Osceola (Florida) Sheriff's Crimeline and E911

This is my second week at the "police" academy. We tour the Communication Center where 911 calls are taken. Yes, it's accessible to the Deaf that uses videophones (VP) and here is a word of advice if you uses a cell phone, leave your GPS on and stay where you are so that the emergency crews (police or fire) can locate you within minutes. Also be sure that your VRS providers has the correct addresses of where you live. Deaf often forget to update their VRS profile when they moved and it may be a matter of life or death if the dispatchers send them to your old addresses instead. They are training eight new dispatchers this week and will hire more after adding new equipment.

We also learn about their Crimeline program where you can leave a tip and may get a reward if it result in an arrest. One tip lead to an arrest of 72 suspects. Most tips are related to drug dealing in our neighborhoods.  We also discuss the new Speakout program where children stand up to bullying in public schools.
In class they shown us a videotape of robbers trying to break into a store, obviously they didn't succeeded in their attempts:

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