awareness of our culture planting trees.



You may repost this post on your blog!


This is the most stolen item in the world, so if your Deaf friends asks if you got a light, just say, "No"

Toll Collectors

Florida Turnpikes are now hiring toll collectors, I'm going down to fill out an application then check off my bucket list.


It's been confirmed that a Deaf Floridian has the winning Powerball ticket that he bought at a local gas station. "It's a thrill to hit the jackpot, until I realized that I will lose my monthly SSI checks, food stamps, Medicaid coverages, and the subsidized HUD apartment." After thinking about it overnight, I decided not to come forward to claim the prize, throwing away the ticket, because the government been taking good care of me, so I prefer to enjoy life without any responsibilities!" 



When I visited a church, the Deaf always asked me, "Your first time here?" I answered, "No, It's my last time!"


This is a glimpse of our future where nations will fought wars over the dwindling supplies of water which is necessary for the survival of our species.


After I saw that car in the showroom, I start saving my money and finally I was able to afford a camera to take pictures of it.

Sea Lion

If you are out there fishing, watch out for the sea lions as they want their share of your catch.



You ever wonder what they do with those obsolete phones and cords; how about a flock of sheeps!


"There's little to be gained from harboring a grudge, so take the first steps toward burying the hatchet."


Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci's "Last Supper"
Milan, Italy

"Lord, Hear Our Cry!"

Today we pray for our family, our church, and our country.


It's a tough job to create a corporate logo, requiring research and a bit of imagination. It takes talent to draw them.



Ludwig Beethoven is a German pianist whom became Deaf later in life. The circumstances surrounding his birth is the subject of this video that I thought is debatable on the controversial issue of abortion. 



Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profileA Floridian Deaf driver were pulled over for littering and was fined $250,  yet it doesn't make any sense because all he did was to throw out the ice cubes from his window after drinking  lemonade on a hot, humid day. He tries to reasoned with the officer, but to no avail, stating that it'll melt itself. The officer got a point, explaining, with an interpreter onsite, that recently there has been an accident where a thirsty squirrel licking on the evaporating water in the middle of the road cause one to swerved into a ditch.


This animated video, with sign language and subtitles, from Singapore  of a Deaf boy trying to communicate with his father.

Fortune Cookie II

"You are not a Deaf person who can be ignored."