Murder, Deaf Wrote

Phoenix, Arizona An 85 year old widower been taken into custody after admitting killing 13 hearing hearing residents, ranging in ages 62 to 98, at his apartment complex that was specifically designed to accommodate Deaf seniors. In a statement to a local newspaper, he was quoted as being tired of dealing with HUD, accusing them of not letting us enjoy our final days among our Deaf friends. These hearing counterparts are snobbish, refusing to even attempt to communicate with us, isolating us with their attempt to control our affairs. They are just a bunch of bitches, complaining on just about everything, including loud noises from the TV sets on movie nights, which, indeed, is normal in our Deaf culture. "Damn it, this apartment was designed by a famed Deaf architect for the Deaf to be use by the Deaf, and we don't want the oppressors to intrude on our turf." The lawyers will argue that it's the hostile environment that cause his Deaf client to go "berserk," seeking an insanity defense. The Deaf defendant refuses to be in any plea bargaining as he figures that he'll be dead by the time the trial starts, due to terminal cancer. The Deaf community, naturally, are outraged over the incident that could have been preventable if  HUD ignores our pleas.
Let us Deaf live in peace before we are Dead to rest in peace!

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