Starkey Egg Chair

Someone came into a pawn shop in Las Vegas wanting to unload a vintage Starkey Egg Chair, which original purpose was to test your hearing. It's an alternative to a soundproof room for Deaf children with claustrophobia. You probably would caught me napping. It's more popular with those who rather listen to music so loud it rocks the foundation, causing neighbors to put their homes on the market. It's so durable, it couldn't crack an egg, and it comes with a warning that you shouldn't use it if you live along a fault line. It's also a prop seen in such films as "Men In Black." It's also mentioned that the late President Ronald Reagan was outfitted with a Starkey hearing-aid. They also got a reputation donating hearing-aids to children in third world countries, a great tax write-off. If you're curious, you can just click on  their cable website to watch that "Pawn Stars" episode.  

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