A mother was shopping at a local grocery store when she noticed that her eight years old Deaf child is missing, and feared the worst, being kidnapped by a stranger, frantically  went up front to notified the manager to page him out, but to no avail, called the police. The mother gave the description of her Deaf son, explaining that the manager tried to page him several times. The police found the "missing" Deaf child was reading comic books during that time. Police asked the mother, "Why did you try to page him several minutes, I thought you said your child is Deaf?" The mother felt embarrassed and wasn't thinking at the time when she panicked.


DeafWorld Expo 18

DeafWorld Expo 18 are now hiring interpreters to serve at several venues on Kronos, can now apply online on our websites. Applicants will undergo background checks and submit themselves to random DNA testing during the process. Interpreters will receive stipends to cover their own personal expenses.  Accommodations at a local galaxy chain hotel are included.  Interpreters are required to be fluent in the Klingon Sign Language (KSL), Trekkies are  encouraged to apply. Interplanetary   shuttlecraft are not included.


Magic Morgan's Little MAGIC Theatre

World's famous Deaf magician, Magic Morgan, recently opens his very own "Little Magic Theatre" in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, drawing tourists from all around the world, performing to sold out crowds. Lake Geneva is a destination in itself, plenty of sightseeing, shopping, and good restaurants in the area.


Emile Michaels

Emile Michaels is a famous Deaf Lebanese painter, once commissioned to do a portrait of the Jordanian King on canvas.      


Earl the Deaf Barber


This commercial was filmed at various locations in Orlando area, you get a glimpse of Deaf barber Earl Brigham (@ .14) who owns his own barbershop in Winter Garden, reminiscence of Norman Rockwell canvas of main street America. Earl was born in Panama, became Deaf when he was young, and grew up with strong work ethics and moral character. Earl is also a  Baptist pastor to the Deaf, I sometimes get my haircut there and noticed he has a unusual sense of humor and could have played in the NBA if he practiced a little bit more. Earl a great teacher of the Bible and a stubborn conservative, and I just can't put up with his Republican viewpoint. Politics and religion don't mix. Earl a great listener when you needed pastoral counseling, accepting his advice is another matter. We had great fellowship, going on retreats, etc. Earl is also proud of his children, one becoming a sheriff, another became an interpreter, establishing her own agency, and yet another one became a major league baseball player, al raised in Christian values.
Tiger Woods with his sassy sidekick, Frank, was also filmed at Earl's barbershop. I wonder if Earl gotten his Nike sneakers signed by Tiger Woods, he could sell it on eBay, and purchased land to build his own Deaf church with that kind of money.


"Greatest Show on Earth"

Charles Sheldon “Shelly” Scott, an Alaskan native, was the only Deaf individual ever to receive a diploma from the clown college of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey in Florida. He graduated from MSSD in Washington, DC. He also is a talented artist, his oil painting of a tiger and cub on canvas was hanged at the circus' headquarter Charles died of complications from lung cancer twelve years ago. It's sad that the "Greatest Show on Earth," is no more.


Those damn raccoons, they causes the outrages, now I got to navigate myself around in total darkness. Being Deaf, I got to be careful and not lose my balance. My biggest fear is that a small aircraft will crashed into my home, missing the runway, let alone a cyperattack. I noticed a lot of Deaf purchases affordable homes outside the airport perimeter as the sonic boom wouldn't bother them a bit. We're vulnerable, a cyperattack will knocks us back into the stone age.


It's the Interpreter's Fault

A Deaf contestant, a few steps away from winning the jackpot, has to select one of the four possible answers, chooses A, John Hanson, in the history category as an answer to the question, "Who was the first President, after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, to lead the country at war with England. The interpreter on the set of a popular game show being taped, thinking the Deaf guy doesn't know his stuff, assuming lack of quality in education of the Deaf, substituted his answer, changing it to C, George Washington instead. The host announces that George Washington is incorrect because he didn't become President until 1789 when the Constitution was adopted and John Hanson, indeed, was the correct answer, as he was selected by the Continental Congress under the Articles of Confederacy in place at the time. The producer, notified of the situation, agrees to award $50,000 to the Deaf contestant in compensations, and invited him to return next season. "Jackpot" pilot recently air in syndication, remaining episodes is scheduled during the summer, check your local TV listing. The interpreter is being blacklisted, her certified status been revoked, and the school board where she works as an elementary classroom interpreter denied a renewal of her contract.  


"To Deaf, with Love"

     I noticed a high turnover rate among hearing teachers of the Deaf, burnt out and chased out of classrooms by rowdy, undisciplined, and unteachable Deaf hooligans Deaf lacked the motivation, and there is no incentives to excel in the    classrooms, parents don't give a damn either. Keep the status quo in place, as long as you get state funding to divert to purchasing musical instruments for its marching band, the pride of surviving in the rust belt. IEPs are recycled and rubber stamped, just punch in and out and call it a day. Nothing ever changes around here, until a new Deaf teacher was hired, the administration doesn't expect any improvements as these Deaf are just a bunch of juvenile delinquents. The Deaf teacher immediate takes control the moment he sets in that classroom, taking no nonsense from nobody, carrying a yardstick in his hand to grab their attention, setting down a set of rules they are expected to abided by or face the consequences of their actions, telling them to wipe clean the dusts off their books and turn the pages and start learning, and the rest is history. Parents are surprised to see the turnaround in their Deaf children, seeing the improvements in their report cards, and wanted to be involved in their lives, finally making an effort to learn ASL. The Deaf teacher just keep raising the bar, setting higher standards, passing state standard tests with flying colors, getting the attention of local community colleges that willing to award them scholarships even though most will transfer to Gallaudet, and local employees willing to train a new labor pool of Deaf workers. The Deaf teachers has earn the respect of our Deaf students. Deaf teachers are our role models and mentors and accessible to us all, making us feel free to ask any questions, motivating us to learn new things and experiences life along the way. Someday we'll look back and thank our Deaf teachers for our successes in the cruel world we live in.
I recommend that if you got a chance, to watch Sidney Poitner classic British movie, "To Sir, with Love."

Helen Keller: "God Sleepeth Not"

The Nazis, under the totalitarian regime of Adolf Hitler, wants to eliminate foreign influences on the German culture, banning the books of several famous authors, including Helen Keller, in an effort in creating an Aryan race. Students confiscated these books and burn them in the public square, sending a shockwave around the world, putting intellectuals, especially the Jewish authors, life in danger and it's time to fled the country. Helen Keller, was brave enough to be blunt in her letter to a Nazi student.
To the student body of Germany:
History has taught you nothing if you think you can kill ideas. Tyrants have tried to do that often before, and the ideas have risen up in their might and destroyed them.
You can burn my books and the books of the best minds in Europe, but the ideas in them have seeped through a million channels and will continue to quicken other minds. I gave all the royalties of my books for all time to the German soldiers blinded in the World War with no thought in my heart but love and compassion for the German people.
I acknowledge the grievous complications that have led to your intolerance; all the more do I deplore the injustice and unwisdom of passing on to unborn generations the stigma of your deeds.
Do not imagine that your barbarities to the Jews are unknown here. God sleepeth not, and He will visit His judgment upon you. Better were it for you to have a mill-stone hung around your neck and sink into the sea than to be hated and despised of all men.
Helen Keller 5/9/33

It's Illegal to be Hearing-Impaired in Louisiana

The Deaf of Louisiana will finally be respected as equals under a new law, HB253, now being considered in the state legislature, changing the terminology in its records, striking out the "hearing-impairment" mislabels and replacing them with the proper "Deaf." I am sure the AGBAD are paying their lobbyists millions to oppose the bill, downgrading us to a "d," as putting us in a lower caste system that has no place in our American society. Red neck Republicans probably would oppose the bill if they think that we going to waste years and millions of taxpayers money sitting around correcting thousands and thousands of documents already obsoleted. I hope they hire a Deaf clerk to take on the task of updating those documents. In Louisiana you can't just insult a black with nigger, the gays with faggots, and the Deaf with hearing-impaired. It's not our duty to educate the public of proper terminology, they are just plain ignorant, the only way they can learn is to sue them, the lawyers will then have a field day.


Roaming the Countryside

I envied Monica, a Deaf woman roaming the countryside in a VW biodiesel camper, meeting people, experiencing life as it meant to be.

Pioneer Village

Florida:An 1800s replica of a church will soon be open to the public in the Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek. Osceola County History Society is planning an event on Wednesday, June 7th, at 10:00 offering a guided tour. If you planning on attending, contact them at krystal@osceolahistory.org, requesting an interpreter.


A Venezuelan director is planning on a film of life of Marcel Marceau of his involvement in the French resistance during World War II where he saves hundreds of Jewish orphans, smuggling them safely into Switzerland, forging documents. Marcel uses mimes to keep the children quiet, while protecting them from the Nazis. Marcel also entertained American soldiers after the liberation of Paris. "Resistance," the film's title, will start production early next year.

Marcel Marceau

A documentary on the life of  French mimes Marcel Marceau, with English subtitles.



Deaf and their dogs got one thing in common, body language along with its facial expressions. That's why the Deaf can easily figure out why their dogs are growling, knowing when they are in a playful mood, guarding themselves and felt threaten. Your wife can't get you to mow the lawn, but your dog can get you off the couch to take them walking around the block. Your dog are loyal, nobody would dare to break into your home, unless you forget to feed them where a juicy steak will cause them to look away when a burglar offer it. Whenever there is a thunderstorm, both your frightened Deaf children and dog snug under the sheets faster than the bolt of lightning, awaken you from your dream of wishing you had a cat instead.

Undue Burden

Primary care physicians are moving their practice elsewhere, leaving the Washington metro area, because of high overhead costs. The expenses of providing an interpreter is the key factor in their decision, taking into account the large Deaf population surrounding Gallaudet and its suburbs. Interpreters causes undue burden along with malpractice premiums, and unpaid student loans.


Credit Card Dispute

I suspected my doctor trying to pass the costs of an interpreter posting the charges on my credit card without my knowledge. My health insurance, BC/BS, requires only a $30 co-payment which I paid at the office, given a receipt. I noticed a $150 charge on my credit card statement, and immediately call the credit card via VP to dispute the charge. They assume it's a billing error, I think not. I faxed them a copy of the receipt to them and during investigation resolved the case in my favor.

Wonderstruck: Cannes Press Conference


Cannes is a film festival in France  where the controversial film has its premiere. I noticed an interpreter in this CC video as there is a young Deaf actress, Millicent Simmonds, participating. The film is controversial as Julianne Moore, a hearing actress was also casted in a Deaf role.

“If you’re a hearing person who grows up in deaf culture, or if you’re a deaf person who grows up in a hearing culture, then you’ve seen both. For me, as a hearing person who grew up in a hearing world, I’m not ever going to fully understand that. But what they allowed me to do was to stand in the doorway between those rooms and observe them both. It was an incredible privilege."                                                                                          
                                                                                                                                        Julianne Moore
If I had known this beforehand, I probably would have gotten press credentials to attend the event.

"Wonderstruck," will be released in October, I'm looking forward to seeing in on the silver screen.


I think it's a good idea to have two e-mail accounts with one that is personal and private,  limited to family and friends and the other for business purpose only. Both can be recovery e-mails if you ever had problems signing in. I don't trust businesses as they always sell their e-mail lists to other businesses which will send you unsolicited advertisements, mostly spams. 



Detectives from the Chicago homicide division are still on the scene of a murder-suicide investigating an unusual situation where a Deaf man murdered his interpreter then committing suicide in a medical clinic after learning that he has terminal cancer. An oncologist was unharmed in the standoff. The Deaf man identity hasn't been released pending notification of the next of kin. An interview with one of his friends noticed that he has been undergoing depression, a common side effects of chemotherapy, clearly remembering him using sarcasm, quoting that "...if I die, I'll need an interpreter with me at the pearly gates." 


Stock Tank Bench

My Deaf buddy gave up drinking, so he created a stock tank bench during his spare time in his workshop.

Deaf Japanese Tourists

A Deaf Japanese tourist was recently detained at the Hawaiian airport upon her arrival, apparently there was a problem with her visa, and was send back. She complained that she was declined an interpreter, now the ACLU on her case. ADA doesn't applied to foreigners, as the United States is not a signatory to CRPD, a resolution passed at the UN. If there is a problem, she should file a complaint with the Japanese consulate and let them handle it, instead my taxes are being wasted on defending against all kinds of frivolous lawsuits, adding to our national debt. The only way she can get an interpreter is that if she was a suspected terrorist. I traveled to 30 different countries, will they provide an Deaf American equal access, I think not.

Deaf Peddlers

Deaf Peddlers in the city of Portland, Maine will soon be offered a job to work with the city at $10.68 a hour taking care of our parks. They will be kept busy trimming the trees, mowing grass and raking leaves, painting fences and picnic pavilions, doing repairs and various maintenance works as assigned. Our goal is to keep the Deaf off the streets and out of jail. We'll save taxpayers millions of dollars removing abled-bodied Deaf off welfare rolls and eliminate  their SSI benefits. Deaf can now be productive citizens rather than be a burden on our society.


Homeless Viet Vets

Why is that our government still ignores our Vietnam era homeless veterans while Canada is giving our draft dodgers a decent job, universal health care, and homeownership?

Waving Hands ASL Festival

Waving Hands is hosting the popular ASL Festival here in Miami, Florida. It's the three rings circus, actually I meant that we got three great Deaf performances that will blow you away, even a hurricane couldn't stop them. JJ Jones, Matt Maxey, and Douglas Ridloff will be on the stage, the eyes of the world will be on Miami, an entertainment venue unmatched anywhere else. I can feel the excitements, hope to see you all there!

Florida Deaf Art Show

A great opportunity to meet Deaf artists, appreciating their works on display at a nice gallery. Support our starving Deaf artists, purchasing their masterpieces. It's an evening of socializing while enjoying complimentary refreshments. Florida Deaf Art Show is one of the premiere events which was well organized and done in a professional manner, so it's a destination in itself.


"Underwear for the Deaf"

Michael O’Donoghue is a writer at Saturday Night Live (SNL) on NBC and also the popular "Underwear for the Deaf" series at the satire "National Lampoon" magazine. 


It's almost summer, get out your keg and grill, invite your friends over, and start cooking, having the best barbeque in the galaxy.

Deafnation versus Language People

This video is an update on the controversial issues involving DeafUnited which is now hosting expos across the country while DeafNation and Language People are battling it out in the courts.
It's our policy to be neutral in journalism and their viewpoints doesn't necessarily reflect those of Deaf Anthology nor do we endorsed any entity.   



Purple and ZVR are busy combining their operations, and now in a process of rebranding themselves, where the its consumers can choose the name of the new merged company and its logo. 
It's our policy to be neutral in journalism and their viewpoints doesn't necessarily reflect those of Deaf Anthology nor do we endorsed any entity.   


Pre-School Deaf Child

"She went from someone who couldn't hear anything to someone who couldn't stop talking."
                     A parent of a Pre-School Deaf child in an oral program in Winter Park, Florida.



A Deaf family van was stolen from the parking lot while they were shopping at Walmart. They filed a report with the local police. The burglar returned the van to the same spot, leaving a note on the windshield, apologizing that he stole the van because he had to take his wife to the hospital to give birth. As compensation, he left tickets for the whole family to a Miley Cyrus concert that night. The Deaf family, nevertheless, forgave the burglar, understanding the situation, and went on to the concert and had a great time, enjoying the show. They stop at a pizzeria on the way home. Unfortunately, someone had broken into their home and stole everything of value. They found a note left behind from the same burglar explaining that he needs to support his kid through college, at least the Deaf family still got the van. 


Virunga is a national park in Africa, photographer Adam Kiefer captures life in the jungles with his lens. Images are now on display at Orlando's Snap! until April 22. The gallery is located at 420 E. Church Street, open 10-6, free admission.

Earth Day

It's Earth Day this weekend, join us at Lake Eola here in Orlando on Saturday, April 22. Let's get out there and save our planet



Banksy, a British graffiti artist, just recently opened a new hotel in Bethlehem that has the world's worst view of the wall separating the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Lincoln Logs

John, the son of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, invented the Lincoln Logs.


The soccer midfield line at the Milton Corrêa (Zerão) stadium in Macapa, Brazil is on the equator.


Mecum Auto Auction


Cuba: Havana

Just recently returned from Cuba, although Americans tourists are banned from entering, I went under the journalism category. It's only an hour flight, visa can be bought at the airline at the departure gate. Upon arrival exchanged dollars into convertible currency. Don't let the nurse catch you sneezing upon arrival, they had to put up with the embargo still in effect, let alone diseases. I stayed at an hostel next to the baseball stadium, I focused on videotaping the Cuban culture, rather than sightseeing. One day took a Soviet era Lada taxi to outskirts of Havana to visit the Deaf school. They asked me what I do with the obsolete TTY as we are using VPs nowadays, hopefully some organizations will donate the equipment. I felt like I blasted into the past, surrounded by all those vintage automobiles.  


IAAPA: Virtual Reality

I felt like I'm in an artificial environment, wearing this Virtual Reality headgear carrying a weapon as if I'm really in Afghanistan hunting down terrorists without the fear of being shot, but your brain doesn't know that as you dodge a bullet, it's so realistic that I could be suffering from PTD, even though I was never drafted. I didn't earn any stripes during my few minutes tour overseas, my legs still remains intact after stepping on an IED. This is just one of the hundreds of exhibits at the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA) trade show held here recently in Orlando.

IAAPA: 6 Flags

I once had annual pass to these 6 Flags parks, always looking forward to a new roller coater coming soon this Spring, this has a Batman theme obviously the Joker trying to discourage us. It's not the fear, it's just that at my age, my heart would probably not survive the thrills. There are major theme parks from all over the world showcasing their new rides at the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA), a trade show held here in Orlando.

IAAPA: 3D Pinball

3D Pinball is among the thousands of new technological advances being exhibited at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), a trade show, closed to the public, held annually here in Orlando, Florida. It's impossible to cover them all, so I just report on a few that stood out. I remember spending all my allowances playing pinball with my friends at the local arcade during the pre-Pong era. Nowadays, the industries has to be more creative to pull you away from your video game console in front of your flat screen,  Parents wouldn't dare pull the plug as they can't put up with your whining. Anyway, I get to check out that 3D stuff, it's so realistic that it has some advantages over the vintage pinball machines, such as multiple games choices, accepts credit cards, etc. I'm so old-fashioned, I'd rather play "Pac Man" on my old Atari 2600.


Starkey Egg Chair

Someone came into a pawn shop in Las Vegas wanting to unload a vintage Starkey Egg Chair, which original purpose was to test your hearing. It's an alternative to a soundproof room for Deaf children with claustrophobia. You probably would caught me napping. It's more popular with those who rather listen to music so loud it rocks the foundation, causing neighbors to put their homes on the market. It's so durable, it couldn't crack an egg, and it comes with a warning that you shouldn't use it if you live along a fault line. It's also a prop seen in such films as "Men In Black." It's also mentioned that the late President Ronald Reagan was outfitted with a Starkey hearing-aid. They also got a reputation donating hearing-aids to children in third world countries, a great tax write-off. If you're curious, you can just click on  their cable website to watch that "Pawn Stars" episode.