"Life is what happens when you're making other plans."

John Lennon


Here's this little Deaf boy in the backyard trying to do everything himself trying to put his new bicycle together and still haven't gotten anywhere after all day at it while his father was watching and mentioned to his son that he's not using all his strength, but he replied, "Yes I am." Once again the father repeated, "You're not using all your strength." The Deaf son became angry and threw a wretch, signing back, "I know what I'm doing and I ain't giving up without an effort." The father once again repeated, "You're not using all your strength..." knowing that he'll never complete his task, "...because you didn't ask for my help." The Deaf son agreed to accept his offer and was able to finish the project together before supper. That gives us a message that we often try to do things our own ways, solving our own problems and life would've been easier if we could take a moment to pray, asking for God's assistance in our lives.


I ain't thinking about the white tiger at the national zoo nor the old Esso commercial of putting a tiger in your tank nor having a cereal with a tiger at breakfast, but the it's the Tiger on the golf courses taught me to putt.


I can't believe that I actually saw someone using a payphone as the local 7 - 11 store.


I am now at a beach here in northern California on a suicide mission, facing the Pacific, awaiting a tsunami, looking forward to the biggest thrills of a lifetime surfing those waves. I hope to live to tell my grandchildren all about it!
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As a student at Gallaudet, it's impossible to visit all of the historic sights of our nation's capital within the four years time frame while on campus. Got another brochure in the mail, of a Tudor Place, a residence in Georgetown , that remains in the family for six generation, completed in 1816 with the $8,000 inheritance from George Washington to the granddaughter of his wife, Martha Washington. The architect, is the same one that won the design competition for the US Capitol. The Peters love parties, among the guests over the years are Robert E. Lee, Andrew Jackson, and Daniel Webster, I can't help but wonder if Gallaudet ever socialized with influential Washingtonians of his time, seeking generous support for the institution and the hiring of its Deaf graduates. May I also point out that Tudor Place has the second largest collection of George Washington's artifacts outside of Mt. Vernon, and is registered as a National Historic Landmark.
Information available at their website: http://tudorplace.org/


Deaf TAG Ministries
"Take and Give"
Matthew 17:27
Deaf TAG Ministries is an organization, not affiliated with any local churches, that plans various monthly activities, an opportunity, regardless of our denominational background, to fellowship, to share God’s Word, while retaining our autonomy.

"Counterfeit Christians Beware"

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Deaf Pastor Kevin Hamilton

"The Need of a Revival"

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Deaf Pastor Kevin Hamilton


The lifeguard on duty swam to rescue a guy flapping his hands in the ocean, thought he was drowning, not realizing that the guy is Deaf, signing to his girlfriend on shore. The lifeguard wasn't taking any chances due to recent sightings of sharks in the area, but the incident prompt him to learn ASL in the fall.

Trail of Tears

Our government round up the Cherokees and send them away on the "Trail of Tears," taking away their lands.
The Nazis round up the Jews and send them away to Auschwitz, taking away their possessions.
The audists round up the Deaf and send them away to surgery, taking away their identity.



This being  a slow news day, the network anchors has nothing to report. Also, this been a slow blog day as I have nothing to post, there you go!


AG Bell

Helen Keller


Jeffrey, a Deaf businessman in here in Orlando, Florida recently file for bankruptcy in a federal court, blaming his failures on the recession. Jeffrey doesn't understand why nobody buys his snow blowers and snowmobiles from his store, and nobody has the guts to tell him that it never snows in Florida.


Under The Dome

Just imagine being separate, having no contact with the outside world, and that's what's happening in a quiet, small town in Maine when a dome, whatever that is, locked us all in. It's a new CBS series, which premieres Monday night, from Stephen King, and producer, Steven Spielberg. We are on our own, our survival is at stake, with no escape route.


Tonight, you'll notice biggest and brightest full Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profile moon ever when it's so close to the earth at this time of the year.



I am ticked off seeing a legendary NBA player scalping off a  ticket to an Orlando Magic game in front of  the arena. 


I think the Gallaudet's own mascot, the Bison, ought to compete in the Celebrity Mascot Games held here in Orlando every summer. Mascots from various colleges and professional sports will be battling each other for the championship.
Here is their website so check it out, http://www.mascotgames.org/
I definitely will be there to support my Alma Mater, Gallaudet, go Bison!

Expo 2016

This is a promotional video of a world exposition is coming to Antalya, Turkey in 2016. It's an horticultural exposition, recognized by Paris-based BIE (Bureau of International Exposition) because of its A classification.


I am looking forward to a new movie,"42," the Jackie Robinson story, who broke the racial barrier to become the first black to play in the major leagues for the Brooklyn Dodgers, and I am looking forward to seeing it. I often vacation at "Dodgertown," the original spring training facility in Vero Beach, Florida.
Photo: Jackie Robinson playing with his son at Dodgertown,
Orlando Sentinel


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The police pulled me over three times last night pointing out that my headlight is out, each time I denied being aware of it, even though I knew it was defective beforehand.


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"'Keep God out of the workplace", that isn't the issue when a Washington state firefighter was terminated using the department computer to send e-mails to other Christians in his fellowship. "Freedom of Speech" doesn't apply when you violate department rules of using its equipment for personal purposes, despite being warned.


"If you want to be a Christian, you must not only know the Way, You must also go the Way, and show other the Way."