Osceola (Florida) Sheriff's Violence Crime Unit (VCU)

Now in my fourth week at the academy, we discusses three topics:
1. Violence Crime Unit (VCU) - how we investigate homicides
2. Public Relations - our relationship with the media
3. Crime Prevention - programs of various topics (ID Theft, Women Defense, etc.) that are available to organizations and schools.
Several graphic snapshots of crime scene been shown, one a decomposed body of a German, became homeless gambling away his savings, a prostitute identified his body, autop...
sy indicated that alcoholism is the cause of death. Another is a victim murdered after an argument in a bar.
One of the perks of joining the academy is freebies, tonight they gave out gun locks to prevent a child from accidental shooting in the home.


Osceola (Florida) Sheriff's Shooting Range

This is the third week of classes at the academy, today we went out to the shooting range learning to use police 45 semi- automatic pistol, rifle red laser aim, and a powerful shotgun that blasts the target.


Osceola (Florida) Sheriff's Crimeline and E911

This is my second week at the "police" academy. We tour the Communication Center where 911 calls are taken. Yes, it's accessible to the Deaf that uses videophones (VP) and here is a word of advice if you uses a cell phone, leave your GPS on and stay where you are so that the emergency crews (police or fire) can locate you within minutes. Also be sure that your VRS providers has the correct addresses of where you live. Deaf often forget to update their VRS profile when they moved and it may be a matter of life or death if the dispatchers send them to your old addresses instead. They are training eight new dispatchers this week and will hire more after adding new equipment.

We also learn about their Crimeline program where you can leave a tip and may get a reward if it result in an arrest. One tip lead to an arrest of 72 suspects. Most tips are related to drug dealing in our neighborhoods.  We also discuss the new Speakout program where children stand up to bullying in public schools.
In class they shown us a videotape of robbers trying to break into a store, obviously they didn't succeeded in their attempts:


Osceola (Florida) Sheriff's K-9 and Intelligence Unit

This is Kaos, the son of Bones, A German Shepherd, and takes commands in German as he was trained in Germany. He is trained to locate bodies. He can smell a scent 1/4 mile. The first class of basic citizen academy is about their K-9 unit. Also we discuss about their intelligence unit, discussions includes terrorism. The academy is sponsored by the Osceola County (Florida) Sheriff Department and the classes are nine weeks. It requires background checks and an application to join the program, you will also need to sign a waiver to participate in the shooting range and to ride in a patrol car. Everyone in class is required to wear an uniform and a nametag. There are two ASL interpreters. The class is free to anyone over age of 18 living in the county. Each classes are three hours every Monday nights. Everything is hands on, not just lectures. Yes, the K-9 unit officers uses hand signals. Yes, there is an unit that deals with crimes against tourists. Officers will answer any questions you may have during the course. It was raining outside so the K-9 demonstration was done indoor. There was an interesting PowerPoint (PP) presentations on terrorism which describes the characteristic of terrorists from planning to dry runs. I think those PP ought to be printed as handouts. We had one incident here where an FBI shot and killed a suspect that is linked to the Boston bombing, so don't assume that it will never happen here. We will visit the Communication Center next week where 911 calls are taken. Will keep you posted on what's happening around here.


"Switched at Birth"

Switched at Birth" was originally a fictional story first published on the Deaf Anthology blog in March 0f 2007, by a Deaf writer Gary A Fitts, a graduate of Gallaudet University, Washington, DC. Gary also won the GUAA Buff & Blue award for creative writing. Deaf Anthology are posted on Deafread. The orginal concept was that a Deaf nurse in an Atlanta hospital traded infants on purpose after learning that a Deaf and hearing mother recently given birth on her ward. Although unethical,despite good intentions, created a controversial situation on how we should deal with the case legally, the issues was resolved after both agreed an exchange adoption; with the deaf child to a Deaf mother and vice versa. The state declined to prosecute the Deaf nurse in the case, after all parties settled. The ABC Family series, athough it has the same title as Deaf Anthology but with a different storyline. There is also a film of the same title released theatrically in 1991, and we should note that there has been several plays and films with similiar background like Mark Twain's Prince and the Pauper.


Home Run!

Darth Vader hits a home run!

I want to make a comment on this video, will MLB suspends him for using the force which may be abused as with steroids.


Deaf Girl Talk with Oranguten in ASL (Video)

This video is really cool, but there is a message to be learned here!
It's our responsibility to protect our environment if we are to survived.


Gallaudet is Safe, Case Closed!

The Washington Post fails to mention that Gallaudet itself are actually safer than the streets surrounding its campus. Sexual crime rate at other universities in the area are higher because most incidents goes unreported. Washington Post doesn't take in all the factors such as the circumstances, severity of the crimes, and the verdict outcome. We don't need negative reporting in our blogs, Gallaudet ranked up there among the best liberal-arts colleges in the world. Case closed!

Deaf Wins in Supreme Court Decisions!

As you all know, the recent Supreme Court decisions are favorable to us Deaf in a way. As in the case of Hobby Lobby refusal to pay for contraceptives or abortion based on their beliefs can also be applied to Deaf business owners, giving them the rights to refuse medical coverage of cochlear- implants. In another case, an interpreter may not need a license to interpret for Deaf relatives in medical situation. Supreme Court just open a floodgate to the delights of lawyers.


Sociology of the Deaf 101

Remember the good old days when we Deaf gather to socialize, not so anymore!



Several Deaf children were killed in their classrooms when a Deaf gunman carrying an AK-47 started shooting at random until a SWAT sniper took him down. Police are still investigating, motives unknown, Deaf gossips had it that the suspect is seeking revenge, probably looking for his estranged wife, an employee. Anyway, just imagine the headlines, but in reality no schools are immune from these tragedies which are commonplace in our society nowadays. Parents often complains about the lack of security on campus, whereas in our culture the Deaf visits the school without legitimate reasons. Are our Deaf schools safe, what procedures are in place, and are the local law enforcements prepared for such a scenario?
The photo above reminds me of  WWII when Deaf classrooms frequently undergo a drill, to hide under their desks during an air raid. Nowadays we need to protect our Deaf children from a raging gunman, so one father invented these bodyguard blankets which are bulletproof. Deaf school superintendents across the nation should consider buying these to shield their Deaf children from a hail of bullets. Monthly safety drills (in addition fire, tornadoes, etc.)   should be mandatory. These are the parents' worst nightmares, but I wouldn't be surprised if it actually happened so don't let our guards down.
These bodyguard blankets can save lives and it  also is a nice security blankets for the Deaf Linus among us.
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Deaf Consciousness

Why are we wasting our time  and energy educating the public with the Deaf Awareness gimmicks, it's not getting us anywhere. It's just a proclamation on worthless piece of paper, a few booths in an exhibition hall selling ILY t-shirts, displays of the latest telecommunication equipment, maybe a workshop on how to use an interpreter. The general public doesn't give a damn because we didn't raise social consciousness on the issues that affect our lives.
Black awareness? I think not, but they march on Washington, demanding equality in our society back in the civil rights era. Remember those scenes of a governor of a state blocking a black college student, the sit-in at the local drugstores, they were fighting segregation. It's their actions that raise social consciousness that causes us to realize that racism is dividing our nation and that we had to do something about it. The blacks don't sit around at a booth like we Deaf do, they took action.
The same with the women, they fought for their rights to vote. Like the blacks, they also raise social consciousness, winning the rights to have abortions, etc. The women don't sit around at a booth like we Deaf do, they took action. Nowadays, the gays are actively involved in achieving their rights to marry. Like the blacks and the women before them, they are raising social consciousness. The gays don't sit around at a booth like we Deaf do, they took action.
Once again, may I repeat; we are wasting our energy and time over the years trying to create Deaf awareness among ourselves, the public already knows we exists so what! Deaf Awareness doesn't achieve our goals, but I strongly believe that Deaf social consciousness is the way to go. If you had any doubts, look back at the Deaf President Now (DPN) movement at Gallaudet, it was a really a social consciousness event that got the world attention in one day that Deaf Awareness couldn't do in a hundreds or so years. We don't need a governor to proclaim Deaf Awareness week, but rather a governor that signs a bill that address the issues at hand.


National Interpreter Depreciation Day

National Interpreter Appreciation Day Top 10 List 1. An interpreter earns $65 an hour for your employers to teach you how to wash the dishes at $7.25 an hour. 2. You are sentenced to life in prison for a crime you didn’t commit, the interpreter put in a guilty plea so she can leave the court for the next assignment. 3. You paid $150 to see the U-2 band, and the interpreters got their autographs backstage. 4. You are studying Spanish at a local college, the interpreters doesn’t understand the language so you flunked the course. 5. You had a gay interpreter when you had your prostate exam. A straight when you had your pap smear. 6. You had an interpreter during an interview, the interpreter, not you, got the job. 7. You paid $3,000 to go on a Deaf cruise in the Caribbean, and the interpreters are enjoying their free vacation at your expenses. 8. You died in the ER while waiting for an interpreter to arrive. 9. You had to reschedule your appointment because the interpreter didn’t show up. 10. I don’t appreciate it when the interpreters get all the credits, especially after worship service when the congregation goes up to her, praising for her involvement in the ministry , and leaving me in the shadow. That’s why we are all going to hell!