"Life is what happens when you're making other plans."

John Lennon


Here's this little Deaf boy in the backyard trying to do everything himself trying to put his new bicycle together and still haven't gotten anywhere after all day at it while his father was watching and mentioned to his son that he's not using all his strength, but he replied, "Yes I am." Once again the father repeated, "You're not using all your strength." The Deaf son became angry and threw a wretch, signing back, "I know what I'm doing and I ain't giving up without an effort." The father once again repeated, "You're not using all your strength..." knowing that he'll never complete his task, "...because you didn't ask for my help." The Deaf son agreed to accept his offer and was able to finish the project together before supper. That gives us a message that we often try to do things our own ways, solving our own problems and life would've been easier if we could take a moment to pray, asking for God's assistance in our lives.


I ain't thinking about the white tiger at the national zoo nor the old Esso commercial of putting a tiger in your tank nor having a cereal with a tiger at breakfast, but the it's the Tiger on the golf courses taught me to putt.


I can't believe that I actually saw someone using a payphone as the local 7 - 11 store.


I am now at a beach here in northern California on a suicide mission, facing the Pacific, awaiting a tsunami, looking forward to the biggest thrills of a lifetime surfing those waves. I hope to live to tell my grandchildren all about it!
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As a student at Gallaudet, it's impossible to visit all of the historic sights of our nation's capital within the four years time frame while on campus. Got another brochure in the mail, of a Tudor Place, a residence in Georgetown , that remains in the family for six generation, completed in 1816 with the $8,000 inheritance from George Washington to the granddaughter of his wife, Martha Washington. The architect, is the same one that won the design competition for the US Capitol. The Peters love parties, among the guests over the years are Robert E. Lee, Andrew Jackson, and Daniel Webster, I can't help but wonder if Gallaudet ever socialized with influential Washingtonians of his time, seeking generous support for the institution and the hiring of its Deaf graduates. May I also point out that Tudor Place has the second largest collection of George Washington's artifacts outside of Mt. Vernon, and is registered as a National Historic Landmark.
Information available at their website: http://tudorplace.org/


Deaf TAG Ministries
"Take and Give"
Matthew 17:27
Deaf TAG Ministries is an organization, not affiliated with any local churches, that plans various monthly activities, an opportunity, regardless of our denominational background, to fellowship, to share God’s Word, while retaining our autonomy.

"Counterfeit Christians Beware"

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Deaf Pastor Kevin Hamilton

"The Need of a Revival"

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Deaf Pastor Kevin Hamilton


The lifeguard on duty swam to rescue a guy flapping his hands in the ocean, thought he was drowning, not realizing that the guy is Deaf, signing to his girlfriend on shore. The lifeguard wasn't taking any chances due to recent sightings of sharks in the area, but the incident prompt him to learn ASL in the fall.

Trail of Tears

Our government round up the Cherokees and send them away on the "Trail of Tears," taking away their lands.
The Nazis round up the Jews and send them away to Auschwitz, taking away their possessions.
The audists round up the Deaf and send them away to surgery, taking away their identity.



This being  a slow news day, the network anchors has nothing to report. Also, this been a slow blog day as I have nothing to post, there you go!


Indiana Jones and the Secrets of Martha's Vineyard

Barnett College, Fairfield, New York
Indiana: "Is Amy here, Amy?" (raising voice in crowded roomful of hopeful interns, flicking light switch, pointing to Amy, signing "You, Deaf?")
Amy: "Yes, me Deaf..."
Indiana: "You in my office, everyone else leave, job slot taken."
Ricky: "You picked the most beautiful from the crowd..
Amy: "Here's my resume, love your collection of artifacts in the office."
Indiana: "This is Ricky, your ASL interpreter, my project assistant, I see you graduated from Gallaudet College, majoring in history, read your essays on the theory that the Deaf has its own culture based on language, that's something we are investigating as we unearthed the tomb of a Deaf Pharaoh in Cairo while searching for the Ark, Ricky here noticed that the Egyptians pointed upward toward the heavens, in their hieroglyphics, a mystery of our origin, if its not the cradle of civilization, why the signs, was it universal since Mesopotamia, here's your flight ticket, we're going to Halifax tomorrow."
Ricky: "Rest comfortably tonight, let the adventure begins!"
Atlanta Ocean, off the coast of Nova Scotia
Ricky: "I heard something out there."
Indiana: "It's probably just a whale."
Amy: "What's that heading toward us?"
Indiana: "Aim the harpoon."
Ricky: "Torpedo!" (explosion, the Gloucester sunk)
Indiana: "Hold on to anything to keep afloat" (Searchlight from the Soviet sub search for survivors, crews assist in the rescue effort, throwing net overboard)
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Dmitri: "Welcome aboard the K-3, the Leninsky Komsmol, Indiana Jones, you are just in time to observe a historic event."
Amy: "Where's Ricky?"
Indiana: "This is Amy, she's Deaf, a student intern, and Ricky, her interpreter, probably drowned as he can't swim."
Dmitri: "Rickey, your interpreter was picked up literally, he's stuck on the periscope, we'll get him down."

Indiana: "Didn't we met before during the Hungarian uprising last year."
Dmitri: "Yes, we had to deport you as you were trying to smuggle treasures to the West."
Indiana: "I disagreed, the Smithsonian had send me to coordinate with the Budapest government to have a special exhibition of the Hapsburg Empire in the states."
Dmitri: "You're very stubborn, on my nerves."
Indiana: "Your Turan tanks awaken from my sleep at the Andrassy Hotel, the convoys were stopped on its way to the airport."
Dmitri: "This is our commander Lev Zviltsov, he'll be your host, keep your eyes open at the Polaris in the Ursa Minor."
Lev: "Imperin Vodka, sir." (a streak of metallic object flashes across the October night sky)
Indiana: "What was that?"
Dmitri: "You have just witness the Sputnik, a satellite, we are going beyond world dominance, into space." (Amy releases a life raft, crews clicked on their AK-47)
Lev: "Hold fire, we are taking them into custody."
Dmitri: "No, Lev, I am taking them to shore, and will execute them, you be on standby until I return." (Dmitri held pistol, ordered them blindfolded except for Amy, leaves the sub for shore)
Ricky: "I don't want to die,..."
Dmitri: "Don't even think about it." (sight of sharks changes Amy's mind, CCG patrol boats appears on the horizon, flares lighted the skies, Leninsky Komsomol submerged to avoid detection to the safety of international waters, rather than risk depth charges lopped at them, the lift raft occupants was taken aboard for debriefings)
Ricky: "This KGB was going to have us executed."
Indiana: "Dmitri, a former Soviet archaeologist, and I are friends, he's former Soviet archaeologist, we were involved in a joint effort to preserved Macedonian sites from destruction of the Greek civil war."
Amy: "Why didn't you..."
Indiana: "He's a double agent, on a dangerous mission working for our CIA..."
Dmitri: "Finally, mission accomplished, stolen the encryption devices, the Soviet fleet have been compromised, biggest coup since the Enigma from the Nazis."
Ricky: "You had us..."
Indiana: "Your family have defected to West Berlin, we'll airlifted them out of the country, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will escort you to the United States Embassy in Ottawa where you can apply for political asylum, hopefully we'll meet again at an international archaeological conference next year in Brussels."
Halifax Airport
Ricky: "You didn't succeed in Budapest, unable to airlifted the treasures of the Hapsburg Empire."
Indiana: "Actually, Dmitri rerouted the convoys to Vienna, the treasures are now within the archives of the Smithsonian until the democratic government is restored in Hungary."

Ricky: "I could use a beer..."
Indiana: "That's on hold, we're heading to Martha's Vineyard now!" (PA-25 Pawnee Piper aircraft takes off)
Indiana: "Mutt will meet us at Hyannis Port."
Pilot: "We're hitting a tubulance."
Radio: "President Kennedy was assassinated earlier during a motorcade..." (static)
Ricky: "We're going to crash."
Radio: "Hank Aaron just hit his 715th home run, breaking the Babe's..." (static)
Ricky: "We're going to die..." (panel door bolted open)
Amy: "Indiana... (pointing to a mysterious beam of blue light emitted from an unknown source)
Radio: "One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind..."
Amy: "No, don't..." (Ricky jumped, forgetting his parachute)
Pilot: "We're low on fuel, we'll cruise, the beam is guiding us." (the Piper lands safely)
Ricky: "Amy!"
Amy: "You're alive!"
Indiana: "You lucky bastard, always get stuck, first on a periscope, now on the wingspan."
Ricky: "Those strange radio broadcasts, aren't they from the future, we must have the space/time continuum." (signing a summary to Amy)
Indiana: "We got ourselves a cottage at Oak Bluffs, I'll get myself some seafood at the Stripped Bass and Bluefish Derby."
Ricky: "Grant once slept here..."
Indiana: "The sword, once belonging to Robert E. Lee, bought it at an auction, the one Grant let him keep after surrender at Appomattox, along with his horse, Traveler."
Amy: "I'm going to Alley's General Store to stock up some food and..."
Ricky: "Will get myself a tan at Inkwell (beach)."
Amy: "Met a Deaf family on Circuit Avenue, they're taking their kids to the Flying Horses, the oldest carousel in America, their ancesters arrived in America 1635, yes, noticed their unique signing dialect..."
Hyannis Port

Indiana: "Mutt, this is Amy, our Deaf intern, Ricky, our staff interpreter."
Amy: "Cute, isn't he?"
Mutt: "Our research indicated that there are four stone tablets, that provides us with the coordinates of an unknown ancient civilization, we already recovered one in the tomb of a Deaf Pharaoh in Cairo, the second being here at Martha's Vineyard, with a significant Deaf population, must be a connection there somewhere..."
Jackie: "Indiana, read your biography, your adventures sounds exciting..."
Bobby: "What you think of Nixon?"
Indiana: "Once beat his cocker spaniel at checkers!"
Television (black & white): "The Milwaukee Braves...World Champions!"
Jack: "They should have stayed in Boston, we are still stuck with the Green Monster at Fenway."
Amy: "Isn't that Hank Aaron who will one day..."
Ricky: "Don't interrupt the space/time continuum." (smile)
Jack: "Indiana, a game of scrimmage..."
Amy: "He's so young, why wouldn't anyone want to..."
Ricky: "Same fate as Lincoln, he'll have his own place in history."
Indiana: "The sputnik..."
Jack: "...so the Soviets were first out of the gate, however we will finish the race."
Bobby: "...perhaps a foothold on the moon in the next decade."
Jack: "Nothing is impossible, my back, that damn war injury caught up with me." (Bobby and Indiana discussing politics, especially the civil rights movement, Amy felt it will have an impact on us Deaf also)
Amy: "Met Peter Benchley at the party, just out of high school, he has this fascination with sharks."
Martha's Vineyard

Indiana: "We will check out a rumor that there is an underwater cave at the Edgarton lighthouse site."
West: "Follow me!" (pointing to the pier)
Mutt: "That's it!" (lighting up the torches, entering the trail leading to the entrance)
Amy: "Wooden crates everywhere, stockpile of raw materials here..."
Indiana: "...enough to sustain an economy, survive famines, and protection against foreign threats..."
Mutt: "...an ancient sub base, a lifeline to a lost Deaf civilization, at first, had doubts, but we can't denied these evidences surrounding us."
Ricky: "They have to be there, somewhere out in the ocean."
Amy: "Bats!"
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Indiana: "It's nightfall, get down...now!" (swarms of bats leave the underwater cave at low tide)
Mutt: "The stone tablet!"
Indiana: "Two down, two to go!"
Amity Bar
Amy: We met West at the Edgarton lighthouse."
Bartender: "You meant the ghost of the legendary Deaf lighthouse keeper, he died a century ago, fortunately we didn't suffered like those on the mainland."
Ricky: "...West kept the Secrets of Martha's Vineyard after all these years, the collapse forever sealed it."
Indiana: Let's split up, Mutt will take the Pan Am flight to Paris to meet with our French counterparts, tonight have a lecture at Harvard, tomorrow off to Havana."
Harvard University
Indiana: "May I introduce myself, I'm..." (everyone got up and left, apparently upset)
Dean: "Indiana, you're in the wrong classroom, it's a parental class on discipline, apparently your whip scared them away (smile) , your classroom down the hallway." (Indiana obviously embarrassed)
Dr. Spock: "Sorry, I'm late, the topic tonight is spanking,...where's everybody?"
Dean: "Indiana Jones was already here, he gave a short demonstration on how to whip your child." (laughing out loud)
Dr. Spock: "I'm tired of these...I'm better off writing a book!"
Key West, Florida
Amy: "Just been reading the Dee Cee Eyes, A Deaf guy, "Red", bowling a perfect 900 series during the Dixie Deaf Bowling tournament in Birmingham. Also two Deaf coal miners were trapped and rescued after an explosion in Charleston, West Virginia."
Ricky: "I thought that was a hazardous job that Deaf are forbidden to hold."
Amy: "I agreed, but the Deaf inherited the mines after their father died from pneumoconiosis (black lung)."
Ricky: "Why would anyone be digging their own graves."
Amy: "They need to put the bread on the table."
Indiana: "Ernest Hemingway invited us to a conch fritters cookout on Whitehead."
Ricky: "You two go ahead, I'm doing the Duval Kraal."
Indiana: "Don't forget the curfew, we are taking the Buquebus to Havana in the morning." (sunset)
Paris, France

Jerry Lewis: "...it's great to be here at the the Le Libo Cabaret, there is a pack of rats in your cellars, the wine guardians, they even recommended which to send to Dean, it's great to perform in a nightclub not owned by the Chairman of the Board, loves to lick those Vegas showgirls' legs but here the frogs' legs are tasty, let's Jazz!"
KGB: "Mutt, remember us?"
Mutt: "Care for some 1887 Chateau Lafite..." (The KGB, pull out their silencer and fired, Mutt in an instant pull out a Swiss knife, the bullet was sliced in half and struck the two agents sitting on both sides) ...I thank my father teaching me the importance of keeping your blade sharp as you never know, it can save your life."
Smokey: "No stunt double nor special effects were used in this scene."
Mutt: "I'll complete the delivery for you, nice Genial-Lucifer you got there! (Mutt got on the motorcycle, heading down Champs-Elysees toward the Eiffel Tower, KGB on the chase, enters the elevator) ...pizzas anyone, our friends got some vodkas to share?"
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Teen: "You're no James Dean"
KGB: "We'll have your father grieving over your..." (Mutt removes the basket, connects the hooks to the rail beam, does the unthinkable, Bastille fireworks in the background, Mutt slides down to safety from the upper deck, while a KGB agent smashed atop the Soviet embassy Zil, Teen looks up in awe) ... Sorry to burn out your tires, here's some Rubles, get yourself an Indian."
Teen: "You're no James Dean."
LaCombe: "Thanks for meeting us here at the Versailles, we're set to go to Corsica first thing at daybreak. In the meantime, we can discuss the Bermuda Triangle theories." (painting of Cornwallis surrender at Yorktown in the background)
Mutt: "Not now, I promise Amy that I would check out the Clerc artwork at the Louvre, it was an unknown fact that he was also a well-known Deaf French Impressionists in his time." (Mutt went to customs to pick up his Harley Davidson KHK, a symbol of freedom, that he had shipped to he can trek across the continent toward Brussel, but first promised the Deaf kids at the Institution Nationale des Sourds-Muets à Paris, that he will teach them the American version of football) 
Havana, Cuba
Basista: "Welcome to Garcia Lorca, we're honored to have Indiana Jones here with us, ..."
Indiana Jones: : "...if it belongs in a museum, then it belongs in a museum!" (applause, standing ovation, as Indiana left the podium to return to the casino to gamble the night away)Castro: "Care for some cigars?"
Indiana: "I have had one drink too many, thanks, where am I?"
Castro: "It's the Valle Grande, prison of drunkards like you, ain't no Holiday Inn, how's your hangover?"
Ricky: "You no hablo espanol pero comprehend."
Castro: "Your drinking buddy?"
Ricky: "He's nothing but..."
Indiana: "No, my sign language interpreter."
Castro: You raised millions to raise a sunken Spanish ship that was already pillaged by the pirates, nothing to categorized, and they throw you into the gallows as if you were one, the corrupt regime is smuggling gold bars into Miami."
Indiana: "would've gotten a better return on my investments if I have raised the Maine for scrap metals." (explosions, revolutionaries rescued the comrades, guards were later executed for failing to safeguard the facility)
Amy: "Indiana, could you have waited for me to bail you out now that you are sober."
Che: "Indiana, I know your son, Mutt, we used explore Patagononia, Argentina countryside on our La Poderosa II, we got to get to Santa Clara, await our shipments of RPG-7s."
Amy: "Boco Chica reports an tropical storm approaching Bermuda, let pack up and leave before the government collapse."
Che: "Indiana, here's the stone tablet, it ain't much, Mutt told me that you been searching it, you better leave as you don't want to be caught in the crossfires." (The American Embassy is evacuating its staff)
Castro: "...my best regards to Lucy and Desi!"
Brackettville, Texas
John Wayne: "Indiana, thank you for coming on the Alamo set, allowing me to do a character study of you between takes, make yourself comfortable, want some beers, Lone Star?"
Indiana: "Here's some cigars, complimentary of Castro, this is Ricky my interpreter, Amy my Deaf intern."
John Wayne: "Ricky I could use you, we are casting a Deaf man from Austin to play the Deaf Smith role."
Amy: "Right place at the right time!"
John Wayne: "Heard that you have quite an adventure."
Indiana: "Nothing compared what we are going through trying to uncovered the origin of Deafhood at Martha's Vineyard."
Amy: "You should have casted Che at Santa Anna, he's so cute."
John Wayne: "Here's the script, based on your search for the ark, Indiana, don't light up here, no... (Indiana light up his Cuban cigar, flick the match, kegs of gunpowder explodes, actors scrambling for coverage, explosion cause production delays) ...you didn't."
New York City
Lucas: "Indiana, would you autographed my dog's collar, dog named after you."
Indiana: "Sure, kid!"
Indiana: "Finally I could get some rest before boarding a Pan Am flight to Brussel, Mutt will meet us there." (knock on door)
Bellboy: "Telegram, sir!"
Indiana: "A Western Union from Senator Joseph McCarthy, summoned me to a hearing on Capitol Hill, that alcoholic with hepatitis, who does he think I am, a communist."
Ricky: "Will that conflict with your commencement speech at Gallaudet University, perhaps Leonard M. Elstad hopes that you will accept his tenure offer."
Indiana: "My testimony will be short, a one-liner."
Amy: "I love this place, the Waldorf-Astoria, a beautiful view of Central Park, let's go down to Nathan's and get ourselves their famous Coney Island hot dogs."
Indiana: "There are snakes in my bed." (laughter)
Ricky: "It's a stuffed souvinir from the Brooklyn Zoo."
Indiana: "That ain't funny, I hate snakes." (Indiana snoring, television left on with the Ed Sullivan Show interrrupted by a Jolly Green Giant commercial debut, New York Times headlines "Charles De Gaulle become Premier of France, Amy at Macy's shopping with the new BankAmericard)
Brussels, Belgium

Lacombe: "Welcome to our International Conference of Archaeologists, our keynote speaker tonight is Indiana Jones."
Indiana: "It's great to be here in Brussels, I wasn't well received in Milan the other day, anyway let me introduce my staff, Amy, the Deaf intern, and her interpreter, Ricky, and Mutt, my son. When I saw the 1880 census and discovered a significant population of Deaf at Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, and became curious of its origin, we know about migration pattern since the stone age, across the Bering Sea, origin of slavery of Negros, but there is no studies on the Deaf themselves, a subcultural entity in our society that we can't denied its existence. Amy, my intern, have provide me with the sociological background, and clear up some of my preconceived myths such as sign language being universal, no apology to Margaret Mead. Mutt have been to Paris done some research with the Lacombe team, and came up with an interesting theory, that the Deaf once populate Atlantis, a lost ancient, however an advance civilization, in the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle. We were on a search to find these stone tablets, Mutt here with one from Corsica, the conclusion is that these are markers, perhaps beacons as coordinates from space, to assist aliens navigating manually in an emergency, to prevent mishaps like the recent incident at Roswell, ranchers there reported seeing aliens signing before they died, the Blue report stated that no auditory organs were found on the bodies during autopsy. We believes that they somehow evolved into our human form, through mating, having the same chromosomes as we do. Stone tablets indicated that they were search teams seeking a suitable island to interact with humans before going on the mainland, after abandonment of Atlantis, to conceal their origin. Advanced technology were exported back to their planet. Memory of their ancesters faded over time, except their visual language, they choose Martha's Vineyard because in America, there is hope their culture will survive for generations, even the threat of oralism, their genes are unique, in which it is impossible to manipulate in a search for a cure, as Darwinism goes, survival of the species at its best, in this case, gave us assurances that our Deaf Culture, and American Sign Language will remain with us forever, despite all the obstacles in our way. (applause, standing ovation)
Amy: "I'm going to the Expo, the ark is on display at the American pavilion."
Indiana: "Where is Mutt."
Amy: "I think he's in the Atomium."
Lacombe: "I think you better be prepared to bail Mutt out of jail."
Indiana: "Is he drinking again?"
Lacombe: "He took his Harley Davidson KHK into the Atomium spinning around inside."
Amy: "Probably saw the Russian bears performed the same feat at the Moscow Circus." (smile)
Ricky: "The security is on its way."
Washington, DC
Senator Joseph McCarthy: "Indiana, do you have a statement to make?"
Indiana: "Up yours!" (applause in the chamber, Mutt came in with his Harley Davidson KHK, Indiana hops on, rushes to Kendall Green, just in time)
Indiana: "I want to thank Leonard M. Elstad for inviting me to your commencement, sorry I have to decline his offer of a tenure position, because I taking a year off on sabbatical, as there are so much to explore in this world. Gallaudet is the center of the universe, generations of Deaf people have left its mark on this world. I want to keep my speech short, If it belongs in a museum, then it belongs in a museum!" (hands in air in show of applause)
Grand Rijah: "Tonight we are honored to induct Indiana Jones into the Kappa Gamma fraternity."
Indiana: "I'll uphold the traditions of the Kappa Gamma fraternity being of service to the campus and the community."
Rijah: "Here's your ropes, hope you'll stay for the reception." (Indiana staring at a familiar object.)
Indiana: "The crystal skull, the symbol of your fraternity, have I seen it somewhere before?"

AG Bell

Helen Keller


Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profileJeffrey, a Deaf businessman in here in Orlando, Florida recently file for bankruptcy in a federal court, blaming his failures on the recession. Jeffrey doesn't understand why nobody buys his snow blowers and snowmobiles from his store, and nobody has the guts to tell him that it never snows in Florida.


Under The Dome

Just imagine being separate, having no contact with the outside world, and that's what's happening in a quiet, small town in Maine when a dome, whatever that is, locked us all in. It's a new CBS series, which premieres Monday night, from Stephen King, and producer, Steven Spielberg. We are on our own, our survival is at stake, with no escape route.


Tonight, you'll notice biggest and brightest full Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profile moon ever when it's so close to the earth at this time of the year.



The Pope been complaining about overcrowding conditions at prisons, and may I offer a solution; bail out all the priests.


I am ticked off seeing a legendary NBA player scalping off a  ticket to the Orlando Magic game in front of  the arena. 


Let's just suppose that a Deaf family went on vacation in the Middle East, and the mother gave birth to a in Jerusalem. The family being US citizens applied for a passport and list Jerusalem as place of birth, but the problem is which nation, Israel or Palestine as both claims it as its capital, as our government doesn't recognized neither having sovereign. , but that's something they have to settle through negotiation.


A 12 year Deaf boy of Warrenville, Illinois (a Chicago suburb) was found dead earlier this morning after his mother became suspicious when he didn't show up for breakfast, late to catch the school bus, found him lynched in his bedroom. Police discovered a suicide note left behind, indicating he was somewhat depressed after having a cochlear-implant (CI) recently despite his protest. The press released excerpts that note; "My dream of playing with the Cubs, dashed when the local Little League wouldn't accept me on the team because of the liability issue."


I think the Gallaudet's own mascot, the Bison, ought to compete in the Celebrity Mascot Games held here in Orlando every summer. Mascots from various colleges and professional sports will be battling each other for the championship.
Here is their website so check it out, http://www.mascotgames.org/
I definitely will be there to support my Alma Mater, Gallaudet, go Bison!

Expo 2016

This is a promotional video of a world exposition is coming to Antalya, Turkey in 2016. It's an horticultural exposition, recognized by Paris-based BIE (Bureau of International Exposition) because of its A classification.


I am looking forward to a new movie,"42," the Jackie Robinson story, who broke the racial barrier to become the first black to play in the major leagues for the Brooklyn Dodgers, and I am looking forward to seeing it. I often vacation at "Dodgertown," the original spring training facility in Vero Beach, Florida.
Photo: Jackie Robinson playing with his son at Dodgertown,
Orlando Sentinel


Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profileJeffrey, a Deaf boy at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf (WSD) was having nightmares of being lead down the aisle of Death Row, accused of a crime he didn't commit,with a priest reading the Bible walking alongside me. Inmates on both sides cheer him on. The door opened, they strapped him to the electric chair, being fitted with a headgear, start screaming as the executor behind a thick glass panel pulls the switch. A night dormitory supervisor awaken him, pointing out that there are no dinosaurs, assuming it's the same nightmare, comforting him, allowing him to the bubbler, and leaving the nightlight on.In the morning, once again, he's being lead down the aisle of his dorm, only this time with a teacher reading the audio-gram walking alongside. Dorm mates on both sides cheer him on. The door opened, there is that familiar sight, thought he was being punished,  once again being fitted with a headgear, start screaming as the audiologist behind a thick glass panel pulls the switch. The audiologist had to rescheduled the test, write a note to his dormitory supervisor suggesting that his television viewing be monitored.


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The police pulled me over three times last night pointing out that my headlight is out, each time I denied being aware of it, even though I knew it was defective beforehand.

"Religious but Lost II"

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Deaf Pastor Kevin Hamilton


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"'Keep God out of the workplace", that isn't the issue when a Washington state firefighter was terminated using the department computer to send e-mails to other Christians in his fellowship. "Freedom of Speech" doesn't apply when you violate department rules of using its equipment for personal purposes, despite being warned.


"If you want to be a Christian, you must not only know the Way, You must also go the Way, and show other the Way."