A new Deaf alternative sports organization are now forming teams across the country, dividing them into regional division, and sanctioning national championship. The only requirement is that the teams consists of Deaf players that are committed to playing a variety of sports in the same league. In the past, it's usually a Deaf organization will field several teams, one for each sports, now it's one team playing several sports. It's a challenge as each sports requires a different level of skills, and the Deaf players has to put up with a lot of pressures as the sports changes quarterly. The Deaf leagues start off the new season this fall taking on Bubble Soccer, the latest fad in the sports world. The Deaf alternative sports organization committee are still working on its by-laws, in process of obtaining an IRS non-profit tax exemption, and planning on selecting a sport for the winter quarter. They planning on seeking corporate sponsorship of its events, media coverage, and will soon vote on the proposal that the organization be known as the Deaf Alternative Sports Clubs of America (DASCA).

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