Murder, Deaf Wrote

CNN:  "We interrupted this program to bring you breaking news from Los Angeles, police arrested  a Deaf teenager who has just  murdered his parents.  A handgun was also found at the scene. This is a transcript of that 911 TTY call."
911: "State your emergency"
Child: "My Deaf brother, Charlie, just shot my Dad"
911: "Where's your Dad?"
Child: "He's in the bedroom, I think he's dead, now he going after my Mom (crying), in the kitchen." (another gunshot burst in the background)
911: "Stay on the line, the police on its way."
Child: "Both my parents dead now, it's their fault."
911: "What?"
Child: "They cochlear-implanted my Deaf brother against his will, been depressed ever since."
911: "An interpreter will be here at the station, police may be asking a few questions."
Child: "Please don't arrest my Deaf brother (crying), I love him, he's trying to protect me from having the same procedure.
Charlie: "Junior, I love you..." (Charlie points the handgun to his head)
Child: "No..." (he then jumps on Charlie, trying to prevent him from committing suicide, the handgun discharged, hitting an officer in the shoulder, Charlie  was handcuffed taken into custody)
CNN: "It's over, an officer injured in the standoff, Los Angeles police think there is a motive, the controversial cochlear-implanted issues has taken an emotional toll on these two Deaf boys, age 8 and 12, Charlie is now being taken to a state  juvenile detention facility, the younger one placed with a Deaf foster family.

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