I praises Amazon Studios for using open-captioned (OC) and casting Deaf actors. Wonderstruck had its world premiere recently at Cannes in France. I bet it'll be a nominee for several Oscars, including Best Picture. The movie is a story of a twelve years old deaf boy, Ben, searching for his father after his mother, a local librarian died in an auto accident while at the same time that of a deaf girl who ran away from home with the same thought. It's an emotional experience for me as it bought back memories of my childhood when my late brother, Buster, a lino-typist with the New York Times, took me to the 1964 New World's Fair. I remember riding around the model layout of the city inside the pavilion.I, like Ben, experiences the great blackout that struck New England, leaving us in total darkness when my Deaf brother and I couldn't go bowling that night. I remember those automobiles, Afro hairstyles, psychedelic t-shirts and the rock songs back then.  "Wonderstruck" are now in theaters nationwide, giving the audience as glimpse into our Deaf culture.  I give "Wonderstruck" a thumb up so let us wave our hand in big round of applause.

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