Battle of the Deaf Coffee Chat

It's total insanity here in Orlando, two rival Deaf Coffee Chat hosts are at each other throats, that's why Deaf people stop going to these functions as they are tired of hearing the same old gossips attacking each others. There will never be peace between these guys. Deaf social gathering is at a standstill, with hosts abusing Facebook, posting negative comments. ASL students are the victims, losing an opportunity to socialize among us, but we Deaf are glued to our tablets, not even acknowledging their existence, even refusing to sign a slip to obtain credit for their respective classes. The establishment is losing money twofold, Deaf taking up the space, not even buying coffee and not only that, driving potential consumers away. Deaf been complaining why the hearing don't join our social group, we have no one to blame but ourselves. A case in point, if a host disagree with your viewpoint, they will suspend you from the group, even going as far as asking the manager to remove you from the premise, which is indeed a violation of our civil rights at public facilities. Let me give you one of the examples of abuses on Facebook, an attempt by an host to defame your character by spreading false rumors on the site, and asking each of them to "unfriend" us. One host we know he has an arrest record from the past, the rival host will go on the Internet and print out his mug shot and show us the rap sheet, we really don't care, enough of this drama so move on. In addition, you may receive threatening e-mail, but I advise you all is to save copies, and turn it over to the local police department to investigate the harassment allegation. One may question if that is the "D" thing, no it isn't, it's immaturity.

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