Sociology of the Deaf 101

Remember the good old days when we Deaf gather to socialize, not so anymore!



Several Deaf children were killed in their classrooms when a Deaf gunman carrying an AK-47 started shooting at random until a SWAT sniper took him down. Police are still investigating, motives unknown, Deaf gossips had it that the suspect is seeking revenge, probably looking for his estranged wife, an employee. Anyway, just imagine the headlines, but in reality no schools are immune from these tragedies which are commonplace in our society nowadays. Parents often complains about the lack of security on campus, whereas in our culture the Deaf visits the school without legitimate reasons. Are our Deaf schools safe, what procedures are in place, and are the local law enforcements prepared for such a scenario?
The photo above reminds me of  WWII when Deaf classrooms frequently undergo a drill, to hide under their desks during an air raid. Nowadays we need to protect our Deaf children from a raging gunman, so one father invented these bodyguard blankets which are bulletproof. Deaf school superintendents across the nation should consider buying these to shield their Deaf children from a hail of bullets. Monthly safety drills (in addition fire, tornadoes, etc.)   should be mandatory. These are the parents' worst nightmares, but I wouldn't be surprised if it actually happened so don't let our guards down.
These bodyguard blankets can save lives and it  also is a nice security blankets for the Deaf Linus among us.
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