Although Americans tourists are banned from entering the country, I went under the journalism category.
It's only an hour flight, Cuban visa can be bought during check-in at the airline counter before departure, just don't forget your passport. I exchanged dollars into their convertible  (CUC) pesos upon arrival. I stayed at an hostel next to the baseball stadium. I focused on videotaping their culture alone rather than being somewhat biased traveling group with their hectic schedule. One day took a Soviet era Lada taxi to outskirts of Havana to visit a Deaf school. They asked me what we Deaf Americans do with our obsolete TTY as we are using VP nowadays, hopefully some organizations will donate those equipment. I felt like was blasted into the past, surrounded by all those vintage automobiles.



We sometimes need a break from our stressful lives, meeting job deadlines, family problems, financial worries, and college exams, etc.I don't meant taking a vacation, that's also stressful enough.
We all need a timeout to do absolutely nothing, not even thinking, setting your mind free, Niksen is popular in the Netherlands among the Dutch, now I know why the Scandinavians lives longer than the rest of us.   


The Roncalli Circus, based in Cologne, Germany are using three-dimensional holograms of elephants, I think it's a great idea, no more dung duty.


The Mustang that Steve McQueen drove in the movie ""Bullitt" will  soon be sold at in an auction.


Let's assume that God gave his angels the pink slips, and uses twitter instead:


Crossword Puzzles

"I am ticked off at Orlando Sentinel for removing my favorite crossword puzzles from its Sundays' Arts & Travel section."


Grandpa got off his rocker to play horsey,
  while Grandma baking us a pie.
 Holding on tight while dodging arrows,
  keep going until our imagination die.
The trails are wide and narrow. 
SAP (11-12/19P100)


"I wish my boss post all his notes on twitter, not expecting me to working overtime printing memos to all our employees"
RD (11/19 P138

CC Quality

I'm concern about the quality of closed-captioning system on our television screen, especially if the captions are left in its place when changing channels and the matter is worse when it remains there several days, frozen like ice until it melt away. Why errors on the digital standard channels while it's perfect on the HD channels, even if both of them are the same station. It's up to us to file a complaint with the station itself, or notified FCC so they can investigate the matter. Our industries have quality control over its products but not its content, the programming is fine but who is in charge of checking its closed-captions in a timely manner, is there an oversight committee in place. We Deafies are consumers, but why are we being neglected in the marketplace.


Cued Speech Myth

Commentary: Cued Speech original purpose was to teach speech to preschool Deaf children using it as a visual aid making it easier to lipread and it was only suppose to be temporary until they are immerse into an ASL environment at the elementary level. It was never intended to be a mode of communication, but somehow it backfired when an audist changes its philosophy. 

Chicago Deaf Hangout

Let's hangout at the world's largest Starbucks in the windy city of Chicago, taking a break from the freezing temperatures outside with a hot cup of fresh roasted coffee.
This is Anthology Adventurers first event of the new year so let's chat the night away.

Deaf Anthology Adventurers
Chicago Deaf Hangout
8 PM - 12 Midnight
Saturday, January 11, 2020
646 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, Illinois

Deaf Anthology Adventurers is seeking a volunteer photographer and a host  of this event, 

Identity Theft

CDHH is sponsoring a workshop on a topic that I think it's important to all of us Deafies, protecting ourselves from Identity Theft. Social media is great, just don't disclose your personal information, passwords,etc.


Sexiest Deaf Man Alive

People Magazine came out this week with a list of sexiest men alive, I don't see any Deaf man on that list. If there is such a category of "Sexiest Deaf Man Alive," I think Lyle DiMarco will come out at top.

I'm sending them an e-mail their editor letting them know that know that: 

"I'm the sexiest reader alive, pah!

Richard Jewell

Clint Eastwood's Richard Jewell is another movie I'm looking forward, it's a story about a security guard that found a suspicious backpack at Centennial Park during the Atlanta Olympics and clearing the area, saving untold lives, being a hero then becoming a terrorist suspect. Just like Brian Banks in my previous blog, with the media tearing him apart, undergoing hours of FBI questionings, and fighting the same injustice. There is a new crop of films worthy of Oscar nominations this season.
Films: Midway (OC)
I'm exercising my rights, per ADA, to see all films in the subtitled ()C) format at the local theater.

Brian Banks

Brian Banks is a college football player falsely accused of rape, plea no contest no knowing that it meant that, in the eyes of the law, he's just as guilty, sentenced to prison when he thought he would get off on probation, putting on hold his dream of ever playing in the NFL. He's innocent, should be on the field, not behind bars, fighting injustice. A lawyer is his quarterback and the judge is the referee. I give this film a thumb-up, now available on DVD at the local Redbox.    


We Deaf learning a new word everyday, maybe you can learn something from reading blogs. Today's word, just in time for Thanksgiving is maize, which simply is another word for corn, I ain't no farmer but at least I learn something. 
I think our Deaf schools should teach us that there are other words that has the same meaning.


There is a lot of Deaf cowboys out there, but most of us never rode a horse, we just wear their jeans, a symbol of America seen around the globe, in Western movies, Marlboro ads, line dancing and  bars playing cars. Now lets get down to business, we Deaf urban dwellers tends to wear Levi because we are Democrats and those Deaf in the rural areas tends to wear Wranglers because they are Republicans. Our nation is divided into Red and Blue states, and that believe it or not, politics does influence consumers' taste, and that includes boardroom decision making where Levi tends to be more liberal, supporting gun control, etc. Wrangler is just the opposite, being more conservative. It just can't be, why don't you take a poll yourself at the next Deaf gathering, asking them their political affiliation matches where they are wearing, then you will see what I mean.
Source: WSJ (11/20-front page).   

Mail Truck

There is a lot of Deaf postal clerks, mail handlers and carriers at the Milwaukee processing and distribution center downtown and at the airport annex. I've heard lots of stories during my career. Here is the latest one, a mail truck diver being chased everyday by a turkey, instead of a dog in the  western suburbs of Pewaukee,  
I used to read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and watch WTMJ daily, checking out a video that gone viral. I hope the turkey survive the upcoming Thanksgiving traditions.



If you are the only person in the whole park in the shade with no trees around, it's because Mercury is passing through overhead, it's not the solar eclipse, just a speck in the sun's eye this morning. 



You remember that movie "Goldfinger" starring Sean Connery as James Bond and wondering what in the title comes from, the author Ian Fleming probably noticed theses new tall skyscrapers going up around him while in London, they were designed by a Hungarian architect, Goldfinger, I thought it was a fictional character, and as a second thought, those skyscrapers aren't made of gold anyway, so why not "Steelfinger." I saw the Aston Martin DB5 sports car at the New York Auto Show as the coliseum.  

Berlin Wall

A press conference, an unintentional answer to a question, suddenly change the world, where the Berlin Wall collapses overnight, Checkpoint Charlie watches the Germans celebrate their newfound freedoms. I'll like to hear the testimonies of those Deaf who crosses the border thirty years ago today. This is probably the only instance where the divided Deaf community united as one. Actually the KGB plans to send in the tanks, but Gorbachev refuses to allow that, letting history unfold itself. Putin was in Dresden at that time, knew it was the beginning of the fall of the Soviet Union, now as its President, trying to reverse course, restore its glory past. A statue of Reagan was was send to Berlin, but the city has no vacant spot to erect the statue so now it stands on the roof of our embassy. 


If you visit London, you may overlook these fences which are used as stretchers during WWII.


There is a new movie out in the theaters now "Midway," lots of action with open-captions available in some areas. I just want to make one comment that this Hollywood blockbuster is financed by the Chinese. Yes, the Doolittle Raid is also mentioned in the film. Anyway, I going out to see the flick on Tuesday, as long as Trump don't get any ideas to add tar riffs  to the tickets.



Isn't it great having a cult spread man's ideology in 1,000 languages that denies the deity of Christ? The truth hasn't set them free yet. They ought to start using ASL (American Sign Language), not "Alternative Sign Language." Communism uses watchtowers in their "reeducation"  concentration camps to indoctrinated them to follow false teachings using corrupted bibles, discouraging us from living a life in the grace of God, being blind unable to question the doctrine. We practice freedom of religion here in America, fought wars to protect our rights at the expenses of pacifists that don't even vote. The Deaf are discourage from attending Gallaudet, life-saving medical treatment, and celebrating the upcoming Thanksgiving, etc. 
Jesus died on the cross, forgiving our sins, giving us hope of external life, in his resurrection.