It's the Interpreter's Fault

A Deaf contestant, a few steps away from winning the jackpot, has to select one of the four possible answers, chooses A, John Hanson, in the history category as an answer to the question, "Who was the first President, after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, to lead the country at war with England. The interpreter on the set of a popular game show being taped, thinking the Deaf guy doesn't know his stuff, assuming lack of quality in education of the Deaf, substituted his answer, changing it to C, George Washington instead. The host announces that George Washington is incorrect because he didn't become President until 1789 when the Constitution was adopted and John Hanson, indeed, was the correct answer, as he was selected by the Continental Congress under the Articles of Confederacy in place at the time. The producer, notified of the situation, agrees to award $50,000 to the Deaf contestant in compensations, and invited him to return next season. "Jackpot" pilot recently air in syndication, remaining episodes is scheduled during the summer, check your local TV listing. The interpreter is being blacklisted, her certified status been revoked, and the school board where she works as an elementary classroom interpreter denied a renewal of her contract.  

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