Although Americans tourists are banned from entering the country, I went under the journalism category.
It's only an hour flight, Cuban visa can be bought during check-in at the airline counter before departure, just don't forget your passport. I exchanged dollars into their convertible  (CUC) pesos upon arrival. I stayed at an hostel next to the baseball stadium. I focused on videotaping their culture alone rather than being somewhat biased traveling group with their hectic schedule. One day took a Soviet era Lada taxi to outskirts of Havana to visit a Deaf school. They asked me what we Deaf Americans do with our obsolete TTY as we are using VP nowadays, hopefully some organizations will donate those equipment. I felt like was blasted into the past, surrounded by all those vintage automobiles.



If you are the only person in the whole park in the shade with no trees around, it's because Mercury is passing through overhead, it's not the solar eclipse, just a speck in the sun's eye this morning. 



You remember that movie "Goldfinger" starring Sean Connery as James Bond and wondering what in the title comes from, the author Ian Fleming probably noticed theses new tall skyscrapers going up around him while in London, they were designed by a Hungarian architect, Goldfinger, I thought it was a fictional character, and as a second thought, those skyscrapers aren't made of gold anyway, so why not "Steelfinger." I saw the Aston Martin DB5 sports car at the New York Auto Show as the coliseum.  

Berlin Wall

A press conference, an unintentional answer to a question, suddenly change the world, where the Berlin Wall collapses overnight, Checkpoint Charlie watches the Germans celebrate their newfound freedoms. I'll like to hear the testimonies of those Deaf who crosses the border thirty years ago today. This is probably the only instance where the divided Deaf community united as one. Actually the KGB plans to send in the tanks, but Gorbachev refuses to allow that, letting history unfold itself. Putin was in Dresden at that time, knew it was the beginning of the fall of the Soviet Union, now as its President, trying to reverse course, restore its glory past. A statue of Reagan was was send to Berlin, but the city has no vacant spot to erect the statue so now it stands on the roof of our embassy. 


If you visit London, you may overlook these fences which are used as stretchers during WWII.


There is a new movie out in the theaters now "Midway," lots of action with open-captions available in some areas. I just want to make one comment that this Hollywood blockbuster is financed by the Chinese. Yes, the Doolittle Raid is also mentioned in the film. Anyway, I going out to see the flick on Tuesday, as long as Trump don't get any ideas to add tar riffs  to the tickets.



Isn't it great having a cult spread man's ideology in 1,000 languages that denies the deity of Christ? The truth hasn't set them free yet. They ought to start using ASL (American Sign Language), not "Alternative Sign Language." Communism uses watchtowers in their "reeducation"  concentration camps to indoctrinated them to follow false teachings using corrupted bibles, discouraging us from living a life in the grace of God, being blind unable to question the doctrine. We practice freedom of religion here in America, fought wars to protect our rights at the expenses of pacifists that don't even vote. The Deaf are discourage from attending Gallaudet, life-saving medical treatment, and celebrating the upcoming Thanksgiving, etc. 
Jesus died on the cross, forgiving our sins, giving us hope of external life, in his resurrection. 



Don't worry about anything, instead pray about everything.
                                                                          Philippians 4:6



There is a new bridge in the central mountains of Vietnam held up with a pair of hands.


A Minneapolis deaf man was arrested after getting into an argument with a store clerk who refuses to issue a refund or exchange a battery claiming that it's defective being unreachable. The judge release him on bail after an overnight in jail. The store clerk refuses to press battery charges against him, so the judge was lenient, allowing him to plea on a lesser charge of disorderly conduct, expecting him to volunteer with a local organization that distribute hearing aids and batteries to those with low income while on probation. Also, the judge order him to participate in an anger management class It's just not worth it being charged with battery over an nonchargeable battery. Since being on SSI, he now qualified to receive a supply of free batteries from the organization. I think that deaf guy needs to control his temper.

Osceola County Historical Society

Let's celebrate our local heritage with a reception, we expect an ASL interpreter at the event.


Race Tracks

If PETA has its way, they will banned both horse and greyhound racing but the folks at the Kentucky Derby and other race tracks around the country have a backup plan in place, which may proven to be more popular. I idea was tested recently in Auburn, Washington with tremendous successes.

Deaf Politics Today: Vote

"It is not important who votes, but who counts the votes."
                                                                        Joseph Stalin

Deaf Politics Today: Election Security

Why should the Russians try to hack our Presidential elections, what do they hope to gain from it. They will be better off hiring a lobbyist on their behalf or making a foreign contribution to their corrupt candidates, and also they can establish a political action committee to raise funds. We should worry about those mischievous raccoons as they are most likely to disrupt our elections than our enemies as we got cyber-security system in place to protect our nation. Raccoons are known to cause blackouts chewing on the electrical grids and hopefully it doesn't happen during the primaries or election day.  Secret Service agents once caught a raccoon stealing Jelly Beans from the Oval Office during the Reagan administration, Just recently here in Florida a raccoon got stuck in a vending machine, fattening himself, eating junk food.


Camp Mark 7

Deaf children, now back in schools, are looking forward to returning to Camp Mark 7 in upstate New York.


A young Deaf Chinese couple that met on the Internet are in a wireless relationship apart.


Fate of Deaf churches depends on our faith.



A Deaf man in Maine adopts. Emerson, a Deaf puppy from a shelter, taught him ASL

"Read My Lips"

"Read My Lips" became a famous quote when George Bush promises no new taxes at the Republicans National Convention.


Deaf got talent, these two Deaf boys, Emery and Marshall, are giving us a great performance.

Deaf Politics Today: ICE

There are perhaps thousands of undocumented Deaf immigrants in this country living in fear of being deported. 
This new ASL video explains your rights if ICE visits your home. 

Deaf Metal

Death metal is a musical genre, or is it Deaf Metal as in this Norwegian  commercial.


We usually switch the sun during a solar eclipse, the next one is due April 8, 2024 so mark your calendar.


Deaf Mugshots

I noticed some of our Deaf vloggers are ex-cons with long rap sheets, busted for drugs, frustrated in finding a decent job, and blaming audism.

Deaf - ish

Let's tackle a tough new subject, Deaf - ish, a new popular culture word I want to introduce to our vocabulary.  In our popular culture, Black - ish is a new  ABC television sitcom involving an African -American family dealing with the same sociopolitical issues that we Deaf are struggling with. Let's get into some details here, -ish is a suffix that identified the language and country we come from, such as being from England, speaking English. Same with being from Spain, speaking Spanish. Those Deafish MSSD are our bitter football rivals. The second definition is an adjective describing what it looks he looks like which can be used this way in a sentence: That guy is a foolish spending all his life savings on gambling. In our case we can use the word Deafish this way: That Deafish interpreter's Deaf parents are on the cruise with us. The third definition is a little more difficult used this way: The meeting will start at sixish (around six o'clock), Food will be served at eight, "Deafish time" Deafish to me is a Deaf thing!

Wisconsin: AB250

Isn't is great if your state legislator is fluent in ASL introducing a bill on the floor that improves on the interpreters' issue.   


There are only three countries in the world that don't uses the metric system of measurement:
United States of America, Liberia and Myanmar 

Deaf Politics Today: Gun Control

Yes, guns don't kill people. Words has killed more people than guns, I've seen them everywhere, it started with an argument, on the playgrounds, in the bars, on the streets, on our jobs and even in our homes. Bullying is the cause of school shootings, drunkenness is the cause of  bar bawl, gangs defending their turfs are the cause of violence on our streets, confrontations with your boss, and your husbands being unfaithful. Our police got a handful, and we don't need the President's tweets are making things worst, encouraging white trash to load up, and blasting us away. The President wants legislation to prevent those with mental illness from purchasing a gun. Hold it right there, aren't the mentally ill the ones that hearing voices in their head or the President's rhetoric. The NRA misuses the Constitution to defend their rights to bear arms, and I'm calling Thomas Jefferson from beyond the graves to spend a few moments with us to clarify their intentions when they wrote it, "we the colonists were at war with England, we got a ragtag militia, a few Deaf minutemen here and there, keeping their arms at home when off duty, protecting ourselves from Indians on our movement westward, and it comes in handy with horse thieves. We uses our pistols to settle a score in a  duel. We uses it mostly to hunt and protect our property. Thanks for taking me to your gun shows, those AK-47, wish we had them at Concord and Lexington, you don't need them in your household,  they are so dangerous that someone with a grudge can kills hundreds of innocence people in a minute. We minutemen takes several minutes to load up our muskets with gunpowder and a lead ball. I took Thomas Jefferson, to see the Hamilton play. Ben Franklin joins us, discussing gun controls during intermission, his wisdom is that he agrees with that ads he happenstance to see on a billboard on Broadway,  'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," also applies to assault rifles and high capacity ammo being stored in the military where it belongs. He acknowledge criminal have guns, so does the Indians have axes, so what, you got a police force that "serves and protects" us all, keeping us all safe. 
If you need a registration to own a car, the same applies in gun ownership. If you need a permit to drive that car, the same  applies with guns, If you need to pass a driver's test, the same  applies with guns. If you need to take driver's education classes, then you should also take gun safety classes. If you need insurance on your car, then gun liability should be part of your home insurance policy. Prevent thefts, lock up your car and do the same with your guns. There are four category of gun ownership: collectibles, sports, hunting and home protection that information be be checked on your permit. You can be arrested if you try to get away with hunting when your permit limits you to home ownership. Driver's license has restrictions, so does gun permits. Anyone declined a permit after a background check can appeal requesting an interview with the local sheriff with a background in psychology. Background checks includes both fingerprint and DNA sampling that becomes part of a national database. I want to thank Thomas Jefferson for being able to socialize with us Deaf and leaving before the grim reaper notice his absence.  I don't know where Ben is, he was last seen flying a kite, we are expecting a thunderstorm tonight.

Legal Aid Society

Legal Aid Society will be discussing two major issues, housing discrimination and advanced directives so I encourages the Deaf Floridians to attend as we can benefit from this upcoming workshop in the fall, it's also an opportunity to socialize, making new friends. I know that Palm Beach got a great, strong Deaf community down there and the only obstacle I face is that is live within the state far. far away.


Deaf Politics Today: Memo

There are several conflicting news articles and television broadcasts about Trump visiting a Shell chemical plant now under construction on the Ohio River outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
The Deaf thinks that workers are forced to attend the event or wouldn't be paid. That isn't so, according to Deaf Anthology research into the matter.
The topic of Trump speech is energy, I think it appears to be more of a campaign rally than an official White House visit. Once again, speaking off the cuff, ignoring the teleprompter. That meant, unfortunately, that our taxes, not the campaign are paying the expenses of gassing up the Air Force One, cases of hand sanitizers, tuning up the Presidential limousine and Secret Service protection, etc. The town, Main Street boarded up, are left behind unreimbursed  for services rendered.
Attendance is not mandatory, which meant that you are not required to attend the event. If it's your day off, then don't worry about it, you can read all about it the next morning papers or on the evening news, or even here in this new Deaf Anthology Deaf Political Today blogs.
Shell held training days several times a year for its workers, with several speakers, mostly about safety in the workplace, often boring lectures, until the President with his unpredictable character came to town along with vendors of MAGA red caps to sell. There is excitement in the air, everyone well-behaved, as you don't want to be fired protesting while on the clock. If you work a full shift, you'll get overtime pay, but if you decided not to to stay when President is there, you can take personal time off, being excused so it will not count against you. Shell hires several contractors, so one of them may have issue that controversial memo without management knowledge. If the blue collar workers think the whole thing unfair, he can file a grievance with his union steward, and they will investigate the matter which I think is discrimination due to political affiliation, and the issue resolved without going to arbitration, having a letter of mutual letter of understanding agreed upon and attached to the contract, so what's the big deal. 

Florida Kids & Family Expo

Deaf Anthology encourages Deaf families to attend the Florida Kids & Family Expo this weekend, you'll all have a great time together.

Florida Film Academy

Parents of Deaf children who wants to be an animator, Hollywood film director, editor or actor, etc. should attend the upcoming an open house to gather information about their program.
Open House

Florida Film Academy

August 10th or 24th
10 AM - 3 PM
Florida Film Academy's Backlot Studio
1261 Winter Garden Vineland Rd, Suite #220, Winter Garden

Optical Workshop

We'll be having an "Optical Workshop" this coming Monday night, August 19th at the local library.

Silence World

There are perhaps thousands of us Deaf vloggers out there sharing their stories, among them is Mario Afonso with a message.


Trump won the Presidency, concentrating on Michigan, within the "Rust Belt" which his strategy to move into the White House. This time around, he is now focusing on Florida, his new strategy to avoid the eviction notice. If the Democrats can't get their act together, the Latinos, despite problems at the border, will regret their voting the Republican slate of candidates, feeling betrayed by Trump 's propaganda. You heard it here, you been forewarned,


President Trump wants to buy Greenland but Denmark taken aback, refuses to sell.

Now More Than Ever

I remember that a Deaf child was in one of President Nixon campaign poster.


Speed Trap

My Deaf stepson and his friends earns a lot of money working together as a team in a speed trap zone, with one carrying a "cops ahead" sign and the other carrying a "tips here" sign down the road. That's why the state trooper hasn't caught any speeders today. 


Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.
Aristotle, Greek philosopher

Deaf Grassroots

I bought this "Deaf Power" t-shirt at a Deafnation Expo and worn it at our Deaf Grassroots rally, warning our politicians not to forsaken us.


I didn't expect much when I went to the Priceline website to purchase a ticket to California, but Virgin America accepts my offer, saving quite a bit. I can avoid the baggage fees purchasing what I need when I arrive. Timing is critical, so I will be at the DeafNation Expo while visiting my family in San Francisco . On Priceline, I also booked a hotel, unknowingly that it was an official hotel of DeafNation paying less than their rates. I rather get around on Bart, not having to deal with traffic, we we Deafies pays half fares. The national parks were shutdown due budget impasses in Congress, but the Walt Disney museum was open. My Deaf stepson took me to Napa valley to enjoy wine tasting then return to have dinner at the Mozzeria, Deaf owned Italian restaurant. 

Deaf Horoscope

Horoscope been around since ancient times as man seek guidance from the stars.
ARIES: Your court appearance have been postponed once again for a parking ticket you got in 1962 because they still couldn't find an interpreter for you.
TAURUS: Replace the garbage disposal that burned out while you were on vacation.
GEMINI: "I wasn't speeding," but the sheriff stopped you asking that your muffler needs to be replaced, rattling our peaceful town.
CANCER: Your neighbors start moving out after your children set up a rock band, practicing in the basement.
LEO: You read a blog about a Deaf woman describing her affairs with several men, not realizing that it's your wife.
VIRGO: Your Deaf pastor wanted to know why you donated $500 to Gallaudet, nothing to the church.
LIBRA: You stopped contact with your mistress after your daughter got a job as a relay operator.
SCORPIO: Isn't your fault if the factory blown apart, not being trained to handle hazardous materials since they refused to provide an interpreter at safety talks.
SAGITTARIUS: The family enjoyed free open-captioned movies every week, with "We're sorry..." passes for the delays after forgetting to turn it on.
CAPRICORN: You were terminated after 15 years on the job for 15 seconds of fame on local news your boss watch on the day you call in sick attending an AFA rally.
AQUARIUS: Got off in Dublin instead of Detroit, no wonder your flight so long, free vouchers to get drunk at the local pub, and a meal of corned beef and cabbages.
PISCES: "Show me your, and I will show you mind," the nude model at tonight's painting class was the same interpreter at your prostate exam.
ARIES: Your court appearance have been postponed once again for a parking ticket you got in 1962 because they still couldn't find an interpreter for you.
TAURUS: Replace the garbage disposal that burned out while you were on vacation.
GEMINI: "I wasn't speeding," but the sheriff stopped you asking that your muffler needs to be replaced, rattling our peaceful town.
CANCER: Your neighbors start moving out after your children set up a rock band, practicing in the basement.
LEO: You read a blog about a Deaf woman describing her affairs with several men, not realizing that it's your wife.
VIRGO: Your Deaf pastor wanted to know why you donated $500 to Gallaudet, nothing to the church.
LIBRA: You stopped contact with your mistress after your daughter got a job as a relay operator.
SCORPIO: Isn't your fault if the factory blown apart, not being trained to handle hazardous materials since they refused to provide an interpreter at safety talks.
SAGITTARIUS: The family enjoyed free open-captioned movies every week, with "We're sorry..." passes for the delays after forgetting to turn it on.
CAPRICORN: You were terminated after 15 years on the job for 15 seconds of fame on local news your boss watch on the day you call in sick attending an AFA rally.
AQUARIUS: Got off in Dublin instead of Detroit, no wonder your flight so long, free vouchers to get drunk at the local pub, and a meal of corned beef and cabbages.
PISCES: "Show me your, and I will show you mind," the nude model at tonight's painting class was the same interpreter at your prostate exam.

Tree of Life

The Unisphere was the symbol of the 1964/65 New York World's Fair.
Now fifty years later, the Tree of Life is the symbol of the Milan World's Fair

Fall Foliage

Enjoying the fall foliage along the Connecticut River on the Valley Railroad with dinner abroad. 


Mickey Mouse is our idol, that's why our family and friends rather be in the theme parks than visiting us.

Golden Spike

It's unbelievable that this Deaf hiker, heading West alongside the tracks suffers no injuries whatsoever, not even a scratch. "All I can remember is that I picked up a golden spike and held it, when I felt the vibration underneath me, and then, in fear, facing the inevitable as the California Zephyr which ran through my body as if I was invisible." Amtrak unable to explain the paranormal event, nevertheless decided not to press charges for trespassing, citing he's "lucky to be alive." The Deaf suspects the ghosts of the Deaf Chinese railroad laborers saved his life.


A twelve years old Deaf British boy with an IQ of 162 recently join the Mensa organization, an organization of geniuses. 


This symbol, a fish, identified Christian gatherings during the Roman Empire.


"I thought you were dead!" That's exactly what my friend told me when I met him at the Deafway II. I know that he's not being insensitive to my feelings, he meant we haven't seen each others since our days at Gallaudet. When he, a heavy smoker, died of lung cancer, I think back of that comment. I admit I felt a sense of relief when another died of a massive heart attack, meaning he taking his grudge against me to the grave with him. One vlogger has an enemy list, recently found out one has pancreatic cancer, made an "insensitive" comment, no need to add any more labels to it, one is enough, really can't wait to scratch off his name. One's lifespan can be shorten by such "insensitive" comment, but really no need to be in an anger mood if we already know his character, so you should expect that. Just be thankful it's not an eulogy. We all got skeletons in our closets, so why fear being exposed of the fact. Gossips among the Deaf is just that. I can't scream to stop the world from spinning. Often when an individual post his "insensitive" remarks, probably also has a "death wish" himself. I ain't got much faith but to pray that he'll be in remission, so he'll be on his nerves a bit longer. I question our purpose of being on this world, the only way to escape the reality of death is live the fantasy life of being immortal. I meant no disrespect but this vlogger is damn good, knowing his stuff, it's the controversially that attracts me, earning my respect while most of us may be impatient. Deafies loves drama, but I accept all bloggers just being themselves, not trying to be judgmental, as long we can freely agree/disagree whatever being discussed at the moment. The only thing negative, a weakness, about me is that I tend to use sarcasm, perhaps I'm guilty of being insensitive myself. Criticism is not my bag, it's just my personal opinion on this subject. 


Republican Senator Ted Cruz from the redneck state of Texas fails to get himself into the Guinness World Book of Records trying to break the filibuster  record set by racist Strom Thurmond who opposes the Civil Rights Act. The Republicans are wasting their time to repeal Obamacare as least 42 times when there are other matters of importance that needs our attention. I strongly believe in universal health care, the rights of all Americans to affordable health insurance. Obamacare is just exactly that, that Obama cares about our American people. The Republicans may regret passing the bill in the first place, so rather than complaining, come up with some suggestions to improve the Affordable Care Act  as we already got the best health facilities in the world, so why not a pool best health insurance, with wide range of policies  available with premiums that are affordable to all Americans. It's not socialism, that argument is irrelevant  because we already got such entitlement programs as Social Security, Medicare, etc.  Congress is creating the red lines themselves, not agreeing to anything, causing the gridlock in Washington. It will be a political genocide if the Republicans succeed in wiping out the middle class. I'm surprise to find that Senator Cruz is illiterate, not understanding the message of Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham" which is that we should not reject anything we haven't tried. Our first obligations is to pay our bills, so do the right thing, increase our debt ceilings, it's not worth to lead our country to bankruptcy. The only way to control our national debts is to get rid of all the lobbyists, abolish PACs, eliminate earmarks, and grant the President use line-item veto power. If we can't get our act together, then perhaps it's time to amend the Constitution to allow dissolution of Congress. 



Does having drill sergeants as your referees, wear stripes on your uniforms, throwing hand grenades disqualifies you from playing college football after your tour of duty? I think not, NCAA should be more flexible on this issue, so let the Marines play, we need a few good men on the team!


Singapore is next on my bucket list, it'll be cool to walk through these "super-trees"
at this national park, Gardens at The Bay, which is on 250 acres of reclaimed land.

Credit Card Dispute

I suspected my doctor trying to pass the costs of an ASL interpreter with out my knowledge. My health insurance, BC/BS, requires only a $30 co-payment which I paid at the office, given a receipt. I noticed a $150 charge on my credit card statement, and immediately call the credit card company via VP to dispute the charge. They assume it's a billing error, I think not. I faxed them a copy of the receipt to them and during investigation resolved the case in my favor.


I'm now suffering from a bout of insomnia. I work the night shift at the airport postal facility in Milwaukee until my retirement.

I shouldn't be napping in the afternoons, drinking ice cold real caffeinated things, watching late-night television and flipping through Facebook. 

It's time to change, with the sandman's help, my ways. I got to deal with depressions and anxieties while recovering from my injuries and resuming my desires to explore the world in my dreams.


On my first day at the Expo site, there are kiosks where you can get your photo taken with of its mascots, and e-mail them to your family and friends. I selected this one as you know, when your kids are back in schools, the lines tends to be shorter here. One important thing I want to point out is that the official mascots were designed by Disney.

Food People

The very first thing you'll notice after entering the Expo site is a bunch of statues known as the "Food People," which reflects the theme of the world's fair in Milan, Italy


I'm looking forward to the fall premiere of "Scared Straight" with its NFL cast, our youths needs good role models, unfortunately some of our heroes are behind bars, struggling like us all, proving that we are human beings.


Panama, the Deaf dolphin, was the surrogate mother of Winter.


Jesus met a Deaf beggar, and heal him, "Ephphatha!" The man became hearing, but still mute.
 "Lord, why am I not completely healed?" 
Jesus explains to him that he only wants an interpreter  to accompany him to spread the gospels to the Deaf.                                                           


Perseid Meteors

Tonight the night we can watch the Perseid  meteors zipping through the night skies.


We Deaf bloggers are to be vigilant, protecting our fort against an audism invasion of our vulnerable social media sites, alerting our creators, and counteract with blocking defenses and retaliate using the latest technological deleting weapons at our disposal. Our Deaf Culture are to be preserved at all costs.  


Deaf Darwinism

Deaf Darwinism is a threat to our existence on social media nowadays, the Internet been taking in Deaf refugees after the collapses of Deaf schools, Deaf churches and Deaf clubs. It's our hope that our Deaf cavalry of vloggers and bloggers will kept us together as survivors while protecting our Deaf Culture from audism and the persecution now happening within our dwindling community, surviving dramas after dramas that causes a brain drain when Deaf are boarding up, closing their accounts and leaving town. Our Deaf cyber-graveyards are full of screen-names we once adored. In the beginning there were great rapport among us, learning and sharing a wealth of information, lots of respects from each others, discussion on a even playing field where we all benefited from the exchange of information. Our creator, a Deaf liberal political commentator, gradually over time, allows his cronies to take over, losing his reputation, becoming more biased, abandoning site neutrality, politicized the cyberspace,  allowing the invasion of despicable to dominate with their propaganda trying to convert us into their point of views. The exile Deaf are in search of a safe site to practice their freedom of speech without fear of persecution, being ridiculed, and banishment. Deaf Darwinism is not a theory, it's happening here in front of your own computer screen, and that's one thing they can't block nor hide from reality.
Deaf Anthology, in conclusion, is in support of a strong Deaf social media site where each of us can express our viewpoints with due respect for each other, where we embraced diversity  acceptance of who we are without conditions, as we all got one thing in common, our language,ASL, and Deaf Culture.
At this moment, we are stuck in the Deaf Swamp, awaiting the return of our vloggers and bloggers, upgrade our standards, and the realization that our creator needs to step in and reverse the downward trend into oblivion. 


This story is based on an actual dream I had last night, it's been modified to fit this blog. 
  My late Deaf brother, Buster, loves spy stories, he borrowed a book, "Deaf Mole in the CIA," from a blind neighbor who lives in the same Manhattan flats, then an ASL student interpreter volunteer to translate the novel to life to obtain class credits.

New York World's Fair

The 1964/65 New York World's Fair was not sanctioned by the Bureau of International Exposition (BIE), based in Paris, because Moscow won the bid to host a world's fair in 1967, to celebrate their 50th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. The communists couldn't get their act together, so the Soviet Union drop out, due to financial or political problems. BIE was in the process of giving recognition to New York City, but the Canadians protest, given that they came in second in the original voting, claiming to their rights to host a world's fair in Montreal, in observation of their centennial. The rules of BIE at the time was that a Class A Universal Exposition are limited to once every decade. Expo 67, with the theme: "Man and his World," was sanctioned by BIE instead of New York.


In the old days, we had biological computers where our brains memory had plenty of space to store vast of information, its battery lasts as long as your heart and the tools are in your hands.



This is my bookmark, that's where I left off on Facebook.


Batteries ought be so affordable that parents will change their minds on having their Deaf children undergo a cochlear-implanted procedure once they discovered that  they aren't covered under their insurance policy. That makes sense, as insurance covered our hearing aids, not batteries.