Deaf Girl Talk with Oranguten in ASL (Video)

This video is really cool, but there is a message to be learned here!
It's our responsibility to protect our environment if we are to survived.


Gallaudet is Safe, Case Closed!

The Washington Post fails to mention that Gallaudet itself are actually safer than the streets surrounding its campus. Sexual crime rate at other universities in the area are higher because most incidents goes unreported. Washington Post doesn't take in all the factors such as the circumstances, severity of the crimes, and the verdict outcome. We don't need negative reporting in our blogs, Gallaudet ranked up there among the best liberal-arts colleges in the world. Case closed!

Deaf Wins in Supreme Court Decisions!

As you all know, the recent Supreme Court decisions are favorable to us Deaf in a way. As in the case of Hobby Lobby refusal to pay for contraceptives or abortion based on their beliefs can also be applied to Deaf business owners, giving them the rights to refuse medical coverage of cochlear- implants. In another case, an interpreter may not need a license to interpret for Deaf relatives in medical situation. Supreme Court just open a floodgate to the delights of lawyers.