Joe Rosenthat, WWII Photographer

 Deaf Anthology supports the efforts of a group of veterans and photographers in their effort to petition the government asking that the Navy newest warship be named after Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthat, known for his famous image of six Marines raising the American flag over Iwo Jima during World War II, which won a Pulitzer Prize that year.

St. Petersburg School for the Deaf #31 (Russia)

Nina Ivanova                                                Alexej Ganilin

 Not long ago, Gary Fitts of Milwaukee, Wisconsin wrote an article for the Russian-American newspaper, Novoye Rysskoye Slovo, based in New York City, about his sponsorship that allowed two deaf children from Russia to visit Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
Alex Beznogov, 14, and Dmitri Sibnev, 11, students at a school for the deaf in St. Petersburg, Russia, were able to come to America thanks to the assistance of Fitts.
According to Fitts, Dimitri was born in Azerbaijan, and his father is a colonel in the Russian artillery division. Alex's grandparents live on the Black Sea, where he spends his summers.
As a rusult of an article by Fitts, a Russian immigrant now living in San Francisco donated two IBM computers to the school in St. Petersburg. The donor, Svetlana Kondreachova, owns a small business in San Francisco. 
Fitts traveled to Russia for a week to present the computers to the school. One of the computer is now being used in the office of the school's director.
"I appreciate the wonderful support of all the Russian-American immigrants in this country," said Fitts. "As they start a new life in America, they do care about the country they left, especially the deaf children. This is what makes our nation great!

Deaf Adventurers: Harry Potter Tours (Britain)

 deaf access
Gallaudet University Alumni Association - Wisconsin Chapter 
Harry Potter  Tour (Britain)

Book now for your exclusive opportunity to make your favorite legend come to life!  Mr. Rankin, who brings the character "Percy Weasley" to life in the Harry Potter movies, will spend an entire day with you, your family and friends when he hosts the Medieval Banquet, and participates in a Question and Answer session.
Don't miss your chance for an extraordinary experience! 
Trip Dates are April 10-15, 2004. 
trainDescribed as “An enchanted tour through Britain, from King Arthur to Harry Potter, it is designed to be anything but a stereotypical tour.” Denver Post, June 15, 2003. You can experience Britain like this….but only with ____________
 Tour activities are designed for adults as well as children, and include a visit to the Tower of London where we explore the heritage of wizards and magical creatures in British literature and a Treasure Hunt through the city, complete with maps and clues given by our costumed guides. Our storyteller will snare you in a web of enchantment as she weaves tales from literary greats such as J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling. Oxford, York, Medieval Banquets, dragon-slaying lessons, Viking Feasts and a very special train ride even Harry would love…what more could a parent or grandparent offer a favorite child for a holiday present!
Trip Includes:
  • Accommodations at 4-star hotels including swimming pools in London and York
  • All transportation by luxury motor coach to London, Oxford, and York
  • Fully qualified Blue Badge Guide
  • World-class Storyteller
  • Admissions to the Tower of London, Jorvik Viking center, and Christ Church College
  • 5 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners including medieval banquet and Viking feast
  • Dragon-slaying classes
  • Potions Class
  • Treasure hunt
  • Journey on the North York Moors Railway (Hogwarts Express in films)
  • Time off for adults while kids enjoy a pajama party
Note: These tours I what I done in the past when I was President of GUAA/Wisconsin Chapter fifteen years ago, maybe we can do something like this in the future.
SATH logo

ASD: Girls' Basketball

American Era (1947) Deaf girls are not just cheerleaders, they can play sports just as well as the boys, even having a league of their own. If the boys are having a losing season, the fans gave up on them and would rather watch the girls play instead.

Captain Simons is the one holding the basketball in this team photo and my Deaf sister, Loretta, is next to her. 


Deaf Adventurers:2018 Deaf Recreational Group Tours (Italy)




FALL 2018

Roundtrip Orlando - Milan
Airport transfers
Railroad transportation Milan - Verona
3 nights in Milan and 5 nights in Verona
dinners at popular local restaurants
Leonardo da Vinc "Last Supper" vouchers 


Gary A. Fitts, Blogger

Deaf Adventurers: 2019 Deaf Photography Group Tours (Cuba)



⦁ Roundtrip Orlando - Havana 
⦁ Airport transfers 
⦁ 5 nights in Havana
 ⦁ Cuban cigar factory tour vouchers 
⦁ pedacab tours
 ⦁ dinner at a local popular restaurant 


Gary A. Fitts, Blogger

Deaf Adventurers: Deaf Magician Matt Morgan Show






TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2017  6 - 8 PM



Gary A. Fitts, Blogger

Dorm Tales: Chess

Blizzards sometimes prevents our Deaf children from going home on weekends, creating hazardous road conditions, disrupting rail schedules, etc. When the temperatures are way below zero, so had to keep the boys indoors, teaching them new games such as chess. I read that a chess grandmaster is coming to Brookfield Square to play against 25 players simultaneous, anyone who beats him wins a free chess set. It's a great opportunity so I asked Larry if he'll accept the challenge and tag along Marty. It was awesome watching both Larry and Marty at that table facing one of the world's greatest  chess grandmasters, an experience of a lifetime. The grandmaster says "good game," shaking their hands after the game.
My late Deaf brother, Buster, a linotypist with the New York Times, taught me how to play chess when I was a kid. He always play chess during breaks at work, studying books of chess stratagies, building antique chess tables in his workshop. I once had him play, set on the grandmaster level, chess on an Atari game console, and was surprised that a even computer couldn't beat him. 
Larry burst into tears when I met him again fifteen years later at a bar during the Deaf bowling tournament in Milwaukee. He wasn't drunk, he was just crying while telling me those days were the happiest years of his childhood when he was in my dorm, thanking me for teaching him chess and everything else. I was taken aback, he taught me something at that moment, that Larry wasn't just a troublemaker after all but a great kid.
I would like to see Deaf schools established chess teams and send them to the annual Junior National Chess Championships hosted by the U.S. Chess Federation. I also challenge any Deaf schools to start a fundraising drive, seeking donations from local business and organizations, to send a team to play against Russian Deaf schools. I once visited a Deaf school in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad) where all the Deaf boys in the dorms are playing chess. One nine years old Deaf Russian boy, Denis, whom I play chess with later became my son and came to America.  

Arpad E. Elo, a native of Hungary and a professor of psychics at Marquette University,  devised the system that ranks the world's chess players, and a founder of the United States Chess Federation. Yes, he faced the young Bobby Fisher back in 1957. I think Gary Kasparov of Russia, a former world champion, whose rating of at least 2790 is the highest ever, unless I'm behind the news. Elo also set up chess programs for children in the Milwaukee area, Marty and Larry probably the only Deaf to play against the late world champion grandmaster Arpad E. Elo

ASD: Football

American Era (1949) Our football team had a poor season this year with six losesand no victories. In addition our brilliant record of straight victories over some schools for the deaf on our field were shattered when the New Jersey School for the Deaf boys being our guests humiliated us last month.
formation was given to the boys for the first time and was enjoyed by them after they learned the ideas of using deception and timing. Throughout the season much substitution was made in order to give each boy on the squad the profit of sportsmanship, cooperation and experience, and no serious injuries resulted.
All but Donald Wetzel and Jack Culligan  will return next year and they aresure that they will do better with the new "T" formation.
ASD      O     BERLIN HIGH SCHOOL           6
ASD      O      NEW BRITAIN J.V.                    6
ASD      6      CANTON HIGH SCHOOL         7
ASD      O      NEW YORK S.D.                       26
 ASD     O      NEW JERSEY S.D.                    13 
ASD      7       FARMINGTON HIGH SCHOOL      26

NOTE:  Buster, my Deaf brother, is on the ASD football team.

ADA: Basketball

American Era (1950) The American School for the Deaf lost a tough game to Farmington High School after losing the lead in the third period, snapping a two games winning streak. It was Farmington fifth straight victory. My Deaf brother, Buster (Shorty) "reaches up among the clouds" to block a shot, taking over the ball and passing it to his teammates to score.  

ASD: Poem

AMERICAN ERA (1947) The wife of ASD superintendent Boatner wrote a poem about Gallaudet that was signed during a program in honor of Thomas Gallaudet, gathering in front of the famous Daniel French's sculpture of our founder with Alice Cogswell, along with the descendants of Thomas Gallaudet among us. He was a little boy like me Many, many years ago- And when a man, He crosses a sea, And learned to sign, And help mankind. Thus bringing joys To deaf girls and boys, 

Many, many years ago.
He was a little boy like me    
Many, many years ago-
And when a man, 
He crosses a sea,
And learned to sign,
And help mankind.
Thus bringing joys
To deaf girls and boys,
Many, many years ago

ASD: Troop 78

AMERICAN ERA (1946) In the last few years many schools for the deaf have been welcoming and using the Girl Scout program as part of their physical, mental and social in promoting better citizenship. It has been demonstrated that the real value of Girl Scouting can be ascertained by deaf girls as readily as by hearing girls. Juliette Low, the Founder of Girl Scouting in the United States, was herself profoundly deaf. Conscious of her own handicap, she enthusiastically planned what Girl Scout mean to the physically handicapped as well as to the normal. The basic principle for Girl Scouting for a deaf girl, as stated in the "Child's Bill of Rights" at the White House Conference in 1930,of her right"To grow up in a world which does not set her apart, but which welcomes her exactly as it welcomes every child, which offers her identical privileges and identical responsibilities." Scouting is the deaf girl's heritage. Here is an opportunity for the deaf child to be a member of a world-wide organization on a equl basis with the hearing girl.In the Scouting program the deaf child gains the satisfaction of being a large group working for the same pin, ranks and badges as thousands of other girls. She gain self-confidence in her competition with the hearing youth. Scouting discourages any feeling of being different, of inferiority, of lack of ability. In fact it discourages all those detrimental habits that handicapped children often display. They can have the sense and pride of doing the same things other girls do, just as they do it. In using the Scouting program in institution, some adaptions are necessary. The activities chosen have to be considered from their proper relationship with other activities in the school, and have to be interesting and suitable to the group as a whole, rather than to the individual alone. Meeting those requirements, a Scouting program enthusiastically participated in it by a group of deaf girls is a boost to the morale of the whole institution. When the Girl Scout laws of honor, duty to God and country, loyalty, helpfulness, friendliness, courteous, obedience, cheerfulness, thriftiness and cleanness, become through practice the guide post in the life of a group of girls in a residential school, cooperation with the rules and regulations becomes part of the game and tends to permeate the whole school. The Scouting program providdes new interests, new incentives, increased social adjustment, a healthy attitude toward the handicap of deafness, and the feeling of sameness and fellowship with youths all over the nation. In an institution where much of the living of the girls must be geared to a routine established by adults, Scouting offers a refreshing period in which the girls can share in the planning and responsibility of a program of varied activities. It gives them the added benefits that arises from social-mingling with girls of other troops. Their contacts and rivalries with hearing girls as such as to make them forget their handicap, feel pride in their abilities andd accomplishments, and increase their self-confidence.

Note: Loretta, my Deaf sister,is a member of ASD Troop 78 (1946)

ALDA: "Wonderstruck"

There was two things happening on the same day at the same place and I couldn't be in both places at the same time, with Amazon sponsoring a party in Davensport and Amazon Studios sponsoring an exclusive screening of the upcoming blockbuster "Wonderstruck" at Disney Springs during our ALDA conference in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. First, at the Amazon party, there were interpreters on the floor, tours of the facility, programs for children, and best of all, delicious buffet stlye luncheon with choices of fried chickens, spare ribs, mashed potatoes, and fresh vegetables. Amazon has a great turnout, my friends asking me when I'll return to work, they know that I am on medical leave. They are awaiting documentation from my doctors to extend the original medical leave, hope they got it by now. I'll be seeing the cardiologist this afternoon for my lab metabolic test, pt/inr, and also a pacer check that is done every ninety days. I recently injured my right knee during a hurricane Irma while driving a scooter doing grocery shopping in Vero Beach, a large tree fallen in our apartment complex, blocking the parking space. I leave next to Kissimmee airport, fearing a small Lear jet will smashed into my home. Anyway, I started walking a couple of days ago without the aid of a walker. The inflamation is gone but still taking prescription for pain under the leg, probably need to start walking exercises daily until Iam strong enough to return to work. It's great to know I that got a family at Amazon. I am still curious who won that big, giant TV that I had my eyes set on. Amazon Studio also distribute large "Wonderstruck" posters for children, and of course, adults to colorized it with their cranyons. Amazon Studios also had a great turnout, sold out (actually the tickets are free to all those who registerred for the ALDA conference) and my friend Jamine was on standby, apparently someone overslept and he got in. I praises Amazon Studios in using open-captions (OC), casting Deaf actors, using ASL and other means of communication in the film, and recieving awards from Cannes during its world premiere in France. I bet it'll be nomineed for several Oscars, including Best Picture. The movie is a story of a twelve years old deaf boy, Ben, searching for his father after his mother, a local librarian died in an auto accident as well as that of a deaf girl who ran away from home with the same thought. The story are set into two different time frame interacting with both somehow bumped into each others. Great uses of filming methods, fading into black and white, uses of silence, period subtitles, and craftmanship. It's an emotional experience for me, as it bought back memories of my childhood when my late brother, Buster, a linotypist with the New York Times, took me, then age ten, took me to the 1964 New World's Fair. I remember riding around the model layout of the skylines of the city at the New York City pavilion. I became a member of the Queen's Museum New York Word's Fair Society, now inactive. I, like Ben, also experiences the great blackout that struck New England, leaving us in total darkness with the moon in the night skies. My Deaf brother and I couldn't go bowling that night, it wouldn't be a problem back in the days when they uses boys as pinsetters behind the lanes. I remember the cool automobiles, our afro hairstyles, psychodellic t-shirts, drug culture, and the rock songs back then. Both Ben and I got a lot in common, being d/Deaf growing up in a hostile world, overcoming obstacles in our path, and breaking down barriers. "Wonderstruck" will be in theatres nationwide on October 20th, giving the audience as glismpe into our Deaf culture. It's been a great day, I'm looking forward to returning to Amazon soon, and hoping that I'll move to Hollywood to become the first Deaf director to produce a movie based on a script I'm developing financed by Amazon Studios known for disversity among its crew. It's a wrap, thanks to both the HR people at Amazon and to the production crew at Amazon Studios for the job well done at their parties and screenings. It's great having a career, although I'm retired from USPS, at Amazon and enjoying a great movie, with bottled water, from Amazon Studios. I give "Wonderstruck" a thumb up so let us wave our hand in big round of applauses.


Dorm Tales: Twilight Zone

Just about every night I tell stories to my SJSD Dorm II boys (age 8-10), one night I was telling them a story from the "Twilight Zone" comics. A story of a German officer survives several battles during World War II, went to a fortune teller one night where she warns him of the numeral 235 the symbol of his upcoming death. Hitler assigned him as commander of a U-Boat 235, but he declined the offer, deserting to Japan just before the fall of Berlin, as the Soviet approaches the capital. Settling down in peaceful Hiroshima, he looks up the sky one morning, saw the lone American B-29 bomber, the "Enola Gay" dropping a single bomb. That German officer didn't even bother to head to shelter thinking it's nothing as it's just only one bomb heading toward an open field less than a mile way. He perished in a mushroom cloud that left the entire city in ruins. That bomb, "Little Boy," contains uranium, atomic element #235.            

Dorm Tales: Casey Stengel

Just about every night I tell stories to my SJSD Dorm II boys (age 8-10), one night I was telling them a story about Casey Stengel when he was a manager of the New York Mets the first year of their existence. A player hit a long fly ball over the fence, round the bases, to the delights of the fans at Polo Grounds. "It's a home run," everyone thought. The first base umpire called him "out." Casey Stengel, in a fit, stormed out of the dugout charging toward first base and arguing  with the first base umpire. The argument kept going on until the second base umpire approaches Casey and tap him on the shoulder, letting him know that "he also missed touching second base.Casey, frustrated, returned to dugout when he saw the third base umpire approaching. The Mets lost a hundred games in their first season, worst team ever in history.     


My Deaf daughter always wear her glasses when she goes to bed at night. I asked her why? She wanted to read captions in her dreams.


Why are these children bullying their classmates; they mock the Deaf, the disabled, and those who looks different. These children are destroying their lives but they don't realizes that they may be destroying the world. Years ago, in a Brooklyn classroom, they were mocking a little boy because his hair is a mess. Those who mocked him then may regret it because that little boy is in now in the White House. 


ALDA: Karaoke

We all having a blast tonight, having a karaoke party, chatting with friends, toasting wines, dancing on the floor, getting on stage to sign/sing the popular song that we sang before becoming Deaf, getting on stage to "pah" 'til midnight. The world famous Deaf Elvis, Ken Arcia, from Arizona made a surprise appearance at the ALDA conference right here in Lake Buena Vista, Florida where dreams comes true. Deaf Elvis sang/sign "Hound Dog," girls were streaming, another held on his legs, not wanting to let go of the legendary "rock & roll" star. We are all having a great time but good days don't last forever, tomorrow we fly back home feeling good about ourselves, having made new friends and a better outlook at life, ALDA made our future brighter, leaving their carbon footprint behind for future Deaf generations to follow, see you all next year in Oregon.   
Photo credit: Larry Littleton (Hawaii)



Matt, Nawaraj Bhattarai (Nepal) and Liliana
Deaf Magician Matt Morgan and his wife, Liliana, just complete an awesome performance at the ALDA convention here in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Birds appearing out of thin air flying around to everyone delights. The highlight was the card tricks which involves a third person on the projected video screen. Everyone was amazed to the sights and sounds performance. We had great audience participation. There is a service dog, Kusikia, that was barking at a jar, thought that was cool. The stage has a wheelchair ramp, you don't often see that in hotel, so it was fully accessible. The interpreters did a fine job. There were a CART system that provides live captioning, they did a good job. I praise them for all their efforts in making this convention a success, and the ALDA kept telling us at Deaf Anthology that they feel like that we are all one big family. They all have something in common, struggling with life after becoming Deaf later in life, and ALDA is always there for them, setting up local chapters from all over the country and around the world. They a great group of people who dedicated their lives helping others to accept their deafness, grow as a normal human being, overcoming barriers in life. As I. King Jordan mentioned, ALDA is a great group therapy where we share our experiences, resolving issues, and supporting each others. There are so many inspiration stories that needs to be told such as a librarian in Chicago suffering from hearing loss and the local ALDA chapter assists her so much that she pay back in the form of improving library access to the Deaf and the hard of hearing in the community. Each individuals can make the differences, making the world a better place for future generations that will show their appreciation what ALDA has done for them. I can lists all their achievements on this blog, but it probably will be thousands of thousands of pages so this is just a summary. They done magical things for us here where dreams comes true. Let us give ALDA a round of applause to their leadership and volunteers for their excellency! Let me introduce you to a Deaf teacher from Nepal, NAWARAJ BHATTARAI, who has 66 Deaf children at his school, Kankai Mavi, in the town of Surunga, Kankai - 3. I am sure he benefited a lot from ALDA learning new things to bring back home to improve the lives of Deaf Napalese, I hope that one day, one of his Deaf pupils will have that opportunity to attend Gallaudet University. What more can you ask for, ALDA got everything, workshops, auction, delicious foods,exhibition hall full of the latest technology, group outings to Disney Springs for Cirque Du Soleil, and the grand finale tomorrow, exclusive screening of an upcoming blockbuster, "Wonderstruck" with open-captions. It's been a worthwhile experience for all of us and we are all looking forward to the next ALDA gathering in Oregon next year. 


John: "Joan, answer the VP please"
Joan: "That was the Principal, they want us to come pick up our son, Jason, suspended for fighting in the school cafeteria."
John: "What has Jason done this time?"
John: "Boys will be boys, couldn't your teachers handled the situation themselves?"
Principal: "This situation is different, Jason knocked out a boy with a cochlear-implant and we had to call in the police."
John: "A TKO (technical knock-out), Great! I taught him everything, I'm proud of him."
Police Officer: "I don't think so, I'm giving him a citation for disorderly-conduct."
John: "Wait a minute, that's unfair, children fight all the time during the school year, but why singled out my son, Jason,  just because a cochlear Deaf child is involved."
Joey (brother): "Jason, what happened at school?"
Jason: "You know Charlie, that wired  kid, got ahead of me in the cafeteria line so punch him.
John: "I'm not paying that $150 citation, so we're going to the DA (District Attorney) next month to contest it." (The victim's parent didn't show up, so the DA dropped the charges)

Jane Goodall

Chimps are just as intelligent as us Deafies, maybe not as skilled in ASL, however had an opportunity to meet the English primatologist, Jane Goodall, at the O'Neill Center (Connecticut) where she gave a lecture on her fifty years experience in the field observing chimps in the wilds of Tanzania, and found that they share the same traits as we human beings, in terms of emotions, social order, and individual personalities, etc. Perhaps the ability to reason is the only thing that separates us. 


A Deaf peddler's ABC card (circa '40s) was recently sold on eBay for $6,154. The grandson found it in his Deaf Grandpa's footlocker in the basement after he passed away, that's how he supports his family during the Great Depression until he found a job in an ammunition factory after Pearl Harbor.


Jeffrey, a Deaf businessman in here in Orlando, Florida recently file for bankruptcy in a federal court, blaming his failures on the recession. Jeffrey doesn't understand why nobody buys his snow blowers and snowmobiles from his store, and nobody has the guts to tell him that it never snows in Florida.


The Pope been complaining about overcrowding conditions at prisons, and may I offer a solution; bail out all the priests.

Deaf Profile: I.King Jordan:

I am with my good old friend, I. King Jordan, the first Deaf Washington Nationals fan, well known for his famous quote, "Chicago Cubs can do anything but win." 
Smokehouse Bar, Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Cubs wins 9-3, good game. Jordan once works as an usher at the Washington Senators games.


Deaf Friends

It's great having Deaf friends, they help us get through obstacles we encountered in life.



This Deaf elderly woman lives alone with her lovely pet, a paraket, hi her London flats. They bonded together, supporting each others. The parakeet was roaming  the household while she cleaned out the cage, installing sandpaper on its floors, replacing the bird seeds with fresh ones, and refilling the water bottle. Overnight the parakeet has fallen, breaking his legs, so this Deaf elderly woman decides to put splint on the leg, using stick matches. The parakeet was able to fly outside to get some exercises, but when he made a rough landing on his return to the birdcage, and bursted into flames. The Deaf Elderly woman had to buried her parakeet because she forgot to remove the matchhead when she put the splint on.


Deaf Peddlers

Deaf Peddlers in the city of Portland, Maine will soon be offered jobs to work with the city to care of our parks. They will be kept busy trimming the trees, mowing grass and raking leaves, painting fences and picnic pavilions, doing repairs and various maintenance works as assigned. Our goal is to keep the Deaf off the streets and out of jail. We'll save taxpayers millions of dollars removing abled-bodied Deaf off welfare rolls and eliminate  their SSI benefits. Deaf can now be productive citizens rather than be a burden on our society.


Banksy, a British graffiti artist, just recently opened a new hotel in Bethlehem that has the world's worst view of the wall separating the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Kevin (Probably) Saves The World

    I picked up a copy of TV Guide, to see what's new this fall. One of the new programs I'm forward forward to is "Kevin (Probably) Saves the World."
     In the premiere episode, Kevin hugged a Deaf peddler at the airport after confessing to him all his wrongdoings for no apparent reasons whatsoever. Somehow God has chosen him to save himself and that of the world. A messenger shown up at his home, after a meteorite crashed into his backyard, to help him with his newly assigned mission.



God wants full custody of his children, not just weekend visits.

ASL Across America

I remember participating in the "HANDS ACROSS AMERICA" event back on Sunday, May 25, 1986, when approximately 7 millions Americans formed a human chain across America holding hands for 15 minutes from New York to California, 4,152 miles, creating awareness, raising funds for the hunger and the homeless. Is it possible for us Deafies to do a similar feat, having our own "ASL Across America?"


In our society, we Deaf need an ID card to obtain a driver's license, a passport to travel, apply for a job, rent an apartment, go to college, to vote, collect SSI or welfare, food stamps and Medicare, etc. Imagine the Deaf being homeless, having no access to all these services, a new non-profit organization, IDignity assist their clients in getting their birth certificate, social security card, and gathering all the necessary documentations  to obtain their Florida ID card, the first step toward independence.  


DeafiLeaks is a new website where we Deafies can spread rumors posting them. You must register online to participate and sign a waiver of liability. Deaf victims can click on to find out who initiated the rumor, so they can file a defamation of character lawsuit.


A ten year Chicago Deaf boy was found dead earlier this morning after his mother became suspicious when he didn't show up for breakfast, late to catch the school bus, found him lynched in his bedroom. Police discovered a suicide note left behind, indicating he was somewhat depressed after having a cochlear-implant (CI) recently despite his protest. The press released excerpts that note; "My dream of playing with the Cubs, dashed when the local Little League wouldn't accept me on the team because of the liability issue."

Deaf Drivers

Deaf are among the safest drivers on our highways. A word of advice, don't tailgate trucks as its contents may not be secured.

Deaf Profile: Dmitry Polushkov

I once hosted Dmitry Polushkov (age 12) , a Deaf boy from St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), Russia to Walt Disney World here in Florida. (1996)
Dmitry  Polushkov just recently travel across Europe with friends, stopping at Disneyland Paris, it brings back childhood memories. (2016)

Deaf Immigrants

It's nice having a Deaf couple who lives next door to assist me cleaning up my home after the hurricane. She is from Colombia, the husband from Cuba. We got great Deaf immigrants here in America.


Today my cardilogist noticed me slightly limping when I came into her office, I injured my knee in an accident a few days ago. She gave me a new walking cane, that's quality health care, there are still doctors out there who cares about you and treat you like a human being.

"Deaf, Burgers and Fries!

I passed all the other cars in lines at a local burger franchise to their drive-up window handing in a note to order their famous double deckers with fries, and a can of the real thing, Coca-Cola. These drivers behind me are grumpily angered at me for cutting into the line and began to lost their patience, blowing their horns, awakening the whole peaceful neighborhood, depriving us of our sweet dreams. I'm not going to put up with it, seeking revenge, I turned my motor off, hand the manager a note who's wondering what the hell is going on? I wrote that "my battery is dead," thus blocking the lane. They were really pissed off and upset. While the manager looking for jump cables, the driver behind me got out of his car and gestured to me to put my car into neutral
, letting him and a couple of other guys push me to the next window so I can pick up my order. The manager came outside with the jump cables, I told him that there is nothing wrong with my battery and took off. I think they learned their lesson, not to mess with me. Please don't do what I did, you never know that the driver behind you may have an AK-47.


Back to the Future

I just got back from 1955 in this car from Bruce which took him three months to build from scratches. Doc invited me over to his lab tonight to watch ''Back to the Future" on cable.


I met Seinfeld's Soup Nazi, Larry Thomas, at the local grocery store!

Deaf Grim Reaper

Deaf Grim Reaper: "I apologized for the delays, there are shortages of ASL interpreters at the gates of heaven."
Deaf Man (age 115): "I didn't think that God would hire a Deaf grim reaper."
Deaf Grim Reaper: "Deaf people can do anything here except sin"



In Florida, a Deaf man was charged with fraud, "claiming of losing everything during hurricane Irma," for attempting to obtain food stamps, temporary housing, and financial assistance. He was arrested on the spot after showing his Michigan driver's license when asked for identification.


This story is based on an actual dream I had last night, it's been modified to fit this blog. My late Deaf brother, Buster, loves spy stories, he borrowed a book, "Deaf Mole in the CIA," from a blind neighbor who lives in the same Manhattan flats, then hires an ASL interpreter to translate the novel to life.