A mother was shopping at a local grocery store when she noticed that her eight years old Deaf child is missing, and feared the worst, being kidnapped by a stranger, frantically  went up front to notified the manager to page him out, but to no avail, called the police. The mother gave the description of her Deaf son, explaining that the manager tried to page him several times. The police found the "missing" Deaf child was reading comic books during that time. Police asked the mother, "Why did you try to page him several minutes, I thought you said your child is Deaf?" The mother felt embarrassed and wasn't thinking at the time when she panicked.


DeafWorld Expo 18

DeafWorld Expo 18 are now hiring interpreters to serve at several venues on Kronos, can now apply online on our websites. Applicants will undergo background checks and submit themselves to random DNA testing during the process. Interpreters will receive stipends to cover their own personal expenses.  Accommodations at a local galaxy chain hotel are included.  Interpreters are required to be fluent in the Klingon Sign Language (KSL), Trekkies are  encouraged to apply. Interplanetary   shuttlecraft are not included.


Magic Morgan's Little MAGIC Theatre

World's famous Deaf magician, Magic Morgan, recently opens his very own "Little Magic Theatre" in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, drawing tourists from all around the world, performing to sold out crowds. Lake Geneva is a destination in itself, plenty of sightseeing, shopping, and good restaurants in the area.


Emile Michaels

Emile Michaels is a famous Deaf Lebanese painter, once commissioned to do a portrait of the Jordanian King on canvas.