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Today we had witnessed the siege of the the United States Capitol by Trump terrorists attempting a coup we often seen in "banana republics" of third world countries.
Deaf Anthology condemns those who participated, leaving a blot on our history. God forbids that Trump pardoned them. Any Gallaudet students who participated in the insurrection should be expelled from campus.
On the  Gallaudet campus, the Capitol beyond the iconic Tower Clock was a beautiful sight from my eighth floor room at Clerc Hall, especially at nights.  We had our share of peaceful protests, but nothing this.  Watergate led to Nixon's resignation. Trump needs to be accountable and resign. If not invoke the 25th Amendment. The House of Representatives should go ahead with impeachment proceedings. The Senate should convicts Trump to disqualified him running again for the Presidency. Trump should face reality and concedes after sixty or so frivolous lawsuits claiming that the elections were not legitimate, ignoring the will of the American people. 
Today everything got out of control and yet the President won't condemned their actions. White House officials are resigning, enough is enough.
Georgia ignores Trump's tantrum, and flip the Senate to his dismay. Lobbyists who stand with Trump lost billions of dollars contributing to a loss cause, while laying off millions of blue collar workers after getting a generous tax cuts to buy back their stocks so they can eat steaks on their tables while we stand in lines at food pantries. Americans are dying everyday due to Trump's incompetency. Another thing, our enemies can see our Capitol being vulnerable and may plan on another 9/11 style attack,  putting our nation in jeopardy. Those who objects the elections results today will put a stain on their legacy and loss of political contributions from American corporations.
These terrorists are not patriots and  I agreed with Jimmy Kimmel that they are a bunch of scumbags. I'm going to buy a Trump pinata and fill it up with  hydroxychloroquine pills and smack them with a baseball bat. The Royal Air Force is on alert preventing him from entering the England to play golf at his Scotland resort during a lockdown. Perhaps Trump ought to consider going into exile in the Hermit Kingdom to avoid being extradited to the Hague for crimes against humanity. Putin is offering political asylum to Trump but he has to wait at the Ukrainian border while it's being processed.  Maybe we ought to trade Trump for Snowden at a bridge in Berlin. 
Trump is the grim reaper walking among the swamps collecting Republicans who don't wear masks nor practice safe distance. They are stuck in hell, unable to cast their votes.

"Government of the People, by the People, for the People shall not perish from the earth."
                                                                                                              Abraham Lincoln
 Democracy Survives, Pah!
Revision 1/11/21

This is Smokey stay tuned for the next episode of Deaf Anthology, Good Night Deaf America!

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