Just got notification from my insurance carrier that Vitamin D is now covered under "Obamacare," for those 65 and over, that makes sense as we elderly people are prone to falls, and if we don't get enough sunlight, Vitamin D will strengthen our bones. "Obamacare" will lower our premiums as it put emphasis on preventive medicine, now it's time to get my flu shot, ouch!



An elderly Deaf man, diagnosed with dementia, just received his 16th ticket for parking in the handicapped stall, apparently forgetting, once again, to hang his HC placard, is now facing eviction for nonpayment of rent, using up his pension paying fines that is still racking up. Here in Florida, it's a $250 fine for each offense, meaning he still owes $4,000 to the city, but his checks always been returned, because, nothing new, forgetting to buy stamps. He's so stubborn, despite the urging of his friends, refusing to give up driving so it'll be a matter of time before he get lost on the roads.


Medicare Fraud

A Washington, DC area doctor has been arrested for committing fraud by billing Medicare for performing unnecessary procedures on Deaf patients, most recently a vasectomy on a 95 years old male,  complaining his sex life have diminished afterward. The judge will consider an request to seek restitutions for the costs of Viagra pills. Naturally his Deaf wife suffers depression for not having a climax since and thinking of leaving him. The Deaf male doesn't understand why he needs a vasectomy when his wife hasn't been impregnated in half a century. "I can't go out to watch the Washington Wizards play  because my balls hurt!"