The Mustang that Steve McQueen drove in the movie ""Bullitt" will  soon be sold at in an auction.


Mail Truck

There is a lot of Deaf postal clerks, mail handlers and carriers at the Milwaukee processing and distribution center downtown and at the airport annex. I've heard lots of stories during my career. Here is the latest one, a mail truck diver being chased everyday by a turkey, instead of a dog in the  western suburbs of Pewaukee,  
I used to read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and watch WTMJ daily, checking out a video that gone viral. I hope the turkey survive the upcoming Thanksgiving traditions.



There is a new movie out in the theaters now "Midway," lots of action with open-captions available in some areas. I just want to make one comment that this Hollywood blockbuster is financed by the Chinese. Yes, the Doolittle Raid is also mentioned in the film. Anyway, I going out to see the flick on Tuesday, as long as Trump don't get any ideas to add tar riffs  to the tickets.



Isn't it great having a cult spread man's ideology in 1,000 languages that denies the deity of Christ? The truth hasn't set them free yet. They ought to start using ASL (American Sign Language), not "Alternative Sign Language." Communism uses watchtowers in their "reeducation"  concentration camps to indoctrinated them to follow false teachings using corrupted bibles, discouraging us from living a life in the grace of God, being blind unable to question the doctrine. We practice freedom of religion here in America, fought wars to protect our rights at the expenses of pacifists that don't even vote. The Deaf are discourage from attending Gallaudet, life-saving medical treatment, and celebrating the upcoming Thanksgiving, etc. 
Jesus died on the cross, forgiving our sins, giving us hope of external life, in his resurrection.