"Switched at Birth"

Switched at Birth" was originally a fictional story first published on the Deaf Anthology blog in March 0f 2007, by a Deaf writer Gary A Fitts, a graduate of Gallaudet University, Washington, DC. Gary also won the GUAA Buff & Blue award for creative writing. Deaf Anthology are posted on Deafread. The orginal concept was that a Deaf nurse in an Atlanta hospital traded infants on purpose after learning that a Deaf and hearing mother recently given birth on her ward. Although unethical,despite good intentions, created a controversial situation on how we should deal with the case legally, the issues was resolved after both agreed an exchange adoption; with the deaf child to a Deaf mother and vice versa. The state declined to prosecute the Deaf nurse in the case, after all parties settled. The ABC Family series, athough it has the same title as Deaf Anthology but with a different storyline. There is also a film of the same title released theatrically in 1991, and we should note that there has been several plays and films with similiar background like Mark Twain's Prince and the Pauper.


Home Run!

Darth Vader hits a home run!

I want to make a comment on this video, will MLB suspends him for using the force which may be abused as with steroids.