Osceola (Florida) Sheriff's K-9 and Intelligence Unit

This is Kaos, the son of Bones, A German Shepherd, and takes commands in German as he was trained in Germany. He is trained to locate bodies. He can smell a scent 1/4 mile. The first class of basic citizen academy is about their K-9 unit. Also we discuss about their intelligence unit, discussions includes terrorism. The academy is sponsored by the Osceola County (Florida) Sheriff Department and the classes are nine weeks. It requires background checks and an application to join the program, you will also need to sign a waiver to participate in the shooting range and to ride in a patrol car. Everyone in class is required to wear an uniform and a nametag. There are two ASL interpreters. The class is free to anyone over age of 18 living in the county. Each classes are three hours every Monday nights. Everything is hands on, not just lectures. Yes, the K-9 unit officers uses hand signals. Yes, there is an unit that deals with crimes against tourists. Officers will answer any questions you may have during the course. It was raining outside so the K-9 demonstration was done indoor. There was an interesting PowerPoint (PP) presentations on terrorism which describes the characteristic of terrorists from planning to dry runs. I think those PP ought to be printed as handouts. We had one incident here where an FBI shot and killed a suspect that is linked to the Boston bombing, so don't assume that it will never happen here. We will visit the Communication Center next week where 911 calls are taken. Will keep you posted on what's happening around here.

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