Osceola (Florida) Sheriff's Violence Crime Unit (VCU)

Now in my fourth week at the academy, we discusses three topics:
1. Violence Crime Unit (VCU) - how we investigate homicides
2. Public Relations - our relationship with the media
3. Crime Prevention - programs of various topics (ID Theft, Women Defense, etc.) that are available to organizations and schools.
Several graphic snapshots of crime scene been shown, one a decomposed body of a German, became homeless gambling away his savings, a prostitute identified his body, autop...
sy indicated that alcoholism is the cause of death. Another is a victim murdered after an argument in a bar.
One of the perks of joining the academy is freebies, tonight they gave out gun locks to prevent a child from accidental shooting in the home.


Osceola (Florida) Sheriff's Shooting Range

This is the third week of classes at the academy, today we went out to the shooting range learning to use police 45 semi- automatic pistol, rifle red laser aim, and a powerful shotgun that blasts the target.