Washington Redskins

I can see the floodlights at RFK stadium from my dormitory on the Gallaudet campus whenever the Washington Redskins are playing. I remember one of the Theta Nu Tau (ONT) brothers receiving a scholarship from their coach, George Allen. Political correctness has no place in sports, so why all the controversies. it's only a game, we don't scalp our opponents. Let's keep our football traditions alive.


A Deaf driver was pulled over for what apparently was a defective rear red brake light, the driver immediately gave the officer a card which explains that he's Deaf and request a sign language interpreter. The officer radioed in and the interpreter arrives on the scene within fifteen minutes. The cop asked the Deaf driver for his driver's license, and issue him a warning that he needs to get that rear red light fixed within thirty days. The Deaf, noticing that the interpreter wasn't fluent in ASL,  complained to the officer of the fact. She was arrested on the spot and taken into custody for impersonating an ASL interpreter and failure to have an interpreter license from the state. 


When you golf, you wouldn't want your concentration on the game interrupted, but here you got an intruder, a playful cub who probably thought the flagpole on the 7th tee is a tree to scratched his back on. Life is stressful enough already but here a little unexpected entertainment will lighten you up a bit until he tries to steal your ball.


Spending time with children is more important than spending money on children.


Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profileA local fireman, learning ASL, emphasizes to his EMT students the importance to informing the hospital enroute if they are treating a Deaf patient, so that the ER can contact an interpreter on call.


Laughter is the best medicine, especially when it comes to ourselves, so check out this short cool video, it's a reflection of our Deaf culture!


An earthquake measuring 4.3 on the Richter scale has shaken the nation's capital once again. There were no reports of injuries or damages. Seismologists has located the epicenter on the Gallaudet football field where they are testing a new drum the team has bought. The coach quipped, "that's how we win games!" 

USS Nautilus

The decommissioned USS Nautilus is the world's first nuclear powered submarine to patrol our oceans, including a historic trek to the North Pole under the Arctic icescape. The museum in Groton, Connecticut is open to the public and there is no admission charge. It's open daily, except  Tuesdays.

Glass House

Architect Philip Johnson designed and live in this Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut until his death.


I remember seeing the Aston Martin DB5 auto from the James Bond movie "Goldfinger" at the New York International Auto Show.

Sean Connery


I had professional detailing done on my car yesterday. They asked me to select an air freshener;  I told them that since my car is a lemon, I pick the lemon air freshener.



The judge  declared a mistrial in a case of an ASL interpreter, accused of murder, because there were no Deaf among the jury. It's a controversial decision in favor of the defense team who argued that his client has a right to an impartial jury of peers.  The Judge rejected the state prosecutor's argument that selecting a Deaf juror will be somewhat be biased in this particular case. The defense reaffirm the rights of the Deaf, under the Constitution, to serve on a jury. The ASL interpreter is now out on bail awaiting a new trail.

St. John's School for the Deaf

This is our elementary basketball team after winning the championship. Unfortunately, St. John's School for the Deaf (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) closes the following year.

World Trade Center

I am with my Deaf stepson, Denis, at the World Trade Center in New York City. Denis was a new student at MSSD on 9/11.


These are great doghouses, but it'll costs $800 to purchase one!

Nelson Mandela

"It's always impossible until it's done!"

Fortune Cookie

Don't expect anything from your Deaf friends anything you can't do yourself!



Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.
Aristotle, Greek philosopher


This video, also from Portugal, on the issues on trust where we are to keep our commitments no matter what.


 This video, subtitled, from Portugal on the issues of racism in our society. The flight captain handled the situation appropriately.


The foreman gets frustrated when his Deaf employees doesn't do their jobs probably as instructed. This Deaf apprentice claims that there were no interpreters during training sessions.  Lack of common sense is inexcusable.



The only reason why we Deaf got so many disappointments in our lives is that we Deaf also got so many expectations in our lives.


I really don't care if my glass is half full or half empty as long as there are plenty of room for more wine.


"I Wish My Teacher Knew"

I think Deaf children should be given the same assignment writing an essay, "I wish my teacher knew...," a project similar to that of an elementary teacher in Denver.
These are just a few samples from her classroom:
"I wish my teacher knew I don't have friends to play with me."
"I wish my teacher knew sometimes my reading log is not signed because my mom not around a lot."
"I wish my teacher knew that I don't have pencils at home to do my homework."  

National Veteran Art Museum

The National Veteran Art Museum is in Chicago and one of its major exhibition are the thousands of dog tags hanging from the ceiling in the lobby which is a memorial to all those who sacrificed their lives during the Vietnam conflict. 

Rocker Cradle

Rocker Cradle

Earth Day

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Today we celebrate Earth Day; we Deaf cares about our environment. One way to participate is to sign this climate petition to save the planet on their website.


If I take my eyes off FB for just a minutes I'll need two hours to catch up with all your postings during that time. I'll rather be blogging!


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Panama, the Deaf dolphin, was the surrogate mother of Winter.



Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profileJust a thought, they don't allow religious instructions in public schools and why do they, the state, give parents vouchers so their children can to go to religious schools. Deaf children, no choice!


Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profileI called my Landlord to complaint about a cockroach in my apartment that been bugging me. The pest-control terminator came in to kill him. The next day there were millions and millions of cockroaches in my apartment, they were here for the funeral.



A few cranes in my front yard,  I enjoy Florida wildlife! 

Mike Remington

This is Mike Remington, my friend from Phoenix, Arizona and son and student from Ethiopia, Africa. They stayed with us, giving a PowerPoint presentation of their mission to Benin and Togo on the western coast of Africa, before leaving for the Everglades.


A boy left his bike chained to a tree when he left to serve under Pershing as a doughboy in France during WWI and never returned.


Ian Sanborn's "Caterpillar" ASL video.

Red Sox Nation

This is Claudia Williams, the daughter of the late Boston Red Sox leftfielder, Ted Williams, at a book signing booth during the Red Sox Nation event in The Villages, Florida.

Love, Hope and Joy!

God gives us Love.
Jesus gives us Hope.
Holy Spirit gives us Joy.


This is my bookmark, that's where I left off on Facebook.


My Deaf son, a pizza deliveryman, came home in a Ferrari after his shift. At first I doubted him when he told me he bought it with the tips he earned that night, which is twenty dollars. Impossible, how can one afford it, living paycheck to paycheck, on minimum wages and practically no savings. We went to the woman who sold the car; she explains that her husband left her and went off with her secretary to Hawaii and just got an e-mail to sell the Ferrari and wired him the money.   


My late Aunt, Esther, in Massachusetts was a beekeeper harvesting delicious honey from hives in the backyard and canning them into jars. I had an opportunity to take a free basic class locally that teaches us how to set them up, and what to expect such as costs and maintenance, etc. We also discuss legal issues, realizing that there's a lot of responsibilities involved. 


An old man just arrived, after an overnight flight, into Paris. An impatient French customs officer asked him where his passport and if he ever been to France before. The old man still searching his American passport replied that he been here once before. The French customs officer, disrespectable,  reprimanded him not having his passport ready. The old man, a WWII veteran, then pointed out that he didn't need one on D-Day.

Deaf Fishermen

Two Deaf Canadians were fishing that peaceful afternoon on Red Lake, Ontario only to be interrupted unexceptionally by an approaching flying seaplane. .


Napa Valley

Wine-tasting here in Napa Valley during my vacation in California.


A Deaf Wisconsin farmer written a letter to his son in prison; "I'm heartbroken that you're not here to assist me planting seeds and harvesting the crops. I can't afford to hire the migrants so got to do these backbreaking chores alone just to keep the bread on the table."
The son, convicted of murder, written back begging the father not to dig; not explaining why?
At dawn, a team of FBI agents arrives on the scene, searching victims that are buried in the field. They were acting on a tip they received from the warden, but no bodies were found.

Executive Order

The President signs an executive order to dissolve Congress; ending the gridlock in Washington. 


This film is a reflection of our Deaf Culture; we Deaf never agreed on any issues.



I encourage the Deaf to participate in their Union to protect our jobs and benefits.


I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't, than live as if there isn't and to die to find out that there is.


We Deaf communicate with our hands!


Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter are our idols, that's why our family and friends rather be in the theme parks than visiting us.


Red Light

I think red light cameras aren't effective, adding hellfire missiles will solve the problem.

Dill Potatoes

Don't toss out an empty pickle jar; use the leftover brine to cook dill potatoes, just add parsley.

Vietnam Vets

There were a few Deaf Vietnam Vets on campus when I was at Gallaudet. They are not forgotten, despite the anti-war sentiment that divided our nation.


The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think.