Just got notification from my insurance carrier that Vitamin D is now covered under "Obamacare," for those 65 and over, that makes sense as we elderly people are prone to falls, and if we don't get enough sunlight, Vitamin D will strengthen our bones. "Obamacare" will lower our premiums as it put emphasis on preventive medicine, now it's time to get my flu shot, ouch!



An elderly Deaf man, diagnosed with dementia, just received his 16th ticket for parking in the handicapped stall, apparently forgetting, once again, to hang his HC placard, is now facing eviction for nonpayment of rent, using up his pension paying fines that is still racking up. Here in Florida, it's a $250 fine for each offense, meaning he still owes $4,000 to the city, but his checks always been returned, because, nothing new, forgetting to buy stamps. He's so stubborn, despite the urging of his friends, refusing to give up driving so it'll be a matter of time before he get lost on the roads.


Medicare Fraud

A Washington, DC area doctor has been arrested for committing fraud by billing Medicare for performing unnecessary procedures on Deaf patients, most recently a vasectomy on a 95 years old male,  complaining his sex life have diminished afterward. The judge will consider an request to seek restitutions for the costs of Viagra pills. Naturally his Deaf wife suffers depression for not having a climax since and thinking of leaving him. The Deaf male doesn't understand why he needs a vasectomy when his wife hasn't been impregnated in half a century. "I can't go out to watch the Washington Wizards play  because my balls hurt!"


Murder, Deaf Wrote

Phoenix, Arizona An 85 year old widower been taken into custody after admitting killing 13 hearing hearing residents, ranging in ages 62 to 98, at his apartment complex that was specifically designed to accommodate Deaf seniors. In a statement to a local newspaper, he was quoted as being tired of dealing with HUD, accusing them of not letting us enjoy our final days among our Deaf friends. These hearing counterparts are snobbish, refusing to even attempt to communicate with us, isolating us with their attempt to control our affairs. They are just a bunch of bitches, complaining on just about everything, including loud noises from the TV sets on movie nights, which, indeed, is normal in our Deaf culture. "Damn it, this apartment was designed by a famed Deaf architect for the Deaf to be use by the Deaf, and we don't want the oppressors to intrude on our turf." The lawyers will argue that it's the hostile environment that cause his Deaf client to go "berserk," seeking an insanity defense. The Deaf defendant refuses to be in any plea bargaining as he figures that he'll be dead by the time the trial starts, due to terminal cancer. The Deaf community, naturally, are outraged over the incident that could have been preventable if  HUD ignores our pleas.
Let us Deaf live in peace before we are Dead to rest in peace!

Guinness World Records

An ASL interpreter at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UWM) has just completed her 26 BA requirements, qualifying her to be listed in the next publication of the Guinness World Book of Records of having the most college degrees. She accomplished that feat by enrolling in every single classes that she interprets for Deaf students over the years. In a interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, she "...loves interpreting and learning everything from astrology to zoology."


Public Works

Last night in my School of Government class with the City of Kissimmee (Florida), the Public Works Department been teaching me to drive a garbage truck using gears to pick up bins alongside the curbs, it takes some practice to get it right. We been discussing FEMA flood insurance, traffic control, various construction projects underway, hurricane preparedness, maintenance of highways, converting existing public facilities using a more energy efficient methods such as solar energy, LED lightings, etc. Just covering all the bases than we go outside to learn to use the various machinery.



If you looking for something to buy for your grandfather, a veteran, who served in Vietnam for a penny at Christmas, how about an aircraft carrier (USS Forrestal) that was recently sold by the Navy for a penny to a scrapyard in Texas. I think it is an excellent toy to put in your backyard swimming pool and your neighbors will never bother you again. I think we should put a hefty tax on the recycled metals to reduce our skyrocketing national debt. Our government is literally giving itself away, playing a dangerous game of brinkmanship. If Congress can't get its act together on a budget soon, we may be forced to litigate our assets, having an estate sale, with everything up for grabs, including our precious Constitution.


Power Plant

Tonight in our School of Government class, we visited the Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) new Crane Power Plant, it's cool wearing a safety helmet and watching the men at work in the control room. The City of Kissimmee provides us with interpreters during our 7 weeks program.


Battle of the Deaf Coffee Chat

It's total insanity here in Orlando, two rival Deaf Coffee Chat hosts are at each other throats, that's why Deaf people stop going to these functions as they are tired of hearing the same old gossips attacking each others. There will never be peace between these guys. Deaf social gathering is at a standstill, with hosts abusing Facebook, posting negative comments. ASL students are the victims, losing an opportunity to socialize among us, but we Deaf are glued to our tablets, not even acknowledging their existence, even refusing to sign a slip to obtain credit for their respective classes. The establishment is losing money twofold, Deaf taking up the space, not even buying coffee and not only that, driving potential consumers away. Deaf been complaining why the hearing don't join our social group, we have no one to blame but ourselves. A case in point, if a host disagree with your viewpoint, they will suspend you from the group, even going as far as asking the manager to remove you from the premise, which is indeed a violation of our civil rights at public facilities. Let me give you one of the examples of abuses on Facebook, an attempt by an host to defame your character by spreading false rumors on the site, and asking each of them to "unfriend" us. One host we know he has an arrest record from the past, the rival host will go on the Internet and print out his mug shot and show us the rap sheet, we really don't care, enough of this drama so move on. In addition, you may receive threatening e-mail, but I advise you all is to save copies, and turn it over to the local police department to investigate the harassment allegation. One may question if that is the "D" thing, no it isn't, it's immaturity.



"Deaf people can do anything, except hear!" Despite doubts, it doesn't stop one Deaf girl from playing the violin. She's an inspiration to us all, we can feel the music! I once play the guitar myself, taking instructions, but never practice. Still, can't avoid the music requirement in junior high school, 7 - 9th grade, refuses to sing but the teacher, knowing me Deaf, just let me learn the musical instruments and its history, while my classmates listen to the Beatles. I admit sometimes I skip the class hopefully never be caught and not only that, if I misbehaved, they send me to the counselor's office, I considered it a break. 

NAD Day (1940)

This is a vintage video of NAD Day at the New York World's Fair, 1940. I'm a life member of the World's Fair Historical Society and will submit it to their collection for preservation. I think this video is also in the Gallaudet archives and was once featured in Deaf Mosaic.


The government is coming out with the new redesigned $100 bills, it has security features that will prevent counterfeiting, but I just want to point out that on the reverse side, the numeral is large enough so those with blindness can know its denomination. ADA requires that even our currencies be accessible, so it's a step in the right direction. Let's do a bit of imagination here, what about having a watermark ASL sign "1C" in the bill, any takers?


I think that mayor, Gayle McLauhlin, got a lot of guts (or nerves) to stand up to the banking industries taking advantages of those whose homes in her city, Richmond, California, went underwater, resulting in a rash of foreclosures, when they refuses to renegotiate their mortgages. She is taking an unusual approach to the crisis, threatening to use the power of eminent-domain to purchase these homes at market value, and provide an affordable alternative, with a group of investors participating, earning a reasonable return. I support the idea, despite the fact that they may retaliate against the city refusing the give credits to any future development projects on top of potential lawsuits. We got a problem, we need creative solutions!

Rosie the Riveter

Many Deaf, including women, works in the aircraft factories during WWII, replacing the men who gone overseas. Anyway "Rosie the Riveter" is actually a song and just heard that there in one still on the job, Elinor Otto, age 93, working at a Boeing plant in California inserting rivets into a C-17.
She started at 65 cents a hour, now earns $38 dollars an hour, stll going strong after all these years, while most of us are collecting our pensions. Deaf Anthology honor all the "Rosies" that serve our country on the home front.


Mozzeria - Deaf Pizzeria

I'm ate at Mozzeria, the Deaf owned pizzeria in the Mission district next week with my sister. I found this video on the Internet, so just think of it as a Chinese commercial (with subtitles), Mozzeria certainly  will attract Deaf foreigners to San Francisco. California here I come!


The American dream is still alive, only that we are downsizing our homes. This coming weekend at the Orlando Home Show there will be two tiny homes on display, so just imagine what's like living in a home that's only 160 square feet. I wouldn't mind living in one out in the wilderness, just as long it meet my basic needs. The savings would allow me to afford to travel around the world rather than being tied down.


Water Pavilion

It's very hot and humid in Zaragoza, Spain, so I visited the digital water pavilion at the world's fair (Expo 08). I thought it's really cool, and we need something like that here to hang out, to satisfied our thirsts and hunger.



Republican Senator Ted Cruz from the redneck state of Texas fails to get himself into the Guinness World Book of Records trying to break the filibuster  record set by racist Strom Thurmond who opposes the Civil Rights Act. The Republicans are wasting their time to repeal Obamacare as least 42 times when there are other matters of importance that needs our attention. I strongly believe in universal health care, the rights of all Americans to affordable health insurance. Obamacare is just exactly that, that Obama cares about our American people. The Republicans may regret passing the bill in the first place, so rather than complaining, come up with some suggestions to improve the Affordable Care Act, making it more agreeable to both parties, as we already got the best health facilities in the world, so why not a pool best health insurance, with wide range of policies  available with premiums that are affordable to all Americans. It's not socialism, that argument is irrelevant  because we already got such entitlement programs as Social Security, Medicare, etc.  Congress is creating the redlines themselves, not agreeing to anything, causing the gridlock in Washington. It will be a political genocide if the Republicans succeed in wiping out the middle class. I'm surprise to find that Senator Cruz is illiterate, not understanding the message of Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham" which is that we should not reject anything we haven't tried. Our first obligations is to pay our bills, so do the right thing, increase our debt ceilings, it's not worth to lead our country to bankruptcy. The only way to control our national debts is to get rid of all the lobbyists, abolish PACs, eliminate earmarks, and grant the President use line-item veto power. If we can't get our act together, then perhaps it's time to amend the Constitution to allow dissolution of Congress. 



A Deaf individual, a blogger, been complaining that he must show his driver's license to participate in the Deafnation Expo, I know it's a hassle, but most of us already registered online, so it's no big deal to be upset over it, unless you don't want to admit your driver's license been suspended because of your DUI conviction, so don't drink and drive. A state photo ID is also acceptable. Your student ID is not acceptable as it doesn't contain the information requested. Your privacy is protected; the success of the Deafnation Expo is determined on how many Deaf attends, that will set the advertising, booth rates, and its ability to attract sponsors, etc. The irony is this, the Deaf complaining about giving their addresses at the registration, but willingly given them out to all the exhibitors inside, hoping to win prizes, it's a marketing ploy.   



"I thought you were dead!" That's exactly what my friend told me when I met him at the Deafway II. I know that he's not being insensitive to my feelings, he meant we haven't seen each others since our days at Gallaudet. When he, a heavy smoker, died of lung cancer, I think back of that comment. I admit I felt a sense of relief when another died of a massive heart attack, meaning he taking his grudge against me to the grave with him. One vlogger has an enemy list, recently found out one has pancreatic cancer, made an "insensitive" comment, no need to add any more labels to it, one is enough, really can't wait to scratch off his name. One's lifespan can be shorten by such "insensitive" comment, but really no need to be in an anger mood if we already know his character, so you should kinda expect that. Just be thankful it's not an eulogy. We all got skeletons in our closets, so why fear being exposed of the fact. Gossips among the Deaf is just that. I can't scream to stop the world from spinning. Often when an individual post his "insensitive" remarks, probably also has a "death wish" himself. I ain't got much faith but to pray that he'll be in remission, so he'll be on his nerves a bit longer. I question our purpose of being on this world, the only way to escape the reality of death is live the fantasy life of being immortal. I meant no disrespect but this vlogger is damn good, knowing his stuff, it's the controversially that attracts me, earning my respect while most of us may be impatient. Deafies loves drama, but I accept all bloggers just being themselves, not trying to be judgemental, as long we can freely agree/disagree whatever being discussed at the moment. The only thing negative, a weakness, about me is that I tend to use sarcasm, perhaps I'm guilty of being insensitive myself. Criticism is not my bag, it's just my personal opinion on this subject.


The flu season is here so it's time to get a flu shot. You can get it at your primary care doctor, but if you want to avoid the co-payment so you can afford that pizza, check with your local health department, maybe they offer free flu shots. Deafies loves freebies! In our area, the Centra Care Centers at Hunter's Creek is offering free flu shots this Wednesday at noon while supplies last, I think I'll take advantage of that opportunity. Yes, I'm brave enough!


Fall Preview

Every year I always pick up the "Fall Preview" issue of TV Guide listing the lineup of new shows on the networks. Anyway, one of my favorite childhood programs is "Lassie" and remember there were no captioning in those days but we all know when the collie starts barking, it meant that Timmy in trouble. I wonder what became of him, will read his biography whenever I get the chance.


Star Trek

"Beam me up, Scotty!" This is a demonstration of the world's first teleportation system, a working model, never thought it will happen in our lifetime, or is it an illusion?


Columbia is Florida's oldest restaurant, every year during its anniversary, the menu is set at its 1905 prices when it was first established in Ybor City, by Cuban immigrants.
This is the place I hang out in downtown Celebration, enjoying its world-famous Spanish crusine, especially the salad, like the "good ole days!"


Chicken & Yellow Rice “Ybor” – $2.95
Boliche (eye round of beef) – $2.95
Merluza “Russian Style” – $2.95
Columbia’s Original “1905” Salad® – $1.95
Spanish Bean or Cuban Black Bean Soup: cup – 50 cents or bowl 75 cents
Sangria: glass – 95 cents or pitcher – $4.95
Flan – 50 cents
Richly brewed American coffee – Five cents


Deaf Institution

Do you remember when you send off your Deaf child to a bus stop to send him off to the Deaf school. Now your Deaf child is grown-up and taking off for Gallaudet.


Signs of America (SOA)

 Deafies behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War didn't have any access to the Voice of America (VOA), being isolated from what's happening around the world, except for what being feed to them on the state controlled media. VOA is still broadcasting nowadays, but it's interesting to note that they are captioning its videos, which allows foreigners to learn English as a second language. These two videos that I'm posting here are Deaf related, on language skills and educational technology.  I think these videos from the Voice of America (VOA), with its English subtitles, is an excellent educational tool  on various issues of importance, such as agriculture, economics, education, health, lifestyle, and technology, etc. I just recently watch one of their video on the "world population" subject and learned that India will soon surpassed China as the most populous nation on earth. Perhaps we should have "Signs of America" (SOA) segments, using Gestuno, on its programming list to reach out to the Deaf.


Walt Disney

"It all started with a mouse," so while out there in California, I'll check off my bucket list after visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum. 


MasterChef Junior

It's the kids worst nightmare, being in a kitchen with George Ramsay, the chef from hell. I bet the parents are nervous. Who burnt the beef?

Instramural Sports

In middle school, we play intramural sports but when the coach divide us in teams, half of us take off our shirts. That's why I don't join the swim team, as I ain't taking off my trunks.


Yes, the Russians are our friends, they donated this memeorial known as the "Tear Drop" to honor the victims of terrorism on 9/11, it didn't recieve much press coverage as we are so preoccupied with Syria. The memorial is just across the Hudson where the WTC once stood.



Floriade is an international horticultural exposition held every ten years in the Netherlands. Although it's not a world's fair in a sense but it's sanctioned by the Paris-based Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) because of its classification.


Comments are feedbacks, an opportunity to express your opinions, however those without profiles are deleted. Those without profiles is the same as being anonymous. Comments are temporarily posted.


I didn't expect much when I went to the Priceline website to purchase a ticket to California, but Virgin America accepts my offer, saving quite a bit. I can avoid the baggage fees purchasing what I need when I arrive, some even ship ahead. Timing is critical, so I will be there during the Deafnation Expo. I rather get around on Bart, rather than renting a car, saving on gas, and not having to deal with traffic. A couple of museums, a movie, and dining out is on my bucket list, more on that later. I'm looking forward to being with my sister, California here I come! 


Old Spanish Sugar Mill

I thought it's cool that you can take your family to a state park on a weekend, enjoy the nature hike, swimming, canoeing and best of all, cooking your own pancakes at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill on site.


I just can't figure it out, why are cable charging us a fortune offering us Internet service at 10 mbps when you can surf the Internet free using Wi-Fi at a local Starbucks at a faster speed of 54 mbps. It doesn't make sense.


My elementary school principal is also a camp director, we went to New York to be on a children television program, "Wonderama," which is broadcast on Sundays. The principal point out to the producers at me, and the host, Sonny Fox, selected me to to repeat a phrase, after several retakes, they cut the tape, but being deaf, my voice inaudible, so they let me play on a team instead. It's an experience of a lifetime, seeing yourself in black and white on screen.


I'm looking forward to the fall premiere of "Scared Straight" with its NFL casts, our youths needs good role models.


Rock Gospel

Rock Gospel, along with the Sons of Thunder, a popular Christian group in its day, performing in signs to the Deaf around the world. Daniel Pokorny, my pastor, asked me to design a flyer for its last gig  at Gallaudet before it fade away into history.


Coca-Cola, it's the real thing but unfortunately it comes from Mexico where pure sugar cane makes it taste better than those bottled here in America.

Grand Rajah

greekly.com greek graphicsgreekly.com greek graphicsgreekly.com greek graphicsI didn't survive the hazing as a pledge of Theta Nu Tau (ONT) fraternity at Gallaudet but criticism aside I am proud of my late Deaf brother-in-law, Wright ('49), formerly the Grand Rajah of the Kappa Gamma fraternity. It's about time we respect our Kappa Gamma brothers in our blogs, their rituals are irrelevant, it's the content of their character that matter.


Deaf Son

Parents had to wrestle with making a decision between oralism and ASL after finding out that their son is deaf (or Deaf), and the father, himself a filmmaker, produce a documentary (CC) that originally air on PBS.

Kappa Gamma Rocks!

The deaf oralist on the Gallaudet campus that join the Kappa Gamma fraternity has established their own rock bank now on a world tour recruiting new students to Gallaudet by making them Deaf, don't miss them on MTV, check your local listing. Kappa Gamma Rocks!


A Russian Deaf motorcyclist, Yarets, finally completed his journey around the world and returned home to Minsk. I let him stay in my condominium in Milwaukee a week, got an address from my stepson, Denis, at MSSD, then he left for Alaska, not expecting to see him again. Yes, he returned to stay another week after his accident in Illinois, hit by a truck that destroyed his Czech motorcycle, being laid up in a local hospital a few months with broken bones. The Americans raised funds to purchase him a new motorcycle, not a Harley, to continue on with his dream.


It's About Time

This is one of my favorite programs during my childhood. "It's About Time" ran only one season on CBS, it's about a couple of astronauts that went back in time to the stone age, and in an attempt to boost their sagging ratings, reurning with these cave dwellers.


When I was a kid, my sister took me to Freedomland, a theme park in the Bronx, it was so big that I practically got lost.Disney felt betrayed when someone he trusted left to built a Disneyland copycat in New York City, an unsuccessful venture that went bankrupt, now the site of high-rise apartments.
I think the Great Chicago Fire is the highlight of Freedomland.



The wildfires out west are threatening our national parks, firefighters are at it days and nights, but nature is not a force to be reckon with, drought is the major causes, it only take a lightning to ignite it. I was just wondering if it's possible to laid out an automated sprinkler system in our national forest, is it feasible, prevention may be the key.

Jerry Lewis

A rare footage of the film, "The Day the Clown Cried," recently surfaced in the Netherlands, it's a Jerry Lewis film that he directed  but it was never released. The film is based on a true story of Helmut Doork, an German clown who was forced to perform for the Jewish children in the concentration camp, leading them to the gas chambers. This World War II film is one of the hundreds, if not thousands, hidden away in the vaults, never seen by the public.



Where were you on the day that Martin Luther King gave his famous "I have a Dream" speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, people in the media are sharing their testimonies of their experiences during the "March to Washington," a half century ago this week. We are are aware of his contribution to the American civil rights movement, but still yet not heard from any single Deaf individual who was there at that historic event. Any Gallaudet students participants, any Deaf blacks from the South involved, was there an interpreter available on site. What was the attitudes then of Deaf Americans in those days, were they ignorant to the facts that the world is changing before their eyes.  


Red Line

The President is stuck, his reputation is at stake now that the red line been crossed in the sand, got two options; to take actions, perhaps a strike to teach Syria a lesson, or ignore the genocide that can't escape our conscience after watching the nightly news. Our gunboat diplomacy days are over, we got enough problems of our own, so let the UN do its job of investigating the recent incident, pass resolutions condemning the the regime, and still unable to intervene due to the veto power of  Russia. Let our defense contractors earn a tidy profit of supplying arms to the rebels who may one day turn against us. The freedom fighters of today are the terrorists of tomorrow. It's time that America shed its image as an imperialistic empire.

Kappa Gamma Row

The city council approves a request to change a portion of West Virginia Avenue to Kappa Gamma Row, allowing Gallaudet to expand its campus to include vintage townhouses that the fraternity quietly  been purchasing over the years using bequests from estates of its fiercely loyal brothers. Kappa Gamma is a moniker for Kendall Green, according to the Grand Rajah, upholding its traditions of providing generations of Deaf leaders.


Sales Tax

In several states, often during a weekend, parents have an opportunity to save on sales tax when they purchase school supplies. That's a major reason why states are shutting down Deaf schools after losing millions in potential revenues.


At Gallaudet, during orientation, new incoming Freshmen are advised not to start partying when they hit the books, but until after all their overprotective moms leave campus.


Underground Railroad

Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profileLunch Period (Illinois School for the Deaf)
Ed: "Hey, Walter, what you doing this weekend?"
Walter: "I am going hunting with my uncle."
Ed: "You always do many things with your Uncle, seem like you never at home."
Walter: "My mother couldn't communicate with me, my younger brothers and sister doesn't like to interpret for me, my Uncle is the only Deaf in my family, he is my role model."
Ed: "What happened to your father?"
Walter: "My father was shot down over Yugoslavia, they never found his body, I never met my father, it was a one night stand."
Linda: "Have you decided on the topic of your book report?"
Walter: "It's black history month, so my topic will be about Major Merryl David, first black woman to fly the U-2 spy plane during the cold war. Found out she is a Trekkie like me."
Linda: "Sorry, I misunderstood, thought you're writing about Bono and the U2 band, he'll be a good topic anyway, as he's a humanitarian and have donated money to good causes, including us Deaf." (light flashes)
Walter: "I gotten go to PE now, hope you guys sign up for the track team."
Chicago Cabrini Green
Wayne: "Mom, you got a package in the mail."
Mary: "I wasn't expecting anything."
Wendy: "It's from AgBAD." (curious, Mary watches a video that came with the package)
Mary: "Wayne, Wendy, I have good news, I am getting Walter a CI, he will be hearing like us, he can go to school with you this fall, so we'll be a family again."
Wayne: "You know Walter will never accept that, his friends are at ISD, and ASL is his native language, he'll never be socially accepted by his peers at our school, and they won't let him play contact sports, as he'll be a liability risk due to having CI, so forget about it."
Wendy: "Wayne is right, Walter have no residential hearing, so he'll never learn to speak, just like you, you never learn sign language, that's why he spend all his time with our Deaf uncle."
Mary: "Don't talk to me that way, I am going to call Comer Children Hospital and schedule an appointment." (dialing)
Chicago Union Station
Walter: "Uncle Rudy, thank you for picking me up, I'm looking forward to hunting this weekend."
Rudy: "Got ourselves a cabin, let's stop at Gold Coast Dogs, and have a snack, so how was your week at school?"
Walter: "Our wrestling team doing well, maybe one of us will win the state championship this year, just signed up for the track team."
Rudy: "I have been selling Hershey bars at my workplace, hoping to raise enough money so you can go to Japan with your classmates."
Walter: "I'm looking forward to it, just need another thousand, have many penpals at the Miyagi School for the Deaf in Sendai, Japan."
Rudy: "Your mother mentioned that your father was once stationed in Japan, but I am suspicious of everything she told us, since I never met him, so we assume that he's dead."
Wisconsin Northwoods
Walter: "I'm glad I completed my Hunter's Safety Certificate to be able to go with you, regardless I enjoyed all the fishing outings we had, I think it's great to sleep in a log cabin, instead of pitching a tent, the fireplace will protect us from the harsh winter elements, hope to score my first whitetail trophy."
Rudy: "You will, there are plenty of them in the northwoods, when I pick up your backpack and sleeping bag, your mom seem exciting and can't wait to tell you the good news."
Walter: "I wonder what's she is up to now?"
Rudy: "Get your fishing gears. We're going fishing now, we'll have a fish fry tonight!"
Walter: "Love 'em Muskies" (both took an ATV downriver)
Chicago Cabrini Green
Mary: "Hello!" (phone conversation, children listen in)
Dr. Rake: "This is Dr. Rake at the Comer Children Hospital, your Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance approved your request for a CI, I've scheduled a procedure for this Wednesday, we usually CI newborns but my concern is how does Walter feel about it, we have social workers and psychiatrists on our staff that can interview your child, and determines if it's in his best interests."
Mary: "My son, Walter, always wanted to communicate with me and looking forward to being normal." (hangs up the phone after conversation)
Wendy: "Why did you lied to the doctor, you haven't even spoken with Walter yet."
Wisconsin Northwoods
Rudy: "I am proud of you, you bag your first whitetail, a nine point trophy, not bad on your first time hunting, let's go back to the cabin before it get dark."
Walter: "We'll have a great campfire tonight, I love your Deaf folklore's."
Rudy: "We'll have Chicago style Chili tonight!" (Walter collects the firewood, Rudy prepares the chili with his famous secret ingredients)
Walter: "Are you coming to our wrestling match next week?"
Rudy: "I'll be there."
Walter: "I only wish my Mom would be there, too." (bonfire, full moon)
Rudy: "Let's have an initiation ceremony to induct you to a Deaf tribal hunting clan, using their ancient ritual practices. The elements are ten-fold, one being Deaf, having its first game trophy, a bonfire during a full moon, shall we start?"
Rudy: "Remember when you were awoken this morning by the bears, you noticed that they were hungry searching for food, using their sense of smell, that was the first object you saw, from now on, you will be known as Sniffin' Bear.
Walter: "Just like the Indians, they got their names from the first sight at birth, what about you?"
Rudy: "I'm Smokey 'cause I snore like a bear, I am giving you this armband as a symbol of being the best hunter, you can lose it only if any other Deaf bag a bigger whitetail trophy with more than nine points."
Walter: "You ought to start a youth Deaf group, more adventurous than our boy scout troop."
Rudy: "Why not, if we have enough Deaf youth interested, and a sponsor, get them away from the rat race of the urban jungle, here's a special gift, a Bowie knife, that Deaf Smith once used during the Alamo siege."
Walter: "Thanks, Rudy, it's a great tradition to pass on."
Rudy: "Here is the chalice (a cup Chicago chili), it symbolized the blood of the whitetail you sacrificed to our Deaf gods, washes away the sins, and strengthened you, the only thing left to do is for you to do a traditional Deaf tribal dance around the bonfire, and then finally, a tribal mask of Sniffin' Bear will be given to you to remember this occasion."
Walter: "Thanks, Rudy, I will never forget our bonding."
Cabrini Green
Mary: "Did you have a great time this weekend camping with your Uncle?"
Walter: "Yes, Mom, I bag my first whitetail, from now on you can call me Sniffin' Bear, my new nickname."
Rudy: "I gotten go now, thanks for the coffee, see you at the wrestling match."
Mary: "You have an appointment with Dr. Rake this Wednesday, so you'll not be returning to school, I already notified ISD that you'll be absent."
Walter: "Mom, no, I got a wrestling match this week, who's Dr. Rake, he's not my doctor, we always scheduled an annual physicals during the summer."
Mary: "This doctor can change your life..." (Walter angered shut himself out in his bedroom, nailed the tribal mask to the wall)
Comer Children Hospital
Dr. Rake: "Hello Walter, I am Dr. Rake, Ricky here is the hospital staff interpreter, do you know why you are here?"
Walter: "No, my mom didn't say anything about it except whatever it is will change my life."
Dr. Rake: "That's right, you are here for a CI procedure, you will stay overnight, in the morning, we'll take you to the..."
Walter: "I don't want a CI, period. ASL is my birthright,..."
Dr. Drake: "Unfortunately, you're only 12 years old, a minor, your Mom have a right to make those kinds of decisions, no matter what you think."
Walter: "Why, Mom, why did you betrayed me..."
Wayne: "Walter, here's some items, a survival kit, you'll need, I stole the credit cards from Mom, I advised you to escape during the night."
Chicago Summerdale District Station
CNN: "This is a late-breaking report from Chicago's Comer Children Hospital, a 12 years old Deaf child has escaped overnight to avoid a CI procedure scheduled for this morning, an nationwide amber alert is in effect, Chicago police are investigating the incident, we'll have a news conference shortly at Summerdale..."
Illinois State Wrestling Tournament
Sheriff: "We have a warrant for your arrest, would you please come down to the station for questioning."
Rudy: "I have a right to a lawyer and an interpreter."
Sheriff: "Kidnapping a child is a felony, we want to know where Walter is?"
Rudy: "I came all the way to Jacksonville for this, and I have no idea what's the hell you talking about."
Sheriff: "Your sister claims you have kidnapped Walter from the Comer Children's Hospital overnight when he was scheduled to have a CI procedure in the morning, hold (answering phone), you have an alibi, we just got videos that your nephew used the subways alone, and also withdrawn money from an ATM, enough to be on the road months, if not days."
McHenry County, Illinois
Rudy: "What are you doing hiding in my apartment the police were looking all over for you, there is an Amber Alert in effect."
Walter: "Rudy, I don't want a CI."
Rudy: "Here's what I will do I will call a Deaf lawyer to represent you, a priest will come pick you up so you can hide in a Church sanctuary, in the meantime, I will contact my friends to set up an underground railroad of safe houses." (priest pick up Walter and takes him to an undisclosed location)
Old Greenfield, Connecticut
John: "Welcome to our household Walter, this is my wife, Joan, my boys..."
Jason and Jeffrey: "Isn't it cool seeing your picture on milk cartons, you are famous."
Joan: "CNN have just reported that the FBI raided a church in the Cincinnati area, and came up short, but arrested several illegal aliens, and started deportation proceedings against them."
Walter: "My lawyer have just put in a motion for emancipation of a minor, then my uncle may get temporary custody, until the issues are resolved."
Jason and Jeffrey: "Come play with us, we are building a time machine out of legos."
Joan: "CNN is on, Walter's mother being interviewed."
John: "Boys!"
CNN Chicago Affiliate
Mary: "Walter, wherever you are, please come home, we missed you, we love you (siblings in background signing, DON'T), ..."
CNN: "Why you would want to force your child to undergo a CI procedure against his will?"
Mary: "It is my right as a parent make those decisions, I wanted Walter to be normal like us, the Deaf are lepers in our modern society."
CNN: "We now go to McHenry County where Rudy, Walter's uncle lives, Ricky will voice interpret."
Rudy: "We just had a wonderful time last weekend in the Wisconsin northwoods, he just bag his first whitetail, I know he's in good hands within our Deaf community protecting him, using a network of safe houses, our own underground railroad, during the civil war, we free our slaves by providing safe passage from the south, nowadays we must free our Deaf children from the bondage of CI. Walter loves his mother but was rejected at birth, deprived of his birthright, ASL."
CNN: "Here's an update from the courtroom, the federal judge rejected the motion that Walter be emancipated, AgBAD announces a reward of $100,000, ACLU became involved in the case on the mother's side, advocating parental rights, it looks like the odds are against Walter."
Old Greenfield, Connecticut
Walter: "I can't believe my own mother called me a leper." (tears down his cheek)
Joan: "Please answer the door." (doorlight flashes)
John: "Rudy, What a surprise, we didn't..."
Walter: "Uncle Rudy!" (hugs)
Rudy: "Walter, may I introduce you to Steven, this Deaf gentleman, who have the same common interests as you do."
Steven: "Walter, It's nice to see you, I am a friend of your uncle, I met your mother 12 years ago at the Chicago Deaf Club, we had a one night stand, I heard about you in the news, I was unaware that your mother became pregnant, and I had to take a paternity test, I am your father, the court gave me custody of you, the mother declares unfit, finally it's all over."
Walter: "Dad, (crying) I thought you were dead, shot down over Yugoslavia, I love you Dad, thanks for saving me." (hugs)
The mother  appeals the decision, trying to regain custody, the courts are tied up with other cases, so  time is in Walter favor, so once he bacame of legal age (18), he's free to be Deaf forever.

The Mark

NSA Agent: "Gentlemen, it has come to our attention that a Deaf child born two years ago is a threat to our national security, one with the mark, a cochlear implant serial #666 devices." (Department of Justice officials entered the room after briefings at the White House)
FBI: "The President has ordered us to seek that child, have the device removed, or if necessary, eliminate him."
Ginger: "You got to be serious, is the President going to murder every child under the age of two, like King Herod, we shouldn't have elected a fundamentalist in the first place."
FBI Agent: "We have evidences, it's in Revelation 13:18, remember the President have taken the oath on the same Bible, to defend the Constitution of the United States of America."
CNN: "There have been a huge explosive at a plant in New Orleans, sources indicated that they manufacture cochlear implant devices there, OSHA team is on its way." (Meanwhile, FBI agents are raiding children's hospitals across the country, confiscating files of those who had CI implants, airports have been notified to detain all CI Children and their family.)
Ginger: (Gallaudet University campus) "Did you read the New York Times this morning about increase in SIDs...."
Jim: "No, why?"
Ginger: "98% of SIDs are those with CI"
Matt: "...and just last week the Wall Street Journal describes an ongoing SEC investigation on possible conspiracy among drug and CI manufacturers and institutional investors"
Ginger: "Nothing makes sense in our world nowadays."
Jim: "Just heard on CNN that the President is going to address the nation tonight"
Matt: "He's returning from a summit in Canada."
Jim: "Is the government somewhat involved?"
Ginger: "I can't comment on that."
Daniel: (Phoenix) "What's the matter?"
Denise: "Our friends, their child, each one of them, victims of SIDs, all with CIs, and our is only one still alive."
Daniel: "That's unusual, we had a census taker recently asked if we have a CI child, but they only do that once every ten years."
Joan: (Old Greenfield, Connecticut) "You have our tickets for the upcoming Caribbean Deaf cruise?"
Jason and Jeffrey: "When we are going?"
John: "I haven't seen our travel agent yet, she's on vacation as usual."
Joan: "John, are you coming to church with us?"
John: "No, let me finish my script, got a deadline to meet, and boys don't you dare put lottery tickets in the offering plate again."
Jason and Jeffrey: "Sorry about last week, hope the deacon OK, ILY."Pastor: "Faith is not believing what God can but knowing God will..."
Jeffrey: "I hope this sermon not longer than the Oscar telecast" (after church, they pick up a Gatorade with a free coupon)
Ginger: (Gallaudet University campus) "I better go now as I have an appointment with my mentor at NSA." (seven F-18 fighter planes takes off on an undisclosed mission. Two are its way to Tehran. Some to protect the fleet, and another to attempt to shoot down an Iranian drone)
Jim: "Matt and I going to Pentagon City to eat at the California Kitchen, we're taking the Metro."
Ginger: (NSA, Ft. Meade, MD)"Why do you want me to go through all these files looking for a CI child whose names matches the numeral 666, what has that got to do with national security."
Mentor: "Revelation 13:18, the one with the mark shall rule the world, he will be the threat to our national security.
Ginger: "I thought that was a reference to Roman Emperor Nero, you can't be serious, we don't even have one Deaf legislature, let alone a Deaf rule the world."
Mentor: "Since 9/11 we take all matters seriously."
Ginger: "As long as our civil liberties are protected, not abused by the executive branch."
Mentor: "Keep your opinions to yourself, do your job, study hard at Gallaudet, take it one day at a time, your life would be normal."
CNN: "Live from Tehran, there has been a huge explosion at a warehouse northeast of here, there are unconfirmed reports of casualties, mostly Iranian Deaf state employees, the President will address the nation tonight." (Jim received an order to return to the CIA, father send him a text message about an attack in Tehran, he'll contact the American Embassy in Amman for updates)
CNN: "Scientists now investigating whether an unknown virus have caused SIDs among CIs, in Alexandria, Virginia, CI Deaf child, a victim of SID, was buried todayl. The CI device was removed during a break-in during the night, the incident wasn't reported. It appears that the device was to be turned over to FDA for further studies, on the request of CDC, but it was stolen. In Tehran administrators at the downtown Tehran hospital reported that six Deaf Iranian was found dead after undergoing CI procedures, Deaf patients files stolen, authorities are investigating the deaths and trying to determined who may have access to those files.
Jim: (a Deaf Iranian/American hired by the CIA, completes his mission, details classified, and escapes across the border into Turkey) "They are closing the border, meet me up in Basra." (in Dubai, police are investigating the deaths of ten Iranian CI Deaf in their hotel rooms, after applying for student visas from the American Embassy. Their friends indicated they met an American Deaf at the annual Deaf camel racing, police releases a Deaf suspect, also a CIA operative, unable to question him, due to the fact he has diplomatic immunity)
Ginger: (NSA, Ft Meade, Md) "We've narrowed it down to three families that have a CI child whose names matches the numeral #666, one is in Washington, DC but that child already died from SID, the other two, lives in Phoenix and Houston.
Mentor: "I want those files at the CIA."
Jim: "I was watching Jordanian news, they have an sign language interpreter on a screen, I just saw footage of the attack, I can't comment on anything, for security reasons, but you will soon get a postcard from me, I took time out today to visit Petra, meet some Israeli (Mossad) Deaf there, this webcam on my laptop is very convenient to have and also our connection is encrypted, secured, I regret their deaths but our national security at stake, tell everyone I am here as a tourist, not to worry, as interns are not given mission assignments."(Jim unable to keep straight face, eye to eye contact, exchanges ILY, erased hard drive, then go downstairs to have a few beers with his Jordanian Deaf friends, staffers at the Embassy)
Ginger: "Be safe, see you at the Abbey soon"( Agents are keeping tracks of two Russian cargo planes, both on the runway in Cairo, Egypt, with smuggled CI devices bound for Pakistan, on large screens in the situation room at the CIA, also keeping in touch with the Pentagon, which now have AWACS patrolling the Mediterranean Sea with the 7th Fleet)
Samuel: "Just received a letter from our doctor that the files on our child has been confiscated at Houston Children's Hospital"
Susan: "That's where our Daniel had his CI, we shouldn't"t gone through it, I knew something going to happen, we should have listen to those Deaf advocates and not decline Daniel birthright to ASL"
CNN: "Iranian foreign minister declines that the warehouse stores nuclear components, over the wires, we've learned that the WFD has issued a statement condemning the attack which resulted in deaths of Deaf Iranian state employees, the death toll now stands at 88, the President will address the nation tonight at 9/8 PM central, this is CNN Tehran, now back to our desk in Atlanta. " (Jim arrives in Washington, DC, takes the Metro to meet Ginger in the Abbey at Gallaudet, Matt are discussing the Washington Post editorial that further UN sanctions against Iran may provoke war)
CNN: "This is CNN from the Oval Office, our sources tells us that the warehouse attacked this morning was a major distributor of CI devices in the Middle East, the President will address the nation shortly."
President: "My fellow Americans, we have evidences that terrorists are planning several suicide attacks in the USA using these CI devices (holding up a CI device) which can store a significant amount of explosive to cause widespread casualties when detonate, the terrorists have a stockpile of them at a warehouse northeast of Tehran, our F-16s, took off from the USS Lincoln this morning and uses laser guided bombs to destroy the thousands of CI devices, we have evidences that the terrorists have been recruiting the Deaf to have these devices implanted for a suicide mission here in USA, the terrorist are trying to take advantages of a lax in our nation's airport screenings, as those with pacemakers and cochlear implants are exempted from going through airport X-ray detection system, but are now checked more closely individually. We regret the deaths of several Deaf Iranian state employees, but it has been reported that some of them have volunteer to be suicide bombers and have recently applied for a Visa from the American Embassy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The President will do everything to protect Americans here and abroad, the Attorney General here have a statement to make."
Attorney General: "Today the FBI arrested several Deaf Arab immigrants in Detroit, they are suspected of planning a suicide attacks in the USA, they were arrested at Detroit airport before they were to take a flight to Tehran where they were scheduled to have an explosive CI devices implanted, which was imported from the Czech Republic. In addition, the SEC have dropped its investigations of possible conflict of interests of several Institutional investors in CI manufactures and drug companies, since the stock values collapsed after reports of SIDS among CI children." (A Houston newspaper reported the deaths of a family with a Deaf CI child after their minivan went out of control and purge into the river below the bridge, police suspected a homicide because a brake line was sliced, and leaking fluid was found on the roadway)
Ginger: "Did you watch the President speech?" (Gallaudet students are discussing about CI and its potential uses by terrorist)
Jim: "Yes, among my arrival at Dulles, I think I can solve the final section of the encypted codes on the Kryptos sculpture at Langley, it'll be a challenge."
Ginger: "Great!"
Matt: "...and the numeral 666?"
Ginger: "Some people believes it is a mark of the devil who someday will rule the world as prophesied in Revelation 13:18" (TV in Abbey, a live report on CNN of an explosion of a Russian cargo plane on the runway in Cairo. F-18s from the USS Ronald Reagan were unable to shoot down the other cargo plane before it entered Pakistan airspace. However the Delta Force completed the mission by destroying all remaining stocks of CI Serial #666 devices smuggled in a convoy on its way to Al Queda terrorists on the Afghanistan border region. The Kremlin declined to comment on the incident in Cairo, they only acknowledge that the cargo plane was sold to an Iranian business tycoon)
Ginger: "It's unthinkable that a Deaf CI child would grow up to rule the world." (Jim at the CIA stamped the files "Classified" and is satisfied the mission completed)
CNN: "The FDA have ordered that the hospitals suspends CI procedures on children permanently."
Mentor: (NSA, Fort Meade, Md) "The last family with the CI Deaf child was reported missing from the Deaf Cruise in the Caribbean, and presumed to have drowned at sea. The case is now closed."(Deaf family with a CI child, was tipped off by Deaf friends of a government conspiracy against them, decided to go into hiding, not returning to the cruise ship, they will stay in Jamaica, living through the hurricane, and then emigrate to Canada)
Joan: (Old Greenfield, Connecticut) "Tomorrow we have an IEP meeting with MSSD."
John: "We'll just rubber-stamped them as usual."
Joan: "Jim will return to the internship at the CIA soon, I hope he's not involved with the recent Iranian crisis."
John: "We'll never know, anyway, we have a stake in our son future, it was the right choice to send him to MSSD, to have that experiences unavailable anywhere else."
Jeffrey: "Charlie's family had to move, the power lines on the property is causing static interferences on his C.I."
Jason: "Just wait until there's a sunspot."

Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy is just a modern day version of exorcism, parents should love their children regardless of their sexual orientation, they will rather be playing outside rather than in sessions with a psychiatrist, therefore I support laws banning minors from being subjected to these nonsense.


Does having drill sergeants as your referees, wear stripes on your uniforms, throwing hand grenades disqualifies you from playing college football after your tour of duty? I think not, NCAA should be more flexible on this issue, so let the Marines play, we need a few good men on the team!



The Republican National Committee plans to excludes both CNN and NBC from its presidential debates and convention if they went ahead with their "Hillary" documentary and mini-series projects. That's censorship, an attempt to control the media, leading us to totalitarianism.


I just can't imagine being a black butler in the White House during the civil rights era, with a son being an activist, another  in Vietnam, serving drinks while history unfolds before your eyes, living through both JFK and MLK assassinations, and being neutral on issues that affects you personally.


Deaf Beggar

Las Vegas police arrested a homeless man after receiving several complaints of impersonated a "deaf" beggar, actually he's a laid off VRS interpreter, struggling with alcoholism. During questioning, he admitted that his gypsies parents overstayed their visas and left him behind, after being deported back to Romania. ICE agents took him to the detention center, awaiting a hearing before an immigration judge to consider his asylum request, but will nevertheless be denied due to his lengthy rap sheet.

World Expo 2014

The 2014 World Expo will be held in Quigdao, China, it's a class B horticultural exposition, not recognized by  the Paris based International Bureau of Exposition (BIE), the sanctioning body. However, it's still worth a side trip for those planning a vacation into China. The Chinese knows how to put up a show, as they did previously with the Olympics in Beijing and a world's fair recently in Shanghai.



Matjeka, an elephant at a zoo in Tampa has just given birth, so I went online and voted, Mngani, in Swahili meaning "friend," as the new baby's name, isn't he cute!

Steve Jobs

I'm looking forward to seeing this film tonight on the life of Steve Jobs who drop out of college, gain experiences working at Atari, developing the "Breakout" game, and later left to start Apple, a computer that revolutionized our lives, making gadgets that are consumer-friendly.


Victoria Arlen, a teen paralyzed swimmer that set a world record is disqualified from participation in the upcoming Montreal Paralympics because she has hope of being able to walk again someday with treatment in the future.  It doesn't make any sense to me, of their rules that one must be permanently disabled. It's like a Deaf athlete being disqualified to participate in the Deaflympics if he is planning on having a cochlear-implant procedure in the future. Enjoy our life at the moment, forget the past and not worry about the future, accept us as who we are today!


Gallaudet receives a grant from the government to develop the hyperloop system on campus so transport its students between various facilities such as the dormitories and the classroom. This will allow researchers to do a feasibility study and engineers to experiment its potential as mode of transportation in the future, where one day we can travel between Washington and Los Angeles in just a few minutes.


Truckloads of Coca-Cola were stolen from a warehouse here in the Orlando area and what were they thinking; I assume that they were planning on selling them on the black market in New York City, if they passed a law banning beverages over 16 ounces.


We'll probably never know what's the Emperor role in the decision to bomb Pearl Harbor leading us to declare war on Japan, but we do know that he ask his people to laid down their arms, against objections within the military. The Americans seek revenge, but General MacArthur wisely let the Emperor remains on the throne, allowing its people to rise from the ruins.



The State Department has ordered the closing of our emabassies and consulates across the Middle East, after it was discovered that terrorists are renting a DVD, "Olympus Has Fallen," from Redbox, and are attempting to recruit Hollywood screenwriters.


"Home Run"

"Home Run (CC)," a Christian film now being shown across the country at local churches, it deals with alcoholism, how it affects our lives, and in this case a struggling ball player trying to make it to the majors, being an absent father, having anger issues, and growing up in an abusive environment. It takes guts to admit you got a problem, that you are powerless, and to let God be your solution.

Deaf Witch

Rebecca Nurse, a Deaf woman was one of several accused of witchcraft and then executed at the infamous Salem trial of 1692. The villagers testified on her behalf, and was acquitted, but the verdict was overturned after a confession from another defendant that she's one of us.
"I go nobody but God!"
           -Rebecca Nurse


In Silicon Valley, they are developing a new closed-captioning system using an advanced voice recognition software technology within a computer chip implanted on contact lenses giving us instant access to any entertainment venues such as movie theatres, Broadway plays, professional sports, allowing us to participate in any public events, reducing our dependency on interpreters. The device is now being test-marketing in Southern California, so far the responses has been positive.