Deaf, Autistic and Gay

Cody Skinner is a Deaf, autistic gay man from Brisbane, Australia told the commission that he was hospitalized after having a mental breakdown on the job due to discrimination in the workplace. Cody Skinner, a deaf, autistic, gay man from Brisbane, told a Royal Commission he was hospitalized by a mental breakdown after being subjected to workplace discrimination. In this case, the boss was insensitive toward him, clapping his hands instead of tapping his shoulder to point out a mistake. It causes anxiety, according to a psychologist who accompanied him to meet with the boss who still ignores his numerous futile requests that it's impropriate to clap, making him embarrassed in front of surrounding employees,  Cody also told the commission that he's receiving half the of what others earn for the same job. It doesn't matter if you have a disability or not, it should be the same wages.
Deaf Anthology: This post is a summary of an article written by Matilda Davies from the PinkNews based in the United Kingdom. (1/8/21)

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