Although Americans tourists are banned from entering the country, I went under the journalism category.
It's only an hour flight, Cuban visa can be bought during check-in at the airline counter before departure, just don't forget your passport. I exchanged dollars into their convertible  (CUC) pesos upon arrival. I stayed at an hostel next to the baseball stadium. I focused on videotaping their culture alone rather than being somewhat biased traveling group with their hectic schedule. One day took a Soviet era Lada taxi to outskirts of Havana to visit a Deaf school. They asked me what we Deaf Americans do with our obsolete TTY as we are using VP nowadays, hopefully some organizations will donate those equipment. I felt like was blasted into the past, surrounded by all those vintage automobiles.


The Mark

NSA Agent: "Gentlemen, it has come to our attention that a Deaf child born two years ago is a threat to our national security, one with the mark, a cochlear implant serial #666 devices." (Department of Justice officials entered the room after briefings at the White House)
FBI: "The President has ordered us to seek that child, have the device removed, or if necessary, eliminate him."
Ginger: "You got to be serious, is the President going to murder every child under the age of two, like King Herod, we shouldn't have elected a fundamentalist in the first place."
FBI Agent: "We have evidences, it's in Revelation 13:18, remember the President have taken the oath on the same Bible, to defend the Constitution of the United States of America."
CNN: "There have been a huge explosive at a plant in New Orleans, sources indicated that they manufacture cochlear implant devices there, OSHA team is on its way." (Meanwhile, FBI agents are raiding children's hospitals across the country, confiscating files of those who had CI implants, airports have been notified to detain all CI Children and their family.)
Ginger: (Gallaudet University campus) "Did you read the New York Times this morning about increase in SIDs...."
Jim: "No, why?"
Ginger: "98% of SIDs are those with CI"
Matt: "...and just last week the Wall Street Journal describes an ongoing SEC investigation on possible conspiracy among drug and CI manufacturers and institutional investors"
Ginger: "Nothing makes sense in our world nowadays."
Jim: "Just heard on CNN that the President is going to address the nation tonight"
Matt: "He's returning from a summit in Canada."
Jim: "Is the government somewhat involved?"
Ginger: "I can't comment on that."
Daniel: (Phoenix) "What's the matter?"
Denise: "Our friends, their child, each one of them, victims of SIDs, all with CIs, and our is only one still alive."
Daniel: "That's unusual, we had a census taker recently asked if we have a CI child, but they only do that once every ten years."
Joan: (Old Greenfield, Connecticut) "You have our tickets for the upcoming Caribbean Deaf cruise?"
Jason and Jeffrey: "When we are going?"
John: "I haven't seen our travel agent yet, she's on vacation as usual."
Joan: "John, are you coming to church with us?"
John: "No, let me finish my script, got a deadline to meet, and boys don't you dare put lottery tickets in the offering plate again."
Jason and Jeffrey: "Sorry about last week, hope the deacon OK, ILY."Pastor: "Faith is not believing what God can but knowing God will..."
Jeffrey: "I hope this sermon not longer than the Oscar telecast" (after church, they pick up a Gatorade with a free coupon)
Ginger: (Gallaudet University campus) "I better go now as I have an appointment with my mentor at NSA." (seven F-18 fighter planes takes off on an undisclosed mission. Two are its way to Tehran. Some to protect the fleet, and another to attempt to shoot down an Iranian drone)
Jim: "Matt and I going to Pentagon City to eat at the California Kitchen, we're taking the Metro."
Ginger: (NSA, Ft. Meade, MD)"Why do you want me to go through all these files looking for a CI child whose names matches the numeral 666, what has that got to do with national security."
Mentor: "Revelation 13:18, the one with the mark shall rule the world, he will be the threat to our national security.
Ginger: "I thought that was a reference to Roman Emperor Nero, you can't be serious, we don't even have one Deaf legislature, let alone a Deaf rule the world."
Mentor: "Since 9/11 we take all matters seriously."
Ginger: "As long as our civil liberties are protected, not abused by the executive branch."
Mentor: "Keep your opinions to yourself, do your job, study hard at Gallaudet, take it one day at a time, your life would be normal."
CNN: "Live from Tehran, there has been a huge explosion at a warehouse northeast of here, there are unconfirmed reports of casualties, mostly Iranian Deaf state employees, the President will address the nation tonight." (Jim received an order to return to the CIA, father send him a text message about an attack in Tehran, he'll contact the American Embassy in Amman for updates)
CNN: "Scientists now investigating whether an unknown virus have caused SIDs among CIs, in Alexandria, Virginia, CI Deaf child, a victim of SID, was buried todayl. The CI device was removed during a break-in during the night, the incident wasn't reported. It appears that the device was to be turned over to FDA for further studies, on the request of CDC, but it was stolen. In Tehran administrators at the downtown Tehran hospital reported that six Deaf Iranian was found dead after undergoing CI procedures, Deaf patients files stolen, authorities are investigating the deaths and trying to determined who may have access to those files.
Jim: (a Deaf Iranian/American hired by the CIA, completes his mission, details classified, and escapes across the border into Turkey) "They are closing the border, meet me up in Basra." (in Dubai, police are investigating the deaths of ten Iranian CI Deaf in their hotel rooms, after applying for student visas from the American Embassy. Their friends indicated they met an American Deaf at the annual Deaf camel racing, police releases a Deaf suspect, also a CIA operative, unable to question him, due to the fact he has diplomatic immunity)
Ginger: (NSA, Ft Meade, Md) "We've narrowed it down to three families that have a CI child whose names matches the numeral #666, one is in Washington, DC but that child already died from SID, the other two, lives in Phoenix and Houston.
Mentor: "I want those files at the CIA."
Jim: "I was watching Jordanian news, they have an sign language interpreter on a screen, I just saw footage of the attack, I can't comment on anything, for security reasons, but you will soon get a postcard from me, I took time out today to visit Petra, meet some Israeli (Mossad) Deaf there, this webcam on my laptop is very convenient to have and also our connection is encrypted, secured, I regret their deaths but our national security at stake, tell everyone I am here as a tourist, not to worry, as interns are not given mission assignments."(Jim unable to keep straight face, eye to eye contact, exchanges ILY, erased hard drive, then go downstairs to have a few beers with his Jordanian Deaf friends, staffers at the Embassy)
Ginger: "Be safe, see you at the Abbey soon"( Agents are keeping tracks of two Russian cargo planes, both on the runway in Cairo, Egypt, with smuggled CI devices bound for Pakistan, on large screens in the situation room at the CIA, also keeping in touch with the Pentagon, which now have AWACS patrolling the Mediterranean Sea with the 7th Fleet)
Samuel: "Just received a letter from our doctor that the files on our child has been confiscated at Houston Children's Hospital"
Susan: "That's where our Daniel had his CI, we shouldn't"t gone through it, I knew something going to happen, we should have listen to those Deaf advocates and not decline Daniel birthright to ASL"
CNN: "Iranian foreign minister declines that the warehouse stores nuclear components, over the wires, we've learned that the WFD has issued a statement condemning the attack which resulted in deaths of Deaf Iranian state employees, the death toll now stands at 88, the President will address the nation tonight at 9/8 PM central, this is CNN Tehran, now back to our desk in Atlanta. " (Jim arrives in Washington, DC, takes the Metro to meet Ginger in the Abbey at Gallaudet, Matt are discussing the Washington Post editorial that further UN sanctions against Iran may provoke war)
CNN: "This is CNN from the Oval Office, our sources tells us that the warehouse attacked this morning was a major distributor of CI devices in the Middle East, the President will address the nation shortly."
President: "My fellow Americans, we have evidences that terrorists are planning several suicide attacks in the USA using these CI devices (holding up a CI device) which can store a significant amount of explosive to cause widespread casualties when detonate, the terrorists have a stockpile of them at a warehouse northeast of Tehran, our F-16s, took off from the USS Lincoln this morning and uses laser guided bombs to destroy the thousands of CI devices, we have evidences that the terrorists have been recruiting the Deaf to have these devices implanted for a suicide mission here in USA, the terrorist are trying to take advantages of a lax in our nation's airport screenings, as those with pacemakers and cochlear implants are exempted from going through airport X-ray detection system, but are now checked more closely individually. We regret the deaths of several Deaf Iranian state employees, but it has been reported that some of them have volunteer to be suicide bombers and have recently applied for a Visa from the American Embassy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The President will do everything to protect Americans here and abroad, the Attorney General here have a statement to make."
Attorney General: "Today the FBI arrested several Deaf Arab immigrants in Detroit, they are suspected of planning a suicide attacks in the USA, they were arrested at Detroit airport before they were to take a flight to Tehran where they were scheduled to have an explosive CI devices implanted, which was imported from the Czech Republic. In addition, the SEC have dropped its investigations of possible conflict of interests of several Institutional investors in CI manufactures and drug companies, since the stock values collapsed after reports of SIDS among CI children." (A Houston newspaper reported the deaths of a family with a Deaf CI child after their minivan went out of control and purge into the river below the bridge, police suspected a homicide because a brake line was sliced, and leaking fluid was found on the roadway)
Ginger: "Did you watch the President speech?" (Gallaudet students are discussing about CI and its potential uses by terrorist)
Jim: "Yes, among my arrival at Dulles, I think I can solve the final section of the encypted codes on the Kryptos sculpture at Langley, it'll be a challenge."
Ginger: "Great!"
Matt: "...and the numeral 666?"
Ginger: "Some people believes it is a mark of the devil who someday will rule the world as prophesied in Revelation 13:18" (TV in Abbey, a live report on CNN of an explosion of a Russian cargo plane on the runway in Cairo. F-18s from the USS Ronald Reagan were unable to shoot down the other cargo plane before it entered Pakistan airspace. However the Delta Force completed the mission by destroying all remaining stocks of CI Serial #666 devices smuggled in a convoy on its way to Al Queda terrorists on the Afghanistan border region. The Kremlin declined to comment on the incident in Cairo, they only acknowledge that the cargo plane was sold to an Iranian business tycoon)
Ginger: "It's unthinkable that a Deaf CI child would grow up to rule the world." (Jim at the CIA stamped the files "Classified" and is satisfied the mission completed)
CNN: "The FDA have ordered that the hospitals suspends CI procedures on children permanently."
Mentor: (NSA, Fort Meade, Md) "The last family with the CI Deaf child was reported missing from the Deaf Cruise in the Caribbean, and presumed to have drowned at sea. The case is now closed."(Deaf family with a CI child, was tipped off by Deaf friends of a government conspiracy against them, decided to go into hiding, not returning to the cruise ship, they will stay in Jamaica, living through the hurricane, and then emigrate to Canada)
Joan: (Old Greenfield, Connecticut) "Tomorrow we have an IEP meeting with MSSD."
John: "We'll just rubber-stamped them as usual."
Joan: "Jim will return to the internship at the CIA soon, I hope he's not involved with the recent Iranian crisis."
John: "We'll never know, anyway, we have a stake in our son future, it was the right choice to send him to MSSD, to have that experiences unavailable anywhere else."
Jeffrey: "Charlie's family had to move, the power lines on the property is causing static interferences on his C.I."
Jason: "Just wait until there's a sunspot."

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