It's Illegal to be Hearing-Impaired in Louisiana

The Deaf of Louisiana will finally be respected as equals under a new law, HB253, now being considered in the state legislature, changing the terminology in its records, striking out the "hearing-impairment" mislabels and replacing them with the proper "Deaf." I am sure the AGBAD are paying their lobbyists millions to oppose the bill, downgrading us to a "d," as putting us in a lower caste system that has no place in our American society. Red neck Republicans probably would oppose the bill if they think that we going to waste years and millions of taxpayers money sitting around correcting thousands and thousands of documents already obsoleted. I hope they hire a Deaf clerk to take on the task of updating those documents. In Louisiana you can't just insult a black with nigger, the gays with faggots, and the Deaf with hearing-impaired. It's not our duty to educate the public of proper terminology, they are just plain ignorant, the only way they can learn is to sue them, the lawyers will then have a field day.

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