Habitit Healers

The Sisters of St Francis of Assisi were recently featured in a PBS series, Outdoor Wisconsin, gardening on its 85'x108' plot on its grounds. They were able to obtained a $20,000 grant from the state after the area was declared a wetland. They were able to harvest 4,000 pounds of vegetables during the season. They look cool in their "Habitit Healers" blue t-shirts. The nuns always kept themselves busy pulling out weeds, planting seeds, and composting the garden. Our dorm sometimes take an hike in the seminary woods to escape the stresses of everyday life. Once our Deaf boys did a nature project printing leaves on blueprints. They are truly servants of the land. If any St. John's Alumnus want to volunteer their time on Thursday mornings helping out, just contact them at  hmertes@lakeosfs.org.

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