National Interpreter Depreciation Day

National Interpreter Appreciation Day Top 10 List 1. An interpreter earns $65 an hour for your employers to teach you how to wash the dishes at $7.25 an hour. 2. You are sentenced to life in prison for a crime you didn’t commit, the interpreter put in a guilty plea so she can leave the court for the next assignment. 3. You paid $150 to see the U-2 band, and the interpreters got their autographs backstage. 4. You are studying Spanish at a local college, the interpreters doesn’t understand the language so you flunked the course. 5. You had a gay interpreter when you had your prostate exam. A straight when you had your pap smear. 6. You had an interpreter during an interview, the interpreter, not you, got the job. 7. You paid $3,000 to go on a Deaf cruise in the Caribbean, and the interpreters are enjoying their free vacation at your expenses. 8. You died in the ER while waiting for an interpreter to arrive. 9. You had to reschedule your appointment because the interpreter didn’t show up. 10. I don’t appreciate it when the interpreters get all the credits, especially after worship service when the congregation goes up to her, praising for her involvement in the ministry , and leaving me in the shadow. That’s why we are all going to hell!

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